IMG_1485.jpgSometimes, there are no second chances with God, and people.  As I write this, I sense a bit of anger.  And so I want to be careful with this.  For the glory of God.  

I just see it so clearly right now.  I just see, how life, the life God gives to us, should not be wasted.  I have wasted life.  In so many ways.  I did not know better.  But, maybe, what I can share with you, may bring insight.

And its not over, till God says its over.  But when it is over, there are no second chances, folks, with God or with people.  

Sometimes we just have to see it, and grasp the moment.  For some, I pray, you grasp this.  

For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law.  Proverbs 4:2.  King James….  

See God is giving us good doctrine, to guide us, to teach us, to instruct us, and show us who He is.  That I see as King James word, but some folks, waste their time, using corrupt doctrine, and they forsake HIS laws, that tell us don’t change His word.  Because it is holy word.  And corrupt word, does not have the same affect or anointing.  

Or if one gets lazy, and does not seek God, what does that say?  Thats pride.  Thats saying, I can do it on my own. Thats just wrong.  

The world, has denied God, so are we going to go with the world?  I hope not.  See the enemy of God, wants you to miss it.  And there are lots of ways, the enemy distracts us.  Get close to God, so you get another chance.      

But you have to see, what kind of relationship do you have with God.  Are you working on it, with prayer, with love, with fear of God?

Or….If the indication, is there by the way we treat people, what does that say, about the way we treat God?

If we are not loyal to God, in obedience, love, respect, honor, yes fear of God, how can we have these attributes toward others?

I do get angry, when I see Christian leaders, treat God like an ATM.  With their phony prosperity message, that does not call out for the lost.  That does not treat salvation as a priority for this lost world.  I do get angry, when people are misled, by using unholy, corrupted Bibles.  I do get angry, when I see, how the devil has deceived so many.  

But I cannot turn that anger, into hate.  I cannot, be destructive.  I must seek the peace of God, that surpasses understanding.  But I still see the corruption.  So, I am at a place, where I am being quiet, and trying to hear Gods voice.  But I have my part.  In fear of God.  It makes me see, though…. that  we have to do something, we have to do our part.  Why do I care?    

Why?  Because I see the difference.  Been there, done that.  I see, my own mistakes.  I see, my own faults.  I see….  And sadly as well… I see….our lost world.     

Because people don’t have fear of God, or what He commands us.  And those chances, my friend, are dwindling.  Life is not forever on earth!


All I can do, is use my own life, as the reference.  And when I see, yes, the many mistakes I made in life, and even in my Christian life.  I grieve!  Yes, I grieve.  For not seeing it….

I pray, there is more time for me, to serve God.  I pray to make it up to Him.  I pray, to be fulfilled…. I pray, to make it right with Him, and others.  But I have to see my own mistakes, by His grace, and correct them, while there is time on this earth.

To grow, to fulfill my calling in Him.  He has brought me to a place, even right now, where yes, I fear God.  Because I see how fragile, I can be.  

Recently, I have been challenged in a few things, some that I will not elaborate here, but I am challenged, but when your health is off, and you know it, you know, that yes, you could leave this earth.  

So, what do you do?  

You try and get right with God, is my thought.  Because someday, I will, and you will, stand before Him.  

I read, a tweet, on Jim Caviezels page, that said something to the affect, “Live life, like its your last day on earth.”

So, my thought was, if thats the case, then I better live, my life, repenting daily.  Walking in fear of God daily, trying to walk in love with people, daily.  Trying to Love God with all I got. I am not perfect.  I have my faults.  

But I notice, I can extend grace to some, but they don’t extend it back to me.  And I have noticed, yes, I have asked God for this, and that, but He does not always give me what I ask.  Believe me, there are many lost dreams, I have had.

But, I am not going to deny God.  I am not going to reject Him, just because He does not give me what I want.  Because God has given me grace, my whole life through…

But people, will deny God, and others…..

