I find it ironic, that I have had this dream, where the Lord revealed to me, the computer thief, who has been going through my files for years, stealing my writings, and claiming them, as “her” own.

I find it ironic, and interesting, one because today is the anniversary of my mothers death.  10 years to the day.  And who else, would help you but your mother, with God?  And also, that today, is a day, where many are actually boycotting, the governments, bill, to censor, the internet.  So the timing of this, somehow or another, with my dream, brings clarity, it brings wisdom, it brings insight, to truth.

But, my mother knew, even then, before she died, how frustrated, I have been, as a writer.   And as a writer, I have dealt, with my frustrations, of even catching people, who have taken some of my writings, and copied and pasted them, and claimed them, as their own.

You know, the internet, and computers, are a fascinating “tell it like it is” tool.  But so is the word of God.  And the word of God says, that their are those who use “devices” for evil purposes, instead of good.  That they are being used by the devil.  II Corinthians 2:11 Lest satan should get an advantage of us, for we are not ignorant of his “devices.”

So, by all that the Lord, reveals to me, and that I know, even what I do in my writings, there are those, who would love to stop me, they would love to stop the gospel, from going out.   I know, I have been tested, over and over again, to see, if I would be worthy of sharing a word here.  And I do not know, how worthy I am, or what my writings are worth, concerning monetary value, because I have not been paid. I have not been able to be published, by a reputable or well-known publisher.

Yet, by a spiritual level, in my own life, I know the sacrifice, of Christ, was so great, I write,  and I have for over fifteen years, at least.  Without pay.  I write, because I was, once lost, but now found.  I write, because Christ has made a difference in my life.  I write, because I know people, need hope.  They need inspiration, more then anything, they need Gods truth.  So, I write HIS scriptures.  I write for the Lord.  I am a Prayer Writer.  I know the power, of prayer…..

And even as I dreamed this dream, this morning, where I caught the “woman” who has been stealing from me, my writings, for many years, which I knew not.  I realize something.  She is desperate.  I looked in her eyes, and I saw, she knew, I had caught her.   Jeremiah 2:26.  As the thief is ashamed when found.  And then, I woke up.  To be honest, with you, my first reaction, was anger.  I wanted to punch her out.  To reveal who she is.

For even though, I do not know who she is personally, or where she is, I know that God knows.  So automatically, I received peace.  Because vengeance is His.  So, I do not need to punch her out.  But, the thing is, as I think about her.  I think about all the curses, she has brought into her own life, by stealing from me.  And I do feel sorry for her.  But I do not condone, her actions, nor do I defend her.  For she has been exposed to me, by God.

For she even by stealing from me, and my writings, has had to know truth.  She has had to see her self, the truth, I have written, and from time to time.  For we reap, what we sow.  She has sown, destruction to herself, she has sown, evil by claiming, things that do not belong to her, my writings.  It just all made sense.  All the viruses, my computers have had, all the strange happenings.  Even when I publish, things, I have seen, strange discrepancies, and problems, with hackers, etc.  It just all makes sense.  She has targeted me.  She has known how to do things, with computers.  She understands viruses, she understands technology.  She has had this knowledge, and used it for evil purposes.  When I think about it, now that I know this truth.  From my dream.  Its mind boggling, to know someone, knows this kind of stuff, and is being used by the devil.

Look, I may not be knowledgeable, about “how” one uses, knowledge, in an evil way.  But when someone, takes knowledge, insight, the know-how, and uses it to hurt others, or to obtain information, to use for their own benefit, without giving credit, where credit is due, well, in Gods eyes, that is stealing.  That is being a false witness, that is really someone who is being used by the devil.  For he comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  I hate liars, and thieves, and those things, that God hates.

I hate them.  Or rather, I need to say, I hate the sin, and not them.  I HATE THE DEVIL!  Because I see, when any one of us, sins, against God, we sin against ourselves.  We hurt ourselves.  I hate that.  So I write.  I write truth, and love, and I write, and plead with people, to turn from the false way, for they are only hurting themselves.

After I dreamed this, I prayed to God, and I just asked my Lord, and savior, that He deals with them.  Not me.  Thats not my job.  And that I would be restored, for all that I have lost, for so many years.  That favor, would finally be mine.  For you see, I have caught my thief.  I know who she is now.  And when I pray, I will pray for her soul, but I will not stop praying, until, I know she has found justice.  And justice, has found her. In whatever way, my Lord may choose.

If that means, she pays me back, and restores, that which she has stolen, thats fine.  If she does not, well, the Lord says, he will rebuke the devourer.  He will bless those who bless me, and He will curse, those who curse me.  Genesis 12:3.  And for the one who does things in secret, to hurt me, they are cursing them selves, according to Gods word.  Cursed be he that smitheth his neighbor secretly.  And all the people shall say, Amen.  Deuteronomy 27:24.

She has been devouring my gifts, my fruit, and my labor, and she will not be blessed, until she repents.

Maybe you are her, partner, in crime.  He or she.  Maybe you are seeing this, and reading this, and you can identify with her, or even with me.  Maybe you have been using the internet, to hurt others.  To take others copyrights.  To deceive, to plant viruses, tracking devices, whatever.

I plead with you, whoever you are.  If you are using the internet, to hurt others, to hurt and steal, and to falsify things, please stop.  For the sake of your soul.  Please stop, and restore, and go to God, and ask forgiveness.

You are hurting yourself, you are hurting, your loved ones, more then you know.  And perhaps my dream was a warning to you.  For you have been caught, and even caught by yourself.  By reading this.  It is not coincidence, God brought you here to read this.  Perhaps, your judgement, will not be so harsh, if you stop now, go to God, and repent.  If not, you have no idea, what you have done, and you will pay for it.  Restore, repent, and give no place to the devil.  Hell is real.

Now, that the Lord revealed this to me, she cannot get away.  She cannot continue, because believe me, I know how to pray.  And I just thank God, He showed me, and revealed who my computer thief is.  And even for those that would do the devils work.  He or she.

Let’s just say this, she messed with the wrong person.  For I am Gods child.  His ambassador, his Prayer writer.  And he is my protector.  And by the way, I say, this for my own soul.  I forgive her.  But its in Gods hands……

Just my thoughts, with love, Elena Ramirez

Father, I give you praise, glory and honor, and thank you for revealing this to me.  I know according to your word, that when the thief is caught, he or she must restore.  Even here, I know, who it is.  Not by name, not by destination, but you know.  Lord, my prayer in this matter is private, and you know, how much I have gone through, how patient I have been, how sorrowful, I have travailed in these matters where I write for you.  But I am so grateful even here, that I have peace.  For it is in your hands.  You are the way of justice.  And I just pray to continue to write, but I do pray, even here for your protection.  I plead the blood of Jesus, as my protection.  To cover me.  I pray, for restoration.  I bind the devil, his evil devices, that have been used in computers.  And I pray, truth would prevail, love, and yes, the American way in freedom.  But not freedom to do evil.  Lord, how ironic, your timing is, in this, how mysterious are your ways, that I totally submit to.  Lord, thank you for taking care of this matter for me, in Jesus name.  Amen 



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