Being old fashioned….what does that mean?  I am old enough, to see how technology, has evolved.

But what about morals, and values, and integrity?  Where do we learn these important attributes, that help us to be better people?  Or more important, the people, God intended us to be?  This should never go out of style….

I have a heart for all people.  For all of us, to find Christ.  But who is going to tell our young people?  Who is going to be an example?

To even say….Whats wrong with being old fashioned?

Maybe I am behind the times, in a lot of ways.  Concerning the fads, the way, people dress, language, maybe even technology.  Though, I do appreciate progress.  But, I am talking about, the “old ways” of doing something.

Signs of being old fashioned, to me;  Being modest, in dress.  Not showing everything.  Being courteous, in language.  Not vulgar, and cussing in these times.  Respecting yourself, and others.  Holding a door for someone, being kind…..These are just some characteristics of being old fashioned.

Being more specifically, “old fashioned” in the sense, that I choose Gods ways.  The Bible tells us, choose the “old path.”  I want to choose Gods ways, and not throwing His truths out the window, for the sake of the times, or even religion.  Hmmm.

Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask, for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.  But they said, We will not walk therein.  Jeremiah 6:16.

Are you one of those people, who has been “programmed”, with society, to deny God?  Or to even deny your faith?  Afraid, ashamed, to be a Christian?  I use that word, programmed, because there is a movement, to deny God.  There are people, who are so focused, and used by the devil, to eliminate God, from being mentioned, acknowledged, and thought upon……Truly, these are people sadly, who are used by the devil.


Because it does not fit with the norm of society?  Because it is the agenda of the devil….

Dear one, I just want to tell you, and in love.  This is wrong.  To deny God, or His ways, because of what society dictates.  Because the world, does not want to acknowledge God, or His truth.

Or, even worse, are you someone in ministry, who has thrown Gods truth out the window, to please people?  Downplaying, the word of God?  Even denying the truth about heaven or hell?  Because you are afraid to scare the young, or anyone.  Afraid, to give the message, about hell and brimstone?  It better be told, we need to tell people, the truth, we cannot compromise Gods truth.

Choosing methods, that take away the truth of who God is, to accommodate the people?  Choosing music in your services, because it is more modern?  But it really does not bring Gods presence into a service.  Dead spiritually?  Are you afraid to offend?  Afraid truth has to be sugar coated?  Well, I believe in love, but sometimes, you just have to be blunt.  You have to speak it and say it, or they can miss it, for even eternity.

And here is a thought, but what Bible do you use?  Yes, there are many Bibles, that many ministries use, but have you ever thought, about the purity of the word?  That perhaps, God may want you to use, the authorized Bible, in the English language, and that being the King James Bible?  Knowing, as I do, that other versions, have been tampered by men, I take, into consideration, that Revelation 22:18-19, tells us not to add or take away from the word.  That, when one does use another Bible, it has been changed.  Would not God, want you to choose perhaps the “old path” in this?  I guess, I am old-fashioned, to believe in miracles.  I am old fashioned enough, to believe, that even though, the wording to some may be archaic, that, God by His Holy Spirit, could teach me.  He could reveal the meaning.  But, people want to find the modern way, the easy way…..hmmm.  But is it the right path, God is establishing?  Or do you refuse, this path, like it states in the above scripture of Jeremiah 6:16?

Being old fashioned…..is needed.  We cannot do ourselves, and others this disservice.

Truth is truth.  It does not change.  God does not change.  He says, He is God, He changes not.  Malachi 3:6 For I am the Lord, I change not;  Malachi 3:7…..Return unto me, and I will return unto you saith the Lord of Hosts.  Wherein shall we return?

We need to return to God.  Our nation, our world, needs to return to God.  To, try to live a holy life, because God does call us to be holy.  Yes, I am old fashioned.  I uphold, the Ten Commandments.  I uphold, Gods word, to be truth.  I do not question it, challenge it, or doubt it.  I believe in God, and His word.  It is my manual to life.  I have learned….from my own experiences.  And the word, of God, that gives countless, examples of what to do, and how to do it, by the fruit, the Bible characters, God has chosen in His word, to give as an example.  To know the difference.    

You see, I was not always old fashioned.  As I was growing up, I embraced things, the times of my generation.  Getting high, carrying on, doing my thing, living, and let live, was my motto.  I was very naive.  I made a lot of mistakes, in my life.  Things, I regret even today.  Even though, I know now, I am forgiven.  Even though, I know, God can restore.  I regret.  Thats just the way it is.  

But grace, the grace that God has given me, has brought me to where I am now.  Old fashioned….probably to some.  I don’t care.  I bless the Lord, and His praises, shall continually be in my mouth.  Psalm 34:1 

Society does not do this.  They hide truth.  They have no moral compass, because they have taken His truth, out of our schools, out of our public places.  So as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  And I love God, for His goodness, and joy, but it comes, with obedience.  How I pray, America, and the world, would get bold for the things of God, the “old fashioned” things of God, that make the changes, we need.   

Sadly, I do see, people being programmed, by the devil, because they do not acknowledge God.  There is something to be said, about Gods ways.  Fearing God.  Knowing, at the end of our lifetime, we will stand before Him.  Every knee will bow, every tongue confess, that Jesus is Lord.  

Dear one, I just want to encourage you.  Change your ways.  Because Christ is the way, the truth and life.  Let Him change you from the inside.  As you choose the old fashioned ways.  As you choose Christ, you will find truth, you will find life abundantly, because He will bless you, and change your circumstances.  

Old fashioned?   This is not about being religious, or judgmental, about the way, someone dresses, the make up they wear, etc.  But it is about, wanting to present yourself, to God, without spot.  Its about, the example we give, to others.  No we are not people pleasers, in that sense.  But how are they going to see our fruit, if we deny the old ways?  

So we must, find balance in this.  We must be opened to Gods old ways, never compromising Him.  Yet knowing, we do have to live in this new world, of technology, and sin.  Yes, we are in this world, but we do not have to be a part of it.  With its sin, and denial of God.  Even working in a place, where maybe, I would not make a lot of money, but it would be respectable.  I would rather be old fashioned in God….

For a day in Thy courts is better than a thousand.  I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.  Psalm 84:10.   

Yes, there is something to be said, to picking the old ways, the ways of God.  It gives life.  Because He is life.  He is love.  Theres nothing wrong with being old fashioned?  If it is based on Gods ways..  

Yes, I am choosing to be old fashioned….Blessings, with love, in Christ.  

Just my thoughts,

Elena Ramirez

My Prayer of Hope….

Father, a small prayer, help us to be old fashioned, in your ways.  To please you, to do your will.  So, it will go well with us, as well.  In Jesus name.  Amen






  1. Just thinking out loud – I would call my self old-fashioned – but if I took time to paint a broad paint brush across the scene of life I can pretty much say that our youth have more core values then our seniors – so if I want to relate to that, I can’t say “old-fashioned” can I – need a new word?

    • Thank you dear brother Santiago, I corrected it, and appreciate very much the considerations to bring that to my attention. I always want Gods true word, and reference to be correct when I share it. Blessings, I hope you sign up for the blog, and will see my future announcement of my new book coming out soon. HOW TO HAVE FAITH ~ MY SECRET PRINCIPLES OF FAITH WITH A TRUE AND LIVING GOD, JESUS CHRIST AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. I have an announcement on the top of the blog, blessings, and thanks again. Send me a link to your blog. If you can. Blessings. Elena

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