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If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link. My latest book. BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST. This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse. But by Christ it can change into a blessing. A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc. And why we do some of the things we do.... "HOW TO HAVE FAITH" This book is a self-help book to bring insight to your faith, and to know what pleases God. Both are on SMASHWORDS..... https://www.smashwords.com/interview/ElenaRamirezChristianauthor If interested in ordering the Paper Back go to this link. http://howtohavefaith.wordpress.com

If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link. My latest book. BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST. This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse. But by Christ it can change into a blessing. A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc. And why we do some of the things we do….
“HOW TO HAVE FAITH” This book is a self-help book to bring insight to your faith, and to know what pleases God. Both are on SMASHWORDS…..
If interested in ordering the Paper Back go to this link. http://howtohavefaith.wordpress.com

There is nothing, that is worth losing your soul over.  No power, no promotion, no gift, no dollar amount. Nothing is worth losing your soul over.  Just remember the devil even tried to tempt Jesus.  And Jesus rebuked him, and said it is written. Do not tempt the Lord, God. 

And these are things, that the devil will dangle in front of you, to tempt you with, as well, and you can either take it or leave it.

And if you leave it, and know who you are in Christ, you are being wise.

You see the fear of God, is the beginning of wisdom.  When I think about what Christ went through for me, on that cross, I truly take to heart, how important my Salvation is.  With wisdom. I take to heart, how the enemy still wants to deceive any of us, so that we would choose wrong, and yes lose our souls over.  But I do it with the fear of God, for I know He holds my soul, in His hands for heaven or for hell.

This notion, of once saved, always saved, is just a bunch of baloney, that comes from the devil.  And you are not saved, to sin.  You are not saved, to compromise what Christ did on that cross for you.  It came at a very high price, by the Son of God.

This is not judging anybody, this is a warning of the consequences.

So, because I have, I believe, passed some tests, I have discernment.  One even in my own ministry.  I am a servant of God.  An ambassador for Christ. Not because I have anything in me, by myself, to be effective.  But because of who I am in Christ.  

You see, I know we all sin.  We all come short of the glory of God.  We can be misled, if we trust our own abilities. We can be deceived, if we are not totally submitted to God.  Don’t think you are beyond that.  None of us are, that is why we must be obedient to God.  We must know our King James Bibles.  

But I have taken my sins, to the cross, and I know to keep going to that cross, because I am human, and I make mistakes, that can be sin.   I know the value of running to that cross, daily, in repentance, to keep my white robes white, in His righteousness, not mine!

I have not sought to seek God, or to serve him for money.  Money is not an issue, for me, I do this for free.  I have tested myself, in my own motives, and I have tested myself, to see who I am in Christ.

You see, power, prestige, and honor,  is a very tempting solution, one might think to end their problems.  Financially, or even for status.  I am none of these things, so I can right now cut through the BS.  And my prayer, for whatever my future may be, is that I can maintain this integrity, and wisdom, to have discernment, to not compromise who I am in Christ.

And this is why I can write this….for what it is, in this election.  There is a lot of BS, that has made people, compromise who they are in Christ.  And they don’t see the danger of it.  They don’t see, how God is even testing them.  They are compromising themselves for 30 pieces of silver, for dirty lucre (money) and power, and they are saying things, and doing things, that is showing their true colors.  

One deception becomes sin, and unrepented sin, is still sin in the eyes of God.  It leads to more sins.  This is why I coin the term:  “America do not lose your soul”. 

We have all seen it.  This election, has brought out the worst in people, that we highly esteemed.  As respectable, as Christians, and as a voice of reason.  And many of us, will not ever, forget.

Well, this voice of reason, must say I have lost. And been lost. But through that I have gained a sense of my salvation. You don’t know me, you don’t know what I have gone through, to even get here to write this. God has brought me to this place. 

So, I have everything to gain in Christ.  I can call it for what it is.  The favor, of any person, on this earth, has nothing to do with what God has called me to do, even for such a time as this.  And I can speak truth.  My goal, is to be used by God, it always has been that.  But I have learned, in this thing, called Christianity.  You are tested.  But did you know we are called to test, and try the spirits as well?  Look it up in a King James.  With the key words, “try the spirits .”  It has to be a KJV so the words are not corrupted by revisions. 

