There are many examples, of a warrior for Christ, throughout the Bible, and in History.

We could look at Gideon, a person, who was your average person, who had been spoken to, by an angel of God, and was called to save Israel.  He had been instructed by God, through different signs and wonders, and was, with 300 men, able to defeat the Midianites.

We could look at David.  David, was a man after Gods own heart, and he as a young warrior, defeated, Goliath.  Just with a sling shot, and a few rocks,

There are many examples of people, who fought, and yes, even died for their cause in Christ.  Even now, we see the persecuted church.  We see in some countries, the fight is on, for freedom to just be a Christian.  It is a battle, even though one might not see it, depending, on where they live, and other factors.

So, how does that relate to you, and me, an average child of God, an average person, who is just trying to survive, or thrive in this world, who is a Christian?

How can we be compared to being a “Warrior For Christ?”

In the world we live in today, don’t ever think, that there is not a spiritual battle, for souls.  And if you are a Christian, you will feel compelled, by the Holy Spirit, to want to be instrumental, in the cause of Christ.

That which Christ did for us.  It was too great of a sacrifice.  The life of Christ, compels us to love.  For if you have experienced, and understand what Christ did for you on the cross, and by all of His beatings, His death, His resurrection, did make a way.  As he went to go and get the keys from hell for us.  For He is love and strength, power, for our Salvation.  When you know, he became the lamb of God, who takes away all the sins, of the world, by what He did, you will see.

You will know, and you will be changed.  For the promise not only for now, but for eternity.  If we, have given our hearts to Christ.  We recognize, by the difference in our own lives, how important it is, to be a word, of truth, as Christ is a word of truth.  For we are called to show, others, that Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.  John 14:6.  That makes you a warrior.  You are now in the Lords army.

We all can go through different battles in life, and for Christ.  But, I want to speak, and share, and write about the basic principles, of who we can be, as warriors.  Because we are called to put on the armor of God.  Ephesisans 6:11, So we can stand against the devil.

When we look at the examples above, we can see, physical fights.  We see, the people of God, defending, and fighting, and we also see the shedding of blood, to win victories, in the name of Christ.  But the word of God, says; We do not fight against flesh or blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12.  I highly recommend you read this entire chapter.  

Do I understand, the methods used, to fight for the name of Christ?  No, I do not.  But, I claim the mind of Christ.  I understand, enough, in my simple mind of thinking, that God has a plan.  All I can do in love, is just be obedient.  And seek my Lord.  Even as I write this.

Here we are in modern society.  We have reformed in our Christianity.  And if you look around, or listen to the news.  There is still a battle, a spiritual fight. Between good and evil.    And I know, in the middle of it all, it is coming from the devil himself, to stop people, from knowing the truth.  To stop the plans of God.  He knows he is defeated, we know it, by the word of God, but he will do all he can, to bring others down as well.

But, as I mention the spiritual fights between religions, soldier of the Lord, be aware, of cults, and religion.  Beware, of wolves in sheep clothing.  Be aware of anything, that adds on, or takes away from the word of God.

This is your responsibility, to know what Gods word says, and to tell others, if they are following false doctrine. and even here, I will interject, and say use the King James Bible.  Other versions, have been compromised.  (read my blog post)  The Conspiracy between the King James Bible, and the NIV bible.

As a warrior for Christ, more then ever, one must be aware of the tactics of the devil. One must know their adversary to know and to avoid the trappings of the devil.  When we slip up, and act like the world, yes, there is forgiveness.  But, one loses spiritual strength, wisdom, understanding, and yes even victories.  For we reap what we sow.

Right now, the battle is too close for comfort, I sense, and I know that I know, Christians are being called to Holiness.  God is Holy.  He is our commander and chief, and we must get in line, so to speak spiritually.  We must be willing….

We may not fight a physical fight, but we can fight a good fight of faith.  On our knees.

I see, the role, of a warrior for Christ, in a different light.  Perhaps, as Christ intended it. For he called us to love our enemies.  To forgive others.  To walk in love, and to be that kind of a person, who was compassionate, caring, and giving.  He told us, that we would be known by our love, for one another.

You know, for most of my life, I have been a warrior.  I grew up, fighting to survive, in the streets of Denver.  I am a woman, but I learned as a young girl, how to enforce, a right hook, if you get my drift.  I have the battle scars, of having to get my nose fixed, and just seeing the evidence, of being a fighter, in my own life.  It took a long time, after I became a Christian, to use other skills, besides fighting.  I learned.

It taught me a lot.  Even though, I do not advocate, physical fighting.  It taught me to stand up for my rights.  It taught me, to have courage, even if you are afraid.  It taught me, that good, can overcome evil, by fighting.

I fight a different fight, now that I am older.  But, I need to clarify something, that I have learned.  And that is this.  That the Battle is the Lords.  II Chronicles 20:15.  Be not afraid, nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but Gods.

According to His word. Whatever we are going through, we can fight a different kind of fight, by the word of God, by prayer, by obedience to God, and His principles, and commandments.  By praising God, we can win, just being in His presence by praise.  What a difference praise makes.  And we can win our battles.   I think, because I see in the spiritual realm so much clearer now, I know, God can give us the victories.

We are in a time right now, where it is evident, there will be more battles, and more fights in the name of the Lord.  Being courageous, for Christ, takes a commitment to Him, more then ever.  It takes strength, to witness to someone who Christ is.   To share your testimony.  To speak, up, to be bold, to care, to love, to give….To just walk in love, even with your enemies.

Anyone, who fights against the cause of Christ is an enemy.  Sadly, because so many are denied, any kind of religious freedom, to share Christ, in our public forums, they are being used by the devil.

But we are called to love.  We are called to love our enemies.  We are as Christians to be lights that shine.  We may be called to do things, differently, or called to get out of our comfort zones.  Daily, we have to surrender to Christ.  And seek Him, for guidance, for wisdom, and yes, his protection.

Dear one.  Are you a warrior for Christ?

Just my thoughts, with love, in Christ.  Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope and Honor

Father, I praise you, I willingly bring my attention to you, and your ways.  Lord, it is a battle.  And there is no peace, to the wicked.  But Lord, with you, there is peace.  There is a way, there is abundance of life.  Lord, it took me a long time, to realize, and to put my battles in your hands.  Lord, I do see myself as a warrior for Christ, but in a different light.  I know, I can win no battle, by trying to enforce, or make anyone, see, your truth.  With tactis of the flesh, or tactics that are not of love.  I release myself, to the Holy spirit, to be used by you, my Lord.  But that all I would do, would be a reflection of your love.  I do not want to point the finger at anyone, or to even cause division, because of my beliefs in you.  By judging, etc.  Lord, I pray the victories, I have, would be done in love.  With others, and more because of you.  Lord, thank you, for the victories, I do have, so I can say, “Look what the Lord has done for me. ”  Thank you Lord, for protection, and power, understanding, discernment, you give to me, to fight off my enemies, because of your great love, and protection.  By releasing angels, and by doing a new thing, in Jesus Christ, thank you.  And I plead the blood of Jesus.  Amen 




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