Version 2The Prosperity message, has been going on now for a while.  Name it and claim it, Holler for a Dollar, and Just call it forth…  

I despise that message.  I despise, the distortion it brings to the body of Christ.  

When we should be seeking His face, not His hand.  I wonder how much God hates it?   I should probably not use that word despise, but I do dislike it immensely.  Why?  

Because when its taught from the pulpit, and it puts off the Salvation message, it totally misses the point, that Christ gave us as a mandate.  To seek the lost, and to preach the gospel.  

When I hear gospel messages, and it is not derived from Holy King James word, I just shake my head.  Because it then becomes the blind leading the blind.  I don’t want success if it comes from being disobedient to God, or by twisting something, manipulating it, to work.  Thats wrong, thats evil to me.  

When the prosperity message takes the focus off of the salvation message, it does not teach someone, to seek God, or to see the error of their ways, or to be humble, repentant.   To grow, not only now, but for eternity, it misses the whole point, of what Christ did for us, and can do for us.  By the cross. Its kind of flakey.

Success, hmmm, I wonder, if this is why I have not found it?  Because I see I am definitely not like those in the body of Christ who are successful.

Well anyway, according to the worlds ways.  To those who know me, or to those who might read my writings, they might ask, why should I read her writings?  What success does she have?

I don’t know, maybe someone who would see me, or meet me, would not see success.

You might even see someone who is broken.  You might not even give me a second thought.  You probably could take me or leave me.  See, that has happened to me, but I don’t care.  I mean I care, but I don’t waste my time, on people, who do not celebrate me, in Christ, but just tolerate me.  

Though, I can never compare myself to Him, or what He does, I understand that.  To know He was rejected, according to the standard of the world. They saw Christ that way too.  In a lot of ways….


I love these scriptures, that describe my Lord.  Because by His stripes we are healed.  As we get to know Him.  Body, soul, and spirit.  

But before I truly knew Him…. I did not understand.

The thing is, though, I have always strived to use my gifts and callings, to open doors. Searching for success.  I have tried to always have a learning spirit, to learn technology, to learn just the basics.  I wish I had gotten a better education, I know education can open doors.  Doors have not opened for me.

From my music, to my writings now, I have tried to look for the gimmick, to make success mine.  That was the wrong perspective by the way….  

But I don’t do that now.  Because I realized a few years ago, even with my writing, that I have a gift, to express myself, and that gift is meant to draw others to Christ.  

Freely, I have been given, freely, I must give.

I never want to abuse my gifts, He has given me.  In fact, I want my gifts to bring glory to Him.  He gave me the gift of life, and I will use my life, to bring glory to Him.  

Its not always easy, there are times, I have to have courage, be bold, step out of my comfort zone, fight the devil, with the word of God, and try to bring Him into it.  Sometimes yelling at folks, step away from the fire.  But I have found if I am obedient to that, He gives me the courage.  How I understand it, sometimes amazes me, but He shows me.  From moment to moment.   

I try….To explain, who I was before I met Him, to tell others what He did for me, and does for me.  Life is a process, of growing, and if you stop growing especially in Christ, you fail to have success.  

I don’t care if you have money, or if you even had a gift to make money, if thats your only goal in life, and you put people away, or your own family, and mostly God, you are a failure.  

Thats why I don’t peddle the word of God.  I don’t ask for donations, or an offering.  I don’t try to manipulate you, to give me something, so God can bless you.  Some would call that a seed offering.  I remember years ago, my mom used to write to a certain ministry.  She poured her heart out, and when they wrote back.  They said nothing about her need, or even tried to talk to her.  They just asked for money.  It so turned me off.

God has shown me so much, that if someone just really took the time, to be my friend in Christ, I could show them so much.  About God, about His Holy King James truth, to pray for them.  To show them….

So their life could be enhanced, blessed.  But life is so funny, when it comes to people.  They come and go.  They seek you, if you have something to give, but then they discard you, when you don’t do it their way, or you see, they are not accountable to God, or others.  Or you stop giving to them…

Because it convicts them.  Nobody likes others to tell you the truth.  They may admire it for a while, but if you tell them the truth, then you are a jerk.  For lack of a better word.  

I have concluded, at this time in my life.  If I want success, I don’t look for it in people, or in money, or what I have, or don’t have.  Financially, etc.

What I do look at…. is how much have I grown in Christ?  What kind of fruit do I have?  Is it Godly, or is it of the world?  What do I have to do in obedience to God, to be a better person?  What experiences have taught me about people, and yes God?  

I so trust God.  I so know, who He is.  And I don’t try to say that in a bragging way, but in a way, that makes me realize I fear Him, as well as Love Him.  His ways, are not our ways.  But I trust Him. I know Him.  

Its been hard, financially sometimes, but through it, I have seen God provide for me.  I never lack.  I can’t do great things with money, right now, if I could I would hope I would show and give more, do more etc.  

But I have learned, in seeking God therein is the true success.  

I won’t compete with people, or follow people.  It is a waste of energy.  

