This scripture, warns us, to be careful.  That our conduct, can be analyzed, questioned, and judged, by others.  And yes, by God.

That what we do, can be determined, as evil.  By the appearance, of our actions.  By inappropriate behavior.  What is appropriate behavior?

The dictionary gives this definition for appropriate ~ suitable or proper in the circumstances.  So, if behavior is inappropriate, it is unsuitable and improper in circumstances.  Which can be considered evil….

In our world today, there are not many rules of conduct, enforced, or communicated.  As far as what is proper, in the sense, which may be considered “morally” valuable.  Yes, there are laws, but unless, someone, is taught, from an early age of what is right and wrong, they will miss, the lessons of life, that can give a person, a sense of direction, in this area.

The grace of God, offers all of us, a way, to find direction, and wisdom, in this area.  His Holy word, the Holy Bible, will do that.

To give us, a standard, for living upright, and well.   For we are all sinners, and need Gods direction.  But, we have to want to find direction in this, by seeking God.

One cannot walk the fence, when it comes, to living life pure, and holy.  You cannot have one foot, in the worlds system, and one foot, claiming to be a Christian.  I can say this, because I did it.  And because I did it, I see so many Christians, who claim they are Christians, yet, they do not obey Gods laws.  They do not try to live life holy, they do not “abstain” from immoral behavior.

And I could tell someone, your sinning.  But, thats something, that really I pray, by even my writings, would bring truth.  Instead of me, confronting someone.  Judging.  I hate judgement.  But we hate sin too.  So, there is always a balance.  But, if we are Christians, if we believe, we have our own personal responsibility, to abstain from the appearance of evil.   To know what Gods word says.  We have to be aware, God sees….everything!

How does one expect to be blessed, if they or any of us, do not obey God, in these things?  Look, no one has to judge anyone in this, but if we judged ourselves, and stopped, and looked within, to see, to try, and do it right, we could.  There are many examples, but lets talk about relationships, in this.

Tonight, I was watching, a television documentary, where a woman, was accused of having inappropriate behavior, with a minor boy.  Of a sexual nature.  Whether or not it was true, only God knows.  And the two people involved, know.

But what I found interesting, was this woman, had by her own actions, produced, evidence, of being inappropriate.  By texting him, by being flirtatious, by being overly attentive to him, and by actually talking dirty to him.  She admitted it.  But when accused of having gone further in this, she denied it.  Claiming, his response, was misunderstood, and that she walked away.  I am sorry, but her signals was saying, lets sin.  This gave me, and every one else who saw it, an “appearance of evil.”

In this world, we live in, everyone is judging our responses.

And I have learned, at an early point, in any relationship, or acquaintance.  Be forthright, be honest, be sincere, but have morals, values, and integrity.  What you do in private, should also be what you do in public.  What is done in private, should not have to be ashamed in public.

In other words, if you have a guideline, or a standard to follow, you can maintain, a sense of right and wrong, to avoid, problems.  To avoid miscommunications.  To avoid, attracting the wrong people.  To avoid, evil.

What kind of signals are you sending out?  Everybody wants to have fun.  But we need to teach our children, this, we need to learn it ourselves.  And we must be on guard, in the sense, that we cannot always, just let our hair down, and go wild.  Being flirtatious, even though, being overly friendly, can be misinterpreted.  Opening any kind of door, that will let the devil in, is dangerous.

There are so many people, who have no concept, of right and wrong to begin with, that they can fall into trouble, because their conduct does look evil.  Thats the devils goal.  He wants people, to be misled, to be misinformed, to be caught unaware.

We must always, always, be in prayer, seeking God, seeking truth, seeking, the right way. Departing from evil.  Departing from evil doers.  Departing from things, that hinder us, from receiving blessings.  We must not do any one harm.  Yes, even with our words.

Maybe, no one taught you, good, or God, or anything, of integrity.  But if you have a mind, and a soul, and you can read, even as you are reading this, you can, know, without a doubt, God can guide you.  God can change you.  Go to His word, and again, I express, and recommend, the King James Bible.  Not any other version, where the words, are so changed, that the integrity, is compromised.  God does not stutter.  Neither should you.  In this life, we all live.  There are so many, ways, that the enemy deceives people.  God does not use a rubber sword, when He fights the enemy.  He says, IT IS WRITTEN!  We have to be sharp, the word of God, makes us sharper, than a two-edged sword, to fight off the enemy.  Thats why I am so adamant, about using the King James, and nothing else.  Because of the purity of the word.

All I know, is we have to seek God, and to be careful, in these last days, for Christ will return.  What are you playing with?  What are you dabbling in?  That is not of God?

God can turn you from evil, to His goodness.  Just stop, and turn from evil, and even the appearance of it.  And know, God’s wrath, will come.  It may not even be in this moment, as you read this.  But it will come.  Now can be a day, of reckoning.  Now can be a day, of making things right with God.  Yes, its a choice.  But one, I would choose, to the glory of God.  Abstain from all appearance of evil.  Whatever it is.  You know…..God has shown you.

Now you must take it to His throne.  Or regret it….

In Christ, Just my thoughts, Elena Ramirez

Father, deliver us from evil.  Help us to be mindful, in Christ, to watch our behavior.  To abstain from anything that offends you, or brings or opens the door to evil.  You do forgive, but we must come to you humble.  Turning away from sin.  Turning away from the devil.  Help us Lord, to see your truth, and to not be deceived by the enemy.  Lord, holiness, you call us to holiness.  Lord, whatever it is that the reader may be dealing, with, you can change it.  I know.  As a testimony, I know you are God.  But we have to see it, we have to bring it to your throne.  Lord, let us judge ourselves first, so we are not judged, by even the appearance of evil.  Help us Lord, in this, and make a way.  For Christ, is the way, the truth, and life.  In Jesus name.  Amen






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