THE BODY OF CHRIST NEEDS TO BE UNITED ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez


The following is a situation, where a friendship dissolved.  My friendship.  With someone, I cared about deeply as a Prayer partner, friend, etc. But do you ever see something, and you realize, this is something that could be rectified?  That this happens often.  I wrote this, but the impact of it opened my eyes.  We are not united, as Christians.  And this is part of the problem.  So read this, knowing yes its personal.  But it is also something that affects the body of Christ.  

This is a card, I got from someone, I called a sister, and a friend in Christ.  My Prayer Partner.  Someone, who I truly thought was family.  In the family of God. She gave it to me, years ago.  I never got rid of it, and just recently, ran across it.

It actually pained me, to see it.  Because it was such a sweet sentiment.  It was, I thought, just another reminder, to be faithful in Christ.   That we both had tried to share, in giving.  Nurturing. To each other.  In Christ.  

Because of Christ, and who He is.  He who loves us, and is the great intercessor, who intercedes on our behalf.  He taught us to love one another.  He taught us to pray, and to forgive.  

So, I had never worried about the friendship.  Maybe I should have, been more alert, more watchful, but it was something, I was very comfortable with, and had faith in.  

Somehow, and I saw it once.  I saw there was a lie.  And I won’t go into details, but I knew better, I saw the discrepancy, and yet still offered grace.  

But, the friendship dissolved.  And I see a lot of that, not only with this situation.  But I see Christians, who take the bait from the enemy.  And they disagree, and they leave no room for grace.  Or for, forgiveness, or just the ability, to resolve issues, without, a complete dissolving.  

People are thrown out of churches, for maybe not agreeing, and people would rather, have their pride, then try and resolve things.  Pastors, do not love their sheep, they throw them out to wolves.  

What happens with that, though, when its not broken, the power of unity, can move mountains.  It can heal the sick.  The power of agreement in prayer, with Christians, can bring God into a situation.  Christ, said, He was in the midst of those when there are two or more in agreement, in prayer.  

I know, because there was power, in our prayers, we prayed together.  In a prayer of agreement, and Christs love.  We both felt the presence of God.  We would worship the Lord together, raise our hands, and it was a blessing.  As we prayed.  

I actually miss it.  It was comforting, to go to someone, to ask for prayer.  I remember once, we prayed, I had lost my diamond out of my wedding ring, and she prayed, and as I looked down, it was on the floor, at the moment of prayer.  That was anointed. 

So, yes, I see the enemies hand in all of this.  Lies.  And if that characteristic shows up, the truth, is put to the side.  

In this particular situation, it took such a strange turn, that I still am shocked, when I think about it, at what was expressed, to me, but that I also became very stubborn, to not try and resolve it.  And for the record, I forgave, I tried to express that.  

But, there was nothing I really could do, at this point.  So, I walked away.  

Do you notice, people are not accountable?  They cannot debate, or reason with one another, without insulting?  Or use other methods of communication, unless its their way?  

I see that in other situations as well.  The finger pointing.  The accusing.  I see that in politics, in the church, with other Christians.  

These are world tactics.  And we as Christians are not called to be like the world.   The pride, stops Gods work. No wonder, God says, He hates pride. 

But it does get me mad, righteously indignant, that the devil, can divide people.  And that’s his entire purpose.  To kill, steal, and destroy.  And especially those who are united in prayer.  He wants to break up the body of Christ.  Because when we are in agreement, there is power.  

This is why, and I always try to hammer this.  But this is why, I use a King James bible, to be in agreement with Him.  Because the word is holy, anointed, and not corrupted by someone who changed it.  Its Gods voice, and there is great power in using a King James.  But its difficult to get folks to see that.  It would be nice if I even had someone to pray with concerning that, in a prayer of agreement.  But I no longer have that.  

But, I will always pray.  Even if it is by myself.  As an intercessor.  Who writes prayer, and I know that, as my gift and calling.  Yes, the power of agreement, in prayer is beautiful.  But one just needs Jesus to go the throne of God, and to seek Him, with His word, His promises.  Whether people agree or not. I guess, the benefit, of having someone agree with you in prayer though, is the speed of it.  I would think. I don’t know, but its beautiful when there is agreement in prayer.  

