The Lord is thy keeper; the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand.  The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil:  He shall preserve thy soul.  The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.  Psalm 121:5-8  

How comforting this word is, with Love.  My Fathers word.  To know, God preserves me.  When we go in or out…..Whether we go into a church or leave it.  He preserves us.  He knows.  Praise God.

When I write, I always, pray, to write the heart of God.  I am human, I can sometimes, make mistakes, but when I write, I submit to God, with all my heart, and a prayer, for what I pray, is that Gods heart would be revealed, to whoever, is reading my writings.  So I always try to base my writings on the word, of God.  I don’t always know who my audience is.  But God does.  He knows.

I love the Lord, and more, and more, I want to be closer to Him, to share from His heart.  To speak a word of truth, but always in love.  It is never, ever my intention to hurt someone.  Or to make them feel like I am their enemy.  Or to judge them.  Or to even distance myself from them.  But, sometimes, when I write, I know this does happen.  Because some will receive it, some will not.  I don’t make this my truth, but Gods truth.  Because I do not have any ulterior motive, but to speak His truth.

For an example, when I write about using the King James Bible, and only using the King James Bible, I do not use this forum, to try and judge someone, but I write it, because deep in my heart, I believe, God wants people to use the word of God, that is pure.  That the integrity, has not been compromised.  Because He says, in His word, do not change or add or delete any words, because they can face damnation, because of it.  Revelation 22:18-19.  King James Version.  For I testify, unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man, shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:  And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

It just makes me think, by His Holy Spirit, it is so obvious, because, other Bible versions, have been altered.  To change the meaning, to the English language or whatever, and even when scriptures have been removed, like in the NIV, why would someone not take this scripture above to heart?  God’s heart?

For when this happens, the integrity, the composition, is changed, the chemistry of it, so to speak, is removed.  It’s like a recipe, that has been changed. Say an ingredient, is added, like a chemical sweetener, yet it asks for sugar.  Even though it may taste sweet.  Its not the same.  One is a chemical, and one is natural.  Sugar is made from God.  Chemical sweetner, is made in factories.  It’s artificial.  Men, have changed Gods word, so it is, now artificial.  Does that make sense?  Anyway, so when I bring this to anyones attention, and it is ignored, all I can do is pray.

Well, recently, if you all recall, from one of my recent posts, WHEN PASTORS DISCOURAGE PEOPLE, BECAUSE THEY ARE DISCOURAGED….I did have a situation, where we left the church.  I won’t go into all the details, here, but feel free to read it.  Anyway,  I did share some things, from that post, that caused a red flag to go up.  So we walked away.

But, it was not Gods intention, for us to leave this church.  No doors would open, and no guidance, would be available, to say….Go this way.  In fact, I received some opposition from people in the body of Christ.  Some kind, some encouraging, and to be honest, some judgemental, and actually some rude.  Wow.  I did not know, that our decision to leave a church, would meet so much, opposition.  To be honest, and just forthright, I was a little surprised, that I got the response that I did in some cases.  Only, because, when anyone, leaves a church, they have their reasons.  For whatever reason, unless, we walk in someones shoes, how can we judge?  How can we say, that they should not leave?    What I learned, and my husband learned this as well, is that truly, one needs the guidance of the Lord, when they leave.

We have been around the church block, in my area, for a while, and we have left many churches.  Through out at least 25 years of a time span.  For many different reasons.  And even here, I have to interject, and say, we have met many good pastors, many who cared, many who communicated Gods love.

But, when you have had bad, or strange experiences, with the members of the body of Christ, who were wolves, in sheeps clothing, you do remember.  We have seen a pastor, actually, leave the flock, and abandon it.  And doing things, that were considered, not even worthy of being a good citizen, by not abiding city laws, and actually lying to a congregation.  Things, that hurt, the body of Christ, but the members of that church.  So, we have felt it more.

