Jesus loves all the children of the world

Segregation, is not in the house of God, why is it accepted, in the church, the body of Christ?

When was the last time, you heard a prominent pastor, on television, or at the pulpit, promote, love, and acceptance of all people?  Advocating, walls of segregation, to tumble down, and for ALL people to come together, in the house of the Lord?  When?  I haven’t heard this……I could be in the wrong circles though….hmmm.

The Lord, has been putting this on my heart, for a while, and I have seen it, sensed it, and yet, to be honest, I have not said too much, until now.  To be honest, I did not want to deal with this issue.  But obedience, is better than sacrifice.  So, I repent, even here publicly.  And as I express this, I pray to do so in love.  As I also receive correction from God.  For whom God loves He corrects.

I pray, that leaders, the people of the church, the saints, the pew warmers, even for that matter, would take this to heart, and even take it to your leaders, and ask, Why?

Why is it that this church, I attend, this body of Christ, does not promote, or continually express, that ALL people, are welcomed here?

There is no segregation in the Kingdom of God, why is it that there is, segregation, in the church I attend?

Look around folks, people, are drawn to “birds of a feather”  and rather, than just accept, our own kind, did not Christ tell us to love one another?  Thats everybody.  We all have blood, thats red.  That unites, us when we have the blood of Jesus.

I live in Colorado, and to be honest, there is segregation, in my community, and in the churches I attended.  And I am not trying to play the “race~card here, but I have also felt discrimination, in my community, and in the churches, I have attended.  Stereo typing of my race, from Christian leaders, etc.  Not all of us wear sombreros, nor have we all swam across, or sneaked across the border.  Its insulting, when you sit, in a pew, and you have a Christian leader, make a point, at the expense, of demeaning, someone and their race.

If anything, I have felt a sense of just “toleration” for being hispanic, and attending predominantly other churches, of a a different race.  And I have been to a few, so I know, the difference.  To be honest, when I attended, a church, that was more of my race, I felt the love.  Or at least the acceptance.

I have gone against the flow, of just being at a church, where, my race, was dominant, because I want to be in a church, where all people go.  Like in heaven…..

I have longed, to go to a church, where I would hear the pastor, promote, love.  Promoting, acceptance of ALL people, and promoting, Gods agenda, in this.  And not just once, in a blue moon, but constantly.

People, in the body of Christ, need to hear, about Love.  To see our leaders, taking the word of God, and applying, it, constantly, to help change hearts.   To change dispositions, to change the way our world is.  To remind us, to love one another.  To take a chance.

To not judge someone, by their race, tribe or status, in life, for that matter.  For we will always find, greater, and lesser people, in this walk of life.

I want to find a place, someday, a church home, where I will hear the pastor, constantly say, ALL PEOPLE ARE WELCOMED HERE!  Rich and poor, black or white, red, or green, or blue, all people are welcomed in this house of God.  And it will reflect that, as you look around, and see, all kinds of different people, sitting together, being united in Christ, and doing His work, together.

For if we can only imagine Gods Kingdom, heaven, all people are present there, in Gods house.  Every tribe, every nation, every race, rich and poor, will be represented, in Gods Kingdom, and not token members.  But those that understand, the great love of Christ, and His sacrifice.  Love, will be prevalent.  There is laughter, joy, good food, and acceptance, of one another, because we have accepted Christ, as our savior.

Thats why it is needed now.  Like the Lords prayer… “On earth, as it is in heaven.”  I don’t want to criticize, anyone in this, or even make someone, who I, have known, in the past, as a Christian leader, feel bad, or inadequate, but the truth of the matter is, its the responsibility of every Christian, to walk in love, with all people.  But how can we know, unless our leaders promote, love? UNITY!

And our leaders, in ministry, have the great responsibility, of reminding us, to walk in love.  To get out of the comfort zone, of just accepting, and receiving people, of your own race, to reach others, for Christ.

Race, status, should not be the priority, in the house of God.

I consider myself, an ambassador of Christ, as the word says, and when I tell you this, look at yourself, as also an ambassador of Christ.

Go to your leaders, go to your congregation, and remind them in love, that we are to love one another, as Christ loved us.  We are to reach out, and touch hearts, that may be different then ours, we are to sit together, and let those walls of segregation come down, and we must be united, in Christ.   Make it a campaign, a priority, a mission statement, that ALL PEOPLE ARE WELCOMED!

