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If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link. My latest book. BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST. This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse. But by Christ it can change into a blessing. A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc. And why we do some of the things we do….
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It is a sin.  To take Gods holy word, copy it, and then use it, for a foundation, to build another Bible version, from that.  This is plagiarism.

There is no other way to look at it.  For we have been warned in the King James Bible, over and over again, do not change, add, or delete anything from it.  So that, when disregarded, has become disobedience.  And disobedience is sin.

You don’t have to be a scholar of the Bible to comprehend that.  Or someone with a doctorate in religious studies.  You just don’t.  You take something, that has been established, and preserved for four hundred years, and see, that God stored it, preserved it, and when publishers, have taken that main lump, and then changed it, the plagiarism is evident.

Years ago, and I did not quite understand as well as I do now, but God began teaching me, how important obedience is, how important, being truthful, and honest is.  I suppose He was also testing me.  

I guess, I had issues.  In fact, I know I did, being in denial, one can easily go there, when not given the correct instruction, or knowledge, to comprehend a matter.  My past, my sins, are evidence to this.  But God did not leave me that way, and I am grateful for my salvation, and for what Christ did on that cross to set me free.  

I have learned, to get to the root of things now.  I don’t waste my time, trying to understand peoples intentions, or why they act the way they do, in a good or a bad matter.  I just sometimes see, what was the end result, and why it happened.  Why scratch at the surface, when you can get to the root of the matter?  We need a moral compass.  The King James is a moral compass, that is not broken.  

Sin, in any form of our lives, hurts us.  It gives the enemy a legal right to attack any of us.  So trying to get to the root of why something happened, tells me in simple terms.  That the enemy, who we know comes, to kill, steal, and destroy, had his evil hands on something, so it affected someone else.    

But I plead the blood of Jesus.

We have to want to grow.  We have to want to learn, that which is right in the sight of God.  We have to have fear of God.  We have to see there are consequences to disobedience.

When God began teaching me how important it is to be obedient, He took me to the root of the matter, and gave me an example.

It was about ten years ago.  I was then writing my poetry, which is also called a Prayer of Hope.  I have hundreds of poetry pages, that I would write, here on the internet…..

I had learned to create web pages, which was unheard of then practically, but I learned html.  Creating code, for my pages.  My attempts were very humble in their presentation, not fancy, but I still learned it.  So I could list my poems.

One day, it was brought to my attention, that someone had copied, my writings, and was trying to make themselves look like the writer.  By eliminating my name, or my copyrights.

They assumed, in the presentation, that people would recognize them as the author.  This is called Plagiarism.  It is illegal, in the United States, and it is illegal in the sight of God.  

And for the record, not ethical, moral, or honest.  How can we be right in the sight of God, unless we strive for truth?  

Yet, with technology, as it is, it is very easy, to take someones writings, from a computer, and copy and paste information, to “deceive” someone.  Do you see that word, I use deceive?

Well, when this happened, I ran to God in prayer, so sad, so hurt, that someone would do this to me.  And God comforted me.  I felt His compassion, and He told me then, this is how I feel, when the devil takes my Holy word, and makes people think he is the author.  

I did not understand that.  What was I missing? Yet I was grateful for his kindness.  For I just had a sense, that He would keep me covered in that, and protect me and my writings….but what could I do for him?  Then He began revealing to me, the corruption of His holy word.  Little by little.

I began getting a sense of what He was talking about when He began revealing to me, how His holy word, had been plagiarized by these publishers for money, and how the enemy, had caused these people to be disobedient, and change Gods holy word, for the sake of money.

By making the excuse of claiming the translation, would be easier to comprehend.  He told me, these versions, bring a spirit of confusion.  

He also showed me that the pastors that did this, should know better, but were in disobedience, for the people trust the truth to be truth from the pulpit.  But it is not.  

This is so Wrong!  This is wrong, in the sight of God.  For if you know your King James Bible, which has been around for 400 years, one could see, the many, warnings God gives.  Do not change His word.  Period.  It is disobedience.

There is a spirit, that is attached to this disobedience.  That brings confusion, and brings a distortion of Gods holy word, that changes, the anointing and holiness, to corruption.  This is the enemies intention.  So when people read another Bible version, they are not reading or seeing and hearing the voice of Father God.  They are hearing a voice, that has disobeyed God, and that voice has changed the wording so much so, that the original content, has been misplaced in context.  The enemies intention is to distort that.  This is the enemies voice.  That has made him, the evil one the author of these compromised, changed, and corrupted bible versions.  Now I understand.  God had me get to the root of it.

