I really feel led here to document my thoughts to Anne Graham Lotz, and her call for the body of Christ to pray, because we are in end times, and because of Gods judgment.   I do it here on my blog.  Because it needs to be shouted out!  I cannot contain this truth.

I am not disputing her or looking for an argument that we all will be judged.  What I pray, that she would see, especially because of her lineage, being Billy Grahams daughter, that the body of Christ, and its leaders will be judged first.  And she can make a difference.  People would listen to her.

I really feel in my heart, and by a prompting by God, that we are in dangerous times, and a place, that when we use unholy bibles, that have been corrupted.  That deception comes in.  That the holiness is taken out, when people put their hands on Gods holy word, and change it.

The argument, is that the Bible has been changed throughout times.  Yet, no one sees the many warnings, to not do that.

Many of you know my stance on this.  Many do not agree.  Many do.  And I just want to document these thoughts, to bring it to her attention.  To bring it to the attention of the body of Christ.

I have known this truth for a few years, when I first saw the discrepancies.  In bibles.  My spiritual eyes were opened.  The spirit of confusion left me.  And I know that because I obeyed God, and when I did, I began to understand scripture by the Holy Spirit.  It was no longer a struggle, to know Gods word.

I can only “try” and be obedient to God.  By bringing this to your attention and hers.  I don’t know if she reads peoples comments, or not, or she cares, or if anybody cares.  But I care what God thinks.  I pray that she does see this.  I pray, someone would even bring it to her attention.

I care, what pleases God, in obedience.  I cannot get in strife with anyone over this, but I will with what I can, in my own natural ability, with help from the Holy Spirit, to be led, to speak this truth.  Wherever God leads me.

And I feel led to document my own thoughts here, for the sake of reinforcing, this truth.  To those who have ears, hear.  These are my thoughts.  I just want the record to stand as it is.  For the most part of my thoughts…

Even as it is documented in heaven.  God knows.  We cannot change something, and think he does not see.  He does.  He sees it all, and I really believe it grieves Him.  When the deception tries to come in.

And….As Gods holy word the King James Bible stands for itself, in its truth.  By its own merit.  As God is my witness, I present this to you:

I agree, that God will judge. I appreciate your lineage, and who you are in Christ. But I have to add, that God is going to judge the body of Christ, and the leaders. We have a responsibility, in even the Bibles we choose. To bring word. Please don’t dismiss me, or my thoughts on this. I really sense and have heard God on this. That He is very displeased, that the body of Christ has not taken His warnings, in fear of Him, to obey Him, in this matter.

There are many scriptures that warn us not to change, add, delete, His Holy word. When they did, they “corrupted” the holy word of God, and took away the anointing. Christians are using rubber swords. Christ is the living bread, but there is mold on the bread that is served in His name. Christ would not serve us junk food. But we use, and share, scripture that has mold on it.

We will be judged, first. I believe, because many have distorted and watered down gospel. You could make a difference. You could warn many in the body of Christ how important it is to obey God in this matter. I am not trying to debate with you or anyone. Truth stands on its own merit.

The King James, has been established for 400 years. The words of the Lord are pure words….Preserved. Psalms 12:6-7. But it has been established in Heaven first. In His Kingdom, and it is not o.k. to use these distorted versions. That is a lie right out of hell.

If we do not see, the discrepancies, of missing scriptures, content changed, and disobedience in this, yes we will be judged. People do not have fear of God in this matter. They don’t. And that is the beginning of wisdom.

But I don’t want to be counted with the liars, that Proverbs 30:5-6 warns us about. I don’t want to be one of those that have corrupted word, but to speak truth, as II Corinthians 2:17 tells us about. In fear of God, I tell you this, because Revelation 22:18-19 warns us that one could lose their right to the Holy city, which tells me salvations could be lost and the things they want from a Bible they will not get. I ask you to read these scriptures from a King James. The warnings are there. We will all be judged.

Then this woman wanted to debate me, very rudely I might add, and said, it was because of false doctrine.  

This was my response:

I am not going to debate this with you. I will not deny the many warnings God has given us. I have done my research, and in fear of God, I see the discrepencies. The false doctrine, comes from the corrupted bible versions. Have a nice day.

Again a rebuttal from this person and I respond:

I have obeyed God in this, I have presented the truth to Ann Graham Lotz, and I have nothing further to add to your thought, or to others, debating me on this. I am not going to get into strife with anyone over this…. Or your thoughts, to denote my love for Christ in serving Him. I am His servant. As I said, truth stands on its own merit.

Let me just clarify this, the King James Bible is not a version. I leave this conversation, praying, seed was planted to awaken people, to see, that enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Christ came that we “might” have life, and life abundantly.

If we have no fear of God in this matter, even concerning His holy word, those who deny truth, are deceived. The blind leading the blind, will fall in a ditch. That is scriptural. But maybe you never saw that, in one of those watered down versions, that denies Christ. Or that takes away His deity, in just a mere compromising of words. Maybe you never saw the many warnings. Not to change word. Or add to it, or delete it. But I plead with you for your soul. Get a King James Bible, for the anointing, and holiness, that only that Bible offers. I plead with all of you, before Christ returns.  

Another rude thought from this person, and I closed with this scripture:  


Thank you for your considerations and attention to read this, and if you can please share it, and with Anne Graham Lotz.  

In obedience to Christ, and in His love, that comes from His cross.  Elena Ramirez


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