I believe in God the Father, creator of mankind, creator of heaven and earth. The creator of the universe.

I believe in His commandments, and laws, and everything He tells us, to obey, I want to obey. In fear of God, as He tells us to fear Him.  I believe fearing God is healthy for me, and keeps me in line, and protects me. I fear God, knowing He is not mocked, and we reap what we sow. Because I fear God, I accept His grace, but I do not want to ever compromise Him, and His ways.  In this fear of God.

I believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of the true living God. I believe He is the word, I believe He came to destroy the works of the devil. I believe when He walked this earth, He left many a testimony to prove His power, and authority, and healing touch.  I believe in His love, and the power of love.  True Love.  Holy love, not love, tainted by sin.  But pure, because of who He is.  I believe in His words to love one another, to forgive, and so much more.

I believe He suffered, was crucified on the cross, died, and was buried. And in those three days, after His death, and He was buried.  He fought the devil, and got the keys from hell, so in believing in Him, I would not have to go there, for He paid the penalty of my sins, on that cross, and by His resurrection on that third day, the proof, is, life eternally with Him. I believe, He is the only way, to the Father, for He is the way, the truth and life.  

I believe, because I have repented, and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord, and savior. I have a place in Gods Kingdom.  I believe Jesus Christ has broken every curse, even generational curses, in my blood line.  I believe He is the only one who can.

I believe because when I accepted Christ as my Lord, and savior, things changed, my thinking changed, my disposition changed.  The blinders came off, and I began to hear Gods voice, not confusion.

I believe, in the power of the blood, there is nothing greater then our Lords blood, that is Holy, and anointed, and pure.  So I believe in pleading the blood of Jesus, in all areas.  

I believe, by His stripes I am healed.  Christ suffered, greatly and even as I think of His suffering, and each lash He took, He took it so I could be healed.  And so you can be healed.  In spiritual matters, which come first then to physical matters.  Because if our souls can get healed, so can our bodies, and it comes in that order.  I believe…. 

I believe there is an adversary, who is not Gods equal, the devil. Gods power, triumphs the devil every time. I believe God kicked Him out of heaven, and all the other angels, that were not obedient to God.  And betrayed Him.  According to scripture.  

But I know the adversary, would always want to deceive, and cause me or any of us to fall. His role is to confuse, and he will use anybody or anything he can to cause spiritual blindness.  The devils many goals, is to try and stop any of us from walking in Gods ways. And more then anything, he wants to blind people, so they do not know Jesus Christ.  He wants to stop people from being saved, and knowing Christ.

He wants to stop people from knowing Gods true holy word.  The King James bible, he wants to corrupt holy word.  He always wants to pervert truth.  

So, I want to be aware of His devices, His characteristics, of jealousy, for he was jealous of God.  He always reveals himself in lying, stealing, and killing, and by giving into sin, that would give him a legal right to attack.  But he is also known for being light, and was an angel of light, so he does disguise himself.  I believe God shows me these disguises, and gives me discernment, to know good and evil.    I do not want to play or dance with the devil.  I do not want to give place to Him.  I do not want to disobey God, and seek other spiritual matters that would compromise my walk with Christ.  

I do believe disobedience by seeking other entities, is evil, and brings evil results.  I do not want to hear and listen to any other voice then Christ.  I truly believe, that more curses are brought by this kind of spiritual disobedience.  And I want Gods blessings, and approval, not mans, nor anybody else.  

I believe in conviction that comes from God and not condemnation, that comes from the devil.  

I believe in the beginning Adam and Eve sinned.  I believe we all received the curse of it.  But I believe, it could have been different, if Adam and Eve had consulted God even one more time, instead of taking the word of the devil.  We would have walked in the plan of God, and mankind would be different.  I believe God did not want Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of good and evil, because He wanted us to be pure. I believe the devil lied. And in that lie, we see who the devil is.

But I believe, God punished us for their sin.  We all sin, and do come short of the glory of God.  And there is consequences to sin, and that by the wages of sin is death, and that could be spiritually and even physically.  

And that is why I believe repentance is a good thing, even daily to keep a heart, and spirit, clean and right before God, for thoughts, for being naive, and for not always understanding.  I believe in Gods grace.  But I believe He did not abolish His law, as many perceive, law over grace.  I believe in not compromising His truth, nor His grace.  

I believe Salvation can be lost.  I believe, a person can accept Jesus Christ, but if they do not know, or not aware of the enemy, their name can be “blotted” out of the Book of Life.  Many because they do not fear God, do not understand or know that this can happen.  But once saved is not always saved, and I believe the many scriptures, by this key word, of blot, indicates salvation can be lost.  Found only in the King James Bible.  

