If I could sit down and talk with you, and tell you face to face God loves you, I would.  But I can only do so with my book right now, and to show you how to Have faith.  If interested  in reading my book via Smashwords, go to this link.  CLICK THIS LINK TO ORDER "HOW TO HAVE FAITH" ON SMASHWORDS.....  If interested in ordering the Paper Back go to this link.

If I could sit down and talk with you, and tell you face to face God loves you, I would. But I can only do so with my book right now, and to show you how to Have faith. If interested in reading my book via Smashwords, go to this link. “HOW TO HAVE FAITH” ON SMASHWORDS….. If interested in ordering the Paper Back go to this link.

To whom it may concern:  This may include my Facebook friends, people who may be on their list, or anyone, who is a subscriber, in a group or just even someone, who may be a bystander.  This can also include Twitter.

Facebook, is a wonderful, way to communicate the gospel.  It is a great vessel, that God can speak to someones heart, to know truth.  I understand the great potential of social media.

It can be used to speak truth to someone, who needs to see truth.  It can open up dialogue, that cannot always be made available even in relationships.

Something about being behind our computers, though can give us strength to speak our minds, and speak truth, but with that ability to hide, behind our computers, it can be used in a destructive way  for it can also be used to fight someone, or to just throw darts at someone.

And that is not cool.  That is not wisdom, nor is it love, and we are all called to love one another.  There does have to be a sense of the power of our words.  And how to use them, and we are responsible.  In the sight of God.  Our words are recorded in heaven and not just Facebook.

I suppose that is why I am writing.  And yes, apologizing.

You see, I am a servant of God.  I cannot speak for anyone else but for me.  And because I am a servant of God, I need to try and be a good example.  I need to see the error of my ways.

I am also a truth seeker, and because I am a truth seeker, I do look to see, according to my King James Bible, truth.  And when I see the lack of it, I do sometimes speak my mind.  I do so, because if it can bring light, to a situation, or to someone, then I am called to speak the gospel.

Now I don’t want to get personal with people, or judge them, but sometimes, when you see the deception in something, you see that the fruit, that may be planted, in that persons life, can hurt them.  So you say something…..because you want to spare them, you want them to know truth, and to see the light.  It is also perceived as being judged.

You also want to see them make heaven.  And there in just that, is the boldness, that I can sometimes speak, that may be harsh, but I know God.  I know my Lord, I know His truth. I also know, how the enemy deceives.

And because I know my Lord, and His warnings, His commandments, I know what His word says, and so many people do not know His truth, and they are so misled.

And yes I get angry with some of those in leadership, and they hide truth, cowardly, or do not tell someone the error of their ways, just so they can be popular.

I never was popular, and I may never be.  But I especially do not want that title, if it means going against Gods truth, to please people.  No thank you.  I want them to see Jesus, not me.

But to someone, who does not see that my intention is to bring light, into a situation, will see it as argumentative, or combative.  And I understand that.  It grieves me, when I have been in spiritual battles, and I am perceived as argumentative.  But it does go with the territory.

I do not apologize for who I am in Christ, but I do apologize, if I do not use, discretion, or grace, or I am harsh, or I am even sometimes rude.  That is never my intention.  But I am human.  And sometimes, when people have hurt me, or been mean to me, I call it like it is.

That is not always good.  I don’t want to return evil for evil.  But I have called someone out on it, and given them the same taste that they may have given me.  Its not good.

I grew up fighting.  Physical fights, when I was young, and I learned to fight.  Now I am a Christian, and I am called to love, forgive, and walk in peace.

But I also see, how God has groomed me, given me courage, and taught me, to be strong.  And that nature of being a warrior may always be in me.  I believing in fighting for good causes.  I believing in fighting for truth, and speaking for love, and kindness, and compassion.

