AMERICA TIME TO PUT ON YOUR ARMOR OF GOD ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

IMG_3083America, are we losing our dependence to God?  So that we are trying to become independent of Him?  I think its time we really look and see and put on our armor of God.

I have my attire for today, the fourth of July, and if I had some cowboy boots they would be on my feet.  As a soldier of the Lord. As a patriot.

Theres only a few who might relate to what I am writing, but I sense it.   I love America.  I have said it before but I am a fourth generation Hispanic American with indigenous roots, so I have a sense of how precious America is.  

But I also sense with wisdom, we need to make some changes.  And I guess, it begins with putting on the armor of God.  With all I see in the news, and this election.  I think its time.  

We have to see, where we are, where we came from, and where we are going.  This election, has really opened my eyes, to some truths, that actually are frightening, if you see what God says, and what history tells us. Because the evidence is there.  Prophecy is being fulfilled. 

And what I see right now, from my own stand point, is we are headed in the wrong direction, as a nation.  Its the fourth of July weekend.  2016. And we have so much to contemplate, even now before the Republican Convention, and I am thinking we need a miracle.  

We have two candidates, and we are told to choose one or the other.  The lesser of evil.  And my conscience, and my soul screams no, I cannot vote for either.  Why?  Because God sees my vote. We need God to step in.

Its not too late.  We were built as a nation on the principles of God.  We were blessed by God.  Our forefathers knew this.  But what is missing now is a sense of who God is, and what He did for us, even from the beginning.  

We are disobedient, by taking the sacrifice of Christ as a nation, as something common. We are letting go of the “old ways.”  And that is not good.  Its not good for a person individually, or as a nation.  

God is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  I don’t care if it seems old fashioned.  To believe.  I know what God has done for me.  I know who God is!  He has shown me the difference!  He changed my outlook, my perception, He pulled me away from the gates of hell, and cleaned me up, and made me a new person in Christ.  He can do it for all of us.  We just got to repent and change our ways.  To His ways.   

Its been a few years, since I gave Him my life.  But I have grown.  I have not walked the fence between the world, and Him.  I have studied His word, my King James bible, and I know my part.  I have the armor of God on.  

The body of Christ, has got to get a hold of truth again.  We have prosperity pastors, who have influenced us so much, that we think we are entitled.  We are not.  They took their eyes off of the salvation message, which includes repentance.  And they have made it about self.  “Me, me, me“.  No wonder… non believers see through this crap, and won’t even commit.  

We are called to repent before God, and to keep His ways.  To obey.  In the fear of God. Because His wrath will be revealed.  We are called….To love God first.  And then one another, to serve, and instead we listen to these pastors, who have twisted scripture, and made it about self. To get support.  And its the wrong message any more.  Our nation of believers, are not even where we should be, because we have compromised, truth.  

Those who have followed my writings.  You know how I feel about the KJV bible, that it is holy and anointed.  That its the only Bible to use.  But so many disregard even the commandments to use this Bible, and have taken mans interpretation, as the holy word, and its wrong.

So this is the evidence of a falling away.  From God.  Unless we get hungry for word.  For true word. But if we do not.  God promises, there will be a famine of word.  I think we are in it now.  


I love words.  But I love Gods word.  Not mans word, not some publisher, who interpreted, changed, and disobeyed the many scriptures that warn us not to change His word.  

We have watered scripture down, we have changed our ways, that we no longer please God, so that people are not getting truth, but are being entertained, when they go to church.  Truth is so missing, from our pulpits.  So how can people be fed spiritually, if they aren’t even getting truth when they go to church?

There is such a disdain, and a turn off, for God, that people are rejecting God.  Sin, has hardened hearts, and we are actually desensitized to sin.  We accept it.  We accept it, in what we see on television, in our books, in our movies, and we accept it in people.  We allow it.  And so, it gives more freedom, in the name of freedom, to reject God.  But thats so wrong for us.

We are losing our freedom of speech, more, and more.  Men, organizations, are so ruled by self, which comes from satan himself, that in the name of freedom, they reject God, they reject truth, and anything that has to do with God, is being eliminated, little by little.  

We have to see the danger of this.  What does it say, if you cannot pray, at a game?  What does it say, if a church cannot even use the word Jesus, to advertise?  What does it say, when people are offended, because you believe?  

Blessed is the nation, whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.  Psalms 33:12. KJV.  

How can we be blessed, if we eliminate God?  If you do, you might as well, say cursed is the nation that does not have God, as their Lord.  For there is no inheritance.   Theres no hope.  There is no guidance.  

We have to get back to truth.  Like our forefathers. We have to get back to the old ways.  Of what God has established. We cannot let special interest groups, men, organizations dictate, and take away our freedoms, that our soldiers, have fought for, to give us this right.  Just because one atheist is offended.  

We have to see it.  I am just a woman, who knows this truth.  With my armor of God on. Nobody takes me serious, but I know, that I know.  If we do not get back right with God, and pray, and repent.  We will lose our nation.  We will lose our dependence.  Fourth of July, will just be a reminder of that.  

This is my thought for today.  May God have mercy on our nation.  So today, I thank God for who we are as a nation.  Still.  Yes, I ask God always to bless America, but even here, I ask America to bless God.

I pray, we get back to God.  Whatever that may take according to God. That we repent.  That we change some things.  Including our leaders, who do not serve God.  I pray, He raises up truth, and a leader who upholds truth, the Constitution. I pray its Cruz.  

This is one fourth of July, the great I AM is reminding me of the warning signs, for us to get it right before its too late.  To put on that armor of God.  

Maybe someone else will take this to heart, and make a difference.  I encourage you individually, to see this.  And to make a difference. For themselves, but for our nation.  

And for the record, this is not up for debate.  These are my thoughts, I have as an American, and I use my freedom of speech, for the glory of God.  

Blessings, Elena Ramirez 







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