HOW TO BE HAPPY WITH A VISION FROM GOD ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez


I want you to see yourself happy with a vision from God.

And sometimes, we just have to see what King James word says.

You know, so many teachings, have perverted what Paul said, that we are not to keep the law. That grace covers it.

And it has bothered me from time, to time, because there are so many scriptures that tell us to keep the “law.”

This particular scripture tells us if we want to be happy, we have to keep the law. Look it up, from a King James. Proverbs 29:18.

See yourself happy, as the vision. Claim it in Jesus name….

And take the commandments, to heart, try to obey them.

Repent, if you know you have not. Including just believing the lie, that we are not to keep the law.

By Elena Ramirez


RESPECT IS…. By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

IMG_0084.jpgRespect Is…

Not agreeing with every ones opinion, but having enough wisdom, to know, you don’t need to debate it, or argue about it, or try to make someone understand. To respect the differences.

Or even hit them on the head with the truth. Sometimes, you have to go through a few things to get it.

I think I got it….

Thank you Jesus. You see, love, should always be evident. Without trying to make someone feel bad, or to reject them.

We are all on the vine at different places. I may try to show you truth. But I pray to do it with love, and yes respect. Because you are a child of God, as I am.

Yes, live and learn. Christ said, we would be known by the love. “Let the love shine through, by showing respect or if anything courtesy.”

This is one more new motto…..I will carry as a badge of honor, I pray, to His glory.


By Elena Ramirez


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If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link. My latest book. BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST. This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse. But by Christ it can change into a blessing. A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc. And why we do some of the things we do….
“HOW TO HAVE FAITH” This book is a self-help book to bring insight to your faith, and to know what pleases God. Both are on SMASHWORDS…..
If interested in ordering the Paper Back go to this link.

So, its almost the end of the year of 2015.  And I am thinking, I need to make resolutions.  For 2016. As a Christian.  But personally as well. Things I know, but things, I need to implement, even in writing.  To decree it, to remind myself, to justify it by words.  Not my words, but every pure and holy word of God, from my King James Bible.  That is not corrupted.

And when I see other brothers and sisters in Christ, using corrupted word, my heart aches for them.  As I know God does ache for them too, but I can only pray to make a difference, in someones faith, in their ability to know God, and to be fulfilled, in the calling for their life.  

That people would see the many warnings, in scripture that warn us about this deception.  Including, Revelation 22:18-19.  And I know this is my calling, so even here, as I write my resolutions, I pray you see the deception of using corrupted Bibles.  

This scripture came to me just yesterday, and it just tells it like it is, how so many are deceived, by someones greed, that changes a Holy Bible.  It is sad, but this scripture hits it on point. They have made merchanise of Gods word, by changing it with the excuse that versions bring insight.  But in doing so they have disobeyed God.  They have corrupted a holy word.  

So I stop to make this point before I go on with my resolutions. And I know the timing comes from God almighty…. So, I add this on…


Friend, you don’t want to reap that same damnation.  So I implore you go back and use a King James Bible.  Not a NKJV either, don’t confuse that.  That is corrupted as well.  As well as all of those versions.  

This is my goal front and center, in Christ.  As this year ends. And the new year starts….But in my journey, of life, I pray God gives me countless opportunities. To show you all the deception of these “revised” bibles.  

So I ask God for long life, in all of my resolutions.  So here, now are just my thoughts, my resolutions, and I pray it blesses.  For my walk with God, for my life.  In this journey we call life.

I probably will revise this, and add more to it, as the Holy Spirit leads, so feel free to come back and check it out.  But there is something to be said, about giving God glory, so here goes:

  1.  My first resolution, and determination for the new year is to give God glory.  To praise Him, to acknowledge Him, to always bring God into every conversation, if possible.  To shine His truth. In all that I am. To speak it, to write it, to be someone who represents the King of Kings.  As an ambassador of Christ. I want to do this with His holiness, His ability, His power, His might.  His miracles magnified.  I cannot do it on my own, but by who He is.

  2. I want to please God.  For I know, my life, my blessings are so determined on that.  Faith pleases God.  So I will daily work on my faith. 

  3. I want to walk in the authority of Gods word, my King James bible, that is not corrupted, and is holy and know that I can rebuke something that is not of God, from my life.  I want you to walk in that holiness as well.  So I will keep hammering it, till God says stop.

  4. I want to have the mind of Christ.  To think, say and do that which is right in His sight.

  5. I want to get back what the devil has stolen from me.  I pray I can see the fulfillment.  Just so I can say, “Look what the Lord has done for me.”  It gets me righteously angry, that I was so naive.  So ignorant to Gods truth, that I see the many mistakes I made.  Yes, I judge myself.  We are called to do that, and though, I want to extend grace even to myself, I cannot help and see, I can be my own worst enemy, by not obeying God.

  6. So yes, I want to be mindful with the mind of Christ, to obey God, and listen ever so carefully to the promptings of the H0ly Spirit.

  7. I need to always remember to discipline myself through Gods Holy word, by reading it.  Chewing on it.  Meditating on it, writing it, and living it.  As I claim it.  Sharpening my spirit.  Sharpening my senses so I am not dull and dumb.  I see how the enemy deceives when any of us do not know truth Gods, truth.

  8. I want to be mindful to walk in love.  To be love, as Christ is love. To always be a reflection of Christ.  To all.  To be polite.  To not seek my own gratification but that of others first, in the sense that I cannot be selfish.  Self, is a symptom that the enemy can sneak in there to steal and deceive.   So I want to be aware of the enemies antics.

  9. Yes knowing that the enemy, comes to kill steal and destroy, has taught me more then ever to submit to God.  OBEY GOD!

  10. Resist the enemy and he will flee.  So I will rebuke the enemy.  I will rebuke those negative thoughts of doom and gloom.  And send them right back to the pit of hell.  I send curses back to the sender.  I am called to bless, but if someone wants to curse, they bounce right off of me, because I wear the armor of God.  Which reminds me, I need to put on that armor daily.  And it quenches the fiery darts of the enemy.  They reap what they sow.  As I do.  Knowing this is a principle, that is like a boomerang.

  11. I will be prayerful.  I know there is power in prayer.  So I resolve to pray for myself, and others.  To not forget the power of just even a small whisper to say, God help me.  Help that person.