People, so prideful, so mean spirited, get these attitudes, that treat life, and others shabbily.  Just because they don’t get their way with people, and with God, and thats wrong.  

See, I do have a history.  And when I look at that history, I realize, all the good things God has done for me.  I realize, I have missed it so many times.  With Him, and with people.  

My own personal relationships, I admit, in some, I have missed it.  Right now, I may have a couple of friends, but sometimes, I see, its only friendship, when I please them.  But if I don’t please them, they are gone….. 

Do I treat God like that?  I pray not.  I have my immediate family, who I cherish.  Who I thank God for.  But when I look at the past, and I see, my own broken family and who they were, and the chances they also had, with me, as I was growing up.  

I pray, to break curses, or  cycles, where, people I loved were only there for a moment.  In the good, and the bad, and when they left, there were no second chances.  No matter how much I longed for that, I did not get those chances. 

So what has all of this taught me, as I vent here?  That friends, God is teaching us, reaching out to us, through this journey called life.  But you can’t stay stuck.  You gotta grow.  You have to change, to be fulfilled.  

Stop looking at God, as an ATM.  Stop looking at Him, as if He has to do something, but you don’t think what can I do, to please Him, or serve Him.  This is where the growth stops, if you don’t try and please Him.  

Stop thinking about self.  Self, is just another indicator of who the enemy is.  See, we can get so preoccupied, with self, in that spirit, that we miss our own callings.  

We miss, how God can use us.  We miss, love.  See chances, are given, but if we misuse them, abuse them, abuse God, and others, we fail.  

I pray, to share this, with love, but yes again, I am kind of angry.  But it makes me realize, every day is a gift from God.  And my gift in return to Him, is what I do with it.  

See, His sacrifice for me on that cross was too great.  I cannot abuse it, by going back to sin.  I cannot abuse it, by not fearing the consequences of reaping what I sow.  I cannot treat people, like they don’t matter.  Even if they treat me like I don’t matter.  

Do you see, what I am trying to say here?

I just realize, and pray, that we all wake up.  Christ could return any moment.  Or our last breath, could happen at any moment.

Stop playing church.  Stop playing sanctimonious.  Or stop playing dumb.  Stop playing with life.  Stop denying God and people.  

Because you know what, we all do sin, we all do come short of His glory. Yes, I hate sin, I hate what it did to me, and stopped my own blessings as I reaped the consequences…

But sometimes, when I look at someone, I am reminded, that I once was where they were.  I had filthy rags.  I am nobody better, then anybody else.  

So, all I know, is though…

I don’t want to grieve my Lord Jesus.  With religion, (rules, regulations, traditions, made by men, or groups, or even by myself, trying to do things my way.)  Or my way, which leads to hell, if you read my past post.  

I just don’t want to miss it any more, to conclude this.  Yes, I pray for more chances with my Lord, and people.  But I don’t want to miss it.  I don’t want to just take things for granted.  Because we never know.  We just don’t know……  

Sometimes, you have to walk by yourself.  And you are not walking alone.  If you make sure, by repentance, that Jesus is walking with you.  You are walking with Jesus.  Just don’t let go of His hand, on this earth, so you can make sure, He will walk you into heaven.

To conclude this:  Folks, don’t let time go by without making it right with God.  Repentance, I have learned, with fear of God, is the best thing, I can do for my spiritual health.  Even on a daily basis.  

With people, apologize, if you need to, see again, its not worth pettiness, or pride, because sometimes there are no second chances.   Please, if you don’t get anything else from my message today.  Make it right with God.  Make it right with people.  For your own sake.  Please.  

I guess, I am just thinking of those who wanted to do this, and that, and did not get that chance, because they did not make Christ, Lord and savior.  I think of that sick person, who wishes they had served God, instead of denying Him.  So they could have had physical health, and good spiritual health.  I think of others, who are headed for hell, because they did deny Him.  And let money, or sin, take priority.  

I think of the broken friendships and family relationships, that could have been fulfilled, if someone had just said, I am sorry.  