We are the body of Christ, and we all need each other.  One cannot do without the other, as Christ gave the example, the eye needs the head, the head needs the body.

We need each other, and love and acceptance of one another, and promoting that love,  is the only way, we can fulfill the calling and mandate Christ gave us.   Love one another.  Reach out today, or at your next service, remind your pastor, remind each other.  Love one another.

The world understands diversity, isn’t it time, we make it our agenda, as well?  But from the perspective of God.

CONSTANTLY…..Keep this on the forefront, of your agenda, and watch God bless you, and your church…..

All I have to say in closing, is I am reminded, we are all going to stand before God.  I want to promote Love, as much, as I can, because of Christ.  Because of His sacrifice.  I don’t want to be ashamed, when I stand before Him.  I am not a pastor, but if I was, every Sunday, in closing, I would tell everyone, how much they are loved, and race, had nothing to do with it.

Who knows, that may be the only time, a person, heard they were loved.  And that was at church…..Wow what an idea, to be told you were loved at church.  No matter who you were.  Who knew?

Just my thoughts, in love, Elena Ramirez

I John 3:14

We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethern.  He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.  

I Peter 2:17  Honor, all men.  Love the brotherhood.  Fear God.  Honor the King.  

John 15:12 This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.  

Father, thank you for bringing this to my attention.  And prompting me by the Holy Spirit, to write this.  Lord, I apologize, I repent, for not writing this sooner.  You put this on my heart about a month ago, and I just did not want to deal with this subject matter.  But obedient, I repent, and pray, you use, this for your glory.  I pray, people, Christian leaders, would take this to heart.  I want to be a part of the solution, not the problem, even more so, as I repent.  Lord,  may this bring great changes, for your glory and honor.  May love, become our motivator, in all we do, in the body of Christ, may we truly love one another, as you have loved us.  I plead your blood, in honor of you, to remind myself, and others, how important it is, that we stir love up, and help people, feel closer to you, by the way, we treat them.  In Jesus name.  Amen



God bless you, as you share this post, and share LOVE……

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  1. Hello, Elena!

    I really like your blog, and do drop in once in a while…

    I really like this, yes because just three days ago, I was talking to this friend of mine from church, about how she (and me )had also undergone indifference in church…

    We had been going to this church for years, and yet what is painful is we always felt unacceptable in here, and so are the other people.., and on what basis? Caste! Money! Color!

    Yes, I might be a part of the sin of not having brought this issue to the leaders of the church, but the painful part is it that it is a light issue for them since they are the leaders, and not in our shoes.

    Sorry, I am not gossiping, nor am I unstable, but I decided to visit another church, after a painful discussion and counselling with one of the pastors…

    What I wanted to point here from my comment, is I was a child placed in this church, and discrimination faced right from my Sunday school teachers, children and elders, does affect your childhood, mentally and spiritually….
    I was sitting on a empty bench in my sunday school and the children refused to sit with near me, but chose to sit on a bench that was over-crowded…I just refused to go Sunday school from then on…I hated that Sunday school, I hated elders who did failed to deal with this, I hate it still, when they stand there preached the Word in their mouth, preaching love, practicing differences!

    I for a very long time suffered with inferiority complex, still do, somewhere deep inside (was surprised and laughed away when my husband asked me if I did suffer with one)….I so was pained that I could not face the audience when my marriage bands were being announced…I decided not to go to church when my bands were being announced… I still hurt when my father tells me to visit this particular church…Now, I am married and go to a different church, and my constant worry and prayers are only that my child does not have to go through this…

    • Hi Maria,

      Thanks for your sweet, honest, response. I pray, the healing begin for you, even as you read my words. You are a Child of the most high God. He is not a respecter of persons, and He loves us all. It is sad, that people, don’t see this. Its sad, that even my commentary, in this has gone by, somewhat unnoticed. Because it is truth, and I relate, to what you are saying.

      But the only way, anyone of us is going to break that curse, and I call it a curse, when someone, in the body of Christ deliberately does not love others, we are limiting God, and who we could be. The only way, we can break that curse is to love others anyway.

      Walk in love, with that person, from another race etc. Walk in love, with that person, who is snobbish etc. Thats how we overcome, with love, and yes, keep the greatest commandment, to love God, and to also love one another. Thanks for your thoughts, they are greatly appreciated.

      Blessings, Elena

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