Christmas can be in your heart with faith....I can help.

Christmas can be in your heart with faith….I can help.

Do you have the Christmas Spirit?….

I do, I have a feeling like I did when I was a child. With an opened heart, I remember just wanting to feel the good things of Christmas. I was anticipating, hopeful, longing, with child like faith…and so wanting to see God send miracles, and angels, and what I remember again, was just longing to see the beauty of the season.  I wanted to go deeper then the Santa Claus, or the Snow man stuff…. I wanted miracles…..

We were poor, and when you don’t have you seem to pray harder, even as a child. You want…..and now, well material things don’t seem to matter that much. Now don’t get me wrong, I like nice things like the next person. But what I long for is to see God glorified.

In such a wonderful beautiful way, that expresses, who God is, and that He in His love, sent His precious son, Jesus Christ. And in a humble stable, with just a star above, wise men, came looking for Him.

I want to be like that. Searching, with all my being, all my heart, for the King of Kings.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with someone here, on FB, and they wanted to say Christmas was pagan, and they even used scripture. Well I pulled out scripture, and I asked this person, why would you want to deny the glory to God, concerning the birth of Christ? It is scriptural. (Luke 2)

The answer they gave was so “legalistic.” You know, I love God’s law, but I never want to twist it, to hurt someone, or to be judging. It scares me…..but I have to tell you, when I celebrate Christmas I celebrate love. The sweetest of love, even if our Lord’s birth was not documented in December.

I celebrate, that this precious King, the son of Almighty God, came, to set me free, and all of us who believe. I don’t celebrate, this paganism, this person, kept insisting on.

And you know, all I can say, today, in this moment, I have hope again. Hope for our world, for each other, for love, to overcome, and to see victories, in this life. Miracles, have just become to me, a way to believe, and I do believe……

May Christmas sweet, and kind, loving, and with the eyes of a Child be a part of yours… we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus, who came to save us all……It is in my heart, and I just want to say this….


Yes with all my heart, I want to give God glory, and I want to see His power, shining in all of our lives…..for His glory.  Just my thoughts, Merry Christmas dear hearts, wherever you are….

Elena Ramirez

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