  12. I want to be kind to all.  To have the compassion of Christ.  To extend mercy.  So they will see Christ in me.  

  13. I want to be firm in my resolve in what is truth and what is not.  I cannot compromise any more, my values.  For anyone.  This goes back to pleasing God.  If people do not like that about me, that is their problem, not mine.

  14. I want to be a truth seeker for all things.  Something about truth it frees a person, and so I see the need to seek it and bring truth to the light for myself.  To grow, to change, to not be ashamed.

  15. I want to walk in the authority of who I am in Christ.  Totally.  As the Kings daughter.  I need to see, I am Royalty.  I am the head.  Not the tail.  I am to be respected, honored and cherished.  So I do that for myself morally, and with integrity. My past does not indicate my future, for I have repented.  I don’t need to follow the crowd.  I follow Jesus.  And that keeps me on the straight and narrow path.

  16. So, I remind myself, that repentance is always the key to getting back right with God.  For I make mistakes.  But purposeful disobedience, is so very wrong, and repentance does not accomplish anything if I do not learn from my mistakes.  If I purposely disobey.  So, I will not treat the sacrifice of my Lord and savior Christ shabbily.

  17. I will work out my salvation, with fear and trembling in the fear of God.  Being fearful of God, is one of the most healthiest things I can do, and it keeps me out of trouble.   And I then can avoid the consequences.  If only, by example, by even writing this, I pray the body of Christ would get this, and understand it, for it is not taught.

  18. I need to eat better, physically because my physical health is so vital in this.  But I also need to eat spiritually nothing but that which is of God.  I don’t need to eat junk food spiritually or physically.  And when I say junk food spiritually, I have to be mindful of subliminal messages that come in the form of junk, or evil.  I don’t need to eat anything that offends God.  I don’t need to know anything evil.  I am reminded of Adam and Eve, and that they ate from the tree of good and evil. THAT WAS SIN! God did not want them to know evil.  So I know this is sin.  Just because one knows how to do something, does not mean they should.  Reject it. I do not want sin in my life, in any shape or form, so I will be careful to discipline myself in that which I eat physically and spiritually.  I realize what a gift health is, so I pray to know that which is healthy.

  19. I am reminded to test and try the spirits.  I have seen in this past year, many who claim they come in the name of the Lord, but their fruit is rotten.  There are deceptive spirits.  Who do not obey God, even in the word they choose.  They compromise.  And it is so evident it is sin.  They actually reject Gods law, and take scripture and try to manipulate, and justify their sin, by grace.  And that is just wrong.  It is an abuse of Gods mercy, and I will be ever so careful not to trust people.  But to trust God.  My King James bible.  For it says, thus saith the Lord!

  20. I am reminded that my spiritual growth is my responsibility.  So I cannot get a lazy attitude, to put off anything.  For the truth of matter, is tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  I have to see how valuable my time is.  I have to see how important that in this time I have not to put off anyone or myself, and more then anything God.  Being rushed is not an excuse to put off God.  So I must discipline myself first to always go back to step one.  To give God glory.

  21.  I know more then ever, how important Salvation is, how important it is to make things right with God.  To be humble, to be aware, how pride steals, and is a characteristic of the enemy.  So I must always relinquish pride, in being humble.  To forgive.  To forgive others and myself.  To let go of offences.  To have my peace.  There are times, I cannot engage in battles.

  22. So I remember the battle is the Lords.  I have always been of the mindset to fight.  I am a warrior at heart.  But there are some things I see, even now in this time of my life.  I cannot fight.  But God can, so I see my Lord, more then ever, defending me.  Taking care of me, protecting me.  Providing for me.

  23. So I am thankful.  I resolve more then ever, to be grateful.  To always count my blessings.  To see they out number my lack.  Which I know God can fill up my cup.  But I know more then ever, I do not seek God for what He can give me, but for who He is.  I know that…So I pray to be a giver, in great and big ways.  But to give, is just such a sweet release of being grateful.  

  24. I plead the blood of Jesus, when all else comes to that point of understanding.  It is all about what Christ did on that Cross for me.  The blood of Jesus, is the final authority in who I am so I resolve to plead it for I know, my own ability, my own gifts and callings yes work together for the sake of the Kingdom of God.  But it is the blood of Jesus I plead, that makes me who I am in Christ.  I am a miracle. That supernatural sense of miracles.  Because of the sacrifice of Christ.

  25. And I pray, my love, my obedience, my longing to please Him, which goes back to the first steps with bless my King. For now, I conclude my resolutions. But leave room, even here to come back to decree it. In the name of Jesus, this is my decree, my resolution, with wisdom, for the new year. Of 2016. May it be to the glory of God in my life. For myself, and my family, to be blessed, and others.

In Jesus name, with love, His love,



Elena Ramirez


Dear Sir,

 For the sake of keeping your privacy, and your church’s privacy, I will not say your name, or the name of your church.  I state here, that your my pastor, in this title.  But I do not know you.  We have never chatted.  I just haven’t been released from your church.  God has not released me.  Though this may do it.  Sadly…  Though, we have not sat in your congregation, for a time.  But I have appreciated, who you are in Christ.  I have appreciated your teachings, but I do not appreciate, that you do not use the King James Bible only.

 I write to you, because I can only say I feel led by God.  It is not to argue, it is not to be disrespectful, it is to bring truth.  Truth, that I once tried to share with you a few months ago.  But, you dismissed me, and my notion, in front of the congregation, and did not take it to heart.  I will say here for the record, I did not get offended.  Not even embarrassed.  I was just going to let it go…But do you ever know something, that you just know, you know….and you can’t let it go?  You can’t just say, oh well…and leave it alone.  You have to try to convince someone.  Perhaps because you see the danger, you see the affect, it has on someone.  Like smoking.  Its bad for ones health….It is a slow poison.  After a while, it will not be received.  Because it will be too late.

 Well that’s what I am going to try and do in this letter.  I am praying to convince you.  I truly believe, that anybody who uses any other Bible version, than the King James Bible, is in disobedience.  And they might not even know it, because gee whiz, after all isn’t it Gods word?  But is it?  Its not, when men have touched it, and changed it.