Some things, not at all, because of the pastor, but even because of schedules changing, in my family.  Or it could have been doctrine, not being taught, or just frankly, because we went to a church for years, and were totally ignored, not at all, loved, and we felt excluded.  And to be honest, God never stopped us.  Things happen.  People change, and just because someone is a Christian, you want to trust them, but we have been let down, and left out.  So, we have had our reasons, for leaving a church…..

But, for some reason, my Lord, God almighty, His reasons, that I don’t even know about yet, He would not give us a release.  From this little church.  We quit going to this little church over two months ago, I would say, and nothing would open.  We felt so disjointed, so out of the flow.  So detached.  So we questioned ourselves.  We questioned God, we were concerned, not to give place to the devil.  We prayed, we thought, about, why, we were so sensitive, to the pastors remarks.  What was it?  Why did we leave?  Was it worth it?  Aren’t we supposed to extend grace?…..

So, we went back.  No, the pastor, the shepherd, did not come looking for us.  But, Christ the shepherd of our hearts did.  In fact, even as I write this, I cannot recall, ever, having a heart to heart, with a pastor, who said, no please stay.  Or who really tried to get to know us, or understand us, by communicating.  But Christ did.

What I learned, from this experience, is because of our past, our sometimes, leaving of churches, we had baggage.  Things, that stayed with us, even though, maybe we even forgave, the treatment, we had received in churches.  Those, memories, a sense of rejection, we would just say; “Oh well”  and move on. But this did not happen, when we left now, even though, we just expected to go on.

So, even as I wrote in my last post, it was not to judge someone, but because of the baggage, we carried, we used that discretion, to see, what was going on.  In other words, because of our past, we had expectations.

I know, when anyone chooses a church, there should be certain criteria met, and the main ingredient, to me, would be God’s presence, manifested, with faith.  Love the flow, of the Holy spirit.  And yes, again, I look at the doctrine that is presented, the word of God.

I have to be honest.  Because when I hear the word of God, from any other source, then the King James, it does not stick with me.  It goes in one ear, and out the other.  For whatever reason, again, I believe because of the purity.  Maybe because when I hear it from the King James version, it does sound archaic.  It does sound, royal.  It does sound like the voice of God…..Anointed, in just being the King James version.  I pick up, the spirit, of Gods truth…..

Anyway, when we went back, for whatever reason, God made a change.  Maybe it was the prayers, we prayed, for the pastor, and this church.  Maybe because others prayed, and even prayed for us.  But, there was a change in spirit.  I sensed it immediately, when we walked back in.

The sermon, the pastor gave, was on forgiveness.  Again he brought up some hurts, from the church, and from his family.  But there was a strength, I recognized, His faith, was strong.  I could so relate to His heart, me and my husband.  Who knows maybe, he even read my blog.  I don’t know.  Maybe it hurt his feelings, to see, what I wrote, but maybe, and only God knows, but maybe the truth, I spoke, about when pastors, are discouraged, hit home, and this pastor took it to heart.  I don’t know.  I don’t know if God will reveal that to us.  Or if this pastor, will ever communicate.  I don’t know.

All I know, is after that service, we had a sense.  A solemn feeling, of knowing, God did not want us to leave.  Is it for a season, for a lifetime? I don’t know.

I do know, I want to go to a “promised land” and leave Colorado, and find a church, where I will be rooted, and we will serve, but only God, can open that door.  I just want to be obedient to God.  I just want to serve Him.  I don’t know, if God will use me, or us at this church, and I don’t know, or need to know.  I just trust God.

And I know…by this experience, God loves us.  He said enough.  You need to know, I am in this.  Stay here, till I tell you…..

So, I know, that God will intervene, when He does not want you to leave a church.  So here we are back again.  I am praying….

