IMG_4575.jpgI feel led to write about communication.  With one another, with God, with others, and as a Christian, I feel I am more indebted to try and communicate.

Most of my problems I have had in life, or with others, are due to not getting communication.  Where things may seem to be fuzzy, or where someone, may take the incentive, but will do something and not communicating.  Or where something is assumed.  

Or where I was expected to do something, but I did not know.  So because communication was not reinforced, things fell through, or did not get accomplished.  

Its so vital, to communicate, and I think thats why I have since, an early age, tried to articulate my thoughts, actually by writing them down, and communicate through writing, because I have not always been confident, or been a great orator.  But that changed when I began writing my thoughts, as a reference.  So I overcame that to build up my self esteem.

In business, I learned to document my thoughts, and situations, because you need a back up sometimes.  To determine, what was communicated, and if it was not, then I had my notes to refer to.  To show, this was what was communicated.  

I used to work for the phone company.  And I used to joke to some, that the phone company, was responsible for providing great phone service to others, for having the tool as the phone. But inside the ranks of the company, there were times, communication was not available, and things were not understood, and the protocol, for even sharing information was difficult.  To receive or share.  Whose who?   Who do I need to contact, to communicate with?

Recently, I have had situations arise, where communication was vague, or where someone, actually did not communicate with me, and misunderstandings did occur. And I am not going to give the enemy fuel, if I remain silent.  I have my part.  And I see how the enemy can only come to destroy, when communication is not available. 

I have a neighbor, who just recently overstepped, her authority in a matter, because she did not communicate a problem with us, and tried to rectify a problem on her own, concerning our fence.  If she had only come to us, and stated there was a problem with the fence, and asked for our assistance, we would have been glad, to help.  Or, if she had asked for permission.  But she did neither, and now consequently, the situation has gotten so bad, by her lack of communication, that we are at odds with each other.  And its sad.  

With my friends, who I love dearly, things like that can also occur, if one person, is assuming something, but the communication is not clear, feelings can get hurt.

Or with family.  Who I love dearly.  With my hubby, or son, we often have little powwows, so we can get to the root of a problem but we communicate, so we all understand each other.  And I will just say here, everyone, needs that, to feel important or understood.  Then we pray to God, because we always need to communicate to our Lord.

So I try, really hard to communicate.  And I also ask for feedback, to see if my message was conveyed, and understood.  When one does not make the effort to do that, things, can fall through the cracks.  

I really feel like God is telling us, we have a responsibility to communicate.  Is it easy?  Not always.  Confrontation, can make it seem like war.  But the enemy would rather have us shut up, then to communicate.  Even if I do not agree with someone, I so appreciate, the effort when communication is presented.  It helps.  

But when someone goes silent, its mind boggling, because you just don’t know.  So yes, I can be bold, and confront, if I need communication in a matter.  Some things, to be honest, I don’t want to know, but if I am included in a matter, to do something, yes communicate with me.  Its a service we do for one another, but it takes two parties to do it.

I am pretty fair, when I know the facts, but its so frustrating, if you are put on the spot, yet someone did not say, or communicate, this is what I expect.  These are the rules.

Life is funny, and people like to do their own thing but do we really look as well to see, what God says?  Not man, but God, first.  I love my King James bible, because Gods Holy word, is there to give me answers.  God has done His part by communicating and giving us His Holy word.  And I just will say it here, He does not give us something only to think about but if its there, its a commandment.  But He provides, always.  

….Answers to why things happen, but also what God expects.  Sometimes you have to connect the dots, but communicating with God, is so important.  Prayer.  He is the King of Kings, He established His thoughts, but if I want answers I have to talk to Him, I have to search my Bible, I have to see and examine my part and heart in this matter.  Do I communicate, did I communicate my part effectively?

And with others.  Sometimes, I have to apologize. Or repent, and to God, I need to do this often.  Practically every day, because I am not perfect.  In communication.  Sometimes, I have to say, I failed to understand your thoughts, so I reacted this way.

But when someone does not apologize or communicate as well, it is frustrating to say the least.  When I have communicated, but the communication was not returned.  Or understood.  

Maybe thats why I am writing this.  Because communication is so important.  But it is a two way street.  One cannot just communicate, and work at something, while someone does not offer communication in return.

Well, I hope this brings insight, like I say, I am an opened book in many ways, and there are some things I don’t spill the beans about, or blab or communicate about, because it could be misunderstood, but if I try to be honest, and truthful with others and God, it does seem to make things easier.  

Communication always has to be worked out.  

This is what the Bible says about this.  I am glad it does.  Because more then anything I want to please my Lord.  Thank you…Father.  




