A letter to personal friends, friends, I know on Fb only, and friends, I cherish, friends, I hardly know. Friends, who are really no longer friends to me. Yet I call you friends.

Friends, I take that word seriously.

I want to start the New Year of 2017 on a clear slate. I want to make sure, that I ask God for forgiveness. First. Because He is our King. And well because sometimes, well, maybe I sin. And I don’t even know. That I have sinned. Maybe I think something, or do something, that may offend Him. So I repent.

But I want to take this further, with you my friends, so I write this as an open letter. I ask that you forgive me.

I ask you to forgive me, if I come off to strong. If I come off with maybe something you see as being, arrogant. Or I come off, like I am too good. Or a know it all. Forgive me.

I ask you to forgive me, if I write something, that you may take personally. And maybe, I did not think of you in that way, but you took it personally, as if perhaps I was judging you. Forgive me.

Forgive me, if I let you down. If I perhaps committed to do something, but something else got in the way, and you felt slighted, rejected, or put off by me. Forgive me.

Forgive me if I said I would do something, but it did not happen in the way you thought it would. Forgive me.

You see, more then ever, I want to be an expression of Christ. But I know, by wisdom, that we do not all see it all the same. We don’t always all agree. And we are all growing on the vine at different places.

If I share something, or tell you something, even generally, I would hope you would see, that I say it, I share it, because I love you. I love our Lord, and I love truth. I think the thing I hate most is a lie. I hate, how it deceives. Yet I know truth can hurt. So forgive me.

I just know as I look back on this year, that I have had good intentions, but they did not always come through that way. I felt misunderstood, I felt sad, that people change. But that I have too.

I felt sad when I was challenged, and I gave grace, but grace was not extended to me.

I just know its a part of life. We all may want to do the best, we can. but we don’t always come through. So, I reflect on my own life, to ask God and you all to forgive me, if I came across, your way, but you did not see love. You saw something else.

Forgive me. I reflect because I hope to learn from my mistakes. But I realize we all make mistakes. We all sin, we all come short of His glory. He is the only one that is perfect.

I really do want to try. I really do want to be a reflection of Christ. I really do want to clean the slate. Resolutions…. are wonderful goals, if they are committed by Christ.

I just pray, to be someone God will extend mercy to too. So thank you, as I ask for forgiveness.

I don’t care if someone does not understand this, or may mock this….but I know, being humble in the sight of God, and not being proud. Not being accountable, really hurts me more in the long run.

So, I say, Forgive me. Thank you, and God bless you….. May God bless your new year, in whatever you may do.

Elena Ramirez


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