But then it was too late, with God, and others….  

I just think, I have to share truth.  I have to share His truth.  I don’t want Him to say, what did you do Elena, with the chances I gave you?  

I don’t want that to be me, or you.  You see, I never want to hear from Him.  I never knew you.  

Read Matthew 7, from a King James, but this verse says it all.  How strange, this is the second time, God led me to give that to someone, and now, I see it for myself as well, more then ever….


You don’t want Him to say that to you.  Or even think it.  

Friends, think of the blessings you have, and then do something with it, and about it, for God, for others.  You have your part.     

Hope this helps somebody today.  

Blessings, and love, in Christ,

Elena Ramirez 


WHEN YOU SEE A FRIEND GO TO THE DARK SIDE ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

IMG_3886There are signs, there are signals, one might see, if they have a friend, that goes to the dark side.

And you grieve for them, because you love them.  But you cannot do anything.  Because God gives us a choice.  Its always a choice.

But when someone, purposely has pride, will not be humble, will not forgive, will not communicate, will believe a lie, and actually fight you, to maintain all that, hate.  

Well….all you can do is walk away.  When someone, will bring up offenses, over and over again, that is not forgiving.  

See, the enemy, has deceived them.  And when any of us, purposely disobey God in matters of forgiveness, well, thats giving place to the enemy.  Thats going to the dark side.  

See, our words do matter.  When one makes a commitment, to love God, and love one another, one takes it to heart.  You don’t just say it when its convenient, or when its going good.  But through all times.  

But I was not the one who made the choice to close the case but her.  And, to depart from that, is a choice, and its a choice, that brings darkness.  God sees.  

Scripture says, a friend, loves at all times, not when its convenient.  Or when, everything is alright.  Love, does love through, the disagreements, the silence, and even, the hate.  

See, I know, I love someone, someone, I called a sister, a friend, who for so much showed friendship and loyalty, to me, but when it came down to it, she was not accountable, to her own behavior.  I still love this person, but I see, she has stepped into the darkness.  And now I just grieve for her.  

Because now she is just someone, who wants nothing to do with me, ever again.  And I respect that.  It does hurt, but I am grateful, I have my armor on, and I will quench those fiery darts from the enemy, that he uses, from my frien-enemy to throw at me.  

I am careful, always, to offer forgiveness, because I know myself, that if we are not pleasing God in this, He will not forgive us.  And the record shows I did. But she rejected it.  

I may have made mistakes, in fact, I know I did, in friendship with this person, I am thinking about.  But the grace was not there for me.  And I kept seeing it, and yet I offered grace, but she would not.  She offered me the silent treatment, closed the case, and let obscenities be spoken about me.  That is not love.

So, when you don’t see grace, that is a signal, that this person, has their blinders on.  Sad thing is, if you keep your blinders on, and do not obey God,  You can miss it.  And walk right into the enemies camp, of darkness.  And he only comes to kill, steal and destroy.  Even friendships, based on prayer, and God.  Especially those kind, and that was the kind of friendship we had, at one time.  

Sad thing is though, when you see other friends, contribute to that, and take sides, well they have gone to the dark side with that person.  I REBUKE THAT, IN THE NAME OF JESUS.  I MARK THAT, AND WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM EITHER. 

We pray for people, but we also know, its a choice.  You want to pull them out of the fiery flames, but when people silence you, want nothing to do with you.

 You go, on, with Christ.  Christ said, as His disciples, we were to love one another.  He said, that we were to forgive.  He said, that love would show we were His disciples.  I have tried, but I am done.  

I will try and not write about this person, ever again, concerning this person.  Because this person, did not care, that she wounded me.  But this is how I heal.  And I have nothing further to say, you see, I tried. And I know it.

I have so many cards from this person, so many reminders, of a commitment, that she just forgot about.  So I may do some purging, of gifts, and reminders. 

Make sure you have done all you can in love, and forgiveness, and let the record reflect that.  Because there is one.  And God sees.  

