I watched Ben-Hur last night. After the news reports, and just chaos, from crowds, rude people, and just needing quietness, I thought I need to watch something inspiring. It did not let me down. I noticed, even at that time the people of God, the Jews, were oppressed. By the Romans.

Friendships were divided, because of power, and Judah, played by Charlton Heston, suffered greatly, at the hand of a friend. A friend, who wanted power, now as a Roman soldier, and who forgot the ties they had made as children. He actually had Judah imprisoned, and his sister, and mother, for something that was really an accident. And I won’t go into all the details of the movie, but it was sad, that Judah suffered.

At one point, he wanted to die. Because of the abuse he received, and at His lowest point, thirsty, and almost dying, Jesus came to him, and gave him water, after others had denied him water. When the guards saw that Jesus had defied their orders to give him water all they could do was just look at Jesus. And they could not come against Him. You did not see Jesus’s face in this movie, but it was all so very symbolic, in the power He has. Judah survived, but knew he had met someone who touched his life.

Judah found great favor with another Roman who actually adopted him, and loved him, because he saved his life. And then went back home to Jerusalem, and searched for his mother and sister, and yes to find vengeance on the friend, who deceived him, betrayed him, and hurt his family. There was a great race, with chariots, and the friend, now enemy of Judah, was injured. Yet, he would not die, till he spoke to Judah, but his words were not of a sorry or contrite heart for doing what he did. Instead he told him only that his sister and mother were alive.

The mother and sister, were imprisoned, and through it became lepers. Judah thought they were dead. But the love of his life, was protecting him from the truth, that they were alive, and when he discovered this truth, he was angry. But went to go and get them, they took them to search for the great person Christ was back to Jerusalem. But Christ was on trial, andbeing crucified.

Charlton Hestons character, was so moved by Christ again, for this time, it was he who gave Christ water. As Christ carried His cross for us. And again, we did not see the face of Christ…..but we can only imagine.

At the end of the movie, the sister, and mother were healed of their leprosy, and to conclude just what it did for me to see this, is that Christ teaches us. Through our heartaches, through our sorrows, through our loss of friends, that I can even relate to, if we seek Him, we are healed. Our souls can be healed, our hearts, our anger, our bitterness….and we can be used by God. We can give water to someone hurting, we can can quench the thirst, by Christ.

Yes it was symbolic to me, this movie when it started, showed the birth of Christ, and showed that wise men still seek Him, and it ended with the death of Christ, With healings, restoration, and a sense, that God and only God can heal us.

I pray, we all have the sweet peace, and joy of the true Christmas spirit.

I needed to watch something that inspired me. Last night, I admit, with the news I felt sad, and troubled. I am a Christian I can be strong, but I am also human, and I also see, how much our world needs Christ. I hope we all get the true message of Christmas in our hearts, all year long, and until Christ returns. To restore our souls.

Blessings, just some thoughts today, this Christmas eve.

Merry Christmas……Elena Ramirez


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