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Elena Ramirez's Mission is to bring glory to God, inspire his people, and speak a word of truth to the lost. To do this, in the Fathers love, and very mindful of the sacrifice of Christ. To uphold the word of God, as the final word, in all she does. Trusting, and believing, God will use her life as a testimony, in all that she has learned, and gone through, because his mercy, and compassion's do not fail. Her life is a testimony, of God's healings, restoration, and hope, because she sees the difference, before knowing Christ, and now obedient, to him. In truth, and love. I am seeking employment, to write for your newsletter, blog, or newspaper. I am dependable, and trustworthy, and I truly believe, this is my gift and calling. I want to see the world know Jesus Christ. Even if I can bring one soul at a time to his throne, to know his love. For he has been loving, and merciful, forgiving of my sins. Writing my name in his book of life. I want to write a Prayer of Hope, to fulfill this. Thank you, Elena Ramirez Please write to me, at prayerofgod@comcast.net and take a few moments, to look at other Web pages, I have created, to the glory of God.... http://home.comcast.net/~prayerofgod/index.html Main Web Page http://home.comcast.net/~prayerofgod/prayerofsalvationlink1.htm Salvation Prayer to share, freely, for those unsaved. http://www.dearelenaachristianperspective.blogspot.com NEW "Dear Elena" A place to ask questions, make comments, with a Christian perspective. check it out. http://www.elenasprayerofhope.blogspot.com Poetry, prayer, and scripture http://www.elenasjustmythoughts.blogspot.com OTHER "Just My Thoughts" Commentaries Elena Ramirez Prayer of God Ministries P.O. Box 1033 Wheatridge, CO 80034

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