STANDING FOR TRUTH AND NOT THE RACE CARD ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

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If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link. My latest book. BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST. This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse. But by Christ it can change into a blessing. A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc. And why we do some of the things we do….
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Let me say who I am, and then you can make your own determination, but I pray, you see the truth, I am trying to bring.  I want to bring some balance.  For understanding.  This is only my perspective.  But I say it as a “free” Christian  Hispanic American.  I say it, boldly, because I have freedom of speech.  

I am a Christian, American Hispanic, fourth generation, a “legal” citizen of the United States.  I state I am a Christian, first, because I am so grateful for what Christ did for me.  I do not take my salvation lightly.  I am grateful to Christ, for taking my sins on that cross, and so I want to serve Him.  I serve Him, in the gifts and callings He has given me.  

I am a writer as a Christian, and an American.  I may express some things, about my heritage, as a Hispanic.  And there is a great legacy, from even my forefathers, who have come into this country, and yes even served as Americans.  And let me add, I love my race!  

But I refuse to play the race card, in trying to motivate someone, or to make a statement.   With my race as the foundation.  I think it hurts us, as a race.  I think it hurts us even in our nation.  Yes, lets celebrate each other, and the gifts we have, in our heritage, and ethnicity.  There are so many different things we can offer each other.  But right now, as a writer, I need to say, its wrong, what I see in our nation.  

Lets be honest, there is discrimination.  There are those, who are not taught to love one another.  Or to accept other people. They do not know, that God says He is not a respecter of persons.  He loves us all.  But we have to see this, in His way, not ours.  

And maybe this may let them see another perspective.  You pray people see the injustice.  But you also see, its their choice.  You may not agree with it, but with the laws that are implemented, one should be able to have freedom if you do it right.  You don’t have to like me, but don’t discriminate because you just don’t like me.  

But what I see right now, in this time of history of the year and month of July, 2015, my country is confused.  

I see hate crimes, and people, justifying it in the name of a flag.  I see, two sides, and I see, both have good points, so I don’t condemn, or put down someones opinion about a flag.  I just wish, people loved each other.

I see laws implemented from our supreme court, and people who have Christian beliefs, are now being penalized, for their beliefs.  In not having association or wanting to have business dealings with those that would contradict their beliefs.  

Are we a nation now, that cannot even pick and choose, or reserve the right to not have business dealings with people who actually offend who we are in Christ?  Some are being forced, by laws, that go totally against their conscience.  

If you saw a bank robber, a thief, for the sake of business, would you have dealings with them?  Probably not.  Because it would go against your ethical, and moral conscience.  

Yes, we are to love one another, but we are not called to be with those that ask us to do something that challenges our own belief systems.  When I look at these people, who now are demanding rights.  I see, they are trying to make a statement as to who they are, and what rights they want.  But that is their choice.  It is as if, they want to be their own “race.”


Why should someone else be penalized because they don’t agree with it, or “contribute” to their belief system.  Or be a part of that race?  Its like all these things if you look at it symbolically is an issue of race.  

But there is segregation, why be forced with someone who does not agree with you?  Because freedom to others, are being denied, when you change the view by political agendas.  

Segregation even in business is o.k. I am not going to sue someone, because they want to go to church together as a race.    Yet someone is being penalized for wanting to be separate from that kind of behavior.  

Our forefathers, implemented laws for that freedom, or religion.  And now it is challenged.   Why are we departing from the foundation of who we are in this nation?

Yet other religions, that come to our United States are given grace in this, but we as Christians are not.  And asking to change things.  Why?  Why should we change our stance, when this is who we are? 

I see a presidential nominee, who made harsh remarks, about Mexico.  And yes, he was harsh, but his motivation, was to protect the borders.  But instead, many are offended by him.  And what I see, is people denying him, freedom of speech.  And they have made a boycott against him.  

I don’t understand, why we as a nation cannot come together and be united, and not love one another.  But if you try to do it politically, its not the same as the way of the Lord.  

Its like everybody wants their “race” or their agenda, upheld, but there is no understanding for those who don’t want to be a part of it.  Some of these agendas, are not legal, to be asked for.  

Why is their confusion about upholding the security of our borders, compared to making it a racial motivation?  And calling it discrimination?  And playing the race card?  Its not about race, its about securing our borders, by the laws that have been implemented.  

So my point, is that we need to find our way.  

Truth, and being united, should come with mutual respect.  Whether you agree with someone or not.  

I certainly don’t want to push my Christian belief on any one, but I certainly do not want to be denied my freedom of speech either.  Or my right to have religious freedom.  Or my right for freedom of ethical matters, to be imposed on me.  By someone else’s agenda.  

But using the race card, to make my point is not right, its not ethical, nor does it promote unity.  

I want to achieve success, by my hard work, but I don’t ask for you to give it to me, because of my race.  I ask God for it, because I really do try and want to please Him first.  By keeping His commandments, by yes the golden rule, to love one another.  But I know even in my bible, it says mark those, who are disobedient to His truth, and have nothing to do with them.  

Christ taught us to hate the sin, but love the sinner.  

We have all come here to this great nation, to have freedom, but don’t deny someone their freedom, because you don’t agree with them.  Know your rights, in the sight of God.  And the law of the land.  

But you have to do it by the laws of the land, as well.  You have to do it, with the mind set, that we as citizens, should have rights.  Our veterans should have top priority, and we cannot take care of the world.   Because of a race, or even a religion.  Our borders, need to be protected.  

Our country is at stake right now, and I see so much division, that is being spoken in the name of being politically correct.  That I think we have lost our moral compass, that our freedoms are being challenged, and that love is being thrown out the window.

I hope in all that you may think, that you would find the balance.  Because we all live here, but we need to take care of one another, and be in unity as a nation.  Divided we fall.  We have to do things legally, in the sight of God and our nation.  

Call me a legalist, if you want but I am not hitting you on the head with my bible.  But I will, and do try and uphold the laws of my King James Bible, and I want to see the laws of the land, especially concerning our borders held up.  

I am grateful for grace.  From God, but we need it here too, so thats why I say let us bless God, and not just ask Him to bless us, as a nation.  

But we have to get “law” and order activated, or we as a nation, will go under.  Spiritually, and personally, as individuals, and as a nation.  

Oh well, this is my thought for today.  Blessings, and love, Elena Ramirez


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