This is Spiritual warfare.  This election for President.  2012. We are the United States.  But there are agendas, and self-interest groups.

That do really come against this nation.  It should not be.  We should be united.  But there is division, in this election.  There is division, in this great land of ours…..

I sense the warfare.  I remember though, we do not fight with flesh and blood, but with principalities in high places.  Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  

So the Lord, is reminding me and you, to put on our armor.  The armor of God.  To quench the fiery darts of the enemy.  So we can withstand.  And the only way we can, is by praying, and being obedient to God.  Speaking up, and speaking truth, His truth.  His word.  And speaking love.  This is what this is all about.  His love.  It is needed in our lives, daily.  And yes in our nation.

I woke up this morning, sad, frustrated, and angry.  Among other things.  And all day, I have been pondering on this election, and thinking to myself.  So, I have been praying….

I am so frustrated, with this process.  I am so frustrated, with the angry words, going on, back and forth.  I am angry with the agenda, that is coming from the Democrats.  The support, for special interest groups.

I was disappointed, in the debate.  Between Biden, and Ryan.  I thought, that the courtesy was not there, though Mr. Ryan, was very courteous, to say the least.

Yes, I am voting for Romney.  I feel like he is the better candidate.  He stands for things, I believe in, especially concerning abortion.  He is pro-life.

But, I have had to stop and pray, and seek God.  Today, was one of those days.  Seeking guidance, seeking wisdom, in what I do, but in this road, we call life, and we all have to journey in it.

And yes, this is a spiritual war.  Between good and evil.  But the lines, are fuzzy, in the sense, that even though, you can call one evil or good, the opponents, are doing the same thing.  They are calling you, evil or good.

So it just made me think.  I need a different way of thinking of this.  And I am going to come from the approach, that I am going to bless the Democrats.  I pray, God bless them.

Am I praying for their agenda? No.  For I do see the division.  After all, they could not even agree, to disagree, to put God, and Israel on their platform….Signs, indicators, truth…

But, I am praying for their well being.  For their peace of mind.  For God to speak to them.  For God to guide them, even now, and between the election.  No matter who wins.  We are the United States for heavens sake.  I am praying for their souls.

Luke 6:35 But love ye your enemies and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again, and your reward shall be great and ye shall be the children of the Highest; for He is kind unto the unthankful, and to the evil.  

Because I believe, that some of the agendas that are being supported by the Democrats, are not good for us.  They could actually bring curses to our nation.  Abortion, is an abomination, I believe in the sight of God.  For He says….Thou shalt not kill.  Exodus 20:13.  

And so I pray, that people would see the evil in this.  I truly believe, that the right of that baby, does not belong to the mother.  It belongs to that child, whether it can speak or not.  It cannot defend itself.  That right of that life, belongs to God.  For He knows the child, before it is even born.

Thats probably one of the main reasons, why I am now a Republican.  I am praying that the Democratic party would see this and not enforce, my tax dollars to go for an abortion.  That, I am against.  In my principles, and that of many Christians.

We do not all agree the same, nor believe the same.  Yes, I wish we were totally 100% a Christian nation.  But we are not.  And I am called to love my enemies.  But I do not want to look at my fellow Americans as an enemy.  Thats why I am seeing this, and wanting to pray for those in opposition, of my views.  Again, for my own spiritual health.

I am called to bless, and not curse.  And believe me, last night, I was pretty disgusted, with the way, the debate went between Mr Ryan, and Mr. Biden.

But, this is America.  And we are all the land of the free.  I just pray, we all stop for a moment, and pray for each other.  That we deal with all of these issues, with respect, and courtesy.  Its so easy, to walk in hate.  Its so easy, to take a side, in division, and I don’t want to be someone who divides.  Whether I agree with you or not.

But, more then anything, especially in this election.  Being loyal to God.  And purposely, thinking about that, and praying about that.  I have had a sense, of wanting to please God.  What does God think about these agendas?  And all I can do, is go to my Bible.  I do want to take the side with my Lord, and if He does the dividing, thats up to Him.

