IMG_3138WATCHING THE COMPANIONS YOU WALK WITH ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

I learned at an early age that people can influence you. They can corrupt you, they can ruin your life, if you don’t get wise.
Wisdom, sometimes, it does not come till much later in our lives. Because we have to learn through our mistakes. We learn through our sins, we learn through the lack of progress…
At least I did.
Anyway, I feel like I need to write this for someone. To warn you. There is….
Someone, that just is not good for you. You know it, but you need to know what God says…. Because you keep going with it. Maybe you love that person, maybe you keep forgiving…. But the bottom line is this person is destructive, and will be the ruin of you.
You are unequally yoked with this person. There is no understanding, or respect to you, for your love for God. You need to get away….
Scripture tells us to not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever. I could write the scripture down here for you.
But you need to start searching, and growing in the Lord.
Get a King James bible. Then get a concordance, a good Bible King James bible app. Put in the words, “unequally yoked.” Or righteousness, darkness, also as options. To find the scripture. (clue its in II Corinthians)
Keep growing my friends, and be careful who you walk with….

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