NOTE TO SELF: ABOUT LOVE… By Christian Author Elena Ramirez


Concentrate on the love. Not the differences. Love a brother and a sister in Christ. Avoid, spats, minor, differences of opinion. Pray for others, whether right or wrong, we are called to love one another. Not just by word, but by spirit, and truth, as we worship our Lord. He sees. He knows.

Forgive, some things are not even worth pondering on. Yes, keep your dignity, in Christ, but as you sometimes shake the dust off, keep walking in love….Love never, ever fails.

Love is what Christ said we would be known by. Whether a baby Christian, or a seasoned Christian, does not agree. We are supposed to be on the same side. Love fears God. I do…..

Signed, In Christ, and His love, 

Elena Ramirez 


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