And if you are not making Christ the main focal point, in every thought, every decision, every motive, every desire, you can be deceived.  You can then become a pawn of the devil himself.  And how he hopes you will not learn, and grow.  How he hopes you will not find the real truth in a holy and anointed Bible, that is the King James.  How he hopes, he can use you.  How he hopes to steal your inheritance, in being obedient, to God.  And sadly, he has done that with some in this election.  But its not too late, and I pray, the body of Christ opens their eyes.!

This is why the fear of God, is so important!  But many do not see this.  They do not see, how important our walk with Christ is.  This is spiritual warfare folks.  And the goal, by Christ, is to give you life eternal, to give you the promises, of Christ, in who He is.  And the goal of the enemy is to steal that.

But the rules are always by Gods standards of excellence.  The devil, always wants to take that from you.  He always wants to blind you, confuse you, keep you ignorant of Gods truth, and he wants to steal your soul.  Read a King James Bible!  Open it!  Quit fighting truth, against your own soul!

So this election, especially, has made people choose sides.  And I don’t have to name names, to tell you who is who.  But, you are in the dark, if you do not choose anyone who has respect, and fear of God in matters like this.  The characteristics, the trademarks, the traits, the mannerisms have been revealed.

And this notion, that one must choose, a lesser evil.  Is still evil in the sight of God.  God sees your vote!  He sees how you choose!  He sees what kind of judgment you have in matters like this.


This is not about being on a team.  This is about our nation.  This is about the Constitution, being upheld.  This is about being united in truth, and a true patriot will cut through the nonsense.  This is not about playing a game. We may not have another four years to wait.

As I read, one famous Christian who has totally disregarded, who he is in Christ, to choose someone, who is not a Christian. In this race, to nominate and elect for the Presidency of the United states.

But he is just like many, who have been deceived, who have taken truth, and thrown it out the window.  These are the examples of our Christian leaders, who we so respected, and esteemed highly, and they threw out their better sense.  They threw out the fear of God, and they have taken the bait, the devil himself threw out, to tempt them, and they are now in spiritual danger.  Yes, danger of losing their souls.  Oh some of them are impartial, as they stay silent.  Yet the fruit has been revealed.  Trying to play on the fence between both sides.  But by not totally choosing the side of God, they are playing by the devils rules.

For this particular person, that I am thinking about, who has compromised who he has chosen, among many like him as well.  Has decided, that really his salvation is not that important.  That its not holy, that power, is worth more to compromise his beliefs, for what?  For…..a liar?  I pray for his soul.

The person running is not a God fearing person.  This person, is not honorable, in matters of truth.  But is known to lie, and cheat, and slander someone, just to make a point, to make them look good.  And so much more.  

This is about our country.  This is about electing someone, who has the best interests at heart, with knowledge, to do that which is right.

And the one true candidate, who did have our country at heart, with the best interests, and knowledge in seeking God, has suspended his own campaign, because America, did not see, the truth.  And because America has not seen this truth, we are in position to become a part of the enemies plan.

We each are brought into this earth, for a purpose, and for a test.  For we are here to either choose God, or the devil.  We are here to find our gifts and callings. We are here to choose whom we will serve.  We are the players, who play for one team if you want to call it that, or a side, and if you do not choose well, you can very well be determining, hell will be your place of destination, when you leave this earth.

So I choose, to live, breathe, and have my being in Christ, to be on the side of His righteousness, not mine.  And if you do not choose His ways, you will choose wrong!

Christians, if you are voting for either one of these “lesser evils” you are playing with your soul.  I have actually been called a fool, for not playing this game.  Not compromising who I am in Christ, to pick one or the other.  To think that one form of evil is better then the next, is totally deceptive.  I don’t care, if my vote, cancels one out, to promote another.

My eyes are on Christ, and His eyes are on me, to see who I choose.  And don’t forget for one moment, that its not recorded, in heaven, in the book of life, as to who you choose!

And I have seen with my own eyes, friends, and people who I have respected, honored, and cared for, choose wrong, and it grieves me, and if it grieves me, how it must grieve the Holy spirit.

