I want to share some thoughts, here about temptation…..Some of my experiences, some things, I have learned.  Yes, even some of the hard lessons, I have learned, the hard way, concerning temptation.  And gladly, I can say, the victories, from being delivered from temptation….

Temptation, comes from the devil himself.  The thing with temptation though, in its deception, it sometimes, brings new hope.  An excitement.

It can inspire someone, for a change.  It stimulates, the senses.  One may be anticipating the pleasure of temptation.  But it will turn around, and bite you like a snake, if you submit to it.

So, it can excite someone, and with an illusion, that is false, in that temptation, it brings hope.  I use the word hope here, for lack, of a better word, for now, but it is hope, that will bring the fruit of evil, death, and destruction.  Because the focus, of the temptation, is to destroy, and when people are bored, they are easy prey for temptation.  So they hope….believing the lie.

Temptation is an anticipation, that stimulates, the senses, the flesh.  But goes totally against Gods plan, and protection for us.  It brings spiritual darkness.  Because it is meant to lie.  It is meant to trap someone.  It is meant, to take someone away, from God, and His plan, for that person.

Temptation, is not your friend, it is your enemy.  But one has to recognize this.  You have to know, the difference, or you will fall victim, to the trappings of the devil.

And when it is there, it gives an illusion, of a change, that may be pleasurable, but again, it is from the devil, and is meant to destroy.  YOU, AND EVEN YOUR LOVED ONES!  I don’t think, anyone wants that.  

Unless, one is close to God, they will not see the deceptiveness, of the temptation, and will fall right into the trap.  I have noticed, when temptation, has been in my own life, it has preyed, right into characteristics, that I have not developed, with God.

For example, vanity.  When you are young, one wants to be appreciated, for who they are.  Whether, its your looks. etc.  And so when one, is not confident, within, they grasp, for compliments.  They grasp, for attention.  Attention, needed, searching for gratification, fulfillment, by anyone, can be a temptation.    Because one is looking to people, or things, or anything, to fulfill that need.  That really, only God can fulfill.

I say that, because temptation, and vanity, was quite evident, in my youth.  And well, I won’t say too much more about it, but, in being so insecure, as a woman, etc.  I know, how it can make someone, see, that they “think” they can have power, by the illusion, of even tempting others, with their looks etc.

Society grooms, us all, by the media, by magazines, that beauty, brings power, etc.  It is an illusion, so women, and men, fall prey, to searching for love, or whatever, but not going skin deep, to the true spirit, but by what they see.  An illusion.  Don’t just judge a book by its cover.  Or be tempted, by the cover….

See whats behind that pretty, or beautiful face.  Because some will use their looks to trap you.  Thats their goal, and frankly, the goal of the devil.  So there, they are, being a pawn, in the enemies hands, hurting themselves, and hurting others, by the  illusion, of the power.  By the deceptiveness, of using themselves, to attract someone.  By their own merit, by their own looks, etc.  As a tool, for power.  It is temptation.

Gods word, says, that if we search for Him, He will make a way, to be delivered from the temptation.  And I have found this to be true.  I Corinthians 10:13 There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man:  but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able, but will with the temptation also make a way, to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.  

Do you see that part, where it says, “who will not suffer you.”  Well, if one is deep into the temptation, and fighting it on their own merit, it actually hurts.  Emotionally, and yes, even physically.  It is a struggle, that goes against your peace of mind.  That is intended, to torment you.  To make you suffer.    

When God is in a persons life, he will guard you, with his peace.  And really, having  peace, with God, and oneself, is not only comforting, but the guilt is not there.  

In the temptation, it could be an illusion of love, say for example.  Say, a married man, is “tempted” to have an adulterous affair.  He knows it is wrong, but he is fighting it, in his own merit.  His own self-control.  That hurts him.  Because he is struggling.  He is trying to fight a fight by himself.  

But if God is in the plan, of deliverance, for not being tempted, or getting into temptation, it will not hurt.  God will make a way.   And I will just say this, remember the vows, you have taken with the person, you have married, or the vows, the person, has taken, you are tempted with.  Remember this, whether the marriage, is not going well.  God can change that, if you do not submit to the temptation.    

God will take that person, out of the path, of that person, so the temptation, will not conquer that person, with evil.  Yes, I did say, conquer, because people, do not realize, this is the plan, again, of the enemy.  

Remember, Joseph, from the Bible?  He was a servant, in Pharoahs house, and his wife, wanted to have an adulterous, affair, with him.  Joseph, knew it was wrong, and he was close to God, so what did he do?  He ran, he ran away from her.   She still lied, though, and because she had snatched his covering cloth, she said, he had tried, to have his way with her.  See, how the devil, turned that around still?  

