AN ANALOGY OF HOW….satan….LOST HIS SALVATION ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

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If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link. My latest book. BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST. This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse. But by Christ it can change into a blessing. A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc. And why we do some of the things we do….
“HOW TO HAVE FAITH” This book is a self-help book to bring insight to your faith, and to know what pleases God. Both are on SMASHWORDS…..
If interested in ordering the Paper Back go to this link.


Luke 10:18 King James

I want to settle once and for all, that Salvation can be lost.  Too many Christians, have such a strange understanding of this, that they don’t see the deception in this.

They don’t see, how precious Salvation is, and what Christ did on the cross for us.  They don’t see, we are to guard our salvation, and yes work it out with trembling and fear.  This is scriptural.  

But more then anything they don’t have fear of God, and because of that, they don’t treasure it, or respect it and guard it.  And because that fear of God is not there, they are not afraid of God, and they sin.  Simply put….

Many have such a confused sense, about grace and the law, that they actually believe, they have grace to sin, and will still make it to heaven, when they die.  

Don’t forget satan fell from grace.  

So they take one scripture from Galatians 3: and they misinterpret the words, and throw out the law.  According to Paul, the apostle, And think they are covered by grace.  They do not see the many, many other scriptures about the law, and the curses, that come from not keeping the law.  

Some, take truth, concerning the “justification” of Salvation, and do not see, that if there is unrepented sin, they are in spiritual jeopardy, and can lose their Salvation.  They believe….That once saved is always saved.  Its not.  And I will explain…

This is definitely the plan of the devil.  This is definitely, something he will use to try and confuse someone, and yes cause someone even to sin.

Last week was such a strange week for me, spiritually, but it lead me to this topic, even today.

It seemed, like every turn I took, people, were either offended with me, they wanted to challenge doctrine, they wanted me to compromise my beliefs, they wanted me to actually compromise my stance on only using the King James Bible and it was just a lot of spiritual warfare.

I stood firm, and said, I will only trust God.  I will not compromise truth.  I will not dismiss the law of God.  Think what you want I don’t care.  Maybe you saw my post where I talk about that.  But I held firm in the testing, and I believe I passed the test, to the glory of God.  

Because God showed me this…..

For it lead me even to a conversation, I had with my husband.  Who confided in me, he had a strange conversation with an acquaintance of his.  This acquaintance, was talking to my husband about salvation.  This person believes that once saved is always saved.  

He said, something really strange, that my husband asked me if there was any kind of scripture that says, Christ died for our sins, in the past, now, and in the future.  Which I asked, if he thought, maybe, he was trying to say, Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow?  

He said, no.  His meaning was that you can sin, now, or in the future and be covered by Salvation.

My husband knows better, praise God.  And he shared this analogy.  He asked this person.  If Hitler accepted Christ, before he became a dictator, and then committed all the atrocities that he did, killing Jews, killing innocent people, for the sake of his race, and then died…..

Would Hitler go to heaven?

The friend thought about it and said, “Yes he would go to heaven”.   WRONG!

My husband, was short on time, and could not share scripture, or more, with this person but he tried, in a brief moment to tell him, that was not right.  And that Hitler, would not have gone to heaven if he did not repent.  And asked for forgiveness.

So I shared this scripture with my husband.  To bring more understanding…

Please Note:  I am interjecting the words ” who is saved” to understand that the “righteous” is the saved.  This is who we are talking about in this scripture..  

And you always have to see scripture from a King James, to always get the true meaning.  This is why wording, must be guarded, and not compromised from other bible versions.  


If you know, that Christ died for you, and you have repented, and you believe Jesus Christ came to take away the sins of the world, and you accept Him as Lord and savior, you are promised eternal life.  Right?

Well, if you sin, according to this scripture, and commit iniquity, or sin the righteousness (who is saved) you had, (your name which is in the lambs book of life) will not be remembered.  It will be blotted out.  

And all the good things you did will not be remembered, and for your sins, that you commit, you will die for those sins.  In other words, the life you were promised by Christ, eternal life, by repenting, and seeking Him, will become now death for you.  You will lose your salvation, and life eternal is no longer promised to you, because you trusted your own righteousness, and sinned.  

So there it is there, Saved is not saved, if there is sin….

But lets talk about the devil.  Lets talk about who he was, and why it is so important, that you see this, and yes make the connection.  Because more then anything the enemy wants to deceive you.  He wants you to be confused.  He wants you to think you can sin, and your “justified.”  He wants you to lose your salvation, why?  Because he lost his.

