DO YOU STEAL YOUR OWN BLESSINGS? By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

IMG_3150.jpgI prayed about this dream that I had.  I won’t give the details but. …. I felt like the Lord, was telling me, we can steal our own blessings.  By the things we do.  So it made me think, even to write this.  

Because if I can help you see, I know I am helping myself as well.  It reinforces us, as the body of Christ….But if there is something we are doing that is stealing our own blessings, we need to recognize it.  I want to.  To obey God.  So it made me think….

By the short cuts we take.  By cutting corners, in even not give God praise, or thanks.  Where we are silent, when we should be shouting to the rafters who we are in Christ. By maybe even taking advantage of a situation…. hmm. 

Today, we went and had a breakfast, after losing something.  And we found it.  But not after prayer.  This thing was lost.  Where it was found, it had been searched in that same place, five times.  Yet it was missed.  But I prayed, and I prayed hard.

When I prayed today, there was a break through.  It was as if, I knew, that I knew God heard me.  And it was as if God was telling me, for the big thing I want, I need to press in like that, for a little thing.  Pray with faith…. not just words. 

Well, we went to eat breakfast out.  We ordered.  Hubby, during our breakfast, wanted a cup of coffee.  We tried to get our waitresses, attention, but she did not see.  So I flagged down the bus boy.  He got the coffee.  When she came back, we told her, but she did not add it to our bill.  So when we went up to the register, we told the cashier, and she was so impressed, she said its good to be honest.  

I told her; “We don’t want to lose our own blessings.  And it dawned on me, we can lose our own blessings, we can “steal” from ourselves!  My dream was prophetic….

And so if we do, if we even give the enemy an inch, and call that a blessing, but if it is, by wrong doing….that is wrong in the sight of the Lord.

Yesterday, someone asked for prayer.  I felt the Holy spirit tell me, give this scripture, and make sure, they know its to be claimed from a KJV for the holiness, and anointing.

A couple of people responded, and one said, whats the difference, they are all the same.  I explained, that they are not.  I explained, that God has given many scriptures, not to change, add, or delete scripture.  

Then one other person, who wanted to argue, told me, that what we are doubting who God is, and His power, by merely a bible version.  He said, we are to trust the Holy spirit.  To lead us.  

I told him, he could use whatever version he wanted.  But, how could the Holy spirit, be in a lie?  How can that be Holy?  How can that be God leading us?…..When these versions, have been corrupted, when they disobeyed God, by changing them?

Well the lady who was a friend on that post, deleted my comment.  And it ticked me off.  Not because I wanted to argue or debate it, but these are the words from God not me.  I had given Deuteronomy 4:2, and Revelation 22:18-19.  She deleted Gods word.  That ticked me off.

And so, I found this scripture below, because I needed a word.  

I believe in truth, but I asked God to help me maintain my peace in this matter.  This person, was now arguing with the Holy spirit not me.  So I was released.  But I did unfriend her, without even arguing about it. 


Friends, I just feel like not only can we steal from ourselves.  But if we think God is silent, in a matter, and perhaps we do not see His correction, we can think we are getting away with something.  There will be a time, the wrath of God will be revealed.  Look at that scripture again…..

When in truth, as well, we are “stealing” from ourselves.  

Many of you know how I feel about this, when it comes to only using a King James bible.  And you mock me. You don’t believe me.  It goes in one ear and out the other.  You don’t even respond any more.  

These are His words, that you are despising, if you do not obey God, by only using a KJV.  

But I am not argue about it.  Like I did not argue with that lady. It felt good, to just say, Lord you take care of it.  But I don’t want to be unequally yoked with darkness.  

Look all I can say, and you can judge yourself.  Do you steal your own blessings?  Is there a reason, your answer is not coming through?  If you are believing half truths, and half lies from a corrupt Bible…..

Isn’t that stealing from yourself?

Just a thought,

Elena Ramirez 



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