And by what the Lord shared with me, those who continue in it, will receive a “spirit of confusion.”  Boy, I can just sense people getting angry as they read this.  Maybe even you.

But I have to express it.  For, this is what I feel and know, as truth.  Its not to judge you, or anybody, in fact, when I present this.  My blog is called “Just My Thoughts”  but, I base it on the word of God.  The King James Bible.

 Everyone tells me, as you did.  The Bible has been transposed, translated, since the beginning of time.  But what average Christian, has the opportunity, to walk into any store, and get a Hebrew Bible?  They are not available.  The closest thing, we have to being pure, is the King James Bible.  It does not have any copyrights.  It is preserved, and tried.  Psalms 12:6-7.  Read the King James version of this scripture.  That has preserved it.  Because man, has no copyright to it.  It cannot be changed.  

All, other versions, of the Bible, from other publishers etc.  Have copyrights.  Why?  Because,  they want to control the content.  They want to control it for the sake of money.

Here is a thought, but what if, in the very near future….  All Bibles were banned for sale?  What if the King James Bible was eliminated?  But, what if there was an outcry, and people wanted to be united, in a world religion?  What if governments, controlled the Bible, and all that was available, was what they wanted to present?  They would implement, a Bible that was user-friendly.  For all people to use…What if?

I pray, it would never happen.  But what if?  There is such a persecution against Christians  right now.  It could happen….God I pray, it would not.  But people, are so easily swayed….God says it will happen….KJV.

Amos 8:11…Behold the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord. 

I think that famine is now.  The world, embraces, other Bible versions.  They do not teach them according to the old “path.”  Hmmmm…..

So what can anyone do right now?  Stand up for the truth.  I know, I am just scratching the surface.  But I know this is truth.  And I am shouting it out, from my soap box, my blogs, because this is the only forum I have now.

But you don’t, you have, authority.  You have credentials.  You have the forum…..You are a Pastor.  A man of God.

People want to use other Bible versions, because they think it will make it easier to comprehend.  A lie from the devil.  People say;  “I compare, the different versions.  to know the difference. To get more understanding.”  Sure make the comparison, see the discrepancies, but then stop it!  Don’t keep using the other versions.  Over and over again.  And thats where the devil snags people.  Confusing them.  Your supposed to take God at His word!  His pure word! Remember Adam and Eve? They should have taken God at His word!  Sin.  Doubting, disbelieving, comparing…that is DISOBEDIENCE!

The Bible tells us, about interpretation….

 II Peter 1:20.  Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.  For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man, but Holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. 

It is the Holy spirit, that brought the word of God, in the form, that it is,  by the KJV.   For over 400 years, it has been established, preserved.

I will say it here, and again, I do not want man’s, or any bodies interruptation, or any organization, to teach me the word of God.  That has been corrupted, by mans hands.  I want the pure word of God, that has been tried.

That is disobedience.  Revelations 22:18-19 KJV, tells us not to add or delete from His word.  It is very clear.  So, why do people not take this to heart?  Because they do not know.

Leaders, Pastors, should not be watering down the gospel.  For any reason.  It is a disservice, when any Pastor does that.   Especially, because if you do comparisons, or try to relate it, to the original text from the words.  The meanings, are totally different.  Different wording in the definitions.  Not to mention, the countless scriptures, that have been eliminated.  I have done extensive studies on the word of God.  From the KJV, as my main lump, and when I note the differences, to other versions, I am shocked, with what I see.  The word definition’s, are always a miss.

When I prayed about this, recently, the Lord did tell me people get “a spirit of confusion,” when they read other Bible versions.  I know my Lord, is not the author of confusion.  His word, is alive.  There is no other book, where the author is present, when one reads it.  And He stands by His word.  There are countless scriptures, that confirm to this truth.  All of Psalms 119, talk about the word.

Even here, in the NIV,they try to leave out, that HE is the author.  I Corinthians 14:33.  Read it and compare it yourself. Talk about Plagiarism. Now even more, I understand, Gods perspective.  Because He has understood my perspective, when people have taken my writings, and claimed they were the author.  When that happened, God calmed me down.  Saying vengeance is mine.  But He told me, He was jealous for His word as well.  It’s like the devil, trying to say, He is the author.  Because He deceives….

And, because the KJV says, God is not the AUTHOR of confusion.  I looked up the  two versions, and the NIV, and it said, he was not the God of “disorder.”  Those are two different word meanings, and definitions.  Very different, and distinct differences between those words.

Confusion – to make mentally unclear.  Uncertain.

Disorder – To disturb the regular or normal functions.

How can anyone not see, by changing the words, they have caused confusion, and disorder.  To Gods Holy Word.  They have done both sadly….

 How can anyone comprehend, the truth from God, if Bibles like this distort the word?  Let alone the anointing being missing.   There is no power….

What about faith?  How can anyone build faith, if the words, are so much in disarray?

 The devil, understands the power of words.  Incantations.  He understands, how words should be precise.  He wants people to keep reading other Bible versions.  There is no power in Bible verses, that have been corrupted, by mans carnal hands.  I plead the blood of Jesus!  Over everyone who reads this to understand!  Gods truth!  His beautiful, pure, and Holy word….The uncorruptible word. The doctrine! II Corinthians 10:4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.   To have a real weapon, a sword, to fight that ugly devil!

When I talk to people, and I quote scripture sometimes, that just comes from my heart, I test people, and they do not know the word.  Why?  Because it cannot relate to the heart, as God would want it.  It’s man’s words.  That corrupt it.

I have likened it to a recipe.  Gods prize winning recipe.

You do not mess with any ingredient, or it will not taste the same.  It is spiritual food.  I have likened it, to using a rubber sword.  It cannot cut, to the truth, like the KJV.  Gods word, is a two-edged sword.  It cuts, when it goes in, and brings light to the sin, and it cuts with healing, when it comes out.  Rubber swords, cannot do that.  Now, I liken it, to mold, on living bread.  Christ told us, that He was THAT living bread.  John 6;48  I AM THAT BREAD OF LIFE.  In the NIV same scripture it says….I am the bread of life.  What a difference when that word ‘THAT” is pronounced.  It separates lies from truth.  Jesus is THAT bread of life.  We are warned, that we cannot eat at the table of the Lord, and at the devils table.  Read it from the KJV.  I Corinthians 10:21.

