My thoughts, on this are NO.  But there always has to be a balance.  What are the motives?  What is at stake?  Will my participation, purposely serve to hurt someone?  Or bless someone?  Can I enter this, to bring glory to God?  Or to myself? (It scares me, if it was all about me.)  How can I use my gifts, and callings, in this?  To each their own…..This always has to be considered.

And let me explain, when I say this; “To each Their Own.”  But, God has given us each gifts, and callings that individually belong to that person.  No one can do, what you do in Christ, like you.

These gifts, and callings, have been refined, by the process, you go through in life.  By prayer, by seeking God.  How can one have  compassion, say for example, as a gift, unless they have suffered, and understand?  With Christ, within our hearts, we understand “compassion” because Christ understood.  Because we may have suffered, some hardship, to know what compassion is.  But more then anything, Christ suffered for us.

Never, ever forget, how much Christ suffered for you and me.  I always remind myself of that, to keep my Salvation precious to me.  I never, want to take that for granted.  Christ’s sacrifice, was given in love.  So anything, we do will come with some pain, and yes, some suffering. But we must have the greatest thought, of love, and who He is, when we do what we do, for Christ.

I have heard others say, to myself, and yes, other Christian leaders, “I would love to have your anointing.”  But, if they only knew…A question to ask, do you want to go through, what they went through, for that anointing?

But, I do know this, that anything, I have received, first and foremost, this, goes to the glory of God, and second, this anointing, has come with a price…..

How can anyone, receive that anointing, without, totally, being submissive to God?  Without, wanting to serve Him, and others?  Without, dying to oneself, and seeing the need, to give, by what one has gone through, or suffered through?

It comes with a cost.  So, don’t ever be jealous, or competitive toward one Christian or another, because you do not know what they have gone through, to get, where they are, in anything.

So many of us, have gifts, talents, and abilities, but they are not used for the glory of God.  To be honest, what a waste of time, and energy, unless we apply them to the good, of others, to God, and yes, even to ourselves.

To compete, to be prompted, by jealousy, is not of God.  We must always, be aware of the characteristics, and the “spirit” of the devil himself, in these matters.  Ego, is not of God, another word for that is pride.  Arrogance, is not confidence, it is a bully, in sheeps clothing, and I steer away from people like that.

I have not been competitive in life.  Some, could say, that, its obvious, and use it against me.  Because, I have not reached goals, and some dreams yet.  But, nonetheless, I know, daily, I change, more into who I should be in Christ.

Sometimes, it takes time, testing from God, to reach goals.  But, to want to compete with others, to strive against, someone, is not in my DNA of Christ.

In fact, the truth of the matter, is there are many outstanding, gifted, pastors, leaders, in Christ, but I do not pay them, that much attention.  I have, to be honest, and this may just be a small part of it, but I have been hurt by the church, and yes, even some prominent, leaders in ministry.

Where, I have been rejected, and actually, denied, communication. Why, because I asked for help?  I don’t know.  Or maybe my gifts, and callings challenged them?  I do not know.

I have made mistakes also with them, where I may have been perceived, as trying to “piggy back” from their ministries, so I am very careful, to not offer any support, or yes, even recommendations to anyone.  Concerning other ministries.  Unless, I feel led by God.

First, and foremost for me, Christ deserves that, recognition.  The Holy Spirit, is my teacher.  And my growth, is not due to anyone, but God, and His Holy Spirit, via the Bible.

So how does that apply to you?  I would totally ask God.  Again, ask yourself, why you want to compete?  Ministries, should not be in the business, to compete, to begin with, because, we do not wrestle, with flesh and blood, but with principalities in high places.  To compete, with others who are in the body of Christ, is again, taking on the characteristics of the enemy.

If you do anything, do it unto God, and not man.  I know there are many gifted writers, and perhaps who could be more knowledgeable, in things of God, more so then I am.  For one, will always find lesser, or greater persons, then themselves in this journey of life.  And since, God is not a respecter of persons, why should I be?

But, I know, in my heart, of hearts, Gods plan for me, is very clear.  And my mission is to give glory to God, inspire His people, and speak a word of truth to the Lost.  This has been defined for me, and I know it.

If I reach one for Christ, even you who is reading this, then all glory to God.  If I reach thousands, by Gods plan, then so be it.  Again, glory to God.  But I will not subject myself, to lower my standards, of who I am in Christ, for petty self-satisfaction in competitiveness.

There is no one, I wish to compete with, or challenge, or fight, to get to a place, to be successful.  If any blessing came in, it would be because of who God is in me.  I would not be so prideful, to think it was my accomplishment, but only as to who God is in me.

You see, and I know, this does not sound very gracious to myself, but I know, what a loser I was.  But I know who I am in Christ now.  And I am victorious in Him.

To compete with someone, purposely, would mean, I would get out of my place of peace with God.  It could even cause me to lose my gifts and callings.  It would cause me to lose my focus on who God is in me.  For I would look at someone else, and see their gifts, etc.  And would cause me to either lower, or try to out reach them.

For what?  No thank you….

So, no, I do not believe Christians should compete with one another.  If you are worried about me, don’t.  God has it all under control.  And I take my goals, aspirations, and hopes and dreams to His throne.  To bless him.   And He is the only, one, I hope to please.

And as I close, I want to make it perfectly clear, because I have no idea what the future may hold.  But, if I would be in a situation, where other Christian writers, would be running the race, for the prize, as I would, in a competition, I would pray, I would carry myself in love.  To have a good attitude, to be gracious.  To pray, whether or not to be in the race….Because I do not want to give place to darkness.

But if I was in a race….And whether, I won, or lost, I would pray not to have a bad attitude, or be upset, or carry myself, in a way, that took, the glory, from God, or that person.  I don’t want to be that kind of person, who its all about “me” So, I will just pray to be humble, in the sight of God, and man, concerning all victories, and losses, in Christ.

And a question to ask…..Do you compete with yourself?  Being tossed to and fro?  I pray, not to.  I pray, not to be my own worst enemy.  I am one in Christ, and there is no room for competition, in my self.  Christ rules.

Just my thoughts, with love,

Elena Ramirez

Acts 20:24

But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify, the gospel of the grace of God.  

Father, you gave us Jesus, as the way, the truth, and life.  Lord, guide my heart, to your ways.  Separate me, from things, that will hinder, my gifts and callings.  Things that cause me to stumble.  Things, that take away your glory.  Lord, being competitive, does scare me.  Lord, I used to be “Sinderelena” living beneath, who I was, but now I long to live, according to your Kingdom. According to you my Christ, and your spirit within me.   I seek, your Kingdom, your righteousness, and I pray, for guidance, in all matters.  Right now, I need you more then ever, speak to my heart.  And show me the path, to take, for your glory sake.  For others, for truth, to be made known.  Help me Lord, win my race.  For your name sake, dear Jesus.  Amen



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