P3110024There are three reasons, I have determined, by the prompting of the Holy Spirit, as to why people do not go to church any more.  And this is besides whatever religion one may affiliate themselves with.

And to keep this somewhat interesting, because these three reasons, need time, and content to express this, I am breaking them up by three parts.  So they will not be too long to read, at once.

Today I will share the first part, Sloppy Agape with Religion. and in the future, I will share the other two.  With the same title.  Three Reasons why sinner and saint will not go to church.  (Part one, two and three.)

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And now Israel, what doth the Lord thy God require of thee, but to fear the Lord thy God, to walk in all His ways, and to Love Him and to serve the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul.  Deuteronomy 10:12

Yes Lord, I love you, with all my mind, heart, soul and being.  And I do so in fear of you my Lord.  As I try to walk in your ways.  “To try”….How we need this in the body of Christ.

I want to be gracious, in writing these three reasons, for I believe this is truth, and it is not in judging anyone, but truth is truth, and when it is evident, one can see, with discernment, the evil that the enemy has placed in the body of Christ.  And many are deceived.

This is a strong word, but in my understanding anything we do in disobedience to God, can be considered evil in His eyes.  I believe that the body of Christ has lost that sense of obedience, in fear of God, as the body and church of Christ. And in doing so, I strongly believe, the spirit of God can depart.  And with God gone, why should sinner or saint attend?  If God is not there.

There may be more reasons, more specifically, but I see this, so very clearly, in the sense, that sinner and saint, has seen this as hypocrisy, in the body of Christ, and does not want any part of it.

The first reason, I identify, and call “Sloppy Agape with Religion.”  Sloppy agape with religion, is this.  The true love and fear of God is not taught in the body of Christ.

The body of Christ, the church, pastors, have forgotten to teach people, how important it is to fear God, to love Him, and to love others.  We see this by the evidence of so many segregated churches.  People separating themselves by race.  Being with their own kind.  And only their own kind.

The enemy, the devil, has deceived people, into being sloppy with love, and not loving all people.  For in God’s Kingdom, all people will be represented, all people, will gather by His throne.  Not just one group of people.  God is not a respecter of persons, by race, or creed, but by love, from those who accepted, and believed Christ died for their sins, and they repented.  But if they do not walk in love with one another, and all people from that point on, this becomes religion.

This is very sloppy agape.  Because what has been represented, is a sense of religion.  Rules and regulations made by people, who are trying to enforce their own rules, according to the standards, they have placed.  Perhaps in some ways, bringing God into the teachings.  But love is gone.

Love is not taught in fear of God.  Ask yourself, when was the last time you heard a message of fearing God?  To love Him, with all your heart, soul and mind.  I am sorry, but when I watch some televised ministries, television series or go into churches, I have not heard this message.

Without the fear of God, we are not showing, true love to God.  For the fear of God teaches us, it is healthy to depart from sin, it teaches us to humble ourselves before a Holy, and mighty, and powerful God.

What I have seen by observing, by some, is that if love is encouraged, it is to love thy neighbor, as thyself.  But without that ingredient, of loving Him, our Lord first, in fear of Him, we truly cannot love our neighbor, in real agape love, or real love that is valid, and it is without a sense of honor.   Because if loyalty to God is not evident, first to Him, how could we be loyal to anyone else, in faithfulness? In love?

Relationship with our maker, in worship, and by seeking God, in truth, is not always encouraged.  Thus, the reason becomes evident, to me, it is sloppy agape, with religion.  The structure, the foundation that is so very much needed, does not seem to be in place.  The unity is not there, and the commitment to love one another, is not obvious.

Without that, many people, do not find a reason to go to church.  Religion, without relationship, with Christ, is just going through the motions.  People do see this, and find it to be hypocrisy.  And they stop going to church.

I will share the other two reasons, in the near future.  But I do pray, for the body of Christ.  I pray, we would not be crippled, with a sense of religion, but a sense to love our Lord, with all our hearts, soul, and mind, and yes, to love one another.  In fear of God.

Blessings, and just my thoughts, Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope…

Father, thank you for bringing this to my attention.  May we the body of Christ, see this, and release the flow of love, that comes when we fear you, in love, and honor you.  When we love one another, and become united, one and all, in the name of Christ.  I believe many will see the love, as Christ told us, we would have love as evidence.  Without that love, we go through the motions.  Lord, it seems to be religion, rules and regulations only.  Help us, to see this, and to become united in love with you first, and with one another.  In Jesus name.  Amen

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