OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe word I have today, is about change.

Malachi 3:6 says…..I AM THE LORD, I CHANGE NOT…

So it gives to reason, that God does not change, but we change, in the Lord.

We see the world changing, we see our country changing, we see things that meant for value and honor changing, and what do we do? Do we go with the flow of change? In some things yes. Technology, has advanced.

Nonetheless, seriously, when I was growing up, a computer, who heard of that? But yet, we learn, we grow, we use what we have. But there are some things, that should not change, and that is Gods Holy word.

The world, wants an easy way to read Gods word, and so they change it. But did we forget, God says, FOR I AM THE LORD, I CHANGE NOT?  He is not asking a question, He knows who He is.  But do we know who we are in Him?   How can we know….if we are doing it our way?

He did not change His word, in fact, the King James Bible has been established, for 400 years. No copy rights, and no changes, in fact, there are so many scriptures there, that say, do not change it. Do not add, do not delete….and yet we see so many of these Bible versions, actually have scriptures missing.

Not complete, not whole. What about the anointing, the holiness? Look we are called to be in this world but not a part of it. There are some things we should not change to, just because the world does.

Just food for thought here, but ponder on this…..If God does not change, aren’t we supposed to change to His way? And how can we do it, if we are reading word, that is no longer holy because men have put their hands to it?

How can we change, if we used something that has been changed. With word that is missing?

Hmmmmmm…..Scripture food for thought, this morning.

Love and blessings, in Christ…..


Father, I pray, with such a strong sense of urgency, that people need to know your ways, your truth, and that they have to see the enemy is deceiving them.  Change their hearts, as I plead the blood of Jesus, to know true word, holy word, anointed word, word that you sent that has power.  Lord this is what your word says….HE SENT HIS WORD AND HEALED THEM AND DELIVERED THEM FROM THEIR DESTRUCTION.  PSALM 107:20  In Jesus name, Amen.  

Just a tidbit here about my new book.  HOW TO HAVE FAITH, MY SECRET PRINCIPLES OF FAITH WITH A TRUE AND LIVING GOD, JESUS CHRIST, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.  It is in the process of getting published right now, but check out the link, that gives more information about it.  I am not sure how much I am charging for the book, due to prices with publishers etc.  But, as soon, as I know, I will quote that for you.  Please remember this page, and the link is on the top of this blog as well for reference.  Blessings…..






  1. This is a subscription, but thought it was of interest. I have noticed that the New King James version of the bible has been changed, added to, or WORDS LEFT OUT that were in the first version that we all got used to.  I do not like the AMP either. I guess I will haul out my old KJ that is falling apart.   sis

    • Thanks Danelle, so glad you see it too. I really believe now we are so close to end times, and we have to make people aware of this. I can’t even fathom, all those, that take this for granted, and it is causing spiritual damage, and so many are deceived. I actually wonder about the souls, who may be lost because of this. So please tell others. We have to use love, it may be a battle, but I sense the severity of it. Thank you for your subscription as well. Blessings, in Christ, Elena

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