Blessings, and love,


Elena Ramirez 


MY THOUGHTS ABOUT THE MOVIE WAR ROOM ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

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If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link. My latest book. BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST. This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse. But by Christ it can change into a blessing. A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc. And why we do some of the things we do….
“HOW TO HAVE FAITH” This book is a self-help book to bring insight to your faith, and to know what pleases God. Both are on SMASHWORDS…..
If interested in ordering the Paper Back go to this link. http://howtohavefaith.wordpress.com

These are my thoughts about the movie, War Room.  I saw it last night.  It was inspiring.  It does make us think, to know, we are in warfare, and just to get answers for prayer.  I admired the older woman, who was bold, and had discernment, to want to help that younger woman.  


With all due respect, I would like to offer some perspective and I think these are valid points to bring up that were not covered in the movie.

These are only my opinions. But I have found them to enhance prayer. I did not get a sense that these things were covered but in any event….

I did not sense repentance was a strong point that should be evident when we go to pray. Repentance was not emphasized strongly.  In these war rooms…King James scripture says;

“If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me:”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭66:18‬ ‭KJV‬‬

We can’t get answers from God if we are not totally humble in the sight of God. And repentant as well humble in the sight of God. Even as Christians.  Even saved.  We still make mistakes.  We still sin.  Sometimes unknowingly.  So we cannot go to God, in prayer, if there is some kind of sin, thats evident.  Even from our thoughts.  So that I think is important to do.  I did appreciate the gentleman did repent, as he went to God, in prayer, so I am not oblivious to that.  

Another thing that caught my attention and always does, was what Bible version should one use in spiritual warfare? There was no recommendation.

And I think that is a disservice, because in the goal of the movie, to get answers in prayer we have to know, this is our weapon.  It is supposed to be a sword of truth. It did not specify what bible to use and I say this because not all bibles are equal.

If it is any less then a King James it is corrupt. The King James is the oldest and purest bible we have, and has been stored and preserved in heaven. For over 400 years.  It is holy and anointed.  

When we use the King James we are on the same page with God.  When we use a King James, we take to heart, the many scriptures that warn us not to change, add, or delete scripture.  And there are many.  Including Revelation 22:18-19, that warns us, salvation could be lost.  And access to the Holy city, will not be given.  And the things people want from a bible they will not get according to scripture.  


God has his reasons, and it behooves any of us, as the standard.  But to try and go around His standard of excellence, to try and find a loop hole to prayer.  Is just wrong.  

Its not fast food.  Its spiritual food, and spiritual food, does not taste the same when it has been changed.  Say for example like a recipe.  You don’t change the ingredients, because it will not taste the same.  I did a check on the last verse, they used, as it ended.  And it was not a King James verse.  II Chronicles 7:14.  

It said, if my people “who”, not if my people “which” are called by my name.  There is a big difference between which and who, who was like a question.  Which meant specifically.  And we have to see the discrepancies, in word, or we will not win the battle.  The enemy deceives many by the word they choose.  This is why using a King James eliminates any kind of doubt, of authenticity, and corruption.  It is holy.  I trust in it, when I pray, the word of God.  


I am not trying to minimize the important values this movie gave. In fact, it inspired me as well.

But these are things we need to do, I believe to have our prayer life work. According to the standards of God.  

Just my thoughts, in love, 

Elena Ramirez


Today, is the first day of the New Year of 2011.  And, as I read, the many status reports, and comments, from blogs, Facebook etc.  I see, a sense of hope, and anticipation for the New year.  And it is good, yet, what I see, as an underline thought, that is expressed, is that many have hope in tomorrow.  And yet, we know, tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

And it made me think, years, ago, before I knew the Lord, I would put off, the true commitment, in my desire, or decision to really try and change.  Just accepting myself.  Accepting my life, etc.  My flaws etc.  And those things, that I would put off.  One of them was my Salvation.  I knew what it meant to yes, go to God, and say I am sorry, I repent.  But did I change?  After I repented?

No…..I walked the fence.  I walked the fence, between the ways of the world, my selfish desires, my wants, my needs.  And I kept, reaping sin, after sin, curse, after curse in my life.  And I was a mess.  Spiritually, I had no foundation.  I knew, I was in sin.  But, I would compromise.

Compromise, is the lynch, that old devil will use, in our lives.  For we do not see the deception, there is, when we compromise, who we really can be with God totally.

What a hypocrite any one of us is, if we are not doing it Gods way.  Especially, if we say we are Christians.  One must commit, totally, with the total commitment, to serve God, in obedience, to walk in love, to try and keep his commandments.

Thats the hypocrisy, in ourselves, if we make New Years resolutions, to make changes.  But we do not change.  Do we not know, only God can change us!!  We are hypocrites, if we just keep living like hell.  Knowing, that God gives us his word, to read, to apply it, to our lives, and to live a life, worthy to be called a Christian.  Compromising.  Thats a sin.  When we compromise, knowing the truth, we are only hurting ourselves.

