MARK 12:30

Many, wonder, and marvel at who I am.  Why I am so consumed, to talk about God.  Why, everything, about me, is always centered on God.  I have heard it so many times, from others, and even in conversation.  “Gee, why does she talk about God all the time?”

Maybe, because He just is, my favorite subject.  He is life, and He gives me life.  For He is the way, the truth, and Life.  John 14:6  And there really is no other way to the Father.  Others may debate this.  But they don’t know.

I do know this, with every ounce of my being.  For I cannot stop, and not see God, in every single one of my blessings. In His plan of salvation, that I have accepted, in His creation, in my family, in my life, in the changes, in the Hope, in the healings, and so much more…..He is love.  And He gives me love, and life.

Thats just who I am.  I don’t know all the reasons why.  I cannot pinpoint all of this specifically….As I don’t know all who God is.  Yet, what I do know, has taught me, there is a God.  Every time, I have needed Him He has been there, and helped me.  Life is hard, no one will argue about that.  But, I cannot see myself living without Him.  Without giving all of my all, and all, to talk about Him, to share Him, with others.  To acknowledge Him, in my life, and remind others, of who He is….in my own little way.

Yes, I am consumed with and about God.  I want to be careful, not to offend Him.  This is a relationship I have, not a religion.  I want to obey Him.  I know myself, well enough, when I see, I am not right with Him.  I have seen my heart, being rebellious, and wanting to do things my way.  And I have seen the results of that.  I have reaped, what I have sown, when I did not do things Gods way.  I see, the loneliness, the heartache, the desperation, without Him.  I see, I was my own worst enemy, when I did not let God in, or I denied Him.  For I could not see, when I was in my darkness.  But I thought, in my foolishness, without Him, I could.  How wrong I was….And thats when I realized, the devil, blinds people, to think, they can live without God.  By denying Him.  JOHN 12:40 HE HATH BLINDED THEIR EYES, AND HARDENED THEIR HEART:  THAT THEY SHOULD NOT SEE WITH THEIR EYES, NOR UNDERSTAND WITH THEIR HEART, AND BE CONVERTED, AND I SHOULD HEAL THEM.  

I did not think, I was denying God, when I wanted to do things my way, but I was.  It is a matter of choice.  It always is.  For when one chooses, to believe what they want, when knowing their can be an alternative, in God, that is a choice, that I would not recommend.

For life to me, is life, with God.  For He is the greatest force.  He is after all, the creator of Heaven and Earth.  He created you, and me, for His  purposes.  To have a relationship with Him.  And all He wants, I have learned, even from the mistakes of Adam, and Eve, is that He wants us to believe Him.  He wants us to search for Him, and take Him, at His word, and He who gave us life, will give us life abundantly, as Christ said.

How sad, it is that people, do not take Him at His word.  That they just go on about in their existence, and that is what I call it, for to me, a harsher word, would be “death’ because when you do not have God in your life, when one does not have the one who created them, they are merely existing.  And that is spiritual death, when one does not acknowledge, or draw close to the one, who can make a persons life, full, and complete. Totally, in life, purposeful, just because of who He is, in their life.

He has done every thing for us, to prove this love, this greatest, of greatest forces, by even the example of the cross.  I have learned, and I know, in my heart of hearts, that if He did not love us, we would be sealed, even in the sins, of the curse of Adam and Eve.  If He had not made a way.

For you see, the disobedience, was from eating of the tree, of Good and evil.  The tree of life.  God after, Adam and Eve, sinned, and disobeyed God, after being deceived by the devil, the serpent, God almighty, cast them from the garden, and put a sword, and a cherub to protect it.  He protected us from the sin.  From the curse.  For it was originally meant to be a covenant with God.  Read Genesis.

But because of who He is, in His love, and in the life, He intended for us.  He knew, if a way, would not have been made, there would have been no hope for us.  He knew, by the covenant, that the curse of sin, would be ours, if He did not implement, a new plan.  That plan, that new covenant, is Jesus Christ.  Christ, told us He is the way, the truth, and the life.  He told us the devil, comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  But He came, that we may have life, and life abundantly.  John 10:10

Dear one, I hold onto that, with every ounce of my being.  I press into that, I never want to get into sloppy agape.  Sloppy love, a sloppy attitude about my salvation.  The cost of Christs life was too high, it came at a great, great sacrifice.  Yet, our saviors love, is so great He did go to the cross for us.  He did, as the son of God, obeyed God, for us.

I marvel at some religions, they sacrifice themselves, or others, but they do not grasp, and take hold of what God did for us through Christ.  He became the sacrifice.  It is a gift, that God has given each one of us.  If we have any wisdom, we will take that gift, we will cherish it, and we will press into the one, who has given us this gift.  But how can one take it, without really the fear of God?  For the fear of God, is the beginning of wisdom.  Fear of God, is healthy, I believe.  It keeps you away, from tampering with or playing with evil.