You don’t think that makes a difference?

Well, in one of your church services, you used this scripture reference.  You gave I John 4:19.  From the NIV. We love because he first loved us.  But the KJV says, We love HIM because He first loved us.  That one word, makes such a difference in scripture.  Because it relates, to us loving HIM.  That’s what it is all about first and foremost.  Not just loving.  How can any of us love without HIM?  Anyway?  How meaningful, it is when we see, HIM, in the equation.

Here is one more example…That I am bringing to make a comparison.

In Jeremiah 6:16, KJV a warning….Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask, for the old paths.  Where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.  But they said, we will not walk therein.

The NIV says this:  This is what the Lord says, stand at the crossroads and look.  (I am not writing all of the scripture that misleads here….)

In the KJV, there is no mention of crossroads.  Crossroads in my determination means, I have four choices.  East, West, North, and South.  It confuses again.  Where is the good way?  Where is the direction to “see.?”  You know, as a man of God, you know, the devil blinds people. Read John 12:40.  The King James version.

God does not make it that difficult.  Why do Pastors, even famous pastors, publishers, and just your average, Christian, cannot see this lie from hell….  Is beyond me.  Because I see so many using different versions.  Why?  The stores are filled with more different versions.

When God speaks from heaven.  He does not stutter.  I have heard people say, that the words is archaic.  My goodness, let God teach you…..He would if you asked.

But no, they have deleted that and so many other things from other Bible versions.   I could go on, but there are so many discrepancies.

When I first received the Lord, and my salvation, at the age of 12 years old.  I won a Bible.  I still have it.  I won it.  For learning scriptures, and for winning other kids to Christ.  By taking them to the Vacation Bible school, that I went to.  I got it in 1965.  For being the top honor student…in sixth grade.  The scripture reference, in my Little white Bible of purity, for dedication they gave me, was II Timothy 2:15.  Which by the way, was a KJV Bible.  Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

II Timothy 2:16 says this…

But shun profane and vain babblings; for they will increase unto more ungodliness. 

Whenever, I have needed help, I went to that little Bible.  And as I touched it here, I felt Gods power, and I cried.  When we got married, we began reading the NIV.  But when I learned this truth, I was changed.  When we stopped reading the NIV.  That was about two years ago.  My husband as well.  My family….That night, that I had discovered this, I actually dreamt, I was showered in light!

Do you know, I cannot sit, in a church anymore, when they use different Bible versions.  Its an unction from the Holy Spirit, and I cringe.  Because I sense the lying spirit, of the devil.  I sense the spirit of confusion.  I go to different churches, or I listen to Pastors, and they all use some version or another.  And I grieve.  I asked God, to feel what He felt, and this is what He has shown me.

And I have always pondered on that word.  Of  II Timothy 2:15.  All of my life.  In its dedication.  And I know now, more then ever, the difference.  I am dividing the truth, from the lies.  Now more then ever, I realize, God has given me an utterance, and a boldness, to bring it up.  I am meant for this calling, more then I could even see.  Even though, I know, I am scratching the surface, I know it is truth.   I know my life, is meant to defend, and to speak truth, about His word.  Whether it is received or not.   I have been ashamed in my lifetime.  I have made mistakes.  I have sinned, I have come short of the glory of God.  But His word.  His truth, His true word, has been a light unto my path.  A lamp unto my feet…..

No one takes me serious.  They either think, I am nuts, or I am some ignorant, Hispanic woman.  And believe me that is a stereotype.  But people think it….But I know Gods word….I still need to learn more.  But I know enough, to know what is truth.  And what is God’s heart in this….He wants us to know truth.  His truth.  It angers God.  It grieves Him.  But He is waiting it out.  To prove it….

Well I believe I am here to confound the wise.  All those who dismissmed me. This is going to change.  I have Gods favor, more then ever.  Because this is His Word.   I Corinthians 1:27.  For Gods word, says, I am the head, and not the tail.  Deuteronomy 28:13. KJV.  And the Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail, and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath, if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the Lord thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them.  

We are all going to stand before Him.  He will judge us all.  The book of life will be opened.  And what will He say?  Scary thought.  The fear of Him, does make me want to do this right.

And as I conclude, I hope you take this to heart…Because again, I know Pastors, want to make it easier, for people to understand the word of God.  But God wants to teach them.  All we are to do, is present, His pure word, to the people.  We have to grow up.  Yes, maybe people did read the other Bible versions, because they needed help.  They needed the milk.  Well, I won’t be a part of that disobedience.  Because it is.  And I do not want to be deceived, as the word of God says, also.   God has preserved His word, but man has not.

I will not compromise Gods truth.  Not for my spiritual learning.  I put away my coloring books.  I put away, my books, that  partially illustrate the truth.  I put away bible versions, that do not come from Gods throne. But from deceptiveness straight out of hell.  I Corinthians 13:11.  KJV.  When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.  

Yes, we do have to mature.  We have to grow on the vine with Christ.  Yes, we all are growing at different levels.  But Love, His love, what His sacrifice did, and still does tend to do, has changed me.  

Because God so loved the world, that He gave us His son, that if we believe, we would have everlasting life.  Love, came from the cross and prompts me to write this.  I LOVE HIM, Because He first loved me…..And because I love Him, I am commanded to love others.  Because I will stand before Him, and if I do not, share truth. I will be accountable.  And I am in fear of God.  For my life, for my soul.  He is the only one who has that power.  Even here I claim his protection, by knowing His word.  

I want the meat of Gods word.  So, I can be transformed, so the anointing can come forth.  So the power of God almighty, can heal people.  So it can heal me.  Which it has, done spiritually and physically.  So it can bring His glory into a church service.  So the Holy Spirit, can touch lives.

So I can stand before God, and say, I tried Father.  I tried, to bring them the truth.  Not mans, but your truth.  Lord….have mercy!

No I will not judge people.  I will tell them the truth.  They have been mean to me, called me names.  Accusing me of this and that, taken me out of places of authority.  Saying it was a method.  As I led others to Christ, in a Christian organization. Trying to disgrace my name.  Trying to discredit me, in any way they could.  For years, the devil has tried to stop me.  By even using other brothers and sisters to lie about me.  But I forgave them.  Because, I know the devil is the accuser.  Revelation 12:10.  And I know Christ came to give me life abundantly.  And them as well.  God is not a respecter of persons.

