Jesus is real to me.  He is as real, as the touch of this keyboard.  When I think of Jesus, I see Him, in His compassion, in His love, for others.  In His healing power.  In who He was and IS as the Son of God.

Bringing truth, bringing revelation, bringing understanding.  Bringing Himself to the cross, for my sins.  Setting me free.  For He has set me free.  Yes, I see Jesus, and He is real to me.

And thats what I am trying to do, be real, to God, and others.  But, I must discipline myself, as His disciple, as well.  I must in reality, be real, to His supernatural abilities.

That comes from the spirit.  Of the reality, of who He is.

No, we cannot see spirit, spirit is felt.  Spirit knows, either by good or evil.  I know good, by Jesus.  I know, evil, by who the devil is.  I choose to be real, with God, who is good, and depart from evil.  I worship God, in spirit, and truth.  John 4:24.  That is how, I show myself real to God.  Because He knows.  He is the way, the truth, and life.  He knows…..

And I know, that I know, He knows.  I know Jesus, I call Him friend, among many things.  But He is the King, of Kings, and Lord of Lords, and there is none like Him.  There is no one like Jesus….He is love.  I am so glad I know this.  With all my heart…

Sometimes, we as flesh, and blood, can know, our faults, and our strengths.

And if the wisdom, of God is there, one can see the difference.

Sometimes, people, hide their flaws, and try to embellish, more, out of a situation, to try and make themselves more appealing to others.

The thing with that, though, is it somehow or another, cannot be hidden, because God knows.  So because God knows me, inside and out.  I have to admit, why waste the time, lying, to myself, or to others, to give a false impression?  It is a waste of time.  And it reminds me of the devil.  Because He is a liar.  So, I don’t like that characteristic.  Nor do I want to play games, when the truth, is the truth.

Do, I go around, telling everyone, my faults, or even past sins?  Because it is truth.  No.  Some things, just cannot be said, but God knows.

But, in all honesty, sometimes, when a door is opened, or the timing is right, I have been known to confess, my faults.  To admit, my wrong doing, and yes, even “right doing” in a situation.  Because it becomes a testimony.  To bring light.  To bring understanding, to bring insight, and to bring compassion, for someone, if I have gone through this, or that.

But, I do not try to make myself, to be someone, I am not.  The truth of the matter is I have had some issues, in life, that I would never wish that on my own worst enemy.  Nor would I want to go through some of the things, I have, ever again.  It has humbled me.

Even though, I know the results of these things, has built character, integrity, perhaps strength, and even wisdom, to seek God.  And because of that, I have learned, to stay on the “straight and narrow” path.  I hate what sin, or even poor judgment, has done in my life.  So, I am cautious, to say the least.

Yet, I still have made mistakes.  And probably will, in my lifetime.  In judgment in things, where I have had to grow, to see the error of my ways.  Sometimes, one may grow from their mistakes.  And sometimes, some, will continue to do what they have, and will not grow.

I always, like to see progress in my life.  When I was younger, and I smoked for example, I saw, how smoking controlled me.  I did not like that.  So, I always like to  have goals, in my spiritual growth, but also in my personal life.  I want to be successful.

I am not content, just letting the grass grow and I am not trying to figure out how, to grow myself, or to be a solution, to a problem.  I suppose, thats why, I so, love writing, serving God in this capacity.

When I think of where I could be now, I don’t think it would be a very pretty picture, without God.  Because it was not pretty, when I was without him, in my past.

Being real, to God, myself, and others, sometimes, means I have to admit, I have made mistakes.  It also means, I cannot judge others, because we all have issues, in life.  Unless, someone has walked in someones, shoes, its hard, to understand, why a person, is the way, they are.

Yet, we have the example of Christ.  And He understood, and He loved us all anyway.  He is the example I want to aspire to be.  In love and truth.  I am not perfect as He is.  But He teaches me, and yes, I do try to imitate Him.  But, I am so far from it, but thats what life, is about.  Daily, trying to grow, daily seeking Him, for that wisdom.  Daily repenting, daily, trying to get to that place, in prayer, and by His word, that discernment, can be evident.

And if anything, the greatest gift, He has given me, is my Salvation, by what He did on the cross.  I know, I believe, and I have made Christ my Lord, and savior, so when I leave this earth, I know there is a place in heaven for me.  I don’t think many people know that, but they could, if they just called on the name of Jesus.

Wisdom.  My relationship with Christ, is for me.  It is the most precious, and blessed gift, I have.  His assurance.  His truth, His word.  But me, as a person, who is daily trying to survive….I can only pray to thrive.

Yet, I know, I have a lot of odds against me.  I could even name them.  But, to be honest, I don’t think that is necessary right now.  Something, about being positive, about oneself, and with others, gives grace.  It gives, understanding, not in an arrogant way, but because of Christ I can be positive.  I can honestly say, I see, the difference.  For I see Gods power.  I do not always have to know how.  But I know God, who does know how.

All I know, is more then anything, and I say this, trusting, God, as a child.  But, if God is for me, I know, He can make a way.  He can help me, get to that point, where not only will I bring glory to God, in this, but, I can grow, to be the best, that I can be, because of Him.  Within me, and with me.  For me, and for others.

Being real, to God and others….Not playing games, not hiding the truth, to make myself, something more then what I am not.  But being honest in the sense, to say, I am not perfect.  Far from it.  No matter, how much, I try, or used to try, there are things, about myself, that may never change.

But, if God uses anything, or every thing, I have gone through, and it brings glory to Him.  If it helps others, if it inspires others, to seek God, then I pray, my life, will reflect honesty and truth.  Love, real Love.  To be real, to Him, and others.

Because the truth of the matter, is its not about me.  Its about Jesus, and what He did for ALL of us.  This is whats really, real…..

But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into Him in all things, which is the head, even Christ.  Ephesians 4:15

Just my thoughts, with love, Elena Ramirez

My Prayer of Hope,

Lord, thank you, for everything, use me, for your glory.  May I always be reminded to speak, and do things in love, and truth.  For your glory.  Thank you Lord, for showing me the difference, in my life.  To you, and others.  In Jesus name.  Amen





    • ahh. I think that is the nicest thing you have ever said to me. You are precious. Love you. Thanks, missed you here, and there. I know you have been busy. Blessings, Gods blessings, for you sis. Love ya.

  1. Amen Sis, this is very good, I feel the same way!! None of us are perfect and God know’s everything!! I try to spread God’s word and sometimes a person meets up with people who don’t agree but as long as i get it out of the bible I stand firm on God’s word!! I tell them I’m not here for a debate and God gave us a choice as in all things, we have to follow His word fully, we can’t pick and chose what we want to follow, if it’s in the Bible then we need to be obedient!! I love reading your posts Sister!! Anything we do should be to glorify God, it’s about Him not us!! Have a blessed day Sis!! Love Ya!!!!

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