If you can relate to my friend, I  implore you to repent to God.  I don’t expect an apology at this point, from her, but if I can warn someone, don’t go to the dark side.  


Blessings, and love,

Elena Ramirez 


IMG_3505.jpgI believe I have a word for someone.

If you are accused, misunderstood, lied about, then fight.  Yes fight.  Don’t take it sitting down.  Down shut down.  Don’t let the devil have his way.  Don’t lose your courage.  Get your courage, and fight.  Don’t fight dirty, but fight.  Don’t do something you will regret, but with all that is good, all that is Holy, fight.

For you see, there is an enemy, and he does come to kill, steal and destroy.  And he will try and deceive.  Thats his character.  So if you see that characteristic in yourself.  It is time to “submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee.”  This is scriptural look it up in a King James.   But it must only come by being repentant to God.

Are you guilty by association?  Are you keeping company with the devils disciples?  Are you so cowardly, that you accept wrong behavior? That can get you in trouble.

The devil will try and make a lie look like truth.  He will twist something so much, that people will believe it.  He will legally attack you, if you have opened the door to sin.

But if you know better, and this is the key.  If you are in truth, and Gods truth, then fight a good fight of faith.

The KJV scripture tells us, that there is a place in hell for the accuser.  So you better not be doing the accusing, yourself, because you will reap that.  Thats being a false witness.


But if you are in the truth, and you have nothing to hide.  Then fight, get that courage.  Yes, ask God for it, and fight.

You see, I am an opened book.  And I have just learned, I don’t play games.  I seek the truth.  I seek answers.  And I am careful.  No, I have not always had this wisdom.  I have not always been in the truth.  I had sins, that hurt me.  And I have reaped that. But, when I got honest with God, when I got honest with myself, and I saw the deception.  I saw how I have lost so much even in my lifetime, I choose nothing but the truth from God.  I totally submit to God, resist the devil, and he must flee.  I fight….

But I repented.  And there is something, I see in people.  That holds them back. They have pride.  That pride, makes them weaker, not stronger.  It takes their courage away.  I don’t have pride.  To be honest, my mom, taught me early, to apologize.  So I learned to apologize to others, and to God.  But pride, will blind you, it will blind others.  And people would rather, let someone believe the worse about them, then fight.  Because that pride will get in the way.

Giving my pride to God to take away that sin, gives me courage.

I thank God He took my pride away.  But what I do have.  Is dignity.  And I have self-respect.  You know you can give that away, by being gracious, as a Christian, but there comes a time, when you have to see who you are in Christ, and fight.  And take it back.

Recently, I did  that, for my own self.  I took back my self respect.  Because you can let people step on you, by being silent.  Silence is not always golden.  Silence can be used to manipulate you, or reject you.  It can be used against you.  But if you are in truth, you don’t have to take that, and you do not have to be silent.

Because you can lose it, if you get off balance.  Get courage.

Courage, to stand up, courage to tell the truth, courage, to fight the good fight, when you are misunderstood, lied about, accused, shows your character.  Shows your integrity.

So many do not know how to fight.  So many do not know how to get courage.  But ask God.  Yes, He can fight our battles.  But He as the example also teaches us and shows us how to fight.  He opens doors, He brings light, He brings truth, but be the vessel that has courage, and fight.

This is why I fight for Gods truth, for the King James bible.  I am tired of seeing people, not know truth.  I am tired of letting the devil deceive.  I have come to a place, in my own walk with Christ, where I see, how sin hurts us more, and more. One tiny sin, that you think is tiny, can poison your spirit.  It can take away your sense of truth, and you will gain pride.  Pride is a poison.

Yet, I know, we all sin, we all come short of His glory.  But I want to be careful in the balance of this.  I extend grace because I see that fault in my own.  Yet, there is that part of me that will not accept a sin, that could be turned into good.  By Christ.  His ways are excellence.  I fight, using Holy truth, from the King James.