I am grateful.  To each their own.  I don’t try to do things my way.  But His way, for He is the way the truth and life.  John 14:6  I think I learned that the hard way….

I still dream, and hope, and pray the next chapter in my life, God willing will open doors, but I am grateful, for who He is, and I do seek His face not His hand, and it makes a difference for me.  I can honestly say, if doors do not open, but I can live a life, in peace, and joy, healthy, in the small things, I can be content.  With my family, then I am blessed.  But God has to be front and center, in our home, and in my life.  I want more of His presence, and love, guidance, with just confidence of who He is, and His Kingdom. I long to be refreshed…..

The above photo, is a door, my husband has been working on.  It is in our laundry room. It was warped, it was unpainted, and quite ugly.  We thought of just disposing of it.  But my husband worked on it so much, applied love, some ingenuity to it, and now its a beautiful door.  I tease my hubby and call him the “door healer.”  Because he saw the potential in it, and did not give up on it.  I see the “cross” on it….

See, I long for that, to know Christ in that way, because He does not give up on me, and I won’t give up on Him.  Has nothing to do with money, or people, but because of who He is, that I find life worth living, and being successful in Him.  

Just my thoughts today….

Elena Ramirez 



IMG_3266.jpgAnd for such a time as this I write it.  Why God has shown me this, is beyond me, but I do want to serve our Lord in truth.  His truth.  Not mans truth, not a publisher who purposely disobeys God in this.  And certainly not in false prophets, who are to me, wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I don’t want nothing to do with that.  And yes, the Lord has been showing me these things.

For a while now, I have tried with all my being, giving scripture, concerning the KJV word.  That these Bible versions, that are out, and very much used, are, an abomination to God.  Yes, an abomination.  He does not accept them.  Because they have disobeyed God by changing the word, and the word is not holy, but compromised.

I have told so many, this, as best as I can to my own ability, but I need the ability of God, so I press in with prayer, and the Holy word, in the King James, as Christ is the word.  (see John 1 from the KJV to see His truth, as to being the word.)  So I don’t just spin my wheels.

It just makes me think, He is holy.  He did not compromise.  Truth.  He spoke it in love, and He was steadfast in that.

I want to be like that.  I have been in a few spiritual battles lately, for this reason, but also because with the recent tragedies, I have seen “false prophets.”  Those that claim they are serving God, yet they cannot serve their fellow person, unless they are publicly shamed.  I have seen these false prophets, take scripture, twist it, change it, compromise it, for a prosperity message.  That tickles others ears, but it is so far, from Gods truth, its obvious.  There is no call, or warning to call those to repent.  To tell them to seek Christ, because we are in end times.  To ensure their salvation.

But obviously not to some, they think these messages are fine.  For some think that their is an anointing in these messages.  They think if it makes you feel good, it is good, and thereby there is no harm in it.  They don’t see the contradictions because it does not line up with Gods holy word.  Yet, the message eludes repentance, or a calling of those to beware, and to seek God for who He is, not what He can give.  They turn God into an ATM.  Its very deceptive, because it does tickle the ears.  It grieves me.  So if it grieves me it has to grieve God.

My thought is this, as it is also KJV scriptural, you know them by their fruit.  Is the message, based on Gods holy, uncompromised Holy KJV word?  Or is it a message, that tickles your ears?  Is it a message, that does not cause you to search for God by also searching yourself, to see where one may fail?  To repent to be humble?  Is it a prosperity message?  That totally disregards Gods truth, and commandments, His law.  Gods ways are excellence.  And He is not mocked.  There was a reason, why Christ turned the tables in the temple.  Do we forget what angers God?

One man, told me, I don’t care, if this prophet, is in the truth of the Bible, or if I even make it to heaven.  I just want to have some hope in today.  Wow, I thought.

For a while now, I have been trying to share this truth.  About the deception in Bibles.  Not to judge anybody, but because we are called to warn one another.  Ezekiel 33 tells us to warn even the righteous.  When I read that, from my King James.  I am assuming the “righteous” is other Christians.  And these brothers and sisters, who I try to warn, are not listening to what I say about exclusively only using the King James, but they are following false prophets.  Who themselves use false word.  They think its judging….

And I try to stop them, to bring it to their attention, not to judge them, but because I know what Gods word says in these matters, and I have discernment.

But it goes in one ear, and out the other.   Either it is ignored, or they fight.  And they fight with a vengeance, defending that which is wrong.  They get so angry, if you bring it to their attention.  They defend this unrighteousness, and they say you are judging.  They dismiss, Gods holy word, that tells us, to beware of such prophets.  Like Jeremiah 23:16.


How specific does God have to get for us to get that?  Do we have to see His wrath, before we open our eyes?  Do we have to see our sins, separate ourselves from Him?  Do we have to lose our blessings, our sense of discernment, because one would follow a prophet, who does that?

Oh how I grieved for that, man who told me that he did not even care if he made it to heaven!  And I shared with him truth, but he did not even acknowledge me.  I told him, get a King James bible.

