A MATTER OF HONORING GOD (What are you going to do for Halloween?)

You know, people, make mistakes.  Even Christians make mistakes.

No one is perfect, no one is exempt.  The Bible tells us, we ALL have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.  You could call some mistakes, though, disobedience, and sin.  God knows the heart.

I have made mistakes, and even spiritual mistakes.  For I was one of those, who used to celebrate Halloween.  Even as a Christian.  And that just grieves me, if not for the blood of Jesus, I claim.  That cleanses me of unrighteousness.

But, if I did not tell you, I did do that, I would be a hypocrite.  For, as I have grown, in my walk with God, I realize, the evilness of this Holiday.  I realize God hates it.  I realize, that it is a matter of honoring God, once you get it through your head, heart, and spirit.  So, I am speaking against, this evil Holiday.

You have to start somewhere, even if your track record, was wrong.  You have to get on the straight and narrow path, with Christ.  Not through the wide gate, where the whole world will go.  And fall into the traps of hell.  You have to see….with spiritual eyes.  Truth.

One may have good intentions.  But if we give place to the devil by disobeying God, we will reap what we sow.  What goes around, will come around.  Some call it Karma.  That for the record, is not a Biblical term.

But in just trying to make this effective, in relating, we know, that this is a principle.  It is understood.  Like what goes up, must come down.  Sin does return.  And when you become a Christian, things in some cases might not necessarily, automatically, change.  If you do not change your behavior, from wrong to right.  And you do not renew your mind, with the word of God, to know, the truth, then your behavior, will stay the same.

It is like a person, who has broken the laws of the land.  Laws are meant to protect people, and the community.  But say, someone, robbed a bank, and they got caught doing it.

They knew, it was a crime, or even it was a sin, to steal, like the commandment says, but they broke the law.  And they did the crime.  Which, I pray, no one would do things like that.  Our prisons, are filled, with people, who were never taught right from wrong.  Maybe because they were never taught truth, from God.  They broke the law.  There was a loss, so society has implemented “laws” to protect the people, the society.  Same for Gods Kingdom.

Well, in understanding this, we need to know, that God, has created, laws, statutes, (not statues-idols) But God created, commandments, and principles, that define who He is, and who we can be in Him, as well.  It means, He has a certain way of doing things, from His “Kingdom” perspective.

Grace from God is such a wonderful, and good thing, in the life we live.  Grace, even in some situations, makes a person, think they get away with things.  But they don’t.  Sin, is accounted to a person.  It is written, in Gods books.

Thats why repentance, seeking God, to be delivered from temptation, and to bring everything to the obedience of Christ, is so important.  We must think always, in the forefront, and not take for granted, of what Christ did for us.  That allows us grace.  But someday, the grace will stop.  Either when we die, or when the world ends.  Or more specifically, when Christ returns.  That grace, will no longer be accessible.  It will be too late.

But lets just say, for the sake of just making a point, what would Christ tell you, if He did return on Halloween?  What would you tell Him, if He saw you in a silly costume?  Or He saw you, celebrating?  At a party where even the devil himself could be?  Because He wears a mask. He hides, in deception. He could be, where you were celebrating. You know, Christ, sees you anyway.  But what if Christ did return on Halloween, and the blinders came off of everyones eyes.  What would ALL think or say, in their shame?

That is why, it is so important, NOW, to make amends with God, to honor God.  This even in this holiday, is a time, to open ones eyes, to their heart, soul, and being.  Because God is not mocked.  Because, we see in this world, the turmoil, we see, the uncertainty of so much, from our financial systems  failing, to people, caught up in this, and that and the other, and we have to know truth.  Gods truth.

When any of us comes to Christ, we must want to be in a position of honoring him.  We must be mindful of His love, that spares us.  We must know, in our heart, of hearts, His power, His majesty.  His system, His Kingdom, is not based on a democratic, sense of thinking.  We are talking about God, and His ways, for they are not our ways.

So we must know, we must determine in our hearts, to want to obey Him.  To understand Him.  To avoid, offending Him.  The fear of God, is the beginning of wisdom.