And because I see the corruption of false bibles, where there is part truth, part lie, I see how that poisons the true word of God.  There is no anointing, there is no power, or holiness in these false bibles.  So I fight it with other holy KJV scriptures, and truth.

Oh I am accused of being a Pharisee, I am accused of being in a cult, I am accused of being legalistic.  But, I would rather, have Gods truth, and law, as my guide, then to think grace would just cover my sins.  Think again.  I fight, by presenting this truth, over, and over again.  Its wrong, in His eyes, its disobedience, and it deceives us, exactly what the devil wants to do. 

We are tested.  By God Himself.  And when I think of someone like Job.  And I think even how his own friends misunderstood him, and he was judged.  I thank God, in his own way he fought.  He talked to them.

Communication is everything.  People do not use it for truth any more, it seems.  It seems, they would rather just shut down, then fight for something good.  Even in friendship.  If you are misunderstood, speak, but don’t play games.  Don’t try and make something right if its wrong.  You have to take a good look at yourself, in this matter.  And you have to be willing to take it to God.  And let Him help you, and work it out.

But you can.  Communicate, fight, and get the courage, when you see the injustice.

Pray, and more then anything do not be the problem.  Remember, again, we all sin, and come short of the glory of God.

But what I am trying to get you to see, no let me rephrase that, what God is trying to get you to see is your heart.  Let others see your heart by truth.  Don’t shut down.  Get some back bone, this is what I mean, when I say fight.  The only way you will truly be free, is by Christ, and His truth sets us free.

Open the book.  Open your heart.  Open yourself to truth.  If you are misunderstood, accused, or lied about, even by circumstances.  Fight.  Fighting does not always mean attacking.  It means, you take what you have in truth, and it means if you truly do love.  If you truly have “heartfelt intentions”  then don’t just sit there, shut down, and let the devil steal whats good from you.

You do not let him steal whats right.  If you don’t try, and make it right, by showing your heart to others.  Then you are giving place to the enemy.  You are not submitting to God,

You only keep the book closed, when…..

You don’t care, and when you don’t care, you open the door to the devil.  Its up to you.  Show some courage.  You might get your self respect back too.


Blessings, and love,

Elena Ramirez





DSC_0085.jpgHMMM, before I go on further, I need to clarify what I mean by that.  I want it to be totally understood, I do not reject Christ.  I do not reject, what He did on that cross for me.  I do not reject the thoughts, God has for me.  By His plan of salvation.  I embrace it with my whole heart, and His truth.  I submit to God, and even here, deny the devil.  And resist him.  I am so very grateful for my salvation.  By what Christ did.  I will never reject or refuse Christ.  I know….I was lost, but now I am found.  

But….What do I mean by that statement?  That I refuse and reject modern day Christianity?  

Well, let me just say, this old girl, has been around the block a few times.  The church block.  And I love my brothers and sisters in Christ, so let me make that clear.  

But, I see, many, rejecting the old ways, and embracing things, that totally distort, and compromise, truth, and what Christ did for us on the cross.  

Starting with the “prosperity message” that names it and claims it.  Plant a seed, and fill your need.  Its all so wrong, in the sight of God.  I do not, as a ministry, even dare to ask anyone for a donation, because I never want to distort, or confuse anyone, about who I am in Christ. So, I do not peddle, or hustle the word of God, for money.  

Then…. there are all these modern day bibles, that totally corrupt, and compromise Gods words, and truth, and they are not the same definition, by any means.  

You don’t think the devil, is happy, and thrilled, that Christians, are not embracing the “Old” words?  Think again.  There is no power, or anointing in these words, not after God, said, over, and over again, do not change, add, delete, His words.  

They are rubber swords.  If you read my writings, you know how I feel about that.  

Yesterday, I thought, I am going to listen to Christian music.  And I turned on my radio, and a radio station, that is nation wide, announced:

“Theres a map, that can tell you how long you can live!  We will tell you more stay tuned to….. “

And I just shook my head.  And I wrote them a little message, telling them the same thing, as this….What are they into fortune telling now?  Do they not see, and know how God feels about such matters?  