You have no idea, what wrong you are doing to your own soul.  To your future, for your own blessings, or for your own relationship with Christ, unless you repent, and ask God to open your eyes.  For you see you are blind.  You are blind, if you choose evil.  You are blind, if you accept persons, of ill repute.  You are blind, if you are not totally submitted to God, for this wisdom, in fear of God.  You are blind if you deny God in these matters.

I had a person, just the other day, tell me there was no God, and there was no Cruz.  And for that I ran to my fathers throne, and cried out show America you are God!  For my God is not mocked!  Yet I know God sees.  But I prayed God would and will do something.  To change the path we are on.  And I pray, those who have denied God, and the goodness of our country to choose wrong, would repent, and open their eyes.  Because they are deceived.

When one is deceived.  You will be confused.  You will be in a position, to think that dark is light.  That evil is good, and good is evil. This is just the truth of it.  Nothing is worth losing your soul over.  I really do believe we are in end times.  And if I can gather souls for the Kingdom of God, to see, before its too late, then I pray God use me.

But I see, with discernment, where we are right now America.  We are at a crossroad.  And your vote counts.  Your vote can make a difference for Americas future.  Not only for us, but for our children.  We are being tested by God almighty Himself.

This is why I see, he has not answered prayer yet, to put in a righteous man.  We prayed, for Cruz.  We saw, his integrity, and God said, no not yet, let me test America.   Let me see, who will they choose.  Cruz stood for the cross, he stood, for integrity, the Constitution, and honor.

And America, wants to disregard all of that for a con? And I can identify it with truth, because I am not the judge.  But God is.

But I pray, He still raises Cruz up.  But don’t tell me the choices we have are not a con. A deceptive lying persons spirit.  A Player.  A dealer, all these things and more.  Oh I could get real specific, but I am too much of a lady to spill it out, but God can!  Nothing is impossible with my God, and I pray, as I hope you pray too, before its too late.

But I can look at the values, and morals of somebody, and I can see the fruit.  If its rotten or if its healthy.  I can look and see, by the way one carries themselves, truly, like in this time, of the election, and I can identify the fruit of honesty, by who one chooses.  But I can only do that by totally submitting to Christ, and I do.

Don’t fool yourself.  Don’t call yourself a Christian, and accept evil.  Don’t say you are saved by Christ, and choose, to accept someone, who does not repent.  The writing is on the walls folks, and in my King James bible, and we can see, truth.  But if you deny truth, you deny your very own existence, as to why God made you to be!

Don’t take scripture and say, yes God can use anybody,and even extend grace, when they do not extend grace to others….  

This is not a time, for someone to be wishy washy!  We need someone washed in the blood of Jesus, by seeing what Christ did for us.  Not someone, who takes repentance, as an option, to trust in his own judgment!  And flip flop, with our nation!

When the very soul of that person is not like God! But thinks he is his own god. You are denying yourself truth, and you are choosing wrong.

Nothing is worth losing your soul over.  And the soul of our country!

We are one nation under God, and you are letting the devil himself take our country, and throw it down the toilet.  Look at where we are!  

Even as I write this, we are so far gone, that is what we are even talking about, letting common sense go down the toilet, to compromise truth, to let anyone in our bathrooms!  Between men and women, and a confused sense, of a lost soul?

Wake up America, don’t lose your soul!  See who you are voting for!  Do you really want to hear that voice, over and over again for four years?  A voice, that has no control?  A voice, that hates?  A voice that lies?  A voice, that cannot be trusted with that red button, in the White House?  Do you really want that kind of person, in the most honorable seat?  Do you really want someone in office, who is not honest, even with the truth that history has shown to let Americans down as well?

Have you sold your own soul for thirty pieces of silver, that you call evil good?  There are two voices, that can be heard now, and they both are wrong for our nation.  For who we are as a people.  For what our veterans die for daily to keep us free.

You don’t want evil in the White House!

