It is really sad, that in this time, we live in, that we have come to the place, where we see our society, mocking, and defaming, the things of sanctity, of Holiness, of God.  Of Christmas…..

I turn on my television, and I hear reports, of famous actors, making a mockery of this, and that of God.  You read it in the news reports, that someone, is opposing, or enforcing, fining someone, for just expressing Christ.  In HOA’s rules, or whatever.  Schools, not even singing Christmas songs.  Or singing Christmas songs, but changing the lyrics from Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays.  Stores, and merchants, instructing their employees, to say Happy Holidays, instead of Merry Christmas.

America, is not fighting for their faith.  Or so it seems, because there is a passiveness.  And our rights, are diminshing….Our rights to worship, to believe, should be accepted.  To pray….But instead, it is all so controversial.  This is what our founding Fathers, came here for.  For freedom in religious rights, and expression.

I just saw a report, where a famous actress (if you want to call her that) played the virgin Mary, and she spoke profanity.  And people review this, and they accept it.  As humor.

You know, I just have to say right here, God is not mocked.  In any aspect.  And they will reap, what they sow.  They will stand before God, when their life is over, and will have to give an account, of what they did.  To Christians. By slandering the name of God, and by using His name, in curse words, etc.  By not accepting His gospel.  God will have His final say.  He may not be saying anything, now, but they will reap, what they sow.  We all will.  But one prays, to hear….”Well done, good and faithful servant!”  At least I do….

And I would not wish “hell” on anyone.  Even my worst enemy.  In fact, I pray for my enemies.  I pray, for those who have so much hate in them, that they want to hurt others for believing in Christ.  I pray for their souls.  Because I know, what it means to believe, in Christ, and what it does to not believe.  And I would never trade my faith, my hope, the beauty of who He is in my life.  The peace, and the joy, I have, by believing His word.  But they will perish, and will regret it…..

Christmas, has been so commercialized, and the true meaning of who Christ is,has been rejected, and neglected, in the meaning.  Its about Christ, the son of God, who was sent to this world, to save us.  If we only believe.  Born of a virgin, born into humble beginnings, because He understood.  His life, was planned by God, so if we believe, we can have hope in who He is.  But the world, has perverted it.

As Christians, it is our responsibility, to teach this to our children, grandchildren, and to be a voice of light, in a dark world.  The world does not know.  Its sad, and pathetic, that truly the true meaning of Christmas is not being expressed, by musicians, by the media, by Hollywood, and by us, as Christians.

It is sad, to say that, because when you know the saving grace of Christ, one knows, how merciful, and kind He is.  I know… The great sacrifice, of His life, for us.  That Christ went to the cross, for each and every one of us, that believes.  He gives us this chance in our lifetimes.  To change, to accept His ways, to live a better life.  To have peace, hope in something….

But, some are so intent, in defaming, that which is good.  Mocking it.

Galatians 6:7


With no respect.  If they only knew….but how will they unless we tell them?  Unless we show them, by our own testimonies, the goodness of God, through Christ?  That He is the way, the truth, and life?  How will they know?  My heart yearns, to be that light, to show others in darkness, that the son of God, is the light of the world…..

But it seems at Christmas time, there is more of a outcry, from the world, from unbelievers, to try and put down, things related to Christ.  Christ~ianity, Christ~mas, Christ~mas trees, and on, and on, and on.

Trying to take away the rights, of believers, trying to disfuse, the beauty that has to do with Christ.  And why, sadly, and some cannot relate to this, but they are led by the devil.

I pray, for our future generations, if Christ does not return by then.  Because to have freedom, to express, who you are in Christ, is a right.  But when you know who Christ is in you.  You know your own rights, in living.  According to Gods standards.  And there is no other standard, to test, when you know Gods truth.  You know the difference, between holy and evil.  Good and bad….

Our American soldiers, have fought for that right.  They are fighting right now.  This is a religious war we are in, a spiritual battle.  But there is also a battle, in the heavenlies.  And God is going to win this battle.  It says, so, according to Gods word.  (Read Revelation)

Look I don’t know who my audience is in this.  But, if I could only plead with you, to stop, and see, and STOP the persecution, the hate, the evil, by denying Christmas.  You would see a difference, if you only went to the throne of God, and repented, and asked God, to show you the truth, the true spirit of Christmas, He would.

Read Luke chapters 1 and 2.  From Gods Holy word, the Bible.  Say a prayer, even if you do not know how to pray.  Ask God, to reveal the truth, the beauty of Christmas, and see God do something so astounding, that will reveal, love.  Christmas is love.  For God is love….

Please see this, and no longer mock that which is Holy.  Are you mocking Christmas? I plead with you, for your own soul.  I do pray for you.  Open your eyes, if you do not, you will regret it, for eternity.

And I pray, as believers, we would shine, our lights, brighter, and bolder for Christ, as our gift to him, for the gift of Salvation, He has given us.  Merry Christmas, Glory to God in the highest peace, on earth, and good will to all. Luke 2:14.  

Just my thoughts with Christmas love, Elena Ramirez

Father, I praise you, and thank you for Christmas, for Christ, who came to save the world.  Help us, as believers, protect us, from the lies of the enemy, and give us utterance, to speak truth, and love.  Concerning who Christ really is.  And the true meaning of Christmas.  Use this, for your glory, in Jesus name.  Amen.



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  1. Your words are true and beautiful. I feel, as a christian, that time is running out. I always say that I feel a Homecoming in the air. I have heard that saying for years and years. When I was young, I didn’t put much thought into it, but as I grow older, I have that sense in my heart. Right now is the time that we should be letting our lights shine as bright as they can. Bless you, my sister in Christ. Your blogs are amazing.

    • Thank you Shayrenae, your thoughtfulness, and kind considerations, also show a heart for Christ. Yes, keep shining, bright for Christ. They will see His love, in your brightness! God bless you. I appreciate your expression. Elena

  2. Thanks for the message I read it all…you are right when you say that this world fund of promoting happy holidays coz they want rest. But the center of the Holiday they don’t remember the one who sarifce his life for our salvation. It is very sad sometimes we focus on Sta. Claus and all kinds of gifts and we forget the center of celebration who is Jesus Christ the greatest gift that a man could ever receive becasue in Him has eternal life. The truth of the matter many people focus on the blessings and they forget the provider who is Jesus Christ as He says I am the bread of life….the foods on earth are perishable but my foods that i give to you are not perishable and He said too I am the Lving Water He who drinks my cup will never be thirsty anymore. The world and all it’s content will give you a temporary joy. But Jesus will give you a perfect joy. He is the joy of our salvation as the scripture says Proverbs 8:35- He who find the Lord find life and favor from Him….People are busy they are alive but not truly live they jsut only exist to occupy space i call it a walking zombies they move but they are dead in spiritual things because they miss the good things of God. When they know only that a day in the presence of the Lord is better that a thousand outside ( Psalm 84:10). For the Lord is sun and shield and He give grace and He does not withold every good things belong to us to those who walk uprightly ( Psalm 84:11). Elena thanks for reminding American people very busy in materials things but a God is a God of love and of justice. – Cheers Pastor Rolly Custodio… or or or

    • Great thoughts, you share Pastor Rolly, how I pray, America, the world, would see, the goodness of Christ, and accept Him. And yes, at this time of Christmas, and no longer mock or make a joke, of that which God has given us in holiness. Thank you, God bless you…..

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