But there it was announced, for the whole world to hear it.  And I thought, there are some baby Christians, who think this radio station, is an authority in such matters of God, yet they are promoting it so to speak…. Gods wrath is on such matters.  He hates, entities, that promote other spiritual seeking.  

This is an abomination to God, but it is a deception, the enemy uses, because “modern” day Christians, have no fear of God, nor do they understand truth, because these pastors, who are wolves in sheeps clothing, have gone into our churches, and taught a bunch of baloney.  That tickle peoples ears, and sugar coat truth, and are a deception.  

But I will tell you, and warn you.  To open your own eyes.  To be aware, of the enemies antics. I will tell you what God says, and that we are to be careful to choose the old ways….


See above how it says, He bought thee?  Thats talking about what Christ did for us.  He paid, the penalty for our sins.  He did not die on the cross, so we could have an excuse to sin.  Grace does not cover that!  Another stinking thinking thought, that so many have embraced as truth, from these modern teachings.  But they think they can reject the law.  We need the law! 


There are so many scriptures that talk about the law, but the teachings of Paul, by some Christians have distorted that.  In the modern church.  The only law we are free from is, the law of sin, and death.  Look it up yourselves.  But Christ did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.  Look that up as well, in your own King James Bible.  

There is no fear of God, though, in these matters.  Ask yourself, when was the last time, you heard a teaching on the fear of God, that is throughout my bible?

See this, and other examples, of undermining the sovereignty of Christ, just turns me off about the modern church.  I could go on.  I warn you, but I won’t hit you on the head like some of these fanatics do.  Yes, I stand for truth.  But I cannot make you see this.  Unless you want to look.  

And many are content, to just choose a path, that is not the old way.  Even though God warns us.  He tells us, but so many are deceived, and blind…..  That they refuse. 

This concerns me for my brothers and sisters.  This concerns me, for the future of our children, and generations to come.  If Christ does not return soon.  Right now, the body of Christ is sick.  They are crippled, and do not stand right in the sight of God, with all the crap, they embrace.  I hate to say that.  But the truth is not coming out, and there are no leaders who I even look up to, in the body of Christ.  

I learned to follow Christ, not a leader.  Because especially what I see, is so distorted, and corrupted  by so many.  

My rule of thumb, in searching for a church.  Is love there?  Is a King Bible used?  Are all nations, and people represented in the church…. Is the old ways, taught?  Does your pastor, warn you, to repent, even daily?  Once does not cover it folks, if you go back to your old ways of sin.  Grace again, won’t be there, unless we are humble, in fear of God, repentant.  This is what cleans the slate.  But these modern day pastors, do not embrace that.  Its more like if it feels good, then do it.  NO!

Just a thought today…. but may this word remind us all.


This says so much about the modern day church, and Christianity.  I cannot sit in a church, that does not embrace these things….even though I long to be a part of a church,  and I so miss worship and praise.  I cannot compromise myself to the rest of the program, when these things are missing.  I cannot.  

Well, I refuse, and reject modern day Christianity.  In fear of God.  Because I will stand before him someday…..

To each their own, is what I say, I won’t hit you on the head with my bible.  Like I said….But I will proclaim this. For the glory of God.  Modern day Christianity has lost its way.  After all Christ did for us, as the way, the truth, and life.  Its lost. 

In Christ, Elena Ramirez 



HOW CAN ANY OF US THINK WE ARE SAINTS? ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez


How can of us, really think we are saints? I know, what keeps me on the straight and narrow path, is when I realize that we all sin, we all fall short of the glory of God. We all do.

When any of us, think we are a saint, we get into dangerous territory. We can get puffed up. Puffed up can lead to pride, and God hates pride.

I don’t claim to be a saint, nor do I want to say I am a sinner as well. I bring it all to the obedience of Christ.  In repentance, in humbleness.  

