What if Judas had repented, and saw what he did, and repented at the cross of our Lord, Jesus?  How would his life have changed?  For he would not have committed suicide….

I write this, as a plea, to the “Judas of Heart.”  To that person, who feigns innocence, who promises, this and that, but who is disloyal in heart.  To the one, who looks for opportunities, to betray someone.

Who hates, yet, when near you.  They give kisses, like Judas did.  Who might, even say, I am a Christian.  But has ulterior motives, and plans, to deceive, to hurt.  You Judas heart, are a liar.  Even here, I plead, the blood of Jesus, to the “Judas of Heart.”

I write this to plead with you, to stop hurting, yourself, and others.  To stop, betraying, those, who trust you.  To stop, selling others, for profit, or for “thirty stinking” dollars, that will damn you for eternity.  I don’t pull any stops here, in expressing this, I call you for what you are.  Because you need to see, this.  But I pray to do so in truth, and yes love.

If Jesus, could have talked to Judas, after betraying Him, He would have said.  “Judas, I forgive you.”  He would have counseled this disciple, He had called a friend.  But as we all know, Christ did not have that chance.  And He was crucified, for our sins.  For the sins, of Judas, if he had repented.  And not committed suicide.  Judas took his own life, he knew, tortured, what he had done.  He took a permanent way out of life, as the solution.  But it led to hell.  For, he had betrayed, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords.

His betrayal, hurt his friend.  Christ. Yet this was the plan of God.

But, Judas, had seen, the miracles, Christ had done.  He had seen love, in action.  The face of love, as it was in Christ.  The beauty of who He was.  Judas saw all that, and yet, in jealousy, hate, or whatever it was, that was evil within him, he betrayed Christ. And, sold him out for thirty stinking coins of gold.  How could he do such a heinous thing?  One might ask themself.

Today, I want to plead with you.  And if you are reading this, it may be you.  You see, who you are.  For you know yourself, better then anyone.  You know, how charming you can be.  You know, you have a personality, and demeanor, that is very attractive, or maybe not.  Maybe you are so intimidated, by people, or success of others, and you see, your inadequacies.  That either way, you cannot bear, to see others do well, or you feel like you have to have the upper hand.  It kills you, within, to see others excel, and they take the glory from you.  Sound familar?

Thats satan within you.  He hated, God.  He hated to see God, shine, with all the glory.  So much, because he was an angel, that was the glory, he wanted it all for himself.  So he betrayed God.  He so very much, wanted to cancel the plans of God, that he disguised himself, as a snake, then.  A serpent, and caused Adam and Eve, to sin, against God.  By making them believe a lie.  If only, they had gone to God, sought counsel from Him, then the sins, of this world, the curse, mankind received from this disobedience, would have been avoided.

Maybe that is why I write to you.  To avoid, the curse.  To avoid, the wrath of God.  To avoid, a future, that has truly no hope.  When Judas did what he did, by betraying Jesus, he wanted to return the dirty coins, he had received.  But it was too late.  They took Christ, beat him, spat at him, and made him suffer.  What a heavy guilt, Judas must have had.

Judas, could have avoided, his downfall.  Even his lack of hope, by that he committed suicide.  He could have saved His life, then, and for eternity.  He could have stopped, and seen what evil he was doing.  But he did not.  What if he had, seen. And stopped, and did not betray Christ?  It would probably be a different story.  Or would it?

Yes, we all sin, we all come short of the glory of God.  But if only…..If only he had repented.  If only he had ran to the cross, even as our Lord, was nailed to that tree, that place, that tormented our Lord, for our sins…If only, he had cried out to God for forgiveness.  We would have seen by histories account, a man changed.  But he knew not who he betrayed.  Christ, the son of God.

Judas, would have received redemption.  He would have been forgiven.  Christ loved him.  And even as I write this, and I cry, I feel the sadness, and I understand, the pain, Christ felt, in that betrayal.

Yet, He knew, Christ knew, he had to go to the cross for ALL of our sins.  So He did.  He willingly went to the cross, to take the curse, to suffer, die, and to go to the pits of hell, to get the keys, so the devil would not have a legal right to take us there.  By Christs obedience, to God, in love.  We are free.

For everyone, who does not come to Christ, who denies him, knowing He is the way, the truth, and the life.  Christ grieves for you.  He cries for you, because you choose to be disloyal.  Because you choose to have a Judas, heart.

