So I have a strange dilemma. I have a neighbor, who is not always nice to me. In fact, I think I downright annoy her. She is short with me, and barely says hello. And well, I could react with that in return. But I try, I always try. To be nice, friendly, and kind.

I have noticed the last few times, when they go on vacation, they have not requested, or asked for us to water their flowers. I kind of think she thinks, I will just do it, but then when they come home, she really does not thank me, or us. But her flowers are alive.

So, they just took off yesterday, hubby was outside when they left. He asked as they loaded their trailer, and boat, how long they would be gone? They said Thursday. He said he asked, because that would have been a great time, to say hey, can you watch the house? Can you water our flowers. That was his way of trying to get a courtesy. But no, nothing was asked.

So common sense told me don’t water her flowers. And I feel like sure, I could let the flowers die, but what good would it do? It might teach her a lesson, to communicate, but by then the relationship we have would be at a worse strain. I could be that person and just look the other way. But thats not who I am.

So I have this saying on my wall. And I am praying for guidance, and I think, what would Christ do? And it came to me, water the flowers. Why? Because I see those flowers every day, out my window. I don’t have the heart to look at something and let it die, if I can save it.

Just like Christ, I want to save people. He is my example. Maybe thats why I am always reminding all of us to repent. To know, that we have to clean the slate with Christ. Maybe thats why, because love does things that don’t always seem like the right choice. But do we not know, Gods ways are not our ways?

I am not going to tell her I watered them. I am not asking for thanks. But I am going to just try and do things that love requires, that is not always the norm. I am not going to ask her to ask me to water her flowers. If she cannot see the error of her own ways, thats between her and God. In just being a courteous neighbor. You can’t make people do anything. But I can pray, and I pray God bless them.

Oh well. I may not see the fruit of it in others lives. But I can look out my window, and see those flowers are alive. Because I love, and love makes all things grow.


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