I believe in prayer, and the power of prayer, when there is obedience.  But it seems there is no power lately, with being united.  Even in our country.  Notice how divided we are?  As a nation. 

I am sad, this person, could not see that.  Because she thought and stated, that the friendship was only for a season.  But I don’t see any where in the bible, where it says, friendship is for a season.  In fact, in Proverbs 17:17  KJV it states:


Words, do have power, that were spoken.  That it was only for a season, so I honored it.  The case was closed.  

How many other friendships, in Christ are dissolved, because of pride? Or just wanting to be right, and to have an attitude?

I don’t know.  All I know, is you cannot control people, with these kinds of methods.  I have never been into manipulating anyone.  Or trying to make them do something, that really is not from God.  And I myself, do rebel against such tactics.  

I have prayed.  But after a while, when the answer seems to be no.  You realize, that it could have been a test.  

I just saw things where, I knew, I had to stay loyal to God.  Where, no matter what, I could not compromise.  As much as I wanted to do so, I could not.  And will not. 

But I do pray, the body of Christ, and people would learn, yes, Christ tells us to forgive.  But in there, is a place, where we do have to be accountable, repentant, apologetic, humble, even to one another, and see the error of our ways, or we don’t grow.  

And we have to repent to God first, then to one another.  Why do I state God first?  Because God will not forgive us unless we ask for forgiveness.  And people think grace covers it.  And yes, grace is nice, this is what I offered in that situation.  But grace can be abused.  

But God is not mocked.  In any way.  I know this about my Lord, my Father.  We reap what we sow.  And it can be grievous.  Reaping from sin, can be so heart breaking.  I know, I have reaped from my own sins.  Things that are not reversible.  Because of being foolish, not praying.  Or asking for guidance.  

But these things happen, because we are not taught to repent.  We are not taught to apologize.  In fact, look around, when do you see repentance or apologies?  This is why the body of Christ needs to be united!

So, we always have to get right with God first.  We always have to be repentant, in His sight, or pride will creep up.  And therein, is the problem.  I had hoped, she would have seen the error of this.  But she did not.  

Thats what I had hoped for, it did not happen.  

I just know this.  I will never, ever trust anybody like that again.  See this was something that had touched my soul, but it made me realize, well, if God doesn’t trust the angels, how can He trust us?   Sad, that we cannot always trust each other.  

I think we all need to work on that.  I just want to hear well done good, and faithful servant.  So I pray, God trusts me.  

Friends, if you know someone in Christ, that you need to communicate with, because you on your part, did not offer grace.  Go to that person.  Make it right.  Give that devil a black eye, by being someone who has courage, enough, to walk in love.  


Christ said, we would be known by the love. John 13:34-35 King James.  Look it up.

We have to see this. It just resonated so strongly to me, that this is why we are not united. We are being deceived by the devil himself, when we do not walk in love. When we cannot forgive. Or we cannot resolve issues, because we are offended. God sees.  Please share this.  It could unite us.  

Blessings, in Christ,

Elena Ramirez 



IMG_1106I like to get to the root of things.  I may see the symptom of this, or that, or the other, but I always wonder, what caused this?  So I try to search and see what is the root of that matter.  

Sometimes, I do that with communicating as well, I go straight to the source, and usually that leads me straight to what God says, not what man says.  

So I ask you, as a Christian, are you caught up in an agenda, that may cause you to sin?  I am asking you to look at the root of why you support an agenda.  

I seem to see that a lot lately.  In political matters as well, and well I will save that conversation for another time perhaps.  

But, I do notice that people, tend to get passionate about something, and everything may point in one direction, but is that where it started?

See, the enemy is very deceitful.  And he may bring an “agenda” to your attention, and you may see something, that you think is right, and you may begin to become involved in it.  

But as a Christian, you are commanded to obey God, so you need to pray for discernment.  And you are to be very careful, because the enemy, will use people, even people, you respected or honored, to deceive you.  Because they were deceived as well.  Or even people in the body of Christ.  

I learned a long time ago, to avoid this.  Follow Christ.  Not people.  They can become a form of idolatry, that the enemy will use, to deceive you.  I don’t follow people.  I don’t support anyone, and I am careful, even if I like some in the body of Christ.  

