So we say, we are Christians. We say, we love Jesus, with all our hearts soul, and mind. But we do have to ask ourselves, what is taking priority? What are we doing, that contradicts that? What do people see, and yes God? Are we double minded? Are we caught up with the ways of the world? Are we living, in a way, that does not reflect Christ? Am I trying to please people, instead of God?

You know there are questions, we have to ask ourselves.

There are times, we really need to do some “spiritual cleansing” some repentance. The old year, is ending. And without making a resolution, shouldn’t we just do what we have to do, to be better in Christ? This is something, we have to ask ourselves individually. If there is a struggle, within, I will be honest, that is not resting in Christ.

Being tossed to and fro, is not peace. Being a contradiction, is not being in Christ. Being someone, who lives and loves, things that take away who we are in Christ, is not living abundantly. We have to stop and see within. Is there sin?

Folks, I am just reminded, right now, how important it is, to get right with God. Maybe I am sensing, the end of times. I am not sure. But, I do sense, this is the time, to be with God, and to have that fear, of Him, that if I don’t do everything, I can according to His truth…..I could miss it.

I don’t want to miss His presence, His guidance, His healings, His protection… letting something get in the way. Time to let go, and let God…….

Time to give it my all, and all to my savior, who gave His all and all for me.

Ask yourself this, where can you improve your walk with Christ? You know….You know in your heart of hearts, if there is something you have to stop and change, or do. You know His voice, whether or not there is peace. But are you listening to voices that do not reflect Christ? He is the truth and life, John 14:6.

 I even ask this, because of the different Bible versions, I have seen, and all the contradictions.  I want to do everything, I can to hear only my Lords voice.  So I choose the King James Bible.  Preserved for over 400 years….

All I know, right now, is that we have to constantly, be doing a check, or we can grow weak, spiritually, and yes, missing our own blessings.  What ways, have we chosen? 

But have you chosen another way? Time to get back on track with Christ, with a total commitment, and abandonment, of love….I see this for me, more then ever. How about you?

Searching your heart, to know God there faith?  I can help you.   Order my book today....SEE THIS LINK, FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Searching your heart, to know God knows….is there faith? I can help you. Order my book today….SEE THIS LINK, FOR MORE INFORMATION.


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