Does God love us, even though we do not know him?  Or we may know him, but we keep missing the mark?

Yes we know John 3:16.  For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Yes, God loves us the way we are.  But, because of who He is, He knows, we can have potential, that far exceeds our own expectations.

Today, I want to, tap into that source, of who He is.  With love, with His word, with prayer, and praise.  I know His word is the key.  I want to expect, great blessings, but more then anything, I want to see my faith, reaching those new heights.  To speak to my mountains.  To change, if I am doing anything wrong.

I do not want to stay the way I am, I want to reach others for Christ.  And more then anything, I want to see my life fulfilled, because of who He is.  I want to grow every day. Never content, with who I am, but because of who He is in me.

I have such a strong sense, a determination today, as I write this.  That I can only attribute it, to the Holy Spirit, speaking to me, prompting me, motivating me…..I feel so different.  Its that feeling, that “I know, that I know.”  And it just gives me that “unction to function!”

Today, I am content, I am thankful, grateful.  For each and everyone of my blessings, that God has provided.  Not by me, not even my husband, or my own family, but by God. And I am so grateful for my family.  They bring me so much.  But this glory goes to God.  For He, is life, and life is not life without Him.  God, my Father, my Lord, who sustains me. By His mercy, and grace.

But I sense, I am not reaching my full potential, so I am stirring up, my spirit, I am stirring up your spirit, and anybody else who may read this, to know, there is a way!  Christ, is that way, the truth, and life.

I am not content in the sense, that I am just happy, to let life go by me.  Without giving it my all, and all.  Sometimes, we can become complacent, and you know, it is good to rest at the feet of the Lord, and not get into spiritual battles, but when one has opportunity, to do great things for God, for others, for themselves, then they should tap into that.  And take a risk!  Take a chance.  Get out of your comfort zone, and explore the options.

Christ is holding your hand, and will guide you.  I know some pretty talented, people…..(everybody I know)  For you see, you each possess, a gift, a calling, a special talent, or attribute, that you excel at.  No one else, can do what you do, for it is your unique blessing, God has given you.  But many just let it coast for them.

I refuse to do that, any more.  Any chance, I get to share the good news of Jesus Christ, especially, here in my writing, I am going to be first in line.  I am going to run up there, and wait, for my chance.  Why? Because of who Christ is. Because of what He has done for me!

Many say, that once you reach success, one may slow down, or get lazy in trying.  I would hope that would not be, the case for me.  I want to get past the obstacles.  I want to be a soul winner, in a big way.

It would not matter if I reached success. From the perspective of the world.  I do want success, but because of who I am in Christ.  For, the goal, the objective, always, as Christians, is to live a life worthy of Christs sacrifice.  It means, being an example of love.  To help others, reach Salvation, for their souls, to spare them from hell.  And to bring glory and honor and praise to God, for his plan.

So you see, there are so many souls who really do not know Christ.  So it is our responsibility in this life, to serve God, and others in this. I can only commit, that what I do in my writing, praying God will guide me, to reach others for His Kingdom.  Even if it is just one soul, who may read this at a time.  Angels rejoice, when one sinner, accepts Christ, and ensures their salvation. Luke 15:10.  So even if it is one soul at a time.  I want to make a difference.

So, I am thinking out of the box.  I am thinking past, what others may think of me, or by those who try to stop me.  By reaching out, and discouraging me, or speaking against me.

Have you ever heard of the theory of the crabs in the box, on the sand, and every time, one tried to get out, another crab would try and block it, or stop it?  Well, I have known some crabby people in my life. I have known people, who could have stepped, up, and try to help me, but they let the opportunity fail.  And fall.

They knew I was in ministry.  Some knew, (not all) but some knew, I was a soul winner, and they hurt me.  Some again…(not all).  But those that did….They knew, I had a good word.  They knew I was a soul-winner.  They knew, I was trying to get my book out in the market, when I self-published it.  ( A Book Of Remembrance~ 365 Days to a Personal Relationship with God~ A journal)  They knew, I was looking for a publisher, and they had connections.  They knew, I could speak publicly, and yet denied me access to their churches.  To speak to their women, to their groups.

I have seen some jealous people, who do not try to help, others, because they see the inadequacies of themselves.  Or they just hated me.  (see my post “Have you Been Hurt by Religous people, you thought, were brothers and sisters in Christ.)