I have told friends, who buy these books, and support these ministries, and read that crap, but they don’t listen.  One friend, judged me, harshly, rudely, and insulted me, because I told her, I do not read these books, from someone who does not even obey God in this.  This was concerning another false prophet.

Yet I walked in love.  I had another friend, who totally ignored this but felt to even bring it up, one was a “backstabber” if they even said anything about a false prophet.  Really?  Because last time I checked, we are called to warn each other.  We are called to mark those who cause division.  And have nothing to do with them.  We are called to test the spirits.  To try them.

I had another friend, a gentleman, who told me I changed, I used to be so nice.  And I thought, I still am nice.  I just want you to have your blessings, I just want you to get answers to prayer.  I just want you to please God.  And have true discernment.  I have noticed people would rather stop talking to you, and quit being your friend, if you even bring these matters up.  About the KJV or false prophets.

Well oh well, I guess I am out of friends.  Because I would rather please God, then deny His truth.  But thats not true.  I do have some faithful friends.  Loyal friends.  There are only a few that, that stand by me, support me, encourage me, and see my gift and calling.  They share my writings, and they communicate.  Communication is such a wonderful thing.  Because we sharpen each other.

Anyway, concerning those who are not listening….

I have spoken these things, in love, and the love was not returned.  I did not argue, fight, yet, I was ignored.  And told to “agree, to disagree” was what was needed.  Nor an apology was extended. Try telling God that when you ignore His word.  Try telling God that when you need a miracle.  Life is unpredictable, and if we are not doing our part, if we are not obedient to God, we are hypocrites, to say the least.  How do we expect answers to prayer, if we do not obey Him, in just these matters?

If a pastor cannot obey God, even in the word he uses, or she, as a public speaker, why would I want that false anointing on me?  Its part truth, and part lie!  Where is the message for repentance, humbleness?  These false prophets, promote pride.

But if you tell another brother or sister in Christ this, who thinks they are “righteous” (again like Ezekiel 33 says) They get very angry.  They fight you.  My thought is this, I do not want to be defending, or agreeing with someone that disobeys God in these matters.  I don’t want to be on the wrong side.  I would rather walk alone, then to be in the company of someone who insists these false bibles, and false prophets are correct.

Like the saying goes, “you can lead them to water, but you cannot make them drink it.” And I won’t hit someone on the head, with my King James bible, if they want to follow the blind.  Like scripture says, the blind, will lead the blind, and they know not where they go.  You might want to look it up from a KJV.

So this morning, because I know this is on Gods heart, He showed me the following scriptures:


Wow…His people do not know the judgment of the Lord.  They refuse to return.  From this, which God sees as backsliding.  This is what I see, when my friends, or people ignore the warnings I give about false word, or false prophets.  They do not repent, nor do they even acknowledge, the truth in these matters.  They will not apologize, or even be accountable that they are not seeing it clearly.  They would rather turn on the silent treatment.  Well I can be silent too.

That scares me.  In the fear of God.  Not in judging, but in warning them.

I have another friend, who I love dearly.  And we are having a discussion about not giving, and giving.  Why?  Because I don’t like being off balance.  When I cannot give in return.  Some people can do it free and easy.  And some do not have the resources. I believe gifts, should be given in careful consideration, not just to give.  I don’t like the feeling of just taking, but not being able to give equally.  I don’t want to use anybody, nor do I want to feel used.  I think thats a horrible feeling.   But I also feel, that a gift is a spiritual connection, and if someone does not appreciate a gift, for example, and even re-gifts it, thats just sad.  Especially if someone sees you playing with their heart, and you make excuses instead of being accountable.  

Anyway, I don’t know why I feel this way, maybe this is why I serve God, with all I can, because I know I cannot repay Him, for who He is, and what He did on that cross.   For me personally.  His life was a gift.  I don’t want God to feel like I am using Him.

And these false messages, that take part truth do remind me of that, with the prosperity message, like it promotes only using God, and that is so wrong.  To me it is.

But I try and serve Him, so He knows, I am thankful.  I serve Him, in HIS KJV truth, so He knows I am trying to obey Him.  His gift of life is too precious to let it be only about the prosperity message, or to think even His grace is sufficient, when I know, I could make a difference.

But I will try, I will try with all my being.  I will try to repay Him.  I will try to stand in His truth.  I will try…..

To give Love.  I will try to obey, and warn others.  I will try to serve Him, and never be ashamed to be called a Christian.  I just want to be strong in His truth, and nothing else.  I want to be aware of the enemies antics, and avoid the lies.  The deception.  I want nothing to do with it.  I don’t want anything that separates me from God.

But there is something in my heart, that wants to at least, keep His KJV word, in love and obedience.

I just see the difference, between false word, and false prophets, and if I can spare someone, and at least give them that, to know truth, then maybe, just maybe, my life, will bring glory to God.  And maybe just maybe, they can repent, return to God, and see the difference themselves, from false word, and false prophets.  So they can avoid the deception.

Bottom line, if they do not use a KJV they are a false prophet to me.  Sorry if this offends anybody, but thats the way I see it.  I won’t argue about it, or try to convince anybody.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  I know it is a little longer then most of my “Just my Thoughts.”  Feel free to share this, if you agree with my thoughts.  If not, oh well. 


