It is the Holy week.  The week, where Christians, remember, Christ, and His sacrifice, by going to the cross, for our sins.  It is also Passover week, the week, God’s people, were freed, from Egypt.

It’s Spring….new beginnings.

All of these things, I mention, are symbolic, to renewal.  To new beginnings.  To life, to re-birth, of things that were dormant, from the winter, and starting a new.  Life.  Life, constantly is changing.

I like to believe, that every day, I learn something new.  It could be something small, or big, but I like to continually grow.  Spiritually, and physically, maintaining health.  So every day, with this thought in mind, I try to replace old negative feelings, with positive hope.  Maybe you feel this as well, and this may bring some perspective to you.

There are times, when one is at the end of who they were, and they have to reinvent themselves.  To, begin again.  Usually something, or someone dies, when this happens.  Or one, may find themselves, at the bottom of the barrel.  But something has to change.  There has to be progress, to see one fulfilled.  Or just to grow, or to hope…..

Christ, is that promise, I hold onto.  And as I reflect on Christ, I remember, He who died for me.  Easter, is about the resurrection.  Christ lived, died on the cross, but was resurrected, after three days.  Then He went to hell, got the keys from the devil, and broke the curse, the final blow, the devil could put upon us, by becoming the curse for us, by taking the sins, upon Himself.

The worlds perception about Easter, is about “dyeing” eggs, and Easter bunnies.  Cute, but wrong.

When I think of Christ, and what He went through, for my sins, for your sins, it was not a pretty picture.  In fact, He was tortured for our sake.  Isaiah 53:5.  But He was wounded for our transgression.  He was bruised, for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace, was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed.  

Healed.  What Christ did, for us, means we can be healed, spiritually, and physically.  So many people, find that yes, when they try to reinvent themselves, they want to be healed, from hurts, or rejection, or dead-ends.  Something has to change.

And so, people attempt to reinvent themselves.  It could be from a broken relationship, again, a death, but usually, it is after some type of situation, where, something may even have to change financially.

So, people, tap into their creativity, and if they are smart, they will seek God, in this.  If they are not, they may attempt, to try to find their way, by their abilities.  One could call it their gifts.  Talents…..

There is nothing wrong, with looking within, and using, your attributes, to make a change.  But, when someone, does, it, and they leave God out of the equation, they are to be blunt, they are leaving out the one, true source, who can bring power, to that reinvention, of oneself.  God.

There are so many opinions, and feelings about God.  The creator.  The omniscient one.  (He who knows everything)  And because, He knows everything, He is the one, who can make a life, worthwhile.  He can be that difference, that will bring new life, new hope, new changes, for success, in whatever the goal may be.  So, many people, leave God out of their plans though.  To me that is planning for disaster, when you leave Him out.

When Christ had His last supper, it was in remembrance of Passover.  The disciples, and Christ sat together, and had a meal, that is forever, reminding us, to eat, in remembrance of Him.  Very symbolic, since it was passover.  The connection, in both events, remind me, of new beginnings.  New life.

And as I think of passover….When God led the people out of Egypt, it took approximately 40 years, for them to reach the promised land.  They wandered….In that time of wandering, they had murmured, complained.  They had been disobedient to God.  Moses himself, was appointed by God, to lead the people, out of Egypt, but he was a man, who sometimes, made his own way, made mistakes, and consequently, was not able to go into the promised land, because he disobeyed God.  By hitting the rock, for water, instead of commanding it to come forth.  Yes, the water came, but God, was not pleased.  And for this little thing, to some, maybe even Moses, he was unable to enter into the promised land.  But it was still disobedience, and do we even see how we hurt ourselves, when we disobey God? Whether we think it is big or small.  Disobedience, is disobedience, in the sight of God.

And it just reminds me, how many times, do we think, we know which is right? And, consequently, we do our own thing, and it is not what God intended for us, and so, we find ourselves, perhaps, at the end of something, and we cannot go on, we cannot go further, because symbolically, perhaps, we have been disobedient to God.  Maybe missing, the promised land.

Reinventing oneself….hmmm.  I have been there.  And every day, since, I have met Christ, I have wanted to serve Him.  But sometimes, and I am the first to admit this, I have done it on my own.  Because maybe it did come naturally.  For instance, in my writings.

But I will again, be the first to admit….sometimes, even in my serving of God, I have wandered.  Looking here, and there for a publisher, a job, just grasping, for help.  But, my help comes from the Lord.  And I will wait on God.  He has helped me, maybe sometimes, not the way, I have wanted it, but He has helped me.

I hope, myself, I am at the end of wandering, and in the position, to reach the promised land.  And I am not talking about heaven yet.  Even though, I know, tomorrow, is not promised to anyone.

I am talking about, finding God, finding answers, finding revelation, by His Holy Spirit, through Jesus, in a new way.  Knowing Christ, is the way, the truth, and life.  John 14:6.  So, my life, can be reinvented.  I want revelation, not just information.  I want to tap into who God is, by searching for Christ.  To get that guidance, peace, understanding…yes answers, to life.

I no longer, want to jump through hoops, if that makes sense, but I want to stop, listen, and search for God, with all of my heart and being, and I want to have the right spirit, that will obey God.

Reinventing myself?  No.  Maybe, I just want to be, the person, God intended me to be, from the beginning.  Fulfilled, because of who Christ is in me.  As I get to know Christ, as I submit, as I try…..I know who He is, and then, I am able to know who I am, and what I am capable of.

If that means, I need to discipline myself, and be obedient to God, then yes, this is what I want.  I don’t want to wander any more.  I don’t want to stay the way, I was.  Every day, I want to grow, in the blessings, God promises.  For, I know, with Him, it could be so much more different.  I want to avoid any curse.  Because I would choose to be disobedient.

My perspective is this.  There is only one way, to be fulfilled, completely, and that is by knowing Christ.   Then, I know myself.  Because I am learning who He is, and applying His truths to my life.  By His word.  When I turn away from Him, I am lost.  His scripture, reminds me, that every day, I have an opportunity, to change.  To choose.  You see, its always a choice…..

I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life, and death, blessing and cursing:  therefore “choose” life, that both thou and thy seed may live:  That thou mayest love the Lord thy God, and thou mayest obey His voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto Him;  for He is thy life, and the length of thy days:  that thou mayest dwell in the land which the Lord sware unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them.  Deuteronomy 30:19-20 

Every day, one can reinvent themselves, if they let Christ, do the inventing.  Nothing is too hard for Him.  Nothing, is impossible with Him.  Thats the beginning of being made new, whole, and complete.  Reinvented……

Saying, yes, to Christ.  Every day, I have to do that…..and I am changed, renewed, blessed.  But it is a choice.

Just my thoughts, with Love,

Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope…

Father, sometimes, we ask who am I?  And the first thing, that came to my mind, and heart, is I am your child.  I am created in your image.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  I am the head, not the tail.  I am more than a conqueror through Christ.  I am healed.  By your stripes, yes, I am healed.  Lord, your word, these thoughts, are all based on your word.  I don’t have to reinvent myself, if I am listening to you.  If you open the doors, if you make a way.  Weary, sometimes, we all get weary, but Lord, I know, I do not want to do anything, unless you are a part of it.  Thank you for helping me, thank you for making a way, for you are the way, the truth, and life.  Thank you Lord, for giving me food for thought.  Scripture food for thought….yes Lord, in Jesus name.  Amen




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