Blessings, and love in Christ, Elena

Father, thank you for leading us back to this beautiful little church.  Not sure, why things always happen, but Lord, my trust is in you.  I pray for this church, and the pastor, and that they would grow, in your ways, and truth, as I pray, that for myself, and my family.  Lord, I just have a greater sense of you.  I thank you, that you did not get mad at me, you did not insult me, or tell me I was unyielding, or I was walking in the flesh, you just prompted me, with love.  And your Holy Spirit, of truth.  Knowing my heart, would only want to please you, in your truth.  Not mine, but yours.  So, thank you Lord, for showing us, and guiding us, and to know, you order the steps of your righteousness.  In me, and my family.  Thank you Lord, I pray,to know your will, as we continue on.  In Jesus name.  Amen








  1. Hey Elena,
    Glad to hear you found a church home. I just wanted to say it is good if you read the King James version of the Bible if that is the one that you understand and get guidance from. However, that is not the original. If you want the original It is written in Hebrew and Greek. The King James is only a translation as is the NIV and NAS. God bless.

    • Hi Thanks for your thoughts. I just have to say this, and probably should have said that as well. I agree, with your thoughts, but since most are searching for English translations, most are not acquainted with Greek, or Hebrew, as understanding the language. The King James, is the closest thing, to the original. Not many people know this, but the NIV and any other version, have copy rights. The King James, does not have any copyrights. That says so much to me, knowing, they control, the rights in that, and have eliminated scriptures from the NIV, that were in the KJV. Thanks again, for your thoughts….

      p.s. as an after thought, if you want to read more about my thoughts, and why I am so adamant about this, I wrote here on my blog, a post entitled: THE CONSPIRACY BETWEEN THE KING JAMES BIBLE, AND THE NIV, SCRIPTURES ARE DELETED, REMOVED ETC. WHY?

      You can do a search at the top right, for more information….blessings. Elena

  2. There’s only one time that it is appropriate to leave a church, and go to another one. That’s when God tells you to. When we are seeking God’s guidance for our lives, He is more than willing to provide it. That way, we are only making the moves that God wants us to. God doesn’t take people out of things, he sends them into new things. If you don’t know where God’s sending you, it isn’t time. Wait until you have a destination. Even Abraham left Haran with a destination of “a land that I will shew thee” (Genesis 12:1). If you have felt wounded by church, don’t let those hurts destroy your faith or drive you away from fellowshipping with other believers. Instead, ask God to help you deal with the wounds.Sometimes We expect too much of our pastors, leaders and fellow Christians. We say things such as, “I expect mistreatment from non-Christians, but not Christians.” But everyone is imperfect, including your pastor and fellow believers.Even me believe it or not!! ha ha ( sorry…joking) Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. People won’t always be the loving, wise, patient persons you would like.leaders in the early church. They too were imperfect, such as…Peter- he was guilty of hypocrisy , Euodia and Syntyche argued,Peter actually said “no” to God etc…Accepting the fact that everyone is imperfect can make a tremendous difference in your attitude. Ask yourself, “What do you expect from imperfect people?” The answer is obvious: Expect that from time-to-time even the most godly person will blow it. That’s just part of life. Plus remember that you too are imperfect, and that sometimes you hurt or disappoint others. I joined a church a few years after i left the JW’S, and i did not like the pastor there! well i should not say that, what i mean is… his sermons were so boring, he always spoke in the same tone, i never got anything out of his talks and during his sermons my mind would always wander somewhere else, thinking about other things. I loved the brothers and sisters there But i went to church because i wanted to be fed and i felt i was straving every week. I wanted to leave and thought about it all the time. But something held me back from doing so. I did not need too as a few months later The pastor left, he retired!! I believe God was holding me back because He did not want me to leave this particular church It was like you said Elena, “that God will intervene, when He does not want you to leave a church”.I think my comment to your blog is going in different direction so i think i will end here now.I did enjoy reading your blog Elena and your experience.Also i am saying AMEN to your prayer . Love you.

    • Good word, I admit, I am not that strong, there are times, when I should stick it out, or hang in there, and I don’t I leave. I run. I have done that many times, in my life. I may have made mistakes, in doing so, but I admit, this is my problem too, so I recognize, I need Gods guidance in this. Thanks Michelle. Good word as usual.

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