I do not want to limit God.  In anyway…..So sometimes, I have to look within.  I have to see what I am saying.  What I am thinking, what I am pouring into my spirit, that may take away His truth, or Holy spirit, from speaking to me, to know, what His will is.

God is Holy.  He tells us, the goal, is to be Holy like him.  Yes, God is sovereign.  Yes, His will be done.  But what can I do to even persuade Him, if there is a possibility?  Remember Moses?  In Exodus 32….He persuaded God, to think different, after the people had built an idol, and offended Him.  But Moses reasoned with God.  And God repented.  Moses changed the mind of God.  I want to reason with God.  For changes.  For results.  For progress.  After all, He does say.  All things are possible with God…..Read Luke 1:37.  King James Version.

All things…..So, I start with my faith.  Remembering, holiness, is the goal.

I have had some struggles, in my faith, in the past.  I am sure, every Christian may go through that.  I can only imagine, the despair, one might, feel, if they do not even believe in Jesus Christ, as Lord and savior.  I cannot even fathom that.  Because, when I did not believe, in God, and His son, His Holy Spirit, those were the darkest times of my life.

Yet, I have struggled, I have wondered, why Lord, why?  I have had to pursue, my faith, and stir it up, when I have faltered.  When I have not seen progress, when I have just tried to hang on, because there is nothing else, to get me through.  I have had to learn, to humble myself.  To repent, yes, even daily, for some thought, I may have had.  I have had to learn to discipline myself, like a disciple.  I have had to remind myself, of past testimonies, and I have had to just surrender, myself, more, and more to God.

Its not always easy, doing what I do, for the Lord.  Doors have not been opened.  I do what I am doing, basically for free.  Because I see the need.  I have not pursued the corporate world, or a career, besides my writing.  I am a Christian writer, and my desire, is to give Him, glory, honor, and praise, in my writings, to speak a word of truth, to the Lost, and to be an inspiration, to His people.  So, I cannot let go.  I cannot limit God.  I am not letting go, and I am going to get a victory.  I have to.  I have invested my life into this.

I have had to trust His word.  Everytime, I write something, I try to use, Gods word, as the foundation.  I take it, in my own life, and I apply it.  I pray it.  I meditate on it.  I plant it, in my own life.  Like a seed.  And by the harvest of it, I chew it, I swallow it, I meditate on it, and I expect, miracles, in my life.  Because of Gods word.

I am a very literal person.  That is the only way, I can describe myself.  I don’t play word games, I am not into trying to make something, that is not true, or possible.  I remember, God says we are judged by our words.  So, what purer thing, can I use, but Gods word?  And hopefully, the purest form from the Bible.  The KJV.  But, in doing so, I have learned, there is no limit, to what God can do.  So it has made me realize, God does not change.  I change, by who I am in Him.  By His word.

Recently, I believe I overcame, something in my faith, that has put me right where I am now.  In the sense, that I have, a greater, expectation, of who God is.  My faith, has grown.  So, because it has grown, I am expecting, greater things from God.  Greater possibilities, to see, who He is.  In all His power, and might.  To trust His word, and the testimonies, from His Holy Word.  I long, to see His power, working in church, in the body of Christ.

I long to see, the Holy Spirit, manifested, into the supernatural.  I long, to see, God take something, that is nothing, and make it into something, because of who He is.  I long, to see people healed, at the altars of God.  Pastors, praying for their people, the laying of hands, to release the anointing. To sense, and feel the Holy Spirit, going up and down the aisles, to do a new thing for somebody.  To see devils cast out of peoples lives, to see, people restored, renewed.  To see, circumstances change, that seemed totally impossible, but possible.  Because faith kicked in.  Because God was pleased, and His presence, was manifested, and miracles happen.  I long to see God working out something in my life, and others, wherever I am.  And yes, in the church, I may be visiting, or attending.

More then anything, I long to see Salvations.  People giving their hearts to God, for everybody to see.  Going to the front of the church, a public declaration.  As they give their hearts to Christ.  Receiving their Salvation.  Not ashamed.  Not closing my eyes, and every eye opened, in the congregation, in this beautiful display of love, but everyone, seeing, someone give their hearts to God, so others can be encouraged.  Knowing, angels are rejoicing, at that soul, who makes a commitment to God, not ashamed, who sees.  It should not be a private thing.  Because Christ told us, if we were ashamed of Him, He would be ashamed of us.  So. Yes, I long to see Gods power, working.  At the altars of God, and everywhere, we may seek Him.

I love the Lord.  I know you probably do too.  But, thats a question I would hope, we would ask ourselves now.  Because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  So, when I think of anyone, I love, I try to think.  What pleases this person?  What pleases God?  God says, if we love Him, we will obey His commandments.  We will have faith, and trust Him.  We will come into agreement, with HIM, and His word.  We will seek Him, and acknowledge Him, never ashamed, and so much more…..I remind myself, often of His sacrifice on the cross.  I envision it, often, to stir myself, and remember, how great His sacrifice was for me.  For you.