Blessings, and love, Elena Ramirez




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If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link. My latest book. BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST. This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse. But by Christ it can change into a blessing. A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc. And why we do some of the things we do….
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I want to be, extremely careful here.  Because it could be perceived as judging someone.  And strangely, many people know the scripture that says do not judge.  

But the enemy, has twisted it, so much, that even non-believers will call you out on it, and say, you should not judge.  But the meaning, and the other scriptures that talk about judging are thrown out the window.  But this is what happens, when people do not obey God.  Nor when they are not on the same page, of the Bible.

Yet we are called to judge righteously.  We are called to warn one another.  

Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.  John 7:24.  

Nevertheless, if thou warn the righteous man, that the righteous sin not, and he doth not sin, he shall surely live, because he is warned; also thou hast delivered thy soul.  Ezekiel 3:21

But, yes, I do want to be careful.  Why?  Because we all sin, and we all come short of the glory of God.  We all do.  None is righteous. And I know that for myself as well. This is also King James scriptural. 

And I do want to be so careful, not to make people feel bad. But sometimes, when you know truth, and you share truth, from a King James Bible, it is a two-edged sword.

And I find, sadly, very, sadly, many Christians do not know their bible, because they use corrupted bibles.  They use something that has been tampered with, and the anointing, and holiness is gone.  So when you share scripture with them, even in the matter, of trying to make someone see, that these versions are corrupt, they get angry, and they get very defensive.  

Yet, you are showing them scripture, as to what God says, that we are not to change, add, or delete scripture, and they argue with you.  Here is one of many, but read from a King James.  Revelation 22:18-19.  Did you know you could lose your salvation?

Yet, they have no scripture to define the truth, because what?….You are going to argue with what God says?  I find that so odd.  

I have been told to do more research.  But I do not need to challenge myself, to investigate more, when the truth is right there in my preserved King James Bible, that has been preserved for 400 years.  And I see the discrepancies.  In comparing different bibles to the King James.  And I see very sadly, the deity of Christ is diminished, a little here, a little there…

That in itself gives proof, of the validity of this Bible.  I obey, from that lump.  Not from something that has been corrupted.  

I have faith in it.  I see the discrepancies.  I will not believe lies.  For God gives me discernment.  Because I obey.  But they that dispute this and defend other bible versions believe the lies, and are blinded.  

Behold ye trust in lying words, that cannot profit.  Jeremiah 7:8. 

Now they say they are Christians.  But again, we are not on the same page.  And there are so many other different examples to relate to, but yet are we not brothers and sisters in Christ?

Are we not called to love one another?  To show we are yoked with Christ?

So how do you treat someone like that?  That says they are a Christian yet, they hate you?  The answer is with love.  Pray for them.  And remember we are not to be yoked with darkness.  

God will do the final judging.  But we are not called to be yoked with unbelievers.  

This is one reason, why people do not attend church.  Because of hypocrisy, and because people do not always practice what they preach.  Or what is preached to them.  Or love is not evident.  I do attribute a big sense of disobedience, because we are not all on the same page with God.  It is so evident.  

We are to be united, and divided we will fall.  End times I believe are very close upon us.  And there are scoffers….

Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of His coming?  II Peter 3:3-4 Read in its entirety King James.  

Now look at this verse carefully below.  

But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men. II Peter 3:7

God has separated His word, the King James for 400 years.  Isn’t that enough time to prove the authenticity?

I myself, I cannot listen to leaders, or pastors, that do not use a King James.  I rely on the sweet Holy Spirit, to be my guide.  

I believe I am a seasoned Christian. In my walk with God, I have changed, I have grown, so I see many discrepancies.  But it has come with a price.  And I take the narrow path.  Not the wide gate that the world does.  That is King James scriptural. Where I walk alone, often.  Yet I am not alone, for Christ is with me.  But I do long, for sweet fellowship.  With other believers. And especially those who understand my stance, concerning the Bibles we use.  

It just makes me sad, because, I am reminded of scripture where there was war in heaven.  And it talks about the angels, and how they fight.  Can you just think about how grievious that is to God as well.  Loyalty, and obedience are so important to God.  Yet, these angels fought with each other.  Those with God.  And those that betray God, and align themselves with the devil.  It is a tragic thing, to even think.  But it is scriptural.  

And there was war in heaven:  Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not:  neither was their place found any more in heaven.  And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the devil and satan, which deceiveth the whole world, he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.  Revelation 12: 7-9.

Do you notice in this scripture it talks about how the enemy deceives.  Well he deceives in taking a holy word, and corrupting it. By changing it.  So the believer will be tapping into a word, that is part truth, part lie, because someone changed it. Where else would he get away with it, if believers do not obey God? And they do not use a King James.  This will deceive the whole world.  

Were they all friends at one time these angels?  Even in the name of the Lord.  Yes I believe so.  

But as true believers, we can test and try a spirit.  The spirit of deception is in the earth.  So we are called to try a spirit.  Here on earth.  

