I LOVE TRUTH LET ME EXPLAIN WHY ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

IMG_0136I do love truth, and let me please explain why.  I love it first of all, because I discovered Christ is the way, the truth, and life.  

John 14:6, from my King James Bible tells me this…

So, as I even break up that scripture to describe my love for truth, it goes, to say, I love Christ who gave me a new life.  And He showed me the way.

Folks, life is hard, growing up, the way I did, and in situations, where life did not always provide, guidance, or support, or love for that matter.  I made so many mistakes,  because I was not in truth.  I would go with the flow of things, or I would find myself “compromising” many things, because thats what I thought people did.  Mostly, because I did not know better.  

I think I learned the hard way.  About truth but I have such a great love for truth now, that I also know its called discernment.  Discernment to know good and evil.  That does not come to you, if you are in any kind of deception.  Fact is, if there is even one small place in our spirits, that is not totally up for truth, as Christ’s way, in our life, well, we can be deceived.  

So, I long for truth.  I long for it in my life, in little things in big things.  I long to see truth, in government, and well, we don’t.  I long to see it in friends, and acquaintances, because its like being on the same page with God, if the goal for truth is sought after.  I long to see it in business, and just everything concerning me.  

As many of you know by my writings. I only want to use a King James Bible.  Because it is truth.  And this is what I recommend to anybody.  If you want truth, get on the same page with God, in His truth, not in mans truth, or a publisher, who have lied, by compromising it and changing it.  Even if one period is missing, or one word changed, that bible is corrupted.  

Oh many argue about authenticity, but I look at how long it has stood the test of time.  Over 400 years.  This truth, is holy, it is anointed.  I won’t waste my time on any other Bible version, because they are not from Gods throne.  They do not come from God.  

To understand truth, you have to always understand, a spirit.  The spirit of a lie.  Or the spirit of truth.  The spirit of a lie, will come to deceive, and it comes from the devil himself.  The spirit of truth, comes from Gods throne, and through the Holy spirit, we can learn truth, we can know truth, and we can know the difference between a lie, and truth.

Many people do not have discernment, to find truth, because they do compromise, in matters.  They do not totally submit to God, in truth, because they are tempted to do other wise, and they can lose their direction.  The little foxes steal the vines.  So, if one is compromising, in even a little thing, not being honest, with themselves, or others, I believe that can bring a spirit of delusion, which is a curse.  And yes that is King James scriptural.  

Because I know Gods ways are not my ways, I have peace.  I don’t understand the mystery of many principles, but because I do not, I trust God to show me truth, at a moments notice.  And He does.  I get the gut feeling, that thought if there is no peace in something, I should know, not to do something.  It also requires prayer.  But if my spirit, is up to no good, in trying to deceive, or dishonest, or lying, about anything, well, I find that truth can evade a person.

I do have discernment, and many times, I may speak truth, but it is rejected.  Or challenged, or denied.  Its not that I want to hit anybody on the head with truth, I hate that feeling myself.  But sometimes, one may get a warning about something, and you see the direction someone is going, and you want to warn them by truth, but its rejected.  

Truth has set me free.  Truth has opened my eyes.  Truth, Gods truth, is the most powerful, beautiful force, I have ever seen open doors.  Yet it is not promoted, in our society, its not mentioned often by anybody, and it seems to be put in the rear, for guidance.  Its not celebrated, embraced, or cherished.  In fact, there seems to be a spirit of deception, to keep one from the truth, and how that must grieve God.  

I cherish it, because I cherish what Christ did on the cross for me.  Because He loved me so much, and you, that He gave His life, so we could recognize His truth.  So we could recognize, He is that way.  To have life, and life abundantly.  

Without truth, its not abundant.  So I am very cautious of anything that represents itself as truth, but may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Or may be a counterfeit, or something corrupt.  I long for truth, and holiness, and purity, in my own soul.  Oh I know, we all sin, we all come short of the glory of God.  But if I cannot be honest to God myself, in truth, then how can I be effective?  But I long for His presence in my own life, and I just know, if I even lie to myself, that presence would leave.  

Christ is truth friends.  There is no greater example of truth, then who He is, what He did for us, and the ability He has given us, to understand Him, and truth.  In life, or death. 

So when I hear people talk about this new movie, the Shack, I wonder, why they would embrace something, that is not based on His holy word, and actually contradicts Gods truth?  What is it, in the mystery of life and death, that would cause someone to not see His truth in this?  

As I have written, the Lord, spoke to me one morning, and told me not to go and see it.  I had no preconceived ideas about it, but I will obey.  But it was ironic, that after, He commanded me not to go and see it, and yes, when He speaks to me, I know its a commandment…..  I than began to see the many warnings about it being heresy.  I know God tested me in this.  Because now I see the truth, in avoiding it.  

I don’t know His reasons, but I know, His voice, and that voice of truth, warned me, and I will obey.  Its not worth losing hearing His voice to compromise myself in anything that would take away truth.  Does that make sense?  And its not based on His truth.  So, I need not waste my time to see it.  Thats my thought anyway…..

Truth is a beautiful wonderful freeing thing my friend, that we need to embrace, and we need to promote, and we need to be an example of it.  

It is so needed in our world, and in our own personal lives.  I cannot live a lie.  Thats not truly living.  So I trust God, to find the way, to find my life in Him, because of who He is.

Truth is the only thing, I know, that will truly set me, or anybody free.  

Yes, I love truth…

Gods truth, and no other.  By the way, I have learned not to argue or debate about truth.  It stands on its own merit. 

By Elena Ramirez


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