I know the wheat and the tares are mixed together.  And we will be separated….But the oil is in my lamp,  and it is ready to go, for Christ.  I will not be caught with no oil in my lamp.  I will share the truth now.  To whoever will listen to me.  I will keep my lamp lit, only by my Lords pure word.  And nothing else.  My zeal hath consumed me, because  mine enemies have forgotten thy words.  Thy word is very pure; therefore thy servant loveth it. Psalm 119:139-140.

So here is my letter to you.  I write to you, because I am prompted by my Lord to tell you this.  And because, I see the potential, the gift God has placed in you.  You are a gifted speaker, probably one of the best, I have ever heard.  But I cannot listen to you, because you, compromise the word.

It grieves me.  Because I have no church to go to now….But I trust God.

Maybe this will persuade you.  Maybe not.  Maybe it will prompt you to talk to me.  Maybe not.  Maybe, we will go back.  Maybe not.  Maybe…..Instead of thus saith the Lord.  It is written….

See how that sounds?  I wrote it that way, to see, the comparison.  Like a double minded person, going back and forth. it could even be perceived, as confusing, to some.  Back and forth.  Well I know, God does not want that for any of us.

But, thats what happens to someone, who gets part word, part truth.  I thank God, I know His voice, and to another I will not follow.

So, I really do not know where God will take this.  But God knows.  He knows now, what you will do.  And what will happen.  All I know, by Gods word, I have the mind of Christ, He will guide me.  He will guide you too, if you take Him, at His word.  I have to be obedient to my Lord.  It takes discipline, it takes His pure word.

It is time for thee, Lord, to work:  for they have made void thy law.  Psalms 119:126.  

Thanks for reading my letter to you.  And to ever who has ears, let him hear….

Mark 4:9.  And He said unto them, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.  KJV.

Just my thoughts, in Christ, and His love…..

p.s. To all my critics, to those who do not believe this.  Do your own tests.  God is faithful to His word.  There is power in His word.  Study the King James, and see it speak to you.  Don’t just take my word for it.  Take the word of God literally, apply it, pray it to your need, etc.  Make your own comparisons.  God wants you to do this….I love Gods pure word.  It makes such a difference.  Blessings, and love in Christ….

Elena Ramirez

My latest blog on the discrepancies of the Bible.

My Prayer of Hope….

Lord, I am weary, trying to sort this out, but I will fight, a good fight of faith.  I will not be weary, in well doing.  The battle is yours.  You are my protecter.  I plead the blood of Jesus, and bind the devil.  I will not dignify a negative reaction from anyone.  I put it in your hands.  To use, in truth.  For your glory.  Let it speak, volumes.  Your volumes.  Your Holy word Lord.  Thank you for letting me be a part of this truth.  In Jesus name.  Amen.  



I do not want to limit God.  In anyway…..So sometimes, I have to look within.  I have to see what I am saying.  What I am thinking, what I am pouring into my spirit, that may take away His truth, or Holy spirit, from speaking to me, to know, what His will is.

God is Holy.  He tells us, the goal, is to be Holy like him.  Yes, God is sovereign.  Yes, His will be done.  But what can I do to even persuade Him, if there is a possibility?  Remember Moses?  In Exodus 32….He persuaded God, to think different, after the people had built an idol, and offended Him.  But Moses reasoned with God.  And God repented.  Moses changed the mind of God.  I want to reason with God.  For changes.  For results.  For progress.  After all, He does say.  All things are possible with God…..Read Luke 1:37.  King James Version.

All things…..So, I start with my faith.  Remembering, holiness, is the goal.

I have had some struggles, in my faith, in the past.  I am sure, every Christian may go through that.  I can only imagine, the despair, one might, feel, if they do not even believe in Jesus Christ, as Lord and savior.  I cannot even fathom that.  Because, when I did not believe, in God, and His son, His Holy Spirit, those were the darkest times of my life.

Yet, I have struggled, I have wondered, why Lord, why?  I have had to pursue, my faith, and stir it up, when I have faltered.  When I have not seen progress, when I have just tried to hang on, because there is nothing else, to get me through.  I have had to learn, to humble myself.  To repent, yes, even daily, for some thought, I may have had.  I have had to learn to discipline myself, like a disciple.  I have had to remind myself, of past testimonies, and I have had to just surrender, myself, more, and more to God.

Its not always easy, doing what I do, for the Lord.  Doors have not been opened.  I do what I am doing, basically for free.  Because I see the need.  I have not pursued the corporate world, or a career, besides my writing.  I am a Christian writer, and my desire, is to give Him, glory, honor, and praise, in my writings, to speak a word of truth, to the Lost, and to be an inspiration, to His people.  So, I cannot let go.  I cannot limit God.  I am not letting go, and I am going to get a victory.  I have to.  I have invested my life into this.

I have had to trust His word.  Everytime, I write something, I try to use, Gods word, as the foundation.  I take it, in my own life, and I apply it.  I pray it.  I meditate on it.  I plant it, in my own life.  Like a seed.  And by the harvest of it, I chew it, I swallow it, I meditate on it, and I expect, miracles, in my life.  Because of Gods word.

I am a very literal person.  That is the only way, I can describe myself.  I don’t play word games, I am not into trying to make something, that is not true, or possible.  I remember, God says we are judged by our words.  So, what purer thing, can I use, but Gods word?  And hopefully, the purest form from the Bible.  The KJV.  But, in doing so, I have learned, there is no limit, to what God can do.  So it has made me realize, God does not change.  I change, by who I am in Him.  By His word.

Recently, I believe I overcame, something in my faith, that has put me right where I am now.  In the sense, that I have, a greater, expectation, of who God is.  My faith, has grown.  So, because it has grown, I am expecting, greater things from God.  Greater possibilities, to see, who He is.  In all His power, and might.  To trust His word, and the testimonies, from His Holy Word.  I long, to see His power, working in church, in the body of Christ.