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits, whether they are of God, because many false prophets are gone out into the world. I John 4:1 

How do I try them?  By seeing what bible they use. I just think it is sad, that there are many brothers and sisters in Christ, and we don’t agree.  And love is not evident.  And what will Christ say, when we stand before HIM?  I never knew you….this is also scriptural.

All I know, as I walk with Christ.  I know, that my love walk must be evident, and I must pray for these souls, before it is too late.  But I will not yoke myself with someone who scoffs at the truth of God.  Or ignores even the warnings.  I just cannot.  The price of Christ giving His life for all of us was too great.  And I cannot compromise that.  I value my salvation, and I work it out with fear and trembling of God.  

Wherefore my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.  Phillipians 2:12.

 Blessings, and love, Elena Ramirez








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If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link. My latest book. BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST. This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse. But by Christ it can change into a blessing. A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc. And why we do some of the things we do….
“HOW TO HAVE FAITH” This book is a self-help book to bring insight to your faith, and to know what pleases God. Both are on SMASHWORDS…..
If interested in ordering the Paper Back go to this link.

I am not into judging people. I do love and want to love as Christ commanded us. With that said…

I do know right from wrong.

And I have discernment between good and evil. I will call it for what it is. I see the fruit. And we are called to test and try spirits.

And the devil better back off. That scripture is twisted and taken out of context. To put Christians off and to shut up.  It is used in defense because basically people don’t want to hear the truth.  

And yes there are some who are so religiously regulated who do judge.  

But what about when you know truth and you see someone doing wrong?  What about knowing the devil is a liar?  What about trying to spare a friend hell?  Or the consequences of making a wrong choice?  What about pleasing God?  Hello….

Well all I can say is I will call it for what it is. Our world better wake up. More then ever. I am not into Lala gospel. I have fear of God. And I will not abuse grace.

I don’t want to stand before God and have Him tell me…. Why didn’t you warn my child that was wrong? And what am I going to say?

That I did not want them to think I was judging?….

No, I want to win souls to Christ with truth.  I don’t want to send them to the enemy.  Their salvation is at stake!

Doesn’t anybody see the discrepancies in all of the judging thoughts?  Cannot anyone see the ploy the deception that the enemy uses, twisting that scripture? We all need to know the difference!


There is righteous judgement.  We need the mind of Christ.  To judge righteously!  Did you know you were called to do that too?


So next time someone tells you to shut up for judging remind them, you are called to judge righteously.  We need to speak truth to one another yes in love.  Not hitting people on the head with the Bible.  No I am praying for the utterance and the boldness to speak truth. Loud and clear.  

And if you are going to speak truth, because you feel led….  You better be prayed up, and have that King James scripture to back it up.  I don’t use any other scriptures because the others are corrupted, and their words are also changed, and taken out of context.  

You see, there is nothing worse then trying to tell something, to someone, and you don’t have the scripture.  To back it up.  Yes, I just gave John 7:24, because some would only think there is only one scripture on judging.  

I would rather be right with God than people. Yes He has forgiven me of much…And for that, because I know the difference, I want to speak truth!

This is why I write, this is why I pray God use me, this is why I pray you consider sending me to your church.  I will give you truth, I will tell you according to Gods Holy word, my King James Bible, and I pray, that ears are opened, and hearts receive that truth, without condemnation.  

There is no condemnation in Christ.  And I suppose more so, this is why I am addressing this.  Have you ever heard someone say, don’t judge me, when you have your own skeletons in your closet?  Well that is the whole point.  I want people to be saved and free, when I tell them the truth.  I am not trying to judge them or hurt them.  I am trying to protect them from the devil. So they don’t give the devil a legal right to harass them. When you totally give Christ your heart, and try to obey Him.  Jesus cleans out our hearts, and takes those skeletons out of our closet.  There is nothing there, to remind you of past sins, but a gratefulness, that He removed that stain of sin.  

And for the record, I want to reiterate, about love.  Its not my place to judge someone.  If it was my place, I probably would fine them, and make them.  But that’s not my place nor do I want that responsibility.   People make mistakes.  Including me.  I make them all the time.   I come short of the glory of God.  So do you.

So no, I am not into making anyone do anything.  Christ did not make me.  But when I saw the truth I was convinced and humble enough to say God forgive me.  I don’t want pride or excuses when it comes to judging.

But I know the difference, because of His grace.  I want them to know grace like I know grace, and the sacrifice of Christ.  

No I leave all that to God, and He will judge.  He is not mocked.  Galatians 6:7.

In Christ, and His love, just my thoughts…  

Elena Ramirez






So how can we tell who is real, and whose a fake?  I think everybody questions this, now and then.  If you don’t you could be making a big mistake.  Just by trusting, someone.

Lets face it, though, Christians are NOT perfect.  But we need wisdom.  We need to know the will of the Lord.  We must seek Him.  There is a lost world out there, and we need to act like Christ would.  And not like the world.   Or we will not be effective, in winning the lost, to Christ.