About a year ago, a year ago and three days, to be exact, I wrote a Post here, that forever changed me.  THE CONSPIRACY BETWEEN THE KING JAMES BIBLE, AND THE NIV BIBLE.  SCRIPTURES, HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED, COMPROMISED, DELETED.  IS YOUR BIBLE, STILL HOLY?  I have had more people, not believe, what I have wrote, about that.  I have had people, actually challenge me, and argue with me.  And for the most part, people, do not challenge me or argue with me.  But something about this post, has made people, actually reject my thoughts on it.  Some polite, some not so polite.  I have been wearing my armor a lot lately.  Trying not to get offended, and its been working.  But sometimes, I have just had to walk away.

I am not offended, and I am not judging anyone in this, but it has made me look at it, even more, and even more, I am more adamant, that what I believe is true.  I will not use, another Bible, because even though the transcripts of the Bible, have been translated throughout time.  The only closest thing, we have in purity, and being complete is the King James bible.  So, I trust it.  I prayed about it today, and felt the Lord give me a challenge, that I will not post here, due to space, and time, etc.  But I did post it on the original post.

Anyway, to conclude my thoughts here, I just want to press more into God, because of who He is.  I am taking His word literally.  So shall my word be that goeth forth out of My mouth: it shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in that the thing whereto I sent it.  Isaiah 55:11.  I am sending it out in prayer, in hope, in believing.  I am standing for life.  I know Christ, came to give life abundantly.  So, I am believing.  I am expecting to see supernatural things, happen, and do you know why?  To bring Him glory.  So it will be a testimony to His glory.

I want to encourage you.  Don’t give up.  Whose report are we going to believe in?  I think sometimes, we can get discouraged, and just throw the towel in.  I don’t care what people say.  I am not giving up. Whether, I get support, in my belief or not.  I am not going to let others stop me, in my faith.  Those unbelievers, or intellectuals.  Or realists, or those who just don’t have faith.  Sometimes, you just have to know that you know.  Even with religion.  (rules traditions, made up by groups, men, etc.)  Whether, they think it is phony or a farce, or just plain “hocus pocus.”  a term, I think should be related, to the occult, not Christianity, or in the signs and wonders of God.

I trust God.  In relationship, with Him, through Jesus Christ.  Not religion.  I am pressing in on my faith, and I am taking His word, the King James Bible, and I am using it as a sword, as my truth, as my manual to life, and I am applying every word, from my health, to my wealth, to what He says about Salvation, and His commandments etc.

And I am not going to limit God.  I pray, its the beginning of more miracles, to say…..Look What the Lord, has done for me.  How about you?  Are you limiting God?  By Religion, by lack of Faith, by being realistic?  Don’t let that stop you.  Press into God, by His word, His true word, and see the difference.  To have a relationship with Christ.  Not a religion, or being intellectual, but spiritual, because of who He is, in His love, and Holy Spirit.

This scripture, is just another reminder to me, how important it is to God.  And as I close, what do you think happens when you use a different Bible version?  The wording has changed, its been enhanced.  It has been added meaning, from men, not God, and it diminishes the truth.  Please read my blog, to know this is truth, and pray, let God reveal that which is truth to you.  BY HIM, BY HIS STANDARDS!



A Prayer of Hope….

Father, I praise you.  Today, in my reading, I read the words, from you that said….“Take heed to thyself”  to remember your ways, to be obedient, to watch myself.  (Deuteronomy 11) Lord, I do have this hunger and thirst within me, to want to be careful.  To not take anything for granted.  To push in more, and more in my faith, with your love.  To see results, in my own personal life, but the lives of others.  I do not want to limit you, or your power, or your ability.  Because I am afraid, of what people may think.  Or if it looks strange.  Lord, your ways are not my ways.  I long for your ways, in my life.  To see your power, to see your healings, and the Holy spirit, doing great and mighty things.  Lord, give me please wisdom.  Open my spiritual eyes, to hunger, and thirst for your truth.  Your ways.  Your love…..Lord, I do not want to limit you, in my life.  I surrender, even here, to you, to use me for your glory, honor, and praise.  I repent, humble before you, for my failings, yes as a human.  For you are God.  I do not apologize, for who you are.  Your ways, change us.  To be in your likeness.  Holiness, that is the goal…..Your word, your true word, brings it forth.  I thank you, in Jesus name.  Amen






  1. Hello Elena. I appreciate all of your blogs, they are absolutely wonderful, and I also relate with, I would have to say all of them. Your walk with God is very similar to as much as I have read, most times if I didn’t know better, I would have thought it were me I was reading about.. I especially love this blog because your heart shows where it lies, my heart also longs for such the same things! You are a blessing, truly! I’ve. always thought as much.

    • I apologize, I wasn’t finished, cut off 🙂 Just want to tell you, you are blessed! God does have great things for you! I used to comment on your posts on fb all the time, but not sure what happened? Like you disappeared .. but I knew better! Thank you for sharing all if your thoughts! They have helped me alot! God Bless you abundantly! Much Love and Many Blessings. Andrea ❤

    • Glory to God! Awesome, I love your thoughts, and encouragement. God bless you dear sis, may HE give you the desires of your heart, as you seek Him, and His Kingdom. Much love, thank you….Elena

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