I believe in speaking for others, who do not know how, to defend themselves.  I believe in my King James Bible, and sometimes, I get into debates over that.  I believe in the Holiness of it, the anointing, and it is not always received, so sometimes, I am engaged in a spiritual battle with others over that.  I will always promote it, because I believe in the authenticity of it.  But I also know what Gods word says, and He says do not fight about the law.  BUT AVOID FOOLISH QUESTIONS, AND GENEALOGIES, AND CONTENTIONS, AND STRIVINGS ABOUT THE LAW; FOR THEY ARE UNPROFITABLE AND VAIN.  TITUS 3:9

I am not backing down, even here, to say I am not going to be in battles.  I may very well be in more.  But, I do not want to be perceived as a trouble maker either.  I do not want to be perceived either as someone though, who will hide truth.  Or back down from truth.

But why should I debate truth, when I know it is truth?

I am just trying to find the balance, in who I am in Christ.  I am trying to be humble, and transparent for my Father to use.  I am trying to see, the error of my ways.  I am trying to get my own breakthroughs, in my life, and ministry.  So I humble myself, and apologize, if you misunderstood me, or if I have come across as being argumentative.

I am trying to refine who I am in Christ.  That is all I am trying to do.  Because the truth of the matter is, I want to grow.  I don’t want to stay in the same mold.  I don’t want to hurt myself, so I do not produce fruit, or bring fruit out in others.  But I don’t want the devil to hurt you.

I am not saying I will never speak up again, or I will deny truth.  I am just saying, I am going to be very careful, because I never want to turn people off, from God.  I am just communicating all of this, because I want you to know God.  And He may use me to do that.

But I just have to say this.  Because I want my ministry to be real, not phony, and not bold enough to say, truth.  Fathers truth.  There are so many who distort His truth.  That it grieves me.  And I do pray, to speak it when I have to.  To expose the darkness.

Recently, I broke off a friendship with someone.  Someone I knew for a long time.  And I thought we were friends, but when I saw what she believed and what I believed it was not the same.  And it made me think, how can we really be friends, if we do not agree?


And because of this, falling out so to speak, that really did hurt me in a lot of ways, I am soul searching.  Trying to dispel any darkness in my own life.  And I don’t want to be friends, with people who do not see the truth of God in this, that can be called darkness.  AND HAVE NO FELLOWSHIP WITH THE UNFRUITFUL WORKS OF DARKNESS, BUT RATHER REPROVE THEM.  EPHESIANS 5: 11

I probably hurt this person.  But I had to speak truth, and I had to try and spare her, hell.  I did it because I love God, and yes I loved her.  I will miss her friendship, but when things like this happen, you choose God. And this is where my loyalty always has to be.  Above friends, or enemies.  I choose to please God.  

It was not perceived well.  With this person. And I do wish her well.  But I had to do it. I broke the ties, spiritual and in friendship, and I planted the seed, of His truth, so she will see, but I will not water it.  And so, it was hard.  But it had to be done.  

And so after a battle like that, I am trying to get my bearings.  I am trying to clean the slate.  I am trying to see the error of my own ways.  I am trying to walk in humbleness, and love.  But I am also asking others, are you really my friend in Christ?  I don’t want “frienenemies”.

I am doing this so that my tree, of who I am would produce true fruit of Christ, in love, and yes truth.  We all are so vulnerable, and if we don’t know Gods truth, we can hurt ourselves.  So I am trying….

I am trying to grow.  I never want to limit God, but I can limit myself, and I don’t want to.

So I humble myself, before you all.  And I say I am sorry, if I was misunderstood, or if I even misunderstood.  And we had a difference in opinions or words, were exchanged, or whatever.  And you saw that, and you know, its not right.  I apologize.  

I am just truly trying with all my being, and I don’t know what else to say, but I pray God use me, for His glory.  But I will not compromise His truth, for popularity, or to be a people pleaser.

Thank you, if you took the time to read this.  God bless you,

Elena Ramirez 



  1. God is expanding your tent for His will and for your blessings. You are truly a child of the Most High God because you see His heart and what grieves Him grieves you. You are His vessel getting His message and His Truth out there
    for all who will listen. God searched all the people in the lands and only one said here am I God…Bless you sis!

    • Your friendship has always enriched me. And in a time like this where I just don’t know what’s ahead I appreciate you Marilyn. Thank you for just knowing who God is and understanding. God bless you my sis.

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