And so as I write, this, I pray, to bring perspective, but not judgement.  Or to make anyone feel bad especially if they have made judgements about someone.  But there is a dilemma. The dilemma, between the wolf in sheep’s clothing, and the Anointed one.  How can we tell who is who?  What kind of fruit, should they display, so we can have discernment?

And I use the word discernment, because understanding from Gods perspective, is what we need.  Not judgement.  Because our ways, are not always Gods ways.

Judging, speaking, without, knowing real truth, with a negative slant, is judging to me.  Because one is making a “ruling” to sway, someone else, and their thoughts.  It is meant to change someones mind about another person.  It is meant, to persuade.  That what they are saying is right, correct, and they are wrong.  Or if not wrong, they don’t know, the real truth.  They are implying that they know…. the “real truth”.  So thats why they have to talk about it.  Hmmm.

I have been in ministry, for many years, and I have heard, many people, bring up another persons name, a pastor, or just a person, and they feel like they have to bring their thoughts, about that person.

And may I just stop here, and say here in love, when people do that, I do get a red flag, and I need God’s wisdom.  I also, try to also look at that person, with love, and not judgement.  That is bringing me this information.

Could it be a characteristic of the devil?  To gossip, in this?  And I am not calling that person a devil.  Because we do not wrestle with flesh, and blood, but with principlalities in high places.  Ephesians 6:11-12.  Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the “rulers” of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Theres that word again.  “Rulers” trying to rule.

So, the devil will use someone, unknowingly, because they are unaware of the enemies tactics.  Or do they?  But it reminds me,  and I say this, because it has happened to me, as well, where people, have talked about me, and I know, that the devil, is the accuser of the brethren.

Revelation 12:10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ:  for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.  

But I love this scripture, after it; And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.  Revelation 12:11.  A good place, to remind you, and me, we need to always, daily, apply the blood of Jesus, to defeat the enemy, along with repentance.  Humbleness, before the Lord, so He can build that hedge of protection around us.  Remember Moses, applied the blood, and God made a way, for their passover.  

My perspective is this, and I am not putting my head in the sand, but when I hear a negative report about someone, I put my guard on.  Because it is not my place to judge that person, and I say so.  So, then I get the person, on edge, and even offended, because they wanted to share the details.  And I don’t want to hear it……

I look at it this way, whether, it is true or not, its not my place to judge someone.  And when I usually hear it, it is about a high profile minister, or pastor, who has a lot of notoriety.

It is sad, but sometimes, other pastors, question the fruit?  When the Holy spirit is evident.  They call them phonies.  Why?  Because God is using them?  They judge them.  Again wrong.  We should all be seeking the Holy Spirit.  But thats why churches, are so different.  Because everyone, wants to pick and choose, instead of letting God, decide, in His house.

But, since, I don’t want to be a hypocrite in this, I have to be honest.  That the prosperity pastors, do get on my nerves.  Those who always ask for money.  Those who do not present the Salvation message, but are always asking for money.  Or their message, is about prosperity.  Even here again, though, I want to be careful.  Not to judge them, or to say anything about them.  Because God can change them.

I wrote in my last post, I do not want to limit God.  And I pray, that Pastors would not do that either.  But, even if your not comfortable with the Holy Spirit, don’t knock some other pastor, who has earned, His way, for the Holy spirit, to enter.  Yes, maybe he did make a mistake.  But maybe he repented.  Maybe, God forgave him.

Aren’t we all sinners, who are saved by grace?  We are all growing. On that vine, and if I can impress, that more then ever, to make us stop, and pray, and consider where we were, back then, maybe God would use us, and the anointing would be there.

But to criticize someone, seeing the fruit of God, and call it hocus pocus, is in my determination wrong.  Because we all need God.  We need to see Him manifested.  As signs and testimonies, for His glory.  Be careful in this.  Dear one.

And please, if you are reading this, and you have done this, don’t feel bad, because many people, have brought this same thing, and subject to me, about the same person.  I just want to say, I am not judging you.  Thats not my place.  Because you have brought it to me.

See, I am not getting in that trap, the devil, wants to set for you, or for me.  I pray, God give me wisdom, to know the antics of the enemy.  For even, the same persons….and believe me, I have heard stories, more then once.  So your not the only one, who has said this and that about a believer, or a pastor, or even a famous person, to me.  And I have probably told you the same thing.  “It’s not my place to judge”  Whether its true or not.

Yes, it may even be true.  What you are saying, could very well be the truth, about someone.  But I have heard more people speak “truth” and destroyed, peoples character, with truth, that turns into “Character assasination.”  Do you want to stand before God for that?

So, I am very conscious, and careful, about this.  For, the scripture, warns us, and says.  Touch not my anointed.  I Chronicles 16:21-22.  He suffered no man to do them wrong yea, He reproved kings for their sakes.  Saying, touch not Mine anointed and do my prophets no harm.  

When you talk about Gods anointed one, with your words.  Not only are you doing them harm, but yourself.  Which one should take into great consideration.

I know, that the devil, has the intention, to use good, God fearing Christians, to get out of their love walk, and to judge.  And there are quite a few scriptures on this subject, but we are not supposed to be judging by what we see, but really with our Lords righteousness, that which I call discernment.  Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement.  John 7:24.    