You choose the ways of satan.  And he knows, the time of reckoning, is at hand.  Either when your time of life is over, or when He returns.  He knows.  All will stand before Him, and they will have to give an account of their life.  And they will either reap, hell or heaven.

Judas of heart, I plead with you.  Stop, see what you are doing.  Restore, return, that which you have stolen from.  Or been a false witness.  Go to the ones you have hurt.  Repent.  Repent before a holy God, and make right, what you have done wrong.  Its not too late.  You may think it is.  But it is not.

You may have to pay the consequences, of your sin.  You may lose, what you loved.  Or you may not.  But if you make it right, with your soul, as the goal, you can be victorious.

Judas, of heart, I plead with you.  For even as I write this, I understand, how it feels when you trust someone, and they give you the kisses, of Judas, and they betray you.  I have felt that pain many times.  Too many, that I don’t even want to recount.  Yet, I have forgiven.  For Christ forgave me of my sins.  So I choose to forgive.  As the word says.  Matthew 6:14 For if ye forgive men their tresspasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  

And even now, God revealed to me, last night in a dream.  Someone, I have been kind to, someone who has feigned, “friendship” this someone, has betrayed me, by my works.  By that which I write.  I had a dream, that I fought that person.  And then I woke up, and prayed, “Lord, the battle is yours.”  I felt so weary, after this dream.  I prayed for that soul.  I pray, they would see, the error of this. Stealing others works, other writers hard earned, works, they put to computers.  In this computer age, their are so many opportunities, for others to steal.  But God knows.

Maybe thats why I write this to, to plead with you Judas of heart.  To plead, you to stop.  The wrath of God, is not to be messed with, or to be thought of lightly, for God is not mocked.  He loves His children.  He blesses those, who bless us.  But he curses, those who curse us.  Judas, of heart, you need to see this.  Before it is too late.  Go to God, make good, from your betraying…..Repent, restore.

And change your mind, your heart, to a heart like Christ, before it is too late.  Go to the cross.  Christ is the only one, who can change your heart.  He is the only one.  Don’t make the mistake, before it is too late, like Judas did.  Go to the cross, and cry out to the only one, who can save your soul.

And even here, Judas of heart, who claimed to be my friend.  I forgive you.  My heart breaks because I trusted you.  But I forgive you.  May God have mercy on your soul.

Just my thoughts, with love, Elena Ramirez

Please Note:  I do not know the future.  I have dreams, that have not been fulfilled, yet.  Perhaps they will be.  But, if someone, can see this and see the vision, of this, and has the resources, I pray, you would make a movie  out of this.  What if Judas had gone to the cross?  The story would be different.  It could be someone’s lifeline……To Christ now.

This person, I describe, as the Judas in this post,  is an acquaintance.  Someone I do not know, by spending time, with them etc.  Yet, we have communicated.  I have no proof, nor do I choose to pursue, a battle in this.  I am just sad, I had this dream.  I would pray, it would not be true.  But if it is, I just put it in Gods hands.   I have recently discovered, on one of my blogs, someone posted an ad, without my authorization.  Someone who used the blog, as an outlet, for them to make money.  This is being investigated. I don’t know if it is this person, or not.  But again, I trust God, and will rest in that. I just find it ironic, I had this dream.  At the timing of this.  Thank you, and  Blessings…..Elena

Father, I thank you and praise you, almighty, sovereign, good, and kind Lord.  I thank you that you change a heart.  That you changed mine.  I was a Judas Heart, before I met you.  Before you, showed me truly, what you did on the cross.  For me, and for all of us who believe.  We all are, before you.  No one wants to admit that.  No one wants to remember, our sins.  Or that, we offend a Holy God, by our sins.  But, how merciful you are, and compassionate.  Lord, the more, and more, I realize, how precious my salvation is, I never want to sin against you.  Lord, I know you have been guiding me, teaching me, showing me, love, and forgiveness, and a trust, to grow in your ways.  It amazes me.  But I do pray for the “Judas of Heart” even here, and pray, you help this person reading this, who sees, truth, in what I am writing.  That the devil, will not steal the plan you have for this person.  Even here, again, in this prayer, I plead the blood of Jesus, over this person, and I pray, you bring your love to them. That they would go to the cross.  Judas was not able to.  But this person can.  Let them see your love.  May the tears, wash the sins, and the hate, and the betrayal, and make this person, a son, or a daughter, of God.  Thank you Lord.  In Jesus name. Amen





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