People, have no idea, what kind of traps, they set for themselves, when following temptation.  But, like Joseph, we have to run, from temptation, and run to God.    God did use that, situation, though, to bless Joseph, and to bless the nation of Israel……

I just want to bring it to your attention, more then ever, how important it is for us, to seek God.  To be careful of the traps of temptation.  Prayer, daily prayer, keeps us close to God, and even finding ourselves, making our own decisions, without prayer, can lead us into temptation.  And one may not see it, yet make a grievous mistake.  So, we do have to be EXTREMELY careful, in this matter.

I have heard so many testimonies, of peoples downfall, because of temptations.  People getting sexual diseases, because of temptation.  Losing the love, of their life.  Not being content, with the mate, God has given them.  People, losing jobs, and their freedom, because they reached out, and took, something, that did not belong to them, because the temptation was there.  And ending up, in jail.   Falling into drug use, and even yes, suicide.  Thats the devils plan, he comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  Temptation will do that.   

And so much more, for temptation, is the forum, the devil, uses, and wants you to do, making your situation, wrong.  The excitement, again may be there, the stimulation, etc.  But, if you do, you will bring more then the temptation,  you may very well bring curses, into your life.  

Dear one, bring, it to the obedience of Christ.  

II Corinthians 10:4-6 

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself (temptations) against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.  And having in a readiness, to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.    

For your future, for your own peace of mind.  For your family, for your future blessings.  Stay away, from temptation.  Only God, can deliver you from the temptation.  Believe me, I know.  

God has delivered me from temptation.  From time to time.  And I am very grateful, to Him, for that as well.  I don’t have to live with the guilt of some sins.  That I could have fallen into, after accepting Christ.  I don’t have to live with a memory, that would haunt me, here and there, of some temptations.  And I am still, watchful, to be aware of it.  Temptation, comes from the devil himself.  And I want nothing to do with the devil.  Nothing.  The benefits, God gives me, outweighs any temptation.   So grateful, I am aware of curses, temptation brings.  No thank you, get out of my way satan.  For my Christ, is the way, the truth, and life.

And as I conclude, my message on “temptation” dear one, I don’t know you, or your situation.  Why you may have done, what you have done, or why, you are in the position in temptation.  Maybe, you have already given in to a temptation.  But there is a solution.  His name is Jesus Christ.  Go to Him.  Bow before him, humble, knowing you have sinned.  Go to Him, and repent.  Let his blood from the cross cleanse you.  Let him comfort you, and show you a better life.  And more then anything you will know, you have a place with him, for eternity.   

We all have sinned, we all come short of His glory, but let us be the more wiser, let us stay away from temptation.  Let us learn from our mistakes.  And even the mistakes from others.  The Bible, gives us so many examples to learn from.  So, we do not make the mistake.  Let us remember, what Christ did on the cross for each one of us.     

Just my Thoughts, with Love, Elena Ramirez

Father, I thank you, for the deliverance of temptations, that you give, to us, your children, if we are mindful, to submit to you.  Your word says, submit to God, resist, the devil, and he will flee.  The key, is to submit to you.  To give no place to your enemy.  To know your will, to know, what is right and wrong in your sight.  To be aware, to be sober, and vigilant, so the enemy who is watching, to devour, will not have a way.  Lord, I just thank you, for the times, you have delivered me from temptation.  I hope, never to go through anything, that tries to take me away from you.  By my own consciousness, here, I know, how sin, destroys.  How it kills, how it takes people, away from the plan you have for them.  Lord, I just write this, mindful, how important, it is to be aware, of the enemies plans.  We cannot just live, anyway we want.  Taking what we want, not honoring one another, or situations, where the enemy, is setting traps.  In temptation. We have to be mindful of this.  So much so, not only because of our eternal future, but that which we have on this earth.  Lord, I wish, when younger, I had not submitted to temptations.  But you are the Lord, who can restore, even now.  Lord, God, Father, thank you for giving me, and the reader wisdom, in this.  To be careful, not to get caught up in temptations.  You will make a way, for you are the way, the truth, and life.  In Jesus name.  Amen






    • Thanks, I sort of checked out your link, but to be honest, to sign up, and sign in, just kind of did not go too well. So, I just did not pursue it. I am not sure why. I guess, I am tired of red tape. etc. But thank you. I appreciate the kindness, and the encouragement. God bless you….

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