I long to see, the Holy Spirit, manifested, into the supernatural.  I long, to see, God take something, that is nothing, and make it into something, because of who He is.  I long, to see people healed, at the altars of God.  Pastors, praying for their people, the laying of hands, to release the anointing. To sense, and feel the Holy Spirit, going up and down the aisles, to do a new thing for somebody.  To see devils cast out of peoples lives, to see, people restored, renewed.  To see, circumstances change, that seemed totally impossible, but possible.  Because faith kicked in.  Because God was pleased, and His presence, was manifested, and miracles happen.  I long to see God working out something in my life, and others, wherever I am.  And yes, in the church, I may be visiting, or attending.

More then anything, I long to see Salvations.  People giving their hearts to God, for everybody to see.  Going to the front of the church, a public declaration.  As they give their hearts to Christ.  Receiving their Salvation.  Not ashamed.  Not closing my eyes, and every eye opened, in the congregation, in this beautiful display of love, but everyone, seeing, someone give their hearts to God, so others can be encouraged.  Knowing, angels are rejoicing, at that soul, who makes a commitment to God, not ashamed, who sees.  It should not be a private thing.  Because Christ told us, if we were ashamed of Him, He would be ashamed of us.  So. Yes, I long to see Gods power, working.  At the altars of God, and everywhere, we may seek Him.

I love the Lord.  I know you probably do too.  But, thats a question I would hope, we would ask ourselves now.  Because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  So, when I think of anyone, I love, I try to think.  What pleases this person?  What pleases God?  God says, if we love Him, we will obey His commandments.  We will have faith, and trust Him.  We will come into agreement, with HIM, and His word.  We will seek Him, and acknowledge Him, never ashamed, and so much more…..I remind myself, often of His sacrifice on the cross.  I envision it, often, to stir myself, and remember, how great His sacrifice was for me.  For you.

About a year ago, a year ago and three days, to be exact, I wrote a Post here, that forever changed me.  THE CONSPIRACY BETWEEN THE KING JAMES BIBLE, AND THE NIV BIBLE.  SCRIPTURES, HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED, COMPROMISED, DELETED.  IS YOUR BIBLE, STILL HOLY?  I have had more people, not believe, what I have wrote, about that.  I have had people, actually challenge me, and argue with me.  And for the most part, people, do not challenge me or argue with me.  But something about this post, has made people, actually reject my thoughts on it.  Some polite, some not so polite.  I have been wearing my armor a lot lately.  Trying not to get offended, and its been working.  But sometimes, I have just had to walk away.

I am not offended, and I am not judging anyone in this, but it has made me look at it, even more, and even more, I am more adamant, that what I believe is true.  I will not use, another Bible, because even though the transcripts of the Bible, have been translated throughout time.  The only closest thing, we have in purity, and being complete is the King James bible.  So, I trust it.  I prayed about it today, and felt the Lord give me a challenge, that I will not post here, due to space, and time, etc.  But I did post it on the original post.

Anyway, to conclude my thoughts here, I just want to press more into God, because of who He is.  I am taking His word literally.  So shall my word be that goeth forth out of My mouth: it shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in that the thing whereto I sent it.  Isaiah 55:11.  I am sending it out in prayer, in hope, in believing.  I am standing for life.  I know Christ, came to give life abundantly.  So, I am believing.  I am expecting to see supernatural things, happen, and do you know why?  To bring Him glory.  So it will be a testimony to His glory.

I want to encourage you.  Don’t give up.  Whose report are we going to believe in?  I think sometimes, we can get discouraged, and just throw the towel in.  I don’t care what people say.  I am not giving up. Whether, I get support, in my belief or not.  I am not going to let others stop me, in my faith.  Those unbelievers, or intellectuals.  Or realists, or those who just don’t have faith.  Sometimes, you just have to know that you know.  Even with religion.  (rules traditions, made up by groups, men, etc.)  Whether, they think it is phony or a farce, or just plain “hocus pocus.”  a term, I think should be related, to the occult, not Christianity, or in the signs and wonders of God.

I trust God.  In relationship, with Him, through Jesus Christ.  Not religion.  I am pressing in on my faith, and I am taking His word, the King James Bible, and I am using it as a sword, as my truth, as my manual to life, and I am applying every word, from my health, to my wealth, to what He says about Salvation, and His commandments etc.

And I am not going to limit God.  I pray, its the beginning of more miracles, to say…..Look What the Lord, has done for me.  How about you?  Are you limiting God?  By Religion, by lack of Faith, by being realistic?  Don’t let that stop you.  Press into God, by His word, His true word, and see the difference.  To have a relationship with Christ.  Not a religion, or being intellectual, but spiritual, because of who He is, in His love, and Holy Spirit.

This scripture, is just another reminder to me, how important it is to God.  And as I close, what do you think happens when you use a different Bible version?  The wording has changed, its been enhanced.  It has been added meaning, from men, not God, and it diminishes the truth.  Please read my blog, to know this is truth, and pray, let God reveal that which is truth to you.  BY HIM, BY HIS STANDARDS!



A Prayer of Hope….

Father, I praise you.  Today, in my reading, I read the words, from you that said….“Take heed to thyself”  to remember your ways, to be obedient, to watch myself.  (Deuteronomy 11) Lord, I do have this hunger and thirst within me, to want to be careful.  To not take anything for granted.  To push in more, and more in my faith, with your love.  To see results, in my own personal life, but the lives of others.  I do not want to limit you, or your power, or your ability.  Because I am afraid, of what people may think.  Or if it looks strange.  Lord, your ways are not my ways.  I long for your ways, in my life.  To see your power, to see your healings, and the Holy spirit, doing great and mighty things.  Lord, give me please wisdom.  Open my spiritual eyes, to hunger, and thirst for your truth.  Your ways.  Your love…..Lord, I do not want to limit you, in my life.  I surrender, even here, to you, to use me for your glory, honor, and praise.  I repent, humble before you, for my failings, yes as a human.  For you are God.  I do not apologize, for who you are.  Your ways, change us.  To be in your likeness.  Holiness, that is the goal…..Your word, your true word, brings it forth.  I thank you, in Jesus name.  Amen





I want to share some thoughts, here about temptation…..Some of my experiences, some things, I have learned.  Yes, even some of the hard lessons, I have learned, the hard way, concerning temptation.  And gladly, I can say, the victories, from being delivered from temptation….