I believe in the authority of God, His power and His love, that He gives me in my King James Bible.  To understand His ways, His commandments, His truth.  I do not believe in other Bibles.  I do not trust the authenticity, the holiness, or the anointing in other Bibles where words that have been corrupted by men, and publishers throughout the ages.  I believe God preserved His Holy word, the King James Bible.  For over four hundred years, and even though it was also translated, God set it apart for such a time as this, and determined to have it as the main source of truth, for He says in many places, to not touch change, corrupt, add, or delete His word, and other Bible versions have disobeyed God in this, and yes changed it.  This again, is why I believe the devil wants to corrupt it, and deceive people, so people will be blinded, nor know their authority they can have in Christ.  

I believe in prayer, and the power of communicating with God. I believe that the Holy spirit, intercedes for me, when I know not what to say, or what to do.  I believe God knows everything, I say, think or know.  He knows a matter from beginning to end, and so as scripture says, He knows when I will seek Him.    When I don’t know what to do, He does, and I believe by His Holy Spirit, in which I believe in He gives me wisdom, and understanding, even that gut feeling.  I believe in that feeling, for I submit to God, resist the devil, and the devil must flee.  But I must constantly seek God, I must pray without ceasing, I must love God with all my heart, soul, and mind, and I do. 

And because I believe in God, and love God only, I do not pray to any other entity but through Jesus Christ.  I do not pray to saints, or the mother of God, for scripture is very clear in these matters.  God is a jealous God, and I believe praying to anyone else can bring curses.  Even generational.  

I believe in disciplining myself.  By the power of God, His authority, prayer, and knowing His Holy word, my King James Bible.  I believe, in order to grow, I must learn.  I must know Gods ways.  I believe in this discipline, I must seek God.  I must not take time with Him for granted.  I believe, whom He loves He corrects, and yes it is by what I have reaped in my own life, that has shown me, He loves me, so He corrected me.  I do not want to repeat a manner of sin, it may be a mistake, of being naive, but anything else after that is pure disobedience, and I do not want to subject myself to punishment.  So I “try” and discipline myself.  But I must be close to God, and watch myself, to avoid sin, or any trappings of sin.  Even from others.

I believe, in testing and trying of others, to see the fruit, of their intentions.  I look to see if others walk in love, concerning me.  But more, concerning the matters of God.  Do they walk in love?  Do they accept all people of other races?  Do they take only part of Gods message?  For instance the prosperity message?  What Bible do they use?

I know I am called to love but those that have ulterior motives, I pray God reveals to me, so I can depart.  For I am called to not walk in darkness.  I forgive, but I believe, in trusting my instincts, as to whether or not who is a true friend in Christ.

I believe in following Christ, and not people.  I believe in a relationship with Christ, and not religion.  For I believe religion is rules and regulations made by people.  They may have good intentions, but if they are not based on my King James Bible, I reject them.

I know we are all growing, but if I see anything that gives me a red flag, I am careful.  For I know people can fall, but Jesus and who He is will not fall.  His ways, His truth, is for eternity, and I believe Christ will return again.  I do not know the hour or the time, or the moment, but I always want to be ready in my Heart.  But I believe, we are in end times, and why even reading this may want you to ensure your salvation with Christ.  Because we never know….but we must trust God, and try to teach others, and help others by the example of Christ.  

I want to continually grow, and know I can grow, by learning His truth, and ways.  I want to be the best I can be in Christ, and I know the only way I can is by Christ, His love, the Father, and His love, and I never want to grieve the Holy Spirit, who is witness, to everything I say, do think or know.

I believe in the trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  And I believe with love.

I believe in my country the United States.  I believe God has blessed this land, and we truly are one nation under God.  I believe, that men and women, have died for my right to be free, but Christ died for all of us, and our souls to be free.  

I believe this nation and yes the nation of Israel, is the promised land.  I support and pray for my nation, and the nation of Israel.  I pray for other nations, but I believe because the earth is the Lords, and the fullness thereof, anyplace can be a place of hope. A place of Gods order.  But because I am a United States citizen, I believe in my country, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the laws of this country that honor God.  I believe in the American flag, and its colors of red, white and blue.  I believe a good patriot is proud of the flag, and displays it, again, knowing men and women have died for it, and it is to be honored.

I believe in freedom of speech, and know, this country is great because of God, and only God.  I believe though, that if we do not change our ways, this country can lose its vision and the foundation of who we are in God.  We can lose our rights, if we do not stop and see truth.  I do not believe in changing our country and its policies to please other people.  I believe in legal immigration, not illegal.  I believe in all the systems that have been in placed, to protect us in our country.  And I do not believe we should always change things, for others, or to practice ideologies that goes against our Constitution.  I believe in unity, no matter what ones affiliation may be, either Democratic or Republican.  Why?  Because a house divided will fall, and being in unity with nation and God, makes us stronger.   