So yes, it is a sin, to use any other version, that has been compromised, and corrupted.  They were created in sin, and the spirit, in which they instruct does not come from God.  Because they disobeyed God.  Remember, God does not change.  He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Whenever, I look at a bible verse now, I can pretty much see, if it is a King James or if it has been compromised.  I have learned, to hear my fathers voice, and to another, I will not follow.  When someone gives me a scripture reference.  I immediately reject it, if it is not a King James scripture.  Because they are corrupt.  They are part truth, but part lie.  They are corrupted in disobedience, that brings sin. 

So when someone writes, and they list scriptures, I do look and see, with discernment and prayer, as to what they are writing if it is truth.  

Plagiarism, is a sin, in any form.  Did you know the King James bible has no copy rights? But all the other bible versions do?  Why?  They do it, to protect themselves.  For they know themselves, they took that lump, and plagiarized Gods holy word, but now they want the copyrights for themselves.  What deception that is.

God is not the author of confusion.  But these versions are confusing, because the anointing, and holiness is gone.  People using these versions, are receiving a spirit of confusion, not truth.  For the truth has been changed.  They have changed the voice.  It is no longer the voice of the Holy spirit.  Remember the Holy spirit, is holy, and cannot be in something that is of sin.  

I write this post, because recently someone I love, gave me something to ponder on.  They were not King James scriptures, and the Lord showed me, this person, had copied something from someone else, to make a point.  I did not confront this person, with this truth to accuse, but extended love.  And grace.  

But I see, even in that example, how can we trust someone, if they cannot see the deception in doing something like this?  If they think it is o.k. to make themselves look good, by presenting something they did not write, yet it is deceptive.  It is plagiarism, to do that.  To not truly identify the writer.  And it is a sin.  And only repentance, sets us free.  Because God does not condone sin.  

With all my faults, I can say with a clear conscience, I do not plagiarize anyone.  My writings, are what they are.  With sometimes grammar, that may not make sense, or with an abundance of commas, in punctuation.  

But they are mine.  I am not perfect.  But I do not try and deceive someone to think something that is not based on a King James scripture.  Or to steal even a thought.  Yes I am inspired by some.  But I will not try and get the credit for something I did not write.

I will stand before my God.  Knowing this truth, now, as much as I do, and I cannot with a clear conscience write anything, to share, knowing God sees everything we do, and how we even search for Him, and His truth.  

And He does not condone and accept these bibles.  I don’t believe so.  I know He does not, because they are not His writings.  It is not His voice.  I don’t judge someones salvation.  God knows who is His.  

But if we do not get to the root of why the body of Christ is in such disarray, in such confusion, we are a part of the disobedience.  And I don’t want that in my own personal life.  Or yours.  Why should I care?  

Because I see, from the root, of how it all began, that the enemy, wanted Gods glory.  And he wanted to destroy that which was the plan of God, and for mankind. Christ came gave His life for us, but if we do not see the enemies antics in even such a matter as being on the same page with God, this is disobedience.  

And just an added thought, did you ever stop to consider that I tell my brothers and sisters in Christ this truth, because I do love God, and I do love my brothers and sisters, and I want to warn them of the dangers of these bibles? Love does not with hold truth. We all talk about love, but we really cannot find Jesus, without truth. He is the way, the truth, and the life. John 14:6. And that is love, and that is truth…..I am trying to help them find the way.  I am trying to help them find Jesus by His ways….

If we partake in disobedience, and again, this is why I will not attend a church, where the body gathers together, to hear a corrupted word.  Because there is deception in these bibles.  The body of Christ, is not where it should be, with God.  And especially because we are in end times.  We do not use anointed Bibles, together, to be in unity with Christ.  

So how can we trust Bibles, that God has not written?  Why would any of us want to use something with missing scriptures, and the true holiness, and anointing gone?  Why?  

Friends, I write this, just to ask you, are you using a bible, that comes from sin?

This is my prayer today, that I wrote on my post, and another ministers page:

My prayer is that God would be glorified.  That people would see the sin of corrupted Bible versions.  And get on the same page with God.  By using the King James bible.  I plead the blood of Jesus in this prayer.  Thats how important it is to me.


Invite me to your church or ladies group, so I can share my thoughts, to encourage you, to inspire you, to know Jesus through the King James Bible.

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