But the goal of the enemy is accomplishing a couple of things here, if anything.  One to get someone, out of their love walk, but to take their blessings away.  By being disobedient to God.

And I am praying here for wisdom, with grace.  Because I cannot fathom God in all His ways, I sense, when people do that, they open the door to the devil, for further, chaos.  It may bring a curse.  Because God says, He will bless those, who bless His people.  But He will curse those, who curse His people.  Genesis 12:3.

Thats law, but we live by Grace.  So, we need to extend grace, to other leaders, or people, who may be Gods anointed.    So, it still scares me to be honest, to talk about other people, to judge them.  To come against any child of God.

Do you ever notice, when I share something about someone, here, I never say their name?  I do that for a reason, because I do not want to hurt them.  I may use the example of what they say or do.  Even from others, who have hurt me.  But, I never, ever, identify someone by their name, and say, this is what they did.  Why?  Because I do not want to judge someone, for the very reason, that whatever they may have done, they are Gods children.

And here I will interject, if you have done this, and you know you have, go to Gods throne, and repent.  That will solve it, and give you wisdom.

Now concerning discernment.  About a wolf in sheeps clothing, gee this is tough.  But I want to extend grace.  Do I identify them?  Thats up to you.  Not me.  And there are so many misguided Christians, who listen to a Christian leader, and they liked that person.  But then heard a bad word, and just judged them.

I know, I have, liked someone, yet, heard things about them, but it did not sway me.  And I could be wrong.  But I pray, if I err, I err, on the side of love.

And the rule of thumb, I try to always use, and again with grace.  Is what they are saying?  Is it based on the word of God?  And as everyone knows, I look at the kind of word, they are using, is it based on the King James Bible?  It is subjective.  One must have that discernment.  To the objective of God.  And I don’t want to be legalistic, in this stance. For, God can use anything, to teach someone, but the purity, to me, should be from the King James, because it has not been corrupted, by mens hands.  Thats just the way I feel.  But that is between you and God.  For yourself, I will just stop and say, pray about it. Ask God.  What Bible you should use?

In any event, to further this, to bring this to a closing…..With understanding, are they taking just part of Gods word, and not giving the full gospel?  Leaving the Holy spirit out?  Limiting God?  You need to see, what the leader is presenting.  But before you talk about them.  I wisely, recommend, pray about it.  Go to God.  We cannot lift people, on such a high pedestal, that when they fall, from grace, that we quit seeking God.  Thats just wrong.  We cannot, look at them as perfect.  Because they are not.  I am not.  I know, I am not.  But that makes me humble.

So, when I look at someone, I try to look at their fruit.  The fruit, that God, over, and over identifies, as someone who is righteous in his sight.  Yet knowing again, we all sin, we all come short of the glory of God.  When people think they are beyond that, again, it is a characteristic of the devil.  Pride.  So, when I see pride in a leader.  I walk away…….

For they are being self-righteous.  Self-righteous people, scare me to be honest.  Because its like they think they are beyond, any kind of correction, and will just slam your thoughts to the ground.  Because they believe, they know better.  So I just avoid people like that.

I think it can be a simple format, to follow, for discernment.  If you are faced with a dilemma like that.  Because even though, we may and are called to love all people.  You do not want to subject yourself, to religion.  Or to mens opinions.  Or again, wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Remember the scripture that says.  Test the spirit.  To see if they are of Christ.  I John 4:1  Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

You need to remember, God says, let no man deceive you.  And that can be a woman too. Matthew 24:24.  For there shall arise false Christ’s and false prophets; and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

WARNING, WARNING, WARNING…..Let no man deceive you with vain words:  for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.  Be not ye therefore partakers with them.  For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord; walk as children of light.  Ephesians 5:6-8.  I would read the rest of this chapter.  Because we do need to know.  We need to be careful.

 You have to pray.  And I recommend praying, before you talk about someone.  You have to see what is this persons ministry based on?  I know a lot of people, have specialty ministries, but if they leave out the truth, the gospel, and they water it down, either by their doctrine, or by simply picking and choosing, what they want.  I don’t go for it.  No matter how charismatic, they may seem, charming, etc.  Even if they are nice to me.

I have to know, what God says.  So, I am careful.  To remember, again, the devil is the accuser, but what does God say.  I have to know what God says more then anybody.  Because He is the one we need to please.  We have to be very, very careful, in these last days.  I know I do, more then ever.  I just sense it.  How about you?  Do you know, how to have peace, in the dilemma between the Christian, who is anointed?  And the wolf in Sheep’s clothing?

If you have any ideas, about this, please share.  Words of wisdom, guidance.  But please do not mention anybodies name here, for I will not allow it to be posted.  Whether they are a wolf in sheeps clothing or not.  My objective, is to bring understanding.  To bring God into this, so we don’t make a big mistake.  Remembering as I close… the reminder.  Touch not His anointed.  God will take care of that wolf in sheeps clothing.  For God is not mocked.

