Version 2If I was searching for religion, I would want truth.  I would want something, that would bring me closer to God.  So, I could understand myself, others, life, how to grow, how to love others, how to know what God wants.  How to survive.  

More then anything how to thrive in life.    

There are so many reasons, to search in our spirituality, and to try and tap into religion, but I see, and I understand, why so many are turned off with religion.  

Or how some get misled.  Or fall into cults.  Being gullible, wanting God, and believing those who say they know Him.  Yet they get misled.  

First of all lets just define what religion is, or what it is to me since, I am writing this:

Religion, is rules, regulations, rituals, traditions made by men and groups.  These rules, regulations, are determined and maintained, by these people, without always having the benefit of truth, from say, a King James bible.  

Its not really based on truth, or what God says, but what this group, or people, or persons have determined as truth, and has nothing to do with real relationship with God, through Jesus Christ.  

These people leave out one great element, and that is love.  Not the fleshy kind of love, from lust.  I am talking about holy love.  Love that comes from loving God first, then by love for Gods truth, His commandments.  And just Him.  And loving others.  Strange how they leave that love out.  And that it is a commandment.  They leave it out.  They say mean spirited things, that don’t sound like that love.  You have to listen carefully.  

The sad thing though, is many claim they do.  They claim this is what God wants, or they claim this is what they believe scriptures say.  They twist, manipulate scriptures, and either corrupt the truth, to base their thoughts on.  But their is an element of deceit, in how they discern, or understand, what the scriptures say.  They put their own slant on it, and thereby corrupting what the truth is.  They pick and choose.  

Beware of those who flatter, or tickle your ears, and don’t give complete truth.  You need to know what the hell and brimstone message is, so you can repent, and get right with God.  

Many churches, false leaders do not teach the fear of God.  Nor do they teach what scriptures say about the consequences of sin.  That there is a price to be paid, if one is not right with God, and that hell is the sinners destination.  


Its here in the King James scriptures, in many other places, of this bible, and if you are not seeing scriptures on hell, in your corrupt revision.  It could be you are not seeing it from a King James bible.  GET A KING JAMES BIBLE.  Its holy, and we are commanded anyway not to change it, so that means not using something that has been changed.  

If you are not hearing that message clearly, at church, that is a spirit of religion, and I would leave that church.  A true pastor will not only warn his parishioners about hell, but he will love them from the pulpit, like Christ would.    Like a true shepherd, as Christ is.  

I just saw a movie on Netflix, about a pastor, who departed from truth, and has an “inclusive” message, where he believes everybody is saved anyway.  And where he did not believe there was a hell.  And that message is so wrong.  But I can only imagine when he meets a searching soul, who believes that nonsense, he will be used by the devil to deceive that soul.  And the movie was good, but it lacked strong conviction, that this pastors message is wrong.  As I viewed it, it comes from a place where its sympathetic.  And sympathy is nice, but he still needs to see, his message misleads.  And he is the blind leading the blind.  He does become branded a Heretic.  But its so vague, that only one who truly knows truth, could discern, the difference.  

The movie is entitled:  Come Sunday, if you are interested, in seeing it, and by what I share with you, maybe you can relate.  Because if you saw someone standing by hells fire, you need to shout to them to repent, and get away from it.  Because hell is real. 

Maybe this is why I write.  Because I see so many fall for false prophets, and their lies.  They believe the wolves in sheeps clothing.  

I want to warn you, now, to search for God yourself.  Don’t let your mind, soul, spirit be swayed by lies, or part truth, and part lies.  You need to search for God yourself.  So you can know.  Religion, will not do that.  

Its a turn off to many.  And I understand it.  The worst kind, of religion, is when someone says they are a Christian, but they twist, and manipulate, pick and choose the scriptures they want, but leave out everything else God says.  Religion.  Rules made by men or women, to justify what they want you to think.  And its wrong. 

I have been seeing so many wolves in sheeps clothing, if you see some of my writings, lately, and what I have been writing, you can tell, I have been watching some in the body of Christ, who call themselves “Christians” and they have religion, instead of taking the truth of the gospel, and applying it to bring truth, to even those who would even listen to them.

So, if I was searching, which I am not, because I know truth, to set me free.  One could be turned off, by these phony prophets, these phony Christians, and one might totally reject God, and thats so wrong.  

I know the difference between religion and relationship, and I have relationship with Christ, by what He did on that cross, by my King James bible, and through prayer.   By seeing, I needed to repent.  By seeing, I need to fear God, and try to obey Him.

I am not searching, because I know God, according to my King James bible, by my own trial and error, and by repenting, clearing the slate.   I know, because I do fear God, and thats something that keeps me out of hot water.  But I search for my Lord daily, and that is where I know the difference.  I know His voice, and to another, I will not follow.  


JOHN 10:4-5  King James.  

Look, I don’t know who my audience is here.  But don’t let religion, or false prophets, or mean spirited Christians turn you off from God.  Don’t stop searching for God.  

You may have met someone who turned you off totally in this great quest for God, that you believe, that people who have “religion” have traits, that have shocked your senses.  And that we are all the same.  We are not!  

And you don’t want anything to do with them.  I understand that.  I stay away from them too.  But I do search for God, and He and I share, and I understand, what His truth is.  You need truth, friend.  

Don’t search for religion friend.  Search for God, search for the relationship you can obtain, by truly searching for the King of Kings.   Like I said, in my last post, about Joyce Meyers, one should follow Christ.  Never a person. 

I would start by just a prayer.  Repenting, admitting, your sins.  Asking God to cleanse your soul, asking God to forgive you.  Telling, God you want to love truly, based on who He is, not what someone has told you.  Or implemented as a rule for you.  

See there are rules and regulations, His commandments and laws, and if you want to please God, you need to see yourself what they are, so you have to search.  Don’t deny the law.  Don’t listen to messages that tell you that you don’t need the law.  We do.  

I recommend a King James bible.  For holiness.  Those that read my writings, know, I promote this very much.  Because I have seen the corruption, the compromising of changing the word, so it deceives.  So use only a King James bible.

Pray to Him daily.  And I also believe in daily repentance to God.  Every day, we can sin, if we don’t repent.  This keeps the slate clean. Talk to Him.  He is your greatest friend.  He will never leave or forsake you.  He will be there, but you have the responsibility of maintaining the relationship yourself.  

You need to keep it up, or you will get cold.  If you have gotten cold, repent, start over, and begin maintaining the relationship with all your heart, soul and mind.


Grow, love, and always remember what Christ did for you on the cross, is not religion, but relationship, so you can be right before the Father, God almighty.  

Yes, I understand how religion can turn people off.  But you have a duty for your own soul, to search for God, in this thing called relationship.  

Blessings, and love, in Christ…..

Elena Ramirez 

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