Then repent, and repent America, for what you did to Cruz!  I pray, God still raise him for for this election.  He was the only voice, that was not compromising.  That held onto integrity.  That did not make up, lies, to promote himself.  He was the only true voice, that wanted to uphold the Constitution, and the bible, and the only one, who did seek God for wisdom!  And look at the way many of you treated him?  And still treat him, you constantly attack him with bully tactics!

You will stand in judgment unless you repent!

And you want to give it up for this?  Oh America, I love you, but we are in spiritual danger right now as a nation.  We still have a chance.  We still have an opportunity to change a wrong to a right.  I pray, you still go to the throne of God, and make it right.  And for those who may mock these thoughts, I implore you do not mock God!  You will reap what you sow!

And may these scriptures, rebuke you, in Christ, because God loves you to choose right!  


America, do not lose your soul in this election.


In Christ, Elena Ramirez


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If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link. My latest book. BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST. This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse. But by Christ it can change into a blessing. A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc. And why we do some of the things we do.... "HOW TO HAVE FAITH" This book is a self-help book to bring insight to your faith, and to know what pleases God. Both are on SMASHWORDS..... https://www.smashwords.com/interview/ElenaRamirezChristianauthor If interested in ordering the Paper Back go to this link. http://howtohavefaith.wordpress.com

If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link. My latest book. BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST. This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse. But by Christ it can change into a blessing. A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc. And why we do some of the things we do….
“HOW TO HAVE FAITH” This book is a self-help book to bring insight to your faith, and to know what pleases God. Both are on SMASHWORDS…..
If interested in ordering the Paper Back go to this link. http://howtohavefaith.wordpress.com

There is a perversion of sin, we are seeing in this election.  Especially now with this controversy about allowing Transgenders into Women’s bathrooms.  

They say, you cannot mix politics, and religion, in conversation.  But I say first of all that what I am about to talk about is not religion.  

But it does affect politics. Because you have to understand what makes people think, and you have to understand why they do what they do?  Some people are in high places.  And their decisions can affect life.  

Its about knowing what God says.  Its about His commandments. His thoughts, His ways, His heart.  I have said it once, my definition between religion and relationship with Christ, but I will say it again, here for the record:  

That religion, is rules, and regulations, traditions and rituals that men or special interest groups have made.  In the name of their God.  But is it what the true and holy God says?

Relationship is obtained by knowing Christ, and knowing Him personally.  Knowing what He did on the cross for each one of us.  And by repenting, accepting Him as Lord and savior, grateful, and thankful for His sacrifice, on that cross has made the difference to know that…

There is a difference between “religion and relationship” with God.

There is a difference between what men propose.  And what God says.  What is happening in our country, especially with this bathroom issue of making availability for men to go into a Women’s bathroom is what men propose.  It is affecting our laws.  It is affecting safety.  

It is being announced throughout the country, and what better time now, to talk about what men propose, and what God proposes?  What better time, to see truth, that affects us all, and how in this election we can either allow it, or stop it?  I pray we stop sin, in our nation.

As a Christian writer, I want to stand out, with truth. I want to please God.  I want to obey Him, with Love. I want to have courage, to say things, that in fact I don’t hear from any pulpit.  I want to speak Gods heart.  I don’t want to tickle ears, and say what people want.  And in this subject, I have not heard one peep from our Christian leaders on this matter.  

I want to say what God says, according to His truth, my King James bible.  Which is holy, and anointed, not corrupted, by men’s hands, or thoughts.  By another form of religion, which exploits and perverts the gospel.  For those who know my writings, you know, I will mention this, if I get a chance.  The corruption of Gods holy word. 



Because it is men, and groups, that are in these publishing houses, that they think they have the authority to do something, but they should not.  With a holy bible. For it can bring confusion.  Part truth, and part lie.  And any kind of confusion can bring perversion.  Its always the enemies plan the devil to pervert.  To confuse.  

There is a form of perversion, here in America.  There is confusion, in America.  But lets talk about this election specifically.  And the subject that is at hand:

What bathroom should people use?

I know what God says in such matters.  So I look at politics, to determine what either Christ would say, or what the devil would say.  I look at the fruit.  I look at the values of what people uphold.  I look at what they endorse, or what they don’t endorse…hmm. 