Because all honor, glory, and praise should go to God, not people!  

Recently, I saw a prominent pastor, be very passionate about a matter, and he seemed to speak some truth about the matter, but what really got my “red flag” up, was that he became disloyal to someone, he had supported.  He suddenly became very outspoken, yet, he seemed to discount, other indicators, of why, it was happening.  Even in legal matters.  

It all of a sudden, became about us.  And he used the body of Christ, as us.  And when ever, I see, any kind of statement, that dismisses, Christ, and it becomes, “self” I see the enemies hand in this.  Self, is prideful, it is jealous, and it is disobedient to God.  You have to get to the root of it, and see the symptoms that are symbolic, in some matters.  

He got caught up in an agenda.

And agendas, can be good, but if there are indicators, that go against what God says, then you need to be careful.  

Look at the fruit.  You will know them, by their fruit.  



And I think this is why I am writing about this today.  I saw his fruit.

Is there an “agenda” that you see, that you support, that you even think is right, but you then become a hater?  Do you start defending an agenda, and throw away, what Christ says?  Like loving one another?  Do you get so caught up in it, that you get on the wrong side, and begin fighting?  Against other Christians, brothers and sisters?  Do you become an accuser?  The Bible tells us there is a place in hell for the accuser.  Read Revelation 12:10 from a King James.  

Now, I know, there are wolves in sheeps clothing, and I know, that there are deceivers, so you do need to be careful.  And many say they are Christians, but when I see, hate, or I see, hypocrisy, or lies, I speak up.  Or I see a tendency, to twist scripture.  Or only pick some of the word, and not all of it. I mark, them, and have nothing to do with anyone, who wants to find a loop hole, or dismiss what God says.  

Because the goal, of the enemy is to trip you, and steal your crown.  And don’t fool yourself, salvation can be lost.  If sin, is un-repented.  

But, you need to see what God says first.  Don’t play, with sin, and think there is grace.  God will judge. 

I have to do a check, on myself, now and then, because I will be honest, I have made mistakes in judgement.  

But I always have to look at the fruit.  At myself, and with others.  And agendas, can be nice, but if there are “hypocritical” tendencies, from someone, who has an agenda, and they try to bring it to your attention, I am like, “Ugh No!” thats not what my King James Bible says.  

I become very literal in some matters.  Is money involved? Because money, can be the root of evil. Is that why you like the agenda?  There are check point questions you need to ask yourself about any agenda.  

And the enemy will even use the word of God against someone, to trip them, into an agenda.  Don’t fall for it.  Especially, if they do not practice, what they preach.  Thats so hypocritical.  They say one thing, but yet, do not honor something else, thats related.  You have to see the hypocrisy.  And then search the King James bible yourself.  If you are wrong, admit it. 

I truly believe, now is a time, to pray, to seek the truth, from our King James Bibles, see what God says on the matter, and look at the fruit.  Stop, look, and listen.  And if you have to pull back.  Don’t get involved.  

Is an agenda, worth, losing your soul over?  No.  

Just be careful, “Just my thoughts,” on this matter.  

In Christ’s love, Elena Ramirez 


IMG_3138WATCHING THE COMPANIONS YOU WALK WITH ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

I learned at an early age that people can influence you. They can corrupt you, they can ruin your life, if you don’t get wise.
Wisdom, sometimes, it does not come till much later in our lives. Because we have to learn through our mistakes. We learn through our sins, we learn through the lack of progress…
At least I did.
Anyway, I feel like I need to write this for someone. To warn you. There is….
Someone, that just is not good for you. You know it, but you need to know what God says…. Because you keep going with it. Maybe you love that person, maybe you keep forgiving…. But the bottom line is this person is destructive, and will be the ruin of you.
You are unequally yoked with this person. There is no understanding, or respect to you, for your love for God. You need to get away….
Scripture tells us to not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever. I could write the scripture down here for you.
But you need to start searching, and growing in the Lord.
Get a King James bible. Then get a concordance, a good Bible King James bible app. Put in the words, “unequally yoked.” Or righteousness, darkness, also as options. To find the scripture. (clue its in II Corinthians)
Keep growing my friends, and be careful who you walk with….