Dear one, if I could express this, in a way, you could understand, remember this.  You may not think you are hurting anyone.  You may not think, you are giving place to the devil.  But, if you are doing anything, anything at all, that goes against Gods word, against His truth, or against His Kingdom, you will reap the results, from this.


Honoring God, by knowing His word, knowing Him, in prayer, will prevent results, that God only knows, can spare you even from Hell.

Dear one, Honoring God, is the greatest compliment, you can give to the one, who gives you life.  But honoring God is truly a reflection of love, that you have for the one, who gave His life, for you, so you can be spared.

Please for the sake of your salvation, consider this, do not take your salvation for granted.  Do not take for granted, the Love, that which God gives in His love.

In this matter of honoring God. you will consider this greatly.  If you love God, you will love that which He loves, and hate that which He hates.  Its not other people, its not you, its sin.  So God hates the sin, that separates you.  From Him.  That means, God hates the devil.

Halloween, is just one of those things God hates.  Because it is so deceptive.  So many people do not know the true origin of it.  And I could write about all of its origin and that it is pagan, etc.  All I will say, is that Holiday, comes from Hell itself.

It is deceptive, and crafty like the devil.  Never forget what the devil, did in the beginning to deceive Adam and Eve.  And his plan, is to always deceive.  But know this, you may not know all of Gods ways, but God can see so much clearer for you, if you just honor Him, and obey him.  He can protect you.  But what are you giving place to?

God tells us, in His word.  Woe to them, who call evil good, and good evil.  He tells us, that we are not to have fellowship with darkness, if we are light, for there is no benefit.  He tells us, to submit to Him, resist, the devil, and the devil will flee from us.  Submitting to God, honors God.

I do not understand, why churches, would even want to open their doors on that night, unless they had worship and praise to God.  But to allow children, Christian children a way, to dress up, and give them candy, is really condoning the evil holiday.  Its like putting a band aid on a wound.  Lord have mercy.  Remember it stems from hell.  By allowing them this.  They are unknowingly being disobedient to God.  Or do they know?  We cannot be “ify” in our walks with Christ.

We better know, what pleases Him, what Honors Him, and we better change our minds, and hearts, to reflect love, that shows who we are in Christ.

It is a matter of Honoring God.  In everything we do.  And as I close, I am reminded, of the scripture. Honor your Father, and mother, so it will go well with you.  Deuteronomy 5:16.

Well, let us honor, our Holy, blameless, uncorrupted Heavenly Father, because of who He is.  In all His power, and majesty.  The creator, of Heaven and earth.  In fear of God.  Let us separate ourselves, from anything, He does not want in our lives, and let us walk in the light.  For He is light.  And turn from the darkness.  For, He is love.  But let us hate, that which He hates.  For anyone, who does not hate what He hates, is saying they do not love him.  I Samuel 2:30

Do you really want to celebrate Halloween, knowing God hates it?  Read His word, to find out.  Search, and you will find the answers.

I also have to add, I am not anybodies judge.  I write this, to inspire your own thoughts, to bring perspective.  This is the word of God, and the truth of God, will prevail.

And I know….This is a strong message, but like I told a friend, you cannot sugar coat some things.  This is spiritual warfare, one can be dealing with, and if I can help someone, see the truth, and their life changes, then I have done my job.

Just my thoughts, with Love, and Honor to my Lord God.  Thank you Jesus.

Elena Ramirez


Lord, I thank you, I praise you, I worship you, in spirit, and in truth.  Holy God, King of Kings, I know, how important it is to honor you.  I pray, people would open their spiritual eyes, and see the lies from the devil.  That we would all submit to you, resist the devil, and he would flee.  Lord, you are not mocked.  I just grieve for those, who are so blinded by this.  Blinded by the enemy.  Blinded by the deceptiveness of this evil holiday.  By not seeing truth, by not honoring you.  I know there is grace, and I am grateful for that grace.  Lord, correct us in your love, while that grace is available. Help us.  In Jesus name.  I honor, what Christ did for me, by dying on the cross, and I pray, we would all just see that, and bring it to the obedience of Christ.  I pray, those who would read this, would have a change of heart, to honor you.  Amen





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