I have already heard a few politicians who will remain nameless, besides Trump and Cruz.  In my thoughts here… Because they are making a public stand on this issue, because they are running for President.

But for those who have spoken, and are in roles of authority, in leadership.  I have already shaken my head in disbelief.  I am saddened.  Because they really are in “cop-out” mode.  They are uncommitted, they are being impartial, and they are frankly compromising the safety and well being of millions of Americans.  The innocent, the children, the women, who would go to a bathroom, and actually could be in danger, by the perversion of some, who would have ulterior motives.  They are not taking a stand to protect the general public.  But Cruz is. 

Its so sad.  When sin, comes to any of of us.  But it does come. Unless we know what God says, we can fall victim to it. Perversion, can come to all of us, if we are not protected.  If we are not, aware that one bad thing even in being sometimes, innocent, or naive can contribute to the downfall of anyone.

Its that crossing of the lines so to speak.  That takes away innocence. When people, choose to cross the line between what God says, and what man says, is what I am concerned about.  Its taking chances, not only with ones soul, but the actual physical being of someone.  

In this perversion of sin, we see now that it is actually affecting the election between Cruz and Trump.

I am not a psychologist.  I am not a doctor, I cannot judge why people are the way they are.  Nor do I want to judge anyone.  But I can warn.  

For, I have seen enough sin in my own life, and even of friends, where when the truth of God is not evident, and people will cross a line.  Into sin.

I know of people, who have been violated.  Because of predators.  Because people did not have fear of God in such matters.  Even in the church of some.  Where pastors, and priests, have become predators, and took advantage by the authority given to them. Power, in the wrong hands of anyone can bring perversion.  And we are seeing it.  So we have to be careful who we vote into the office of the President of the United States.  

I have seen young boys, and girls, abused sexually, by the ulterior motives of some, who themselves were violated at a young age, and subjected to things that totally changed their perspective.  Their thinking.  Even concerning, whether or not they were homosexual or not, because someone violated them. They then become the predators.  Because this is what they know.  This is what they learned to be from the perversion, of some.  

And one can only second guess, in this terrible hurt and pain.  That some must feel. If only someone had protected them?  If only someone had stopped the abuse.  If only someone cared.  And I am reminded, Cruz would stop it to a degree anyway, by not allowing this kind of ordinance become a law for our bathrooms.  

But…It turns into a cycle, and when will it be stopped?  Only…When someone sees it as evil, and repents, to God, and changes their ways.  And asks God to show them who they are and can be in Christ.  

So, my concern is for the innocent.  My concern is for those who trust those in authority to make decisions, for them, and they let them down.  They let down our society.  They let us as “we the people” down, because they have no standard, they have no moral compass code, to tell them this is just wrong.  Its not only common sense, but it is a matter of principle, in what is right and wrong in the sight of God.  


So, yes, lets talk about what God says.  Lets talk about what is considered right and wrong, and lets stand up for truth.  We have for many years, had the use of public restrooms, and we never had a discussion about where to go, and common sense prevailed.  

If you were born a woman, you used the Women’s restroom.  If you were born a man, you went to the Men’s restroom.  If you are not sure what sex you are that is troubling, I am sure, but one cannot accommodate to one small minority in this, and put the total population which is a majority, in danger, for this small percentage of people who are “confused” in their sexuality.  

If people are really concerned, then feel free to make a bathroom for the confused, but do not compromise the safety of others, for this one small percentage. Does it take a college education to figure this out? Does a law, have to be imposed?

No it takes common sense, and a sense to know what is right and wrong, and it takes “true” leadership to determine, you don’t compromise anyone’s safety.  

Now we have people, and states, corporate businesses, and you know who they are, and they want to force something that is morally wrong.  They want to impose this perversion, in the lives of all of us, when we shop, to accept it as right, when its wrong.

And I do pray because I have heard what Cruz says about this, and that of Trump.  I pray, that America would see, Cruz, can correct this problem of plumbing, in our American society.

Where like Cruz, said, Trump has bowed down to being politically correct in this, and its just wrong.  Just because you may justify, and believe people can use any bathroom, in your own private home etc.  Does not mean, that the American public, has to condone this kind of behavior, from others.  Its just wrong.