I believe in honoring the United States, in every way.   I believe that even though others do not agree with me, or who I am in Christ, they have no right to prohibit me from expressing my faith, or my testimony, or who I am in Christ.  That is discrimination.  This is persecution.  No one has that right to choose, how one believes.  Or to deny faith.  And I believe, as an American our forefathers protected that right for us in the Constitution.  If some does not agree, it is there right to not believe, or to believe in what they want. God is a gentleman, but I would not recommend it, because again, I know God.  I would not recommend getting involved with those who are haters.  And I know God punishes those who come against His people.  He has His ways, and people do not understand how terrible it is to come against a person of God.  He says touch not my anointed, and I believe, because I have seen it, and also know according to scripture God will curse someone, who does these things that come against Him.  For He says He is not mocked, and we reap what we sow.  There again, that fear of God should remind us all.  

 I believe, if I can I can show who I am in Christ, and carry myself in His truth, I pray to help others.  

I believe in life, and honoring life, and for the most part, every living thing has a right to live.  I do not judge, in this matter, but I must use good God fearing judgment, when it comes to the matters of life, and abortion.  I do not believe in abortion.  I do not believe a woman has a right to kill her baby.  That right I believe comes from God.  For God says, thou shalt not Kill.  I believe, that baby needs protection, because it is defenseless, but I truly believe we need leaders to stand for what is right in this matter.  

I do not believe in homosexuality, and that it is right for two men, or two women to marry.  I believe in the sanctity of marriage, between a man and a woman, in holiness, in the sight of God.  I believe, that God can change someone, if they were or homosexual.  

I do not believe in condemning anyone, for their choices. but I do not promote it, as well.  I do not see it as healthy, but as a perversion.  And I believe what Gods word says, concerning these matters.  I believe in loving the sinners, but truly hating the sin.  

In conclusion, because I believe in God, the Father, The Son, of God, and the Holy Spirit of God.  I believe in miracles.  I believe, God can intervene in anything, and make a wrong right.  He can heal, He can provide, He can protect, He can create something out of nothing.  For you see, the devil wanted me to think I was nothing, but God has shown me throughout my lifetime who He is.  He has shown me His love, and the countless times, He has stepped in and shown me the power, the majesty, of who He is.  I believe in the beauty of who He is, in these miracles, and I believe, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I believe I have the mind of Christ.  

I believe in the gifts and callings He has given me.  In my writing.  But in order for this gift to be effective, and blessed, I must constantly seek His Holy word, and study, and pray.  In who I am in Christ.  I know, and believe, He gives me a word in due season, even for such a time as this, to express His truth, for I am a believer in truth, and I am a searcher for His truth, and ways.  

And if I do not know, in this which I believe or see, I humble myself, and I believe, pride can hinder me.  I believe in apologizing, I believe, in being kind, and merciful, and caring, with compassion, as Christ.  I believe in love, again, and again.  For I believe love never, ever fails.  

And because I believe, as a disclaimer, none of these things I believe in, is up for debate.  Or an argument.  I believe, we all will stand before God, and what we believed in.  At the end of our lifetime, but I also believe we reap what we sow, in this lifetime, and there are consequences, when we do not believe, as we should.  So I believe in being careful.

 If I am wrong about anything I believe in, I know God can correct me or change me.  Because He loves me, and who He loves, He corrects.  And believe me, when I say, this He has corrected me, time, and time again, and I receive these corrections, knowing it is for me to be a better soul. So I know, that I know God loves me.  And I want to be corrected by Him, not people. But because He judges me, I discern, when people do not walk in love, and want to judge me. I am open to constructive love criticism, when it is given in love.  But if love is not there, I reject that. So because of that, I do not want to be judged in what I believe in as well.  Because it is His truth, and my truth, that I have embraced.  And I believe. 

I believe because I was lost, but now I am found.  I believe, because I have been broken, and had no hope, and made so many mistakes, and yes sinned greatly.  But I believe because when I accepted Christ as my Lord and savior, He put me on the right path.  I believe He has forgiven me.  

I believe in the armor of God, and that no weapon formed against me will prosper.

I believe, He blesses me, with health, and wealth, and goodness from above.  I believe because He gave me love, He gave me a husband, and a son, and a home and every day that I live, He restores me.  I believe because there is no greater love, than His.  That God has proved.  

I believe….  and I cannot write all that I believe here, but if it is based on Gods truth, my King James bible.  I do believe…..and believing, has given me….. faith.   And how to have it.   I believe, as I wrap this up, that my life, is to bring glory to God.  In all aspects of my life.  I believe, He has given me wisdom, and understanding to know, so many things.  But what good is it, if I do not give God glory.  So I pray, every thing I do, even from here on, brings glory to God.  For there is none else.  But God.  


ISAIAH 43:10-11


Elena Ramirez




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