Temptation, comes from the devil himself.  The thing with temptation though, in its deception, it sometimes, brings new hope.  An excitement.

It can inspire someone, for a change.  It stimulates, the senses.  One may be anticipating the pleasure of temptation.  But it will turn around, and bite you like a snake, if you submit to it.

So, it can excite someone, and with an illusion, that is false, in that temptation, it brings hope.  I use the word hope here, for lack, of a better word, for now, but it is hope, that will bring the fruit of evil, death, and destruction.  Because the focus, of the temptation, is to destroy, and when people are bored, they are easy prey for temptation.  So they hope….believing the lie.

Temptation is an anticipation, that stimulates, the senses, the flesh.  But goes totally against Gods plan, and protection for us.  It brings spiritual darkness.  Because it is meant to lie.  It is meant to trap someone.  It is meant, to take someone away, from God, and His plan, for that person.

Temptation, is not your friend, it is your enemy.  But one has to recognize this.  You have to know, the difference, or you will fall victim, to the trappings of the devil.

And when it is there, it gives an illusion, of a change, that may be pleasurable, but again, it is from the devil, and is meant to destroy.  YOU, AND EVEN YOUR LOVED ONES!  I don’t think, anyone wants that.  

Unless, one is close to God, they will not see the deceptiveness, of the temptation, and will fall right into the trap.  I have noticed, when temptation, has been in my own life, it has preyed, right into characteristics, that I have not developed, with God.

For example, vanity.  When you are young, one wants to be appreciated, for who they are.  Whether, its your looks. etc.  And so when one, is not confident, within, they grasp, for compliments.  They grasp, for attention.  Attention, needed, searching for gratification, fulfillment, by anyone, can be a temptation.    Because one is looking to people, or things, or anything, to fulfill that need.  That really, only God can fulfill.

I say that, because temptation, and vanity, was quite evident, in my youth.  And well, I won’t say too much more about it, but, in being so insecure, as a woman, etc.  I know, how it can make someone, see, that they “think” they can have power, by the illusion, of even tempting others, with their looks etc.

Society grooms, us all, by the media, by magazines, that beauty, brings power, etc.  It is an illusion, so women, and men, fall prey, to searching for love, or whatever, but not going skin deep, to the true spirit, but by what they see.  An illusion.  Don’t just judge a book by its cover.  Or be tempted, by the cover….

See whats behind that pretty, or beautiful face.  Because some will use their looks to trap you.  Thats their goal, and frankly, the goal of the devil.  So there, they are, being a pawn, in the enemies hands, hurting themselves, and hurting others, by the  illusion, of the power.  By the deceptiveness, of using themselves, to attract someone.  By their own merit, by their own looks, etc.  As a tool, for power.  It is temptation.

Gods word, says, that if we search for Him, He will make a way, to be delivered from the temptation.  And I have found this to be true.  I Corinthians 10:13 There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man:  but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able, but will with the temptation also make a way, to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.  

Do you see that part, where it says, “who will not suffer you.”  Well, if one is deep into the temptation, and fighting it on their own merit, it actually hurts.  Emotionally, and yes, even physically.  It is a struggle, that goes against your peace of mind.  That is intended, to torment you.  To make you suffer.    

When God is in a persons life, he will guard you, with his peace.  And really, having  peace, with God, and oneself, is not only comforting, but the guilt is not there.  

In the temptation, it could be an illusion of love, say for example.  Say, a married man, is “tempted” to have an adulterous affair.  He knows it is wrong, but he is fighting it, in his own merit.  His own self-control.  That hurts him.  Because he is struggling.  He is trying to fight a fight by himself.  

But if God is in the plan, of deliverance, for not being tempted, or getting into temptation, it will not hurt.  God will make a way.   And I will just say this, remember the vows, you have taken with the person, you have married, or the vows, the person, has taken, you are tempted with.  Remember this, whether the marriage, is not going well.  God can change that, if you do not submit to the temptation.    

God will take that person, out of the path, of that person, so the temptation, will not conquer that person, with evil.  Yes, I did say, conquer, because people, do not realize, this is the plan, again, of the enemy.  

Remember, Joseph, from the Bible?  He was a servant, in Pharoahs house, and his wife, wanted to have an adulterous, affair, with him.  Joseph, knew it was wrong, and he was close to God, so what did he do?  He ran, he ran away from her.   She still lied, though, and because she had snatched his covering cloth, she said, he had tried, to have his way with her.  See, how the devil, turned that around still?  

People, have no idea, what kind of traps, they set for themselves, when following temptation.  But, like Joseph, we have to run, from temptation, and run to God.    God did use that, situation, though, to bless Joseph, and to bless the nation of Israel……

I just want to bring it to your attention, more then ever, how important it is for us, to seek God.  To be careful of the traps of temptation.  Prayer, daily prayer, keeps us close to God, and even finding ourselves, making our own decisions, without prayer, can lead us into temptation.  And one may not see it, yet make a grievous mistake.  So, we do have to be EXTREMELY careful, in this matter.

I have heard so many testimonies, of peoples downfall, because of temptations.  People getting sexual diseases, because of temptation.  Losing the love, of their life.  Not being content, with the mate, God has given them.  People, losing jobs, and their freedom, because they reached out, and took, something, that did not belong to them, because the temptation was there.  And ending up, in jail.   Falling into drug use, and even yes, suicide.  Thats the devils plan, he comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  Temptation will do that.   

And so much more, for temptation, is the forum, the devil, uses, and wants you to do, making your situation, wrong.  The excitement, again may be there, the stimulation, etc.  But, if you do, you will bring more then the temptation,  you may very well bring curses, into your life.  

Dear one, bring, it to the obedience of Christ.  

II Corinthians 10:4-6 

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself (temptations) against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.  And having in a readiness, to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.    

For your future, for your own peace of mind.  For your family, for your future blessings.  Stay away, from temptation.  Only God, can deliver you from the temptation.  Believe me, I know.  

God has delivered me from temptation.  From time to time.  And I am very grateful, to Him, for that as well.  I don’t have to live with the guilt of some sins.  That I could have fallen into, after accepting Christ.  I don’t have to live with a memory, that would haunt me, here and there, of some temptations.  And I am still, watchful, to be aware of it.  Temptation, comes from the devil himself.  And I want nothing to do with the devil.  Nothing.  The benefits, God gives me, outweighs any temptation.   So grateful, I am aware of curses, temptation brings.  No thank you, get out of my way satan.  For my Christ, is the way, the truth, and life.