Something about looking in His spiritual mirror reminds me there is only one that is perfect, pure, worthy of praise and adoration and that is Christ.  Not me. 

I know, I have sinned. I pray I do not sin now. I pray I do not ever take advantage of what Christ did for me, on the cross.

But the balance for me, which I pray is pleasing in the sight of God, is to be aware, He is the only one, who can call me a saint. By seeing, I have accepted Him, by repenting. By turning away from my sins, to please Him. And only Him.

Not myself, or others. But Him….

Saint or Sinner, is His call, not mine.

“A false balance is abomination to the Lord: but a just weight is his delight.”  Proverbs‬ ‭11:1‬ ‭KJV‬‬

RESPECT IS…. By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

IMG_0084.jpgRespect Is…

Not agreeing with every ones opinion, but having enough wisdom, to know, you don’t need to debate it, or argue about it, or try to make someone understand. To respect the differences.

Or even hit them on the head with the truth. Sometimes, you have to go through a few things to get it.

I think I got it….

Thank you Jesus. You see, love, should always be evident. Without trying to make someone feel bad, or to reject them.

We are all on the vine at different places. I may try to show you truth. But I pray to do it with love, and yes respect. Because you are a child of God, as I am.

Yes, live and learn. Christ said, we would be known by the love. “Let the love shine through, by showing respect or if anything courtesy.”

This is one more new motto…..I will carry as a badge of honor, I pray, to His glory.


By Elena Ramirez




A letter to personal friends, friends, I know on Fb only, and friends, I cherish, friends, I hardly know. Friends, who are really no longer friends to me. Yet I call you friends.

Friends, I take that word seriously.

I want to start the New Year of 2017 on a clear slate. I want to make sure, that I ask God for forgiveness. First. Because He is our King. And well because sometimes, well, maybe I sin. And I don’t even know. That I have sinned. Maybe I think something, or do something, that may offend Him. So I repent.

But I want to take this further, with you my friends, so I write this as an open letter. I ask that you forgive me.

I ask you to forgive me, if I come off to strong. If I come off with maybe something you see as being, arrogant. Or I come off, like I am too good. Or a know it all. Forgive me.

I ask you to forgive me, if I write something, that you may take personally. And maybe, I did not think of you in that way, but you took it personally, as if perhaps I was judging you. Forgive me.

Forgive me, if I let you down. If I perhaps committed to do something, but something else got in the way, and you felt slighted, rejected, or put off by me. Forgive me.

Forgive me if I said I would do something, but it did not happen in the way you thought it would. Forgive me.

You see, more then ever, I want to be an expression of Christ. But I know, by wisdom, that we do not all see it all the same. We don’t always all agree. And we are all growing on the vine at different places.

If I share something, or tell you something, even generally, I would hope you would see, that I say it, I share it, because I love you. I love our Lord, and I love truth. I think the thing I hate most is a lie. I hate, how it deceives. Yet I know truth can hurt. So forgive me.

I just know as I look back on this year, that I have had good intentions, but they did not always come through that way. I felt misunderstood, I felt sad, that people change. But that I have too.

I felt sad when I was challenged, and I gave grace, but grace was not extended to me.

I just know its a part of life. We all may want to do the best, we can. but we don’t always come through. So, I reflect on my own life, to ask God and you all to forgive me, if I came across, your way, but you did not see love. You saw something else.

Forgive me. I reflect because I hope to learn from my mistakes. But I realize we all make mistakes. We all sin, we all come short of His glory. He is the only one that is perfect.

I really do want to try. I really do want to be a reflection of Christ. I really do want to clean the slate. Resolutions…. are wonderful goals, if they are committed by Christ.

I just pray, to be someone God will extend mercy to too. So thank you, as I ask for forgiveness.

I don’t care if someone does not understand this, or may mock this….but I know, being humble in the sight of God, and not being proud. Not being accountable, really hurts me more in the long run.

So, I say, Forgive me. Thank you, and God bless you….. May God bless your new year, in whatever you may do.

Elena Ramirez