And when anything gets perverted, the confusion comes in.  This is something, I just cannot believe is happening, because you would think we would be beyond this.  But to me, it is just a sign of the times. It is an indication, of how far America has gone from God.  

Its an abomination to pervert anything, and if we don’t stop it now, especially by not voting for Cruz, I think who we are as a nation, will totally lose our focus, in whats right and wrong.  We will throw our moral compass away. We need Cruz as our President of the United States.  He is an answer to prayer, for so many of us, who have longed to see true leadership that honors God.  

I am so disappointed, in Christian leaders who have allowed, and endorsed Trump to be their candidate, because so many look up to these individuals with respect, and they honor the opinions of these leaders as being right.  

Here is a man, Trump, who we already have seen his temperament, and the lack of control of it.  We have seen his own history, his business dealings, we have seen how he treats some minorities, the handicapped, and religions, women…We have seen how he treats our own veterans by not totally giving all the monies from America by his campaign.  

And we now see his thoughts on this bathroom issue. He has bought his way into the public eye.   

Trump who has upheld and supported special interest groups.  And contributed to even the democratic party, and why?  To have favor.  

I am amazed at all of these people that we have seen as honorable, and I won’t mention names, but they have compromised their beliefs for “thirty pieces of silver”, that Trump has contributed to them.  Its not worth losing your good name over, or your soul.  

This is what scripture says about this, because it does contribute to perversion.  


We really have to take into consider the motives of someone when they give a gift, and when they receive it.  But we have to look with wisdom to know what God says, and that in taking a gift, you could compromise good common sense.    


So, look at what we are talking about at this point of the election.  Look at the difference in what Trump says and Cruz says about this.  God has a way of using something, and more then ever, I pray people wake up, and see the difference between Trump and Cruz.  

Because Trump would allow anyone to go into any bathroom, and would not respect, or restrict and protect, the innocent from those who have ulterior motives, in this perversion.  

And you have to call it that.  For what it is.  Its not natural according to what scripture says.  Its sin.  Sin is sin.  No matter what others try to enforce, it is sin. 

And its not judging someone.  And I will probably get called out on this.  By some who defend sin.  Or perversion. Its warning someone.  We are called to warn, if we love.  And Christ said, that the love we have would show we are His disciples.  We love the sinner, we just don’t accommodate, or become a part of the sin.  So we don’t love the sin. 

But like I mentioned in the beginning between relationship and religion.  I don’t want someones perversion of sin, to be my “religion” in such matters, and I will not endorse, and will actually boycott, anyone in authority, or in shopping matters, who does not have the best interests for all the public.

I will not vote for someone, who will not repent, and honor God.  Like I said, if someone cannot honor God, by repenting, how in heavens name, do we expect them to honor us, as “we the people?”

We have had enough of this, I hope, and we will vote Cruz in, who understands not only our plumbing issues, but will restore to America, a sense of right and wrong, just because of who he is.  A man with integrity, a man who is trusted.  A man who searches for wisdom, from God.  Because more then ever, America we need it.  

I hope to hear from Cruz…Trump you are fired! When he becomes President of the United States.  And I know we have a ways to go, but there is time America to open our eyes.  But I will speak it into the atmosphere of my Lord.  Who is God over heaven and earth.  Even this great nation.  But I pray we bless God.  In this election, in this time we have. 

Yes, God bless America but I will not vote against America, by voting for any “lesser evil.” For if you allow evil even in your bathrooms you will flush your values down the toilet. Even concerning abortion. So I pray we bless God in this election process, and vote Cruz in.

There is a danger, of letting go of what God says.  There is a perversion, that can affect, and change something that was meant for good into evil.  And if we allow it, we only have ourselves to blame. 

We cannot let go of God and country.  We cannot let go of the Constitution.  We cannot let go of our Holy Bibles, the King James.  We have to find our way again America.  

How I pray, we see the perversion even now, as we vote.  And end it. And we bring it all to the obedience of Christ.  To our Lord and savior, who can change the darkest of hearts.  Who can change the most perverted.  

You see sin, steals our true identity, and sometimes like in matters like this, you just have to go to God, and ask Him for wisdom.  You have to ask Him to change your heart.  

