Version 2I suppose I am writing this, because I detect this. Its as if it is a red flag to me. A warning sign, to be careful.  I sense it, when I see sarcasm, and mockery, for they can turn even the best intending Christian, into a Pharisee.

Do you remember the Pharisees, in relation to Jesus?

They upheld the law, but their religion, rules regulations, traditions made by them, could not accept Christ in His love, and in His truth. He was rejected. So much so, it was they who called him to be crucified. Yet it was the plan of God.

What you saw in them was sarcasm. Mockery, characteristics, religious tendencies, that hit people on the head, shot others with arrows, that identified, they were Pharisees.

So, I want to talk to my fellow Christian brothers and sisters. Not to the unsaved, for they do not have the spirit of Christ. But to those who have accepted Christ as their Lord and savior. For those who have come to the throne of grace, who have repented. Who have seen their own sins, who have humbled themselves, in the sight of almighty God. You have bowed before the cross, and you have accepted Christ as your Lord and savior. You realize He died for your sins.

I want to talk to you. To please beware. Of sarcasm, of mockery, of hidden disdain, that can poison your own spirit. Of strife, of lying. We are called to put off the old man. We have died with Christ, and live with Christ. So as we live, move, and have our being, our foundation is to be in love. His love.

In truth.

And sarcasm, mockery, has no place, for it then becomes idolatry, in a sense. For you are turning away from what Christ has called us to do, to walk in love, and you are embracing an idol, that is not Christ. This can pollute and taint your spirit. Beware….

I have seen religion all my life. I have seen people who say the are Christians, but they do as the world. They may for a time, walk in love, but then they turn, and they change, and they let their sarcasm, and spirits become polluted, with the Pharisee spirit.

To be honest, that scares me. And I know, I have come very close to it myself. But repentance my friend, is what has saved me. To identify it. To be aware of it. To walk away from it.

And yes, even to walk away from some I have loved. I see it symbolically. We are all marching in an army. As soldiers of the Lord, but if you sense your brother or sister, is throwing arrows, rocks, behind your back, as you march, aiming at you in sarcasm, you cannot trust that brother or sister in Christ.

Yes, we are called to forgive. But when I sense there is no true accountability, no repentance, I cannot trust a brother or a sister, who displays these fruits of the spirit, that are not of love. But come from a dark side, a side, that comes from the enemy himself.

We are to test and try each other, and to be a better example. I pray, you would just be aware of this. That you would see it yourself. Because it can come to any of us, so easily, if we are not walking in our Lords love, and wisdom. And making that conscience effort to depart from such things.

It tried to follow Christ, even to the cross. But His silence, even on the cross, spoke volumes to me. In Mark 15 of the KJV, it talks about how the Pharisees, the Romans, and the people who crucified, Christ, mocked, laughed, and how he silently refused the myrrh, that was given to him to drink. Water that was polluted. He rejected that. He was silent. But only in prayer to the father. Asking God, why have you forsaken me. Scripture in Mark 15:29, says


Are you mocking someone, who is holding up the cross, who is trying to serve the Lord?

Look I understand we do not all agree, we do not have the same callings. And yes, we may even debate, or argue.  But should we?  

For sarcasm is ugly.  And we must have wisdom to understand, we are all different.  Remember, get that check in your spirit, thats just it we are all different. We are all on the vine, with Christ in different stages. What I know, you may not know. What you know, I may not know. But we should never have a spirit of “I am better then you.” Or a spirit that tries to puff itself up.

We must always have love, front and center, even if we do not always have spiritual understanding, of some things. Or matters that are KJV biblical. But if you let sarcasm, be your focus, you will lose something very precious and great in this matter.

You will truly lose the understanding of what Christ did for you on that cross. Please, never take that for granted. No matter what you do.

Do not take it for granted. I hope you see this, and you will understand, you are only hurting yourself. And you may be hurting someone else, who could learn from you, but instead, they are seeing the Pharisee spirit.

Feel free to share this with other brothers and sisters in Christ, who you may need to minister to.  But please do it in love.  Not sarcasm.  

You see, we all sin, we all come short of our Lords glory.  All of us. 

Blessings and love, Elena Ramirez


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