History repeats itself, in our lives, in our society, and in the world, when people, do not see, according to the Bible, Gods commandments.  These are not requests, they are commandments.  When are we really going to try and get it right?

But, I have hope in the new year.  Because my hope, is not in mankind, political leaders, government, society etc.  Its not even in other Christian leaders.  But my hope is in God.  I see the difference.  Because I know my Lord, and his ways, and I am not perfect, but I see how he has changed me, healed me.  I know his love.  For it is the truth, to be the foundation of who I can be.  But it is a choice….

Last night, the first night of 2011, in my sleep, I heard the Lord speak to my spirit.  And this is what He said:  

“Tell them, to choose…..”

Choose either love, truth, holiness, or  hate, lies, deceptiveness (phoniness).

And then this morning, I prayed, and asked him, to give me a scripture, to show it was him, and not me just thinking “Just My Thoughts.”  As I opened my Bible, my eyes went to this scripture. Leviticus 5:4  OR IF A SOUL SWEAR, PRONOUNCING, WITH HIS LIPS TO DO EVIL, OR TO DO GOOD, WHATSOEVER IT BE THAT A MAN SHALL PRONOUNCE WITH AN OATH, AND IT BE HID FROM HIM WHEN HE KNOWETH OF IT THEN SHALL HE BE GUILY IN ONE OF THESE.

Then it goes on to talk about the sacrifice or offering, of an animal, but as a Christian, we know, Christ is the sacrifice for us.  We must go to Christ.  For our commitment, and choices, to be the foundation in love, for our atonement.  He is the lamb of God.

I choose love, truth, and holiness. I am aware of the tactics of the enemy, and I will not give into the characteristics of the enemy.  Of hating, lying, and deceptiveness.  Maybe, thats why, God spoke it to me, to share.  I don’t know.  But it kind of freaked me out.  But I know it was his voice.  I just sense a warning here, for those, who believe.  Who really want to grow, who want to change.  For those, who might not even be aware, they are not in the right place, with God, because lying, hate, and deceptiveness, is evident, in their lives.  But they claim, they are Christians.  But they do not see it.  So God wants me to write about it….to stir it up.  Maybe, He will make a way for me to publicly say it.  At your church, or women’s group.  I don’t know.  But I will be obedient to this calling.

I remember, when I made the commitment, and the choice, to totally stop, and look at my life, years ago, and when I realized, I was playing  with my salvation, and truly the fear of God, took a hold of my life, I changed.  I stopped doing what I was doing, in sin, etc.  My selfish desires, etc.  And I made the commitment, to serve him.  So, I understand, when God tells me to tell everyone to choose.  Because it is a choice.  But if you don’t make the choice to really choose, his love, truth, and holiness. You miss out.  For today.  Because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  But what about eternity?  If you read this, and you want change….I implore you go to God today.  For those changes, for your salvation.  For life….Don’t you want to grow?

I don’t know about you, nor do I want to judge anyone.  My own flaws, my own sins, had, put me to shame.  And I say that in the past tense.  But his love, changes all that.  I just don’t want to play with my salvation, or my future, after I pass, from this life.  I want a place with God.

Today, is a day, as I do every day, to repent, and to come before a holy God, humble.  Repentant. For tomorrow is a gift, and if I use it to his glory, then I have done all that I can.  I am grateful, for chances.  I am grateful, that He makes those changes.

Just my Thoughts, may God bless your new year, today, for the changes for the rest of the year…..For the choices, we make will affect us.  Now and for eternity.  Yes today, is the day, to make changes for tomorrow.  For tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope….

Father, my Lord, I adore you, and thank you, for every good gift comes from heaven.  I thank you, for changing my life, for giving me understanding, to know, today, is the day, for Salvation.Today, is a day, that I choose, to walk ever so close to you, seeking you with all of my heart soul, and might.  Not even understanding everything, but knowing you are God, and you know all things.  I press into you Lord, to hear your voice!  To seek you, to love you, with all my being.   Today, is the day, to make a commitment to change, and to keep walking from evil, and those things, that take away, the blessings from you.  It is a decision, a commitment, one must make, and to be consistent.  Lord, in obedience, I have shared the words, you have given me…..and even in this prayer, I know this is a banner, you have placed over me….LOVE, TRUTH, HOLINESS….For this is my choice.  To bless you.  Father, that is my hearts desire.  I love you so very much, and I know you are God.  King, of Kings, Lord, of Lords, and there is none like you.  I never want to offend you, by picking up characteristics of the enemy.  By lying, hating, deceptiveness, phoniness.  Lord, create in me, a clean heart daily, and renew my spirit, with you.  My Jesus.  Your sacrifice, was too great, to take this casually.  I pray, this posting of my blog…”Just My Thoughts” would reflect, your thoughts, for all of us to know, to want, to change, for today, is not promised to anyone.  But what a great way, to start the year.  In Jesus name.  amen

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