And as I conclude, my message on “temptation” dear one, I don’t know you, or your situation.  Why you may have done, what you have done, or why, you are in the position in temptation.  Maybe, you have already given in to a temptation.  But there is a solution.  His name is Jesus Christ.  Go to Him.  Bow before him, humble, knowing you have sinned.  Go to Him, and repent.  Let his blood from the cross cleanse you.  Let him comfort you, and show you a better life.  And more then anything you will know, you have a place with him, for eternity.   

We all have sinned, we all come short of His glory, but let us be the more wiser, let us stay away from temptation.  Let us learn from our mistakes.  And even the mistakes from others.  The Bible, gives us so many examples to learn from.  So, we do not make the mistake.  Let us remember, what Christ did on the cross for each one of us.     

Just my Thoughts, with Love, Elena Ramirez

Father, I thank you, for the deliverance of temptations, that you give, to us, your children, if we are mindful, to submit to you.  Your word says, submit to God, resist, the devil, and he will flee.  The key, is to submit to you.  To give no place to your enemy.  To know your will, to know, what is right and wrong in your sight.  To be aware, to be sober, and vigilant, so the enemy who is watching, to devour, will not have a way.  Lord, I just thank you, for the times, you have delivered me from temptation.  I hope, never to go through anything, that tries to take me away from you.  By my own consciousness, here, I know, how sin, destroys.  How it kills, how it takes people, away from the plan you have for them.  Lord, I just write this, mindful, how important, it is to be aware, of the enemies plans.  We cannot just live, anyway we want.  Taking what we want, not honoring one another, or situations, where the enemy, is setting traps.  In temptation. We have to be mindful of this.  So much so, not only because of our eternal future, but that which we have on this earth.  Lord, I wish, when younger, I had not submitted to temptations.  But you are the Lord, who can restore, even now.  Lord, God, Father, thank you for giving me, and the reader wisdom, in this.  To be careful, not to get caught up in temptations.  You will make a way, for you are the way, the truth, and life.  In Jesus name.  Amen




Sometimes, we can be bombarded, with negative feelings, doubt, pain, sorrow, low self-esteem, and just plain evil thoughts. Sometimes, we need instruction.

And one may wonder, where did that come from? We have to remember, we are spirits. That lives in a physical body. But our thoughts, come from the spirit realm. This is why it is so important, to know who we are in Christ.

As we grow, we begin to see who we are in Christ. But if you are not reading the word of God daily, renewing your mind, and praying, to God, who is a spirit, you may find yourself, sensing all of these negative feelings.

And I have to interject firmly, if you are not reading a Holy bible.  A King James Bible, you will not have the mind of Christ.  Other Bible versions, are not anointed, they are not holy, because they have been translated, and yes corrupted.  You want an incorruptible word from God.  Look at Gods word as a seed, you plant.  Remember Christ said, they would not be able to endure, and their roots would be pulled up by the devil.  Paraphrasing. This is what the true word says.

Matthew 13:4-6 And when he sowed, some seeds fell by the way side, and the fowls came and devoured them up:  Some fell upon stony places, where they had not much earth: and forthwith they sprung up because they had no deepness of earth.  And when the sun was up, they were scorched and because they had no root, they withered away.   

I Peter 1:23 Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.  

You need to see, you do not want a word that has been changed, and corrupted.  Or you will be scorched, and wither without a true foundation.  To hold roots in Christ. You will not grow to be the person, God has called you to be.  The devil will fool you, deceive you, and if you do not change your Bible back to a King James Bible, you will not have the power, and anointing that you need, to have the mind of Christ.

These bible versions, are new, and meant for the times, to relate in our English language. But they have changed the context.  Do your own comparison.  But know this, they have disobeyed Revelation 22:18-19.  And their salvation is at stake.  Read it, from the King James.

Think of it though as a recipe.  For Gods word, is spiritual food.  But when you change the wording, it does not taste the same, nor does it have the power, it had by the King James Bible.

God established this holy word, for at least 400 years.  The King James Bible is authorized, with no copyrights.  The other bible versions do have copyrights.  They control the content, and context, and many of these versions, actually have scriptures missing.  I would not trust the validity of any of these other Bible versions.

And I am even going to go as far as to say, I do not listen to pastors, or evangelists, who do not use a pure word of God.  It brings a spirit of confusion, and it is a waste of time.  No matter, if the intentions are good, they are not a Holy word.  This is totally up to you, but I would warn my pastor, and I have.  Consequently, I am searching for a true Holy bible based church, that teaches from the King James Bible.  Because the last pastor I warned did not heed my words, the Lord gave to me.  But I know who I am in Christ, and I have the mind of Christ, in love, and fear to depart from something that would hold me back.  From growing spiritually.  I take each Holy word of God, from the King James Bible as a seed, and I apply it to my life, so it can grow.   So I can have the mind of Christ.

Christ told us, he gave us his mind. I Corinthian 2:16 FOR WHO HATH KNOWN THE MIND OF THE LORD, THAT HE MAY INSTRUCT HIM, BUT WE HAVE THE

We can have the mind of Christ. We must think, and react, as Christ did. As we get to know Christ, more, by his word, we begin, to get the confidence, we need. The strength. Because we see who HE is. Enabling us to see who we are in him.

Never, ever give into those negative thoughts. God will instruct you, if you need guidance.

Talking to God, knowing His truth, His Holy word, will give you, more, and more, His mind, to overcome all things. You live, move, and have your being, because of Christ. Take advantage of who you are in Christ, and tell those negative feelings, they have to Go. Really telling the devil, he has to go. As you submit to God, and resist the devil, those feelings will leave.

The mind of Christ will take over….

Putting on the helmet, of your salvation, (read Ephesians 6, that talks about the armor of God)

Be encouraged, be good to yourself, maybe take a walk with God, spend time in His word, but whatever you do, don’t let those negative feelings overtake you. You can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you. And never, ever forget, he does have a plan for you. Good thoughts, for a future and for hope….

Blessings, and much love,

Elena Ramirez

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