IMG_4490.jpgWhy do we lose focus, and end up jumping in rabbit holes?  Remember Alice in Wonderland?  Well, she ended up jumping in a rabbit hole and looked for a way to get back.

We can do that, in a symbolic way.  By getting distracted, by not working on our relationship with Christ.  By working, by family.  By money, finances, whatever it is that takes us away from Christ, is making us to jump in rabbit holes.  Its called sin.

This can happen to the best of us, or the worst of us, whatever your perspective is.

So no one is really immune from this, even Christians.

And I guess, I am writing about it, because yesterday, I just had a terrible day.  And I was not being true to myself, or to even what I was telling the Lord.  I had to repent.

And I won’t go into details.  Because I did repent, but I had to center myself back in Christ.  And I had a good talk with my hubby, who is always honest with me, but straight. And not a crooked man, in any way.  And I thank God for him.  We all should be thankful to God for those He brings to us, but who will be honest.  I am trying to be honest with you!

My husband told me frankly, you seem to have lost your focus.  And I was amazed.  Because he hit it right on the nail.

I am a warrior, for Christ, but sometimes, when I get in that warrior mode, I have a hard time getting back centered, to my peace.

I believe in truth, and I believe in being true to God, but when I contradict myself.  Something is wrong spiritually.  And I know myself well enough, to stop, make a change, repent, and get back to “finding Christ, as the way, the truth, and the life” that John 14:6, tells us about.  That I need in my own journey of life.

I had to do that yesterday.  And as I did, I felt the Lord, tell me to write and share this.  Why?  Because He does give me words, to write, and if I can help somebody as well, then I am back to doing what I should, and I am focused.

Life is hard.  Even as we get older.  When you are younger, you can get full of yourself, and try to take on the world.  But when you get older, and you look at the progress, or the results, it can discourage you.

But with God all things are possible.  And sometimes, well, I have had to stop like I did yesterday, and get focused.  Because things like money, finances, dreams not coming true, self-esteem issues, can distract us, and we end up in that rabbit hole.  Or unrepented sin. Things that we may do, in a cowardly way, or a sneaky way, or a way, that just is not honest.  But really is not good for the soul.  

God does not want that for us.  Let me repeat that.  God does not want that for us.

But we have to discipline ourselves.  As disciples of Christ.  We have to see the error of our own ways, repent, and get back to just looking at Christ.

Praying, reading our King James Bible.  Extending grace to one another, because Christ extends grace to us.  Walking in love.  Being humble, being quiet sometimes, and just seeking our Lord.

As long as there is breath in us, anything is possible, if we are seeking the Lord.

And I love how God, shows himself mighty in small things, to increase my faith for even big things.

Even though, I had a terrible day yesterday, I was able to pray, and for someone else, as I took my mind off of me.  Yesterday, I was on FB, and a friend of mine, who I love in Christ, and I pray for, as well, in other things, asked for prayer, because her kitty had been gone out all day.  The kitty had not been feeling well, and she wanted her home.  The cat usually never stays out long, so it was unusual behavior for that cat.  It was late in the evening already.  But when I prayed with her, and it was a prayer of agreement.  I prayed specifically, that God would bring that cat home, before they closed for the night.  God answered that prayer, and the kitty returned home.  Glory to God.

But it did something to my own faith, that needed God, yesterday.  I was broken, and so off centered.  I had a horrible day.  Because I was not being true to myself, or my Lord, and I felt wicked.  And I base that, on scripture that says, there is no peace to the wicked. So I knew I was doing something wrong.  


And you know what the devil wants us to feel that way.  Nope, I love my peace. So, I will do what I have to do.  Repent, be humble, and listen and seek the Lord for instruction. So that can leave!  

The other night, I saw a movie, and I don’t remember what the name of it was.  But this man said, that which is crooked, cannot be made straight, and he quoted the Bible.  

He put a slant on it, and thats why again, I don’t like to use anything that is corrupted, concerning scripture, because the anointing, and truth, can be missing from just a few words.  And totally mislead.  Who knows what Bible version he used.  I am also careful who I listen to that quotes any kind of scripture.  Remember Christ told us there would be wolves in sheep’s clothing.  

But anyway, that stuck for some reason to me, and I kept thinking of my past sins, and I thought, of how I was off, and I thought, I must be crooked.  I thought that, until I searched the scriptures myself.  I forgot, that yes, I have repented.  Do you ever do that?  It can happen.  But we have to bring everything to the obedience of Christ.  Its just the devil, the enemy trying to bring condemnation.  But if we have repented, if we have changed, well, its covered by the blood of Jesus.  

But, you know there are a few scriptures that do say that.  About that which is crooked cannot be made straight.  So if someone did not do more research, they would think thats it, theres no hope.  But I found one, that states, God can make that which is crooked straight.

“Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain:”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭40:4‬ ‭KJV‬‬

GOD, can straighten us out.  He can take us off of that crooked path.  He can make the rough places plain, because He is the way, the truth, and life.

I don’t know where you are, in your journey in life.  But I will say this, if you want your path made plain, if you want to get refocused, and not tossed to and fro with this, that and the other.  Including doctrine, you have your part.  GET AND USE A KING JAMES BIBLE.  

You may have done horrendous things in your life.  But there is something to be said, by just bowing your head.  Crying to God.  Repenting, and pulling yourself up by the boot straps, and try to make that change with His help.

You don’t have to stay in that dark rabbit hole.  You don’t have to be lost any more.

Even if you are a Christian, who has sinned, you can make it right by repenting, and seeking God.

But you cannot keep jumping in that same bad rabbit hole, if you really have learned your lesson in life.  

I have learned in order to be true to myself.  I have to be true to Christ.  


And, that which I add, is that if I do not honor, and respect myself, and others, then honor is not mine.  

How can we get honor in something we don’t give?

Food for thought today, praying this helps you, if you are in that rabbit hole, and you feel lost.  Get focused. Call on Christ, repent, but be true to Him.  Not just in lip service, but your heart.  In your actions, and if you contradict yourself.  Get on your knees.  Get on your knees anyway, to Him, that way, you can stand up to anything.  

Advice, I take for myself as well.

Blessings, and love,


Elena Ramirez