Perhaps, some kind of perversion has come to you friend.  Go to God, repent. He can change it for you. Don’t let it control you.  Don’t even let the thought pervert you. For it can turn into an action, that you would regret.  Fight the good fight of faith, in Christ. America do not forget.  We are one nation under God.  



Blessings in Christ, Elena Ramirez






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This is Spiritual warfare.  This election for President.  2012. We are the United States.  But there are agendas, and self-interest groups.

That do really come against this nation.  It should not be.  We should be united.  But there is division, in this election.  There is division, in this great land of ours…..

I sense the warfare.  I remember though, we do not fight with flesh and blood, but with principalities in high places.  Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  

So the Lord, is reminding me and you, to put on our armor.  The armor of God.  To quench the fiery darts of the enemy.  So we can withstand.  And the only way we can, is by praying, and being obedient to God.  Speaking up, and speaking truth, His truth.  His word.  And speaking love.  This is what this is all about.  His love.  It is needed in our lives, daily.  And yes in our nation.

I woke up this morning, sad, frustrated, and angry.  Among other things.  And all day, I have been pondering on this election, and thinking to myself.  So, I have been praying….

I am so frustrated, with this process.  I am so frustrated, with the angry words, going on, back and forth.  I am angry with the agenda, that is coming from the Democrats.  The support, for special interest groups.

I was disappointed, in the debate.  Between Biden, and Ryan.  I thought, that the courtesy was not there, though Mr. Ryan, was very courteous, to say the least.

Yes, I am voting for Romney.  I feel like he is the better candidate.  He stands for things, I believe in, especially concerning abortion.  He is pro-life.

But, I have had to stop and pray, and seek God.  Today, was one of those days.  Seeking guidance, seeking wisdom, in what I do, but in this road, we call life, and we all have to journey in it.

And yes, this is a spiritual war.  Between good and evil.  But the lines, are fuzzy, in the sense, that even though, you can call one evil or good, the opponents, are doing the same thing.  They are calling you, evil or good.

So it just made me think.  I need a different way of thinking of this.  And I am going to come from the approach, that I am going to bless the Democrats.  I pray, God bless them.

Am I praying for their agenda? No.  For I do see the division.  After all, they could not even agree, to disagree, to put God, and Israel on their platform….Signs, indicators, truth…

But, I am praying for their well being.  For their peace of mind.  For God to speak to them.  For God to guide them, even now, and between the election.  No matter who wins.  We are the United States for heavens sake.  I am praying for their souls.

Luke 6:35 But love ye your enemies and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again, and your reward shall be great and ye shall be the children of the Highest; for He is kind unto the unthankful, and to the evil.  

Because I believe, that some of the agendas that are being supported by the Democrats, are not good for us.  They could actually bring curses to our nation.  Abortion, is an abomination, I believe in the sight of God.  For He says….Thou shalt not kill.  Exodus 20:13.  

And so I pray, that people would see the evil in this.  I truly believe, that the right of that baby, does not belong to the mother.  It belongs to that child, whether it can speak or not.  It cannot defend itself.  That right of that life, belongs to God.  For He knows the child, before it is even born.

Thats probably one of the main reasons, why I am now a Republican.  I am praying that the Democratic party would see this and not enforce, my tax dollars to go for an abortion.  That, I am against.  In my principles, and that of many Christians.

We do not all agree the same, nor believe the same.  Yes, I wish we were totally 100% a Christian nation.  But we are not.  And I am called to love my enemies.  But I do not want to look at my fellow Americans as an enemy.  Thats why I am seeing this, and wanting to pray for those in opposition, of my views.  Again, for my own spiritual health.

I am called to bless, and not curse.  And believe me, last night, I was pretty disgusted, with the way, the debate went between Mr Ryan, and Mr. Biden.

But, this is America.  And we are all the land of the free.  I just pray, we all stop for a moment, and pray for each other.  That we deal with all of these issues, with respect, and courtesy.  Its so easy, to walk in hate.  Its so easy, to take a side, in division, and I don’t want to be someone who divides.  Whether I agree with you or not.

