Strength, and courage flows to the heart, that is serious, about learning about God and that which pleases Him.  This book is written for the serious of heart, yes it inspires, but it teaches faith, so one can grow.  See the link.

Strength, and courage flows to the heart, that is serious, about learning about God and that which pleases Him. This book is written for the serious of heart, yes it inspires, but it teaches faith, so one can grow. See the link.


I have been around the church block for a long time.  I have been in and out of conferences, and discussions, that pertain to truth, to God, and what the Bible states.  I choose to pick my truth, from the King James Bible.  Because it is truth, it is holy, and it has not been corrupted.  When I share this truth, I do not always get opened arms.  

But because I have been a seasoned Christian for a time, I see there is a trait, that I am sure offends God, and that is being “cowardly.”  

Knowing the truth, knowing what God says, yet denying it.  Denying it, so people won’t get their feelings hurt.  Denying it, because they think well if I speak this truth, this person, will stop being my friend, and I may not win them over to Christ.

Yet, because they deny the truth, from this person, they hurt themselves as well.  And it is cowardly…

I have heard, the term “legalistic” over, and over again.  And every time, I heard it, I always took it to mean, you just don’t hit someone on the head with the Bible.  

But now when I hear it, from a Christian, they totally disregard Gods truth, and the legal aspects of it.  And they get into this mode of denial, and make excuses.  And the greatest defense they use….is Don’t judge me!

Grace, and sloppy, religious beliefs, have caused many Christians to think, the “law” is not necessary, because Christ died for us, and if we believe, we have grace.

Yes, we do have grace, but we do not abuse this grace.  We do not wink our eyes at sin, and turn away.  We do not condone bad behavior, when the Bible is very clear about this or that.  We do not pick and choose what we want from Gods word.  And if you really love someone, like Christ called us, to do you tell them the truth, as much as it may hurt.  You do use love, but you do not deny Gods truth!

God is legalistic!  He created His laws, His commandments, and His ways, so we can avoid sin, so we can be right with Him.  We do not disregard the law, nor close our hearts to these truths, these principles, that help us grow.

No, when I see someone, who has an opportunity to speak truth, and they deny it, they are cowards to me.  Let me tell you, I have been so broken, and hurt, that at this point, nothing else matters to me, but Gods truth.  And so I am not afraid, to speak truth.  That is all I have in so many ways….because it brings me righteous fruit!

I try always to be gracious, and kind, but the truth has to come out!  I love truth.  I love that it sets me free, and that it sets those who embrace it, free too!.  But I will not deny truth, for I will stand before God.

Fear, yes, I fear God.  I don’t fear telling people the truth, I fear the one, who will put my soul, in heaven or in hell.  And I pray we all get it right.  But legalism is a good thing.  Being cowardly, when you have the opportunity is a bad thing!  

When I see this in a leader, or a ministry, and they choose being popular, over speaking truth, all I can do is shake my head and pray.  Because so many in the body of Christ are losing truth, because some of these leaders, do not speak truth, they deny Gods truth.  

And yes they are popular.  Look at their fruit. They tickle peoples ears, and stray away from the truth, so they can be popular.  Sadly deceiving people.  Christ told us, beware, of those who deceive. 

I don’t want that.  My ministry is small, but I will not choose popularity over God.  Because again, I will stand before Him.   

We gotta grow, we have to change, we have to see Christ is the way, the truth and life.  We have to see, that Gods ways are not our ways.  But if we deny truth, we are cowards.  In his eyes.  He does weigh us and He looks to see, the fruit of our own lives.  

So when I say, I see the fruit of something that is wrong, I am not judging you.  I am judging the fruit, that will hurt you, deny you, Gods blessings, that will open a door to the devil.  Because it is deceptive, it misleads, it hurts you….

I may be harsh, but if I can spare someone hells fire, then so be it.  I would rather shout at the baby, to stay away from the fire so he or she won’t burn themselves.  

But there are times, you have to speak the truth, and you cannot deny it, or you will be a coward.  And the sad thing, is your own courage will not be built up.  Your own ability to grow, will be stumped, because you denied the truth to someone who so needed it.    

Do you want God to say that to you?  That you denied his truth, and that you are a coward.  I don’t….

Just my thoughts for the day…..

Elena Ramirez

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