This is a photo, one of very few, that I have of my friend Pat Daru.

I want to honor her, because she had passed away, in March, but nobody told me. I got a Christmas card yesterday, and her husband notified me. That, she had passed away. When I read that, I began to cry.

I want to tell you about a person, who touched my heart, in a great way. I used to work with her, when I worked for the phone company, and when I met her, instantly, I received joy. You see, she was the kind of person, who just made you laugh.

Not at her, but with her, because she had such a sweet way, of making everything light hearted, and funny. She was not mean spirited, in any way, or with anyone.  I never saw that.  But, because of this ability, she had, I laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

I would just see her, and get happy, because as soon as we chatted, something funny was said. We would be rolling on the floor, in laughter.

This photo may not be very complimentary, to either one of us, but it was because we were laughing. When I met her, I had just truly began to walk with the Lord, and I would share with her, my testimony, and just the good news about Jesus Christ.

I always, wanted to give her hope, and inspiration, because she did not always have a lot of self-esteem.  I probably did not either.  Life sometimes wounds people, and so we could relate to each other.  Yet she was beautiful to me, in the sense, of who she was, and could make me laugh.

So, I would try to compliment her. It was easy.  She was so real, and sweet.  She so appreciated me for knowing that about her, and acknowledging to her, what I saw in her.  So, she would also bless me. One day, she gave me an award, and she gave me, an “Angel on Earth award” Because she saw the anointing, the gift, God placed in me, and she wanted to bless me. I still have that award, pinned up, on a bulletin board.

You know, all I know, is she was someone, who touched my heart. And encouraged me, as well, in Christ.  The only thing, I regret, was after I left the company, I did not keep more communication with her. She was busy, with her family. She had three children, all boys, but they were triplets. She had her husband. And I had my family, so I guess, not as an excuse, but the truth be told, people live separate lives.

I wanted to share this with you, because it is Christmas.

I hope, my little story of my friend, touches your heart. If I could encourage her, or you, I would tell you, how precious, your friendship means to me too. All of you. Why? Because you are all children of God. And I know, so many do not know that. But, because of her, and others, I have found, who I am in Christ. And I know my mission in life, is to bring glory, to God, inspire others, and speak truth to the Lost. Because life is precious. What a wonderful gift, we have, but we need to see the potential of it all…..

I have to just say, I realize this Christmas, more then ever. How precious, friends and family are to me. Gifts, things, they are nice. But to have what I have in God, I would never trade. I realize, this more then ever. To count my blessings, to bring God into every situation, every friend, in my home, and with my family, with love, and to seek Him, and His presence. Truly, it is the greatest present, I have ever gotten.

My friend, Pat, was truly, a gift, because she brought me laughter, and I pray, God bless her soul. And that He blesses her family on earth. Much love, and thanks for reading my thoughts, about my dear friend, who is now an “Angel in Heaven.” I hope she gets that award too….

Much love, and Merry Christmas to you….Hug your friends, and loved ones, don’t let Christmas go by without releasing love. No regrets…Feel free to share this, if you want to bless someone. Praying her gift of laughter, may make someone smile, with joy too…..

And as I think about it, she really was a gift, from God, because no one, ever made me laugh that much.  And when I had met her, I was just coming out of some changes, where sorrow, had been my friend.  God was so good, he brought her as a friend to me, and in laughter, I was able to make up for a lot of missing laughter.  God bless her soul.  There are people, who touch lives, and we are forever changed.  She was one of them.

And I pray, I am also someone, who can make a difference, in whatever way….for others, because the Lord chooses….I just want to be obedient to follow that path.  In this journey, we call life.  God bless you…Merry Christmas.  Thank you Lord Jesus, for the gift you gave us, by coming to this earth for all of us.  If we just believe….

Blessings, and much love, with “Just my Thoughts”

Elena Ramirez

Elena Ramirez https://elenasjustmythoughts.wordpress.com/


  1. Your friend Pat sounds like a beautiful Angel, how wonderful it is to know she is looking down upon all the ones that loved her so. Thank you for sharing your post, I have much to be grateful for this year and messages like this help me reflect upon all the living loved ones in my life and all the Angels from heaven who surround me every day.

    Merry Christmas!

    blessings, Joan

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