All I know, is that this arguing, and sharing mean spirited messages about our respective differences, does not help us.

It is spiritual warfare, and what has Christ called us to do?  He has called us to love.  I may, or may not change someones mind, about who they are going to vote for.  But, I do not have to sling, mud, to do it.

I pray, for discretion.  I pray, for my own well being, and peace of mind, in this.  I don’t want to hate others.  Christ loved us all.  We have to love each other as well.  Yes, Christ hated the  sin, but He loved the sinner.

I know this is odd, to some.  But I am going to take the stand to pray for all the Democrats, I hear about.  On television, and in friendship circles.  I am going to reserve my thoughts, from here on, to not judge their motives, or their agendas, and just pray for them.

I have to do this, for my own well being.  For my own sense, of who I am in Christ.  I am so glad, the Lord stopped me in this.  But I felt like my own spiritual health was at stake.  Like perhaps, I could go down a road, that God did not want me to take.  So it bothered me.  I always appreciate that gut feeling I get.  It is an indicator, and if it does not feel good, I know I have to run to God for guidance.

It just reminds me though, what does all that anger and hate do to a person, spiritually, and even physically?  Its not good for us, to get caught up in spiritual warfare without love.  It will destroy within.  And thats what the enemy wants.  He wants to hurt us.  So, I am seeing, Love is what is needed.

I know the devil is the accuser, but aren’t we playing his role, when we accuse each other back and forth?

I am just going to pray for all of our leaders.  On both sides…..Lord, help them, and give them wisdom.  For our nation.  Stop the fighting….let all things be done, in order, and courtesy….

I pray, blessings, of love, and peace, courtesy, respect, honor, protection, for each candidate.  And their families.  I pray, this love, for their administration, and senior officers.

I pray, this, for each citizen of the United States.  That love, peace, and good will would guide you, with discretion, when dealing with the other political parties, and with each other.

May God bless America, but I pray, we bless God.  How can we do that, if we are in strife?  With one another, even over an election.

I pray, we would stop, and think, no matter what your religious affiliate is.  What can I do to make this election smoother, easier, and with the motive, to create an atmosphere of love, for myself, others, and my country?  I do pray, that we stop, and become more civil, honest, and kind with one another.

Why?  We are the United States of America.  Let us not become the divided states.  May God bless all of our citizens, and officials of our great country.

I am praying through it all, that my Lord, Jesus, would be glorified.  Honored, and praised.  That He would bring truth back to our nation, and that love, would be evident again, in a great and mighty way.  God bless the USA.  And may I with all my heart, bless my Lord.  Thank you Father, that I am an American citizen.

I pray that America, would have the heart to want to bless you, the Lord.

Just my thoughts, with love, Elena Ramirez

Father, I praise you, I do thank you for this great country, the United States.  Lord this could even be a civil war.  This is spiritual warfare in so many ways.  For so many things, that are trying to creep into our great country.  Agendas…from special interest groups.  These things do not bless this country.  But hurt us.  How I pray, we do not become divided, but united.  I bless each leader, I bless this country, I pray, for each citizen.   I pray, Father amidst all the agendas, all the policies, the special interests etc.  That your truth, would rule and reign.  To be a better country.  Not imposing, but declaring, your love, and goodness for all.  If we just seek you.  Your Kingdom, and righteousness, is not based on our democratic agendas.  No.  But, we can learn from you, we can remember to love one another.  To not get caught up in strife. To give no place to the devil.  But, to walk in love, forgiving, and blessing one another, in Christ.  Lord, I just pray for my country.  It makes me sad, to see the angry words, from some.  But, you are God, and you will protect us.  From within, and without…we are a blessed nation.  Because of our foundation, in you.  Our founding fathers, knew, we could have freedom here, because of you.  Thank you Lord, now please bless our country, and our leaders, with wisdom, peace, love, and joy, in Christ’s name.  Amen

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