Yes, I suppose to some, I am radical, I am a Holy roller, I am eccentric.  To some I am peculiar.  The word of God says, His people are peculiar people.  BUT YE ARE A CHOSEN GENERATION A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD AN HOLY NATION, A PECULIAR PEOPLE;  THAT YE SHOULD SHOW FORTH THE PRAISES OF HIM WHO HATH CALLED YOU OUT OF DARKNESS INTO HIS MARVELOUS LIGHT.  I PETER 2:9

I am so honored to be of royalty.  And I do Praise God, I thank Him.  I worship Him, because He did bring me out of darkness.  Whatever name you may want to call me, it does not bother me.  For you see, I once was lost, not just a little lost, but very lost, and the one who found me, was Jesus Christ.  He called me by name.  (read my testimony in the posts above)

I just know, my life, truly began when he found me, but my responsibility, is to be as close to Him, as I can be.  I must give it my all and all.  With every bit of strength, I must seek, and abide close to the Lord.  To try and obey, to try, and live life in love, and holiness.  Because of who He is.  Because with Him, all things are possible.  ALL THINGS!!!

I realized, at one point, that I could not just have a head knowledge of God.  But I had to do everything, in my own power, to walk with Him.  To give it my all and all.  Cherishing this life.  To read His word, to pray, to acknowledge Him, in all my ways.  It is not a private thing, but an expression of who I am in Him, because I will always, acknowledge Him, as my Holy father.  Who saved me, found me, and gave me life, and life abundantly.

Did you know God hides?  Isaiah 45:15.  He quietly watches all of us.  He by His Holy spirit, knows the hearts and intentions of all of us.  Not one thing is too hard for Him.  But we are to pray to Him.  We are to converse with Him.  We are to take him at His word.  We are to try and obey Him.  Aware of the consequences of sin.  He will take that curse, but we must try.  For only by the blood of Jesus, is the curse removed.  But it is our responsibility, to try and obey, to try and live a life worthy of all He has done.

This honors Him.  He does hide, and all He wants is for us to seek Him.  All He wants is to be believed.  All He wants is for us to press in and search for him, with all our hearts.  To prove we love him.  That is our responsibility.  Nobody else, can have the relationship for you, but by Jesus Christ.  Thats why it is so important, to give it your all.  To try….

Yes to me, life without God is not life.  I would call it death.  But, you call it whatever it is, to you.  For you see, I was there, I know the difference.  And I will never let go of Christ.  For He is my life.

It is all of our responsibility, to press into who He is.  He is a gentleman.  He never forces us to do anything.  But when I stand before Him, I do not want to see in the book of life, that I was ashamed of Him, or that I did not try to tell others who He was.  I have so much to do, and I also am a lady in the sense, that I may share who I am in Christ, but I never shove it down any ones throat.  But I cannot deny who I am in Him.  Even if others do not believe.  I am not perfect at sharing my faith.  There are times when I do not say anything to anyone.

But if the Holy spirit, gives me the “go-ahead” then I do try.  So, even here, I write it.  I try to articulate it, to inspire others, because this life, is too great a gift, that He has given me, to not share it.  For Christ wants all to be saved, all to know life, in Him.

All I know, is that I know, I have a responsibility, to give it my all, and all.  Thats life, living to the fullest, because of who He is.  In my life…..He is love.  And He taught me love.  The greatest of love……

Life without God, is NOT Life.

Just my thoughts, with love,

Elena Ramirez

Father, you, who knows the heart, knows everything.  How I long to be closer to you.  How I long to avoid, the sins that entrap people, and bring curses.  How I long, Lord, just to sit at your feet.  Resting.  Being in your presence.  Hearing your voice.  Enjoying your laughter, and joy.  I admit, sometimes, I am so impulsive.  I admit, I used to rationalize, from an intellectual level.  Not by my spirit.  That is your truth, as I worship you.   I admit, sometimes, I can be so fidgety, it can be just a chore to discipline myself, to be obedient to pray, to read the word, to seek you.  Yet when I do, and I am in your presence, the rewards are so great.  Life is not life without you Father.  Life holds no true meaning to me, without knowing you or seeking you.  You comfort me, when I need a friend.  You comfort me, and give me a better understanding of who I truly can be with you.  I worship you in spirit and truth Father.  Your truth.  Not even mine.  For you are the Lord, who hides himself.  But I pray you would manifest yourself to me, to the body of Christ, to the lost, and even our enemies.  For truly the fear of you, is the beginning of wisdom.  You are not mocked.  We reap what we sow.  Yet you give us grace.  Time, to make things right with  you.  In this moment, I pray, even for the person, that would read this.  That they would realize, truly “Life without you dear Father, is not Life.”   Thank you, for everything, in Jesus name.  Amen



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