They knew….and all I can say, is I forgive them.  And God bless and help them.  I believed, even though, they knew, it was not my time.  I knew I had to grow some more too.  I knew, I had to let God totally change me, and refine me.  It is a daily process, of commitment.  God knows, so even though, I say, “they knew and did not Help me.”

GOD KNEW…..I know, God had to make changes.  So I am at peace with it.  Maybe I am ready now, I don’t know.  I do know this.  There is a God, and He has His ways.  He is the way, the truth, and life.  John 14:6.  And I know it more, then I ever knew it.

But some knew….and they did not help. And I have to express that, maybe even to purge it.  But it is o.k. I am at peace with it, because I want God to get the glory, and honor for it.  And God has the right people, with the right heart, for Him, and the vision God has given to each of us, to fulfill it. For the souls, we are to reach His Kingdom.

It will be done.  Because I am getting out of my box of thinking, with God.

Dear one, I know I am not perfect.  I am not always tactful, I try, but sometimes, I do make mistakes.  I can be blunt.  It can offend.  I can come on very strong.  But, you know what, if I am strong, I am strong because of Christ.  If I am blunt, it is because I know the truth.  If I err, I pray, I err on the side of love.

I never, want to hold any one back.  And if I can help someone, in the future, when, I become successful in the sense, that I can share blessings….I can share money, or favor, or opportunity, I will.  Because I know, what it is like, to need help, and people deny you.  And I don’t want to be that person, who holds anybody back, in their gifts and callings.  I know what it feels like to crave, to need help, and be ignored.  To be rejected…..With all my faults, I pray, never to put someone down, and not reach out, and give a helping hand.  At least to show them the Lord, to give them hope.  Giving love….Not even a hand out, but dignity, to give a helping hand.  Every one needs help. I don’t care who you are.  We all need God, and we need each other.

For I have learned, all of this, but I am getting out of my box of despair, even today.  I am getting out of that box, of negative thinking.  I am getting out of that box, that holds me, and others back.  I am getting out of my box with thinking, its not possible.  It is possible.  With God all things are possible.  Luke 1:37. I am getting out of my box with Christ.

I find it ironic, that my writings are entitled:  “Just My Thoughts” and yes, they are my thoughts, but they have come from experience, from life, from the hard knocks, from loneliness, desperation, sickness, and by healing, and by the mind of Christ, who comforted me, spoke to me, loved me even in my sins, and He has prompted me.  My thoughts, come from Him, and His love, and I will never ever deny, or be so proudful, to think it is just me.  Its God almighty!

So, I am getting out of my box.

And not when I am dead, and resurrected, but now with Him.  LOL. He promised, life, and life abundantly, and I am going to live my life in Christ, past my expectations, and tap into who He is.  Seriously!

How about you?  Are you ready to get out of the box, out of your comfort zone, with Christ?  All things are possible with him.

Today, is a gift, God has given us, not tomorrow, because no one, can claim tomorrow.  Or yesterday, for it is the past.  But the presence now of Christ, is the time, in His presence, and it is a “present.” I am opening the box today, and receiving the gift, Christ has for me today.

I am getting out of my box of own limited thinking with Christ.  The secret to thinking with Christ, is from the word of God.  Just thought, I would express that, again, to give you the key…..

Just my thoughts, with Love, Elena Ramirez

Father, I thank you, and Praise you, and worship you in spirit, and truth.  You know my heart, and I pray worthy to do great things, as I think out of my own confinement.  As I think out of just what I see.  Or feel.  I claim the mind of Christ, for new awareness, of the possibilities, because of Christ.  I bind anything, that is not of you.  I release the blessings, and the open doors, from heaven to do your work.  To do your will, to think out of my box.  To be effective.  I bind your enemy, by the blood of Jesus, and claim a hedge of protection for me, my loved ones, and for your servants.  Lord, I am believing for great things to be done, in your name.  For your glory, for your honor, and for your praise.  In Jesus name.  Let the lost be saved, by my works, that you give me.  That truly come from your Kingdom.  Inspire your people, the lost, by my works.  So that many can come to your throne.  To know love.  For you are love.  Our Lord Jesus, thank you for your sacrifice, that makes this all possible.  Amen

NOTE:  Today, as I post this, it is the anniversary of my Fathers death, many, many years ago.  And it just made me realize, my dad, would want me to be positive, to think outside of the box, to trust God.  After all, he prayed for me.  To be born.  Long story, short, mom, was not able to have children.  Dad prayed for me, and well, I have come full circle in prayer….so wow, this is a milestone, in who I am in Christ, to declare this.



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