KNOWING THE DANGER OF ANGER ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez


When I write these posts “Just My Thoughts” or anything I write I usually do it with the goal to help someone, including myself.  Writing is an outlet, a way to express myself, that sometimes I am at a loss of words to speak.  

But when I write, I usually write from experience.  I mean who wants to listen to someone who does not understand, really what is happening, or who wants to listen to someone who may not even have the experience in some matters.  I do have that understanding in anger.  

After all, I am a warrior.  In many ways, I fight.  I fight, for what is right, and I fight for survival.  I fight, if I have to fight.  But in that I have also seen anger rise up in me.  I have seen a side of me, that has lost control.  And actually that is not a very pretty sight for anybody.  Because one can say, or do things, that are irreversible.  One can make some mistakes, that after the fact, will show no self-control.  And regret.  

Regret, is a terrible thing to have, even if you feel God forgives you.  Even if someone else forgives you.  Because if you have no self-control.  You see yourself, the error of not having self-control, and it will grieve you.  I have been grieved.  

And you need self-control.  You need to let the peace of God really rule your heart.  You cannot have that without Jesus.  Seriously.

I understand this.  I understand the anger in me any way.  I may not understand your anger.  But I understand, how hurt, pain, sorrow, no resolution to issues, can affect your spirit.  In anger.  Anger if not checked, can grow, and fester into a fire, that becomes out of control.  

So you need to know yourself.  But more then anything you need to know Jesus.  You need to know what He says about anger, and you need to know if you do not fix this even at a moment like this, where you are maybe at some peace, but you recognize the characteristic in you.  It could get out of control.  You want to be able to see it, stop it even now, and prevent anger.  

The thing with anger, and I have seen that in myself, is that something very trivial can set it off.  Spilled milk.  Seriously, self control has to see the symptoms, to stop it.  To give it to God.  

Yesterday, I was angry, for a moment.  Frustrated, and I cried out to God.  Please help me.  Because I have been dealing with something that has made me angry, for a very long time.  But I have been hiding it.  And yes, I have been dealing with it, but it could have gotten very out of control yesterday, but it did not.  I thank God.

I do not want it to be expressed in anger.  I want it to be expressed knowing God has an answer.  That peace, will rule my heart.  That I have control, because of who Christ is in me.  Just that cry out to God, helped me.  Because I realized, I need Him.  I surrendered myself to Him.  To His authority, to His ways.  To His truth, and love.  And the anger passed.  And to His glory, something happened, I got hope in this matter.  

I want to encourage you.  Because I know who Christ is.  And there is nothing too big, or too small for Him to handle.  He wants to help you.  But you have to let go of that pride, or anger, or self-will that says, I don’t need Him in this.  You do.  Believe me, you do.  We all need Him.  I don’t care who you think you are.  Those attributes you may have, or those characteristics that have been a part of any kind of success, you may have, can be gone.  So you need God. 

He is the only one who can change our hearts, our minds, our souls, our spirits.  Whatever it is friend, He can resolve it for you.  It may not even be in your time, but if you do your part, to begin the process, you will see the progress.  HE sees us, HE knows we need Him.  But we have to do the calling on Him.  He is the King of Kings, and Lord, of Lords.  He has the ability, we just have to submit to Him.  

I hope this helps someone.  I truly believe the Lord has me writing this for someone, who is so on the verge of exploding, that the consequences could be detrimental to your health, to your well being, to someone you love, or even your career.  Don’t let the devil have his way in this.  

Yes, we are all entitled to be angry, now and then, but in that anger, be careful it does not turn into sin.  Or you go to sleep with anger, there are reasons why God warns us not to do that.  


Give it to God, even now.  Give Him your anger, and sin not. He will help you.


Blessings, and love, in Christ,  Elena Ramirez





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