But, more then anything, especially in this election.  Being loyal to God.  And purposely, thinking about that, and praying about that.  I have had a sense, of wanting to please God.  What does God think about these agendas?  And all I can do, is go to my Bible.  I do want to take the side with my Lord, and if He does the dividing, thats up to Him.

All I know, is that this arguing, and sharing mean spirited messages about our respective differences, does not help us.

It is spiritual warfare, and what has Christ called us to do?  He has called us to love.  I may, or may not change someones mind, about who they are going to vote for.  But, I do not have to sling, mud, to do it.

I pray, for discretion.  I pray, for my own well being, and peace of mind, in this.  I don’t want to hate others.  Christ loved us all.  We have to love each other as well.  Yes, Christ hated the  sin, but He loved the sinner.

I know this is odd, to some.  But I am going to take the stand to pray for all the Democrats, I hear about.  On television, and in friendship circles.  I am going to reserve my thoughts, from here on, to not judge their motives, or their agendas, and just pray for them.

I have to do this, for my own well being.  For my own sense, of who I am in Christ.  I am so glad, the Lord stopped me in this.  But I felt like my own spiritual health was at stake.  Like perhaps, I could go down a road, that God did not want me to take.  So it bothered me.  I always appreciate that gut feeling I get.  It is an indicator, and if it does not feel good, I know I have to run to God for guidance.

It just reminds me though, what does all that anger and hate do to a person, spiritually, and even physically?  Its not good for us, to get caught up in spiritual warfare without love.  It will destroy within.  And thats what the enemy wants.  He wants to hurt us.  So, I am seeing, Love is what is needed.

I know the devil is the accuser, but aren’t we playing his role, when we accuse each other back and forth?

I am just going to pray for all of our leaders.  On both sides…..Lord, help them, and give them wisdom.  For our nation.  Stop the fighting….let all things be done, in order, and courtesy….

I pray, blessings, of love, and peace, courtesy, respect, honor, protection, for each candidate.  And their families.  I pray, this love, for their administration, and senior officers.

I pray, this, for each citizen of the United States.  That love, peace, and good will would guide you, with discretion, when dealing with the other political parties, and with each other.

May God bless America, but I pray, we bless God.  How can we do that, if we are in strife?  With one another, even over an election.

I pray, we would stop, and think, no matter what your religious affiliate is.  What can I do to make this election smoother, easier, and with the motive, to create an atmosphere of love, for myself, others, and my country?  I do pray, that we stop, and become more civil, honest, and kind with one another.

Why?  We are the United States of America.  Let us not become the divided states.  May God bless all of our citizens, and officials of our great country.

I am praying through it all, that my Lord, Jesus, would be glorified.  Honored, and praised.  That He would bring truth back to our nation, and that love, would be evident again, in a great and mighty way.  God bless the USA.  And may I with all my heart, bless my Lord.  Thank you Father, that I am an American citizen.

I pray that America, would have the heart to want to bless you, the Lord.

Just my thoughts, with love, Elena Ramirez

Father, I praise you, I do thank you for this great country, the United States.  Lord this could even be a civil war.  This is spiritual warfare in so many ways.  For so many things, that are trying to creep into our great country.  Agendas…from special interest groups.  These things do not bless this country.  But hurt us.  How I pray, we do not become divided, but united.  I bless each leader, I bless this country, I pray, for each citizen.   I pray, Father amidst all the agendas, all the policies, the special interests etc.  That your truth, would rule and reign.  To be a better country.  Not imposing, but declaring, your love, and goodness for all.  If we just seek you.  Your Kingdom, and righteousness, is not based on our democratic agendas.  No.  But, we can learn from you, we can remember to love one another.  To not get caught up in strife. To give no place to the devil.  But, to walk in love, forgiving, and blessing one another, in Christ.  Lord, I just pray for my country.  It makes me sad, to see the angry words, from some.  But, you are God, and you will protect us.  From within, and without…we are a blessed nation.  Because of our foundation, in you.  Our founding fathers, knew, we could have freedom here, because of you.  Thank you Lord, now please bless our country, and our leaders, with wisdom, peace, love, and joy, in Christ’s name.  Amen

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