Now remember this.  And I shared that top scripture, to make the illustration from Christ.  But we all know the story.

The devil, satan, who was also called lucifer, was an angel on high.  An Arc angel.  He was beautiful to look at.  He was, we are told, light.  He was highly ranked….He though, wanted to lift himself up, on high, and was actually jealous of God.  He wanted the glory for himself.  

God took authority, and kicked him out of heaven.

So think about it.  Here was an angel, who was established in heaven.  He had authority.  He had his place, in the Kingdom of heaven.  He had rank, he had a lot going for him.  He had his place in heaven.  But something came over him, where he wanted more power, more authority, and so what did he do?  He rebelled!  

Rebellion in the sight of God, is not good.  Because the devils pride, thought, he could attain the position of God, and rule.  He wanted to take over heaven.  Jealousy too, that was just as bad.  

So scriptures tell us there was war in heaven.  And a lot of the angels that took sides with satan were thrown out of heaven.    Think about that.   Satan and his pals, that were devils, were thrown out of heaven.  

Do you see the connection here?  He lost his salvation.  They lost their salvation too!  

Why?  Because he and the other angels sinned against God.  

He lost his place in heaven.  He lost all the blessings of heaven, and his future, when its all going to be said and done, his future will be hell.  

It is written….King James written….  

My friends.  Please think about this as well.  There are many people, we love, who do not accept Christ as Lord and savior.  They won’t even accept Him, to ensure their salvation.  They deny Him.  Then there are those, who sin, and are not afraid of compromising, truth.  But they believe they are saved and going to heaven.  

But when Christ returns.  And He will.  There will be a separation, just like in heaven.  The Bible describes it as tares and wheat, it also describes it, as sheep and goats.  They will be separated.  

Can you just for a moment, realize how sad it was in heaven, when the devil did that?  It was betrayal, at the highest level.  And so it should not be any surprise, that it will happen to us here on earth.  Like the Lords prayer….On earth as it is in heaven.  

It is said, that when this happens, many will say, “Lord, Lord, and He will say, I never knew you”.   Can you imagine how sad that would be if your loved one, made it to heaven, but you did not.  And Christ said.  I never knew you?  

Separation, will happen but we now should not have anything to do with those who compromise truth.  Who choose to sin.  Who choose to disobey God.  Compromising, is disobedience.  We should separate ourselves from those who want to sin.  It corrupts us as well.  

So there you have to see, here was an angel, who rebelled, who betrayed God, and scripture tells us, God does not trust anyone.  Not even the angels.  Can we blame Him?    

So what makes any of us think we can sin, and God will not document that sin, and let us slide by grace?  You know everything we do is recorded in the books.  

In the lambs book of life, and the book of life.  Two separate books.  One describes what you did on the earth.  And the other is to see if you accepted Christ as your Lord and savior.  You want your name in the lambs book of life, and you don’t want it blotted out.  With an eraser that is called sin.  

You have to look at this.  Why would the Lord pardon sin, without repentance, if the devil did not repent?  He did not repent.  He could have….but that pride caused him to be be kicked out of heaven.  

Remember he lost his salvation.  If you want to call it that.  It was just given to him as an angel.  Saved for us, is knowing how precious what Christ did for us.  Knowing, He is the way, the truth, and life.  It is a choice!  Its not just handed down to you, to abuse.  You have to accept Gods terms.  (the King James bible)  

This is not religion this is relationship with God almighty, a covenant, a sealed promise from the King of Kings that makes it relationship.  

What makes you think you won’t lose your Salvation if you don’t repent?  

Something to think about….

Just my thoughts, and praising God, and thanking Him, myself for my salvation.  Take care…Just a reminder.  Of the above scripture.  


What fear is that?  Friends it is the fear of God.  Get it, claim it, it will keep you out of trouble, out of sin, and it is the most healthiest thing you can do.  For the sake of your salvation.   And if you have not accepted Christ, I implore you, make it right with Him.  Confess your sins, pray the sinners prayer, and get a good King James bible.  

He is the only one who can change our lives.  On earth, and when we die, if He is our Lord, we are promised eternity.  Don’t throw this chance away.   

Live for God.  Live for the one who gives you life, and life abundantly, because of His sacrifice for your sins on the cross.  Live for Him.  It is the sweetest sense of love.  Live….


Blessings, and love, Elena Ramirez 


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