And for the record, I will say, I hate sin.  I do not condone, someone who sins, just because, to be honest, I have not seen it, where I had to identify it or someone.  In the body of Christ.  But I do not wink my eye, at the ugly deeds of darkness, from anyone.  Especially, if I saw, it was hurting someone.  But I am not a judge.  I just pray, I never have to point the finger, and say, to someone, or that about someone.  Its always a choice.  One must do, what they have to do.  If God, instructs them.  So, I will close with that.

And as I close, I hope you will forgive me, if I wrote about this, and you somehow or another feel betrayed, because you have shared something, about someone, and I did not want to get caught up in it, and I am writing about this subject.  It is never my intention, to hurt any one.   But I do see, the dilemma, in this……

Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.  Luke 6:37.  

Just my thoughts, with Love, Elena Ramirez

Father, we are human, we make mistakes.  All of us do.  Including me.  How easy, it is for us to get caught up in gossip.  Sometimes, unknowing.  Sometimes, listening to someone, and not stopping them, from sharing.  Lord, I do not want to be a hypocrite.  For when we listen, we are a part of it too.  And sometimes, yes, saying, tell me more.  Oh Lord, forgive me, if I have been a part of judging someone.  I know, I have hated, it, when I was judged.  Yet, Father, we need wisdom.  We need guidance, to know, the difference, between the wolf in sheep’s clothing, and your anointed ones.  Because there are deceivers.  Those who come in your name, and hurt your people.  Lord, we really need discernment.  I know, prayer, I know your word, will bring insight to us.  Testing by your word.  Help us, help the body of Christ.  Because, sometimes, it seems like it goes way over board, and even Christian leaders, are a part of the judging in this.  Oh God, it scares me, to be honest right now.  In fear of you.  Help us to walk in love with one another.  So, we do not reap curses.  But blessings, prompt us, to walk in love, to be kind with our words, to be prayerful, before we talk about people.  I have seen so many situations, where people spill the beans about someone, and hurt them, deeply.  Change us Lord, to be like Christ in this matter.  In Jesus name.  Amen



A song, to soften our hearts in love, as we seek our Lord.





The answer to that is, yes….for no matter what we do, others will observe our behavior, our fruit, our testimonies, etc.  And will look to see who we are.  We all do that, we check one another out.

Now we are also called not to judge one another, especially, out of love….

But I want to talk about judging ourselves.  Or rather, I know the Lord, wants us to judge ourselves.  For in doing so, we learn.  We change, we repent…and if you love God, you will want to do things His way.

Now, according to scripture, we know, we fall short of that, we know, that His ways, are not always our ways….but if you love God, you keep trying.  You keep trying to reach the goal of holiness.

As we mature, in Christ, we begin looking at our ways.  Thats the Holy Spirit, convicting you….and it is so important to want to grow.

If we are judged, yes, it does hurt, but if the righteous, judge us, and in love, we can receive instruction.  And there is so much to consider, because, if we are judged, and their is condemnation, it can make someone stumble.  So, I don’t encourage judging others, but I do encourage love.  And yes, judging ourselves.  And this is such a deep subject.  But if you are in a position, to bring criticism to someone, do it in love.  If not….well, It can make a Christian, leave the faith.  Or wound….and we have to careful.  This is something, we all have to work out.  Our love walk, and with others…So, as Christians we do need to be careful about that.

But, when judging ourselves, we have to be conscious, to abstain, from the appearance of evil.  You may think it is innocent.  But what is it?  Will it lead to something evil?  Say, you have a flirtatious personality.  What does that married man think?  You may not have those intentions, but the “appearance” of it, can cause others to judge you, or the devil himself, will speak to that man, and suggest you are interested….and again this is so deep, but what are we expressing?

We have to judge ourselves.  Especially, if we come in the name of the Lord.

For the devil, is the accuser of the brethern.  Revelation 12:10, and he will take your fruit, and if it does not withstand the truth, it will be condemned.

We may think, we are doing something unto the Lord, but if the fruit of it, would cause someone to stumble, that is not of God, but the devil.  We do not want to make someone stumble, nor do we want to be condemned with the world.  For Christ, will return, and we will be judged.

It does hurt, sometimes, when we are judged, criticized, or our works are brought to the light.  But thats why it is so important, to remain humble, and pliable, in the sight of God.  Turning away, from our pride, which comes from the devil, and being humble in his sight.  The Bible says, let the righteous smite me, it shall be a kindness….(Read Psalm 141:5)

Dear ones, that smarts, when we are judged.  It hurts, but we have to grow, we have to want to see, the error of our ways.  We need to know what Gods word says.  We need to let God correct us.  For whom God loves, he does correct.

Abstain, from the appearance of evil.  Let our works glorify God, in holiness.  Let our fruit, that will judged be that of love, chastity, humbleness, holiness, and all that is pure and good.

For others are watching, following behind, we will be accountable, to God, and for others.  Yes, we must judge ourselves, and look within, daily, seeking God, and seeking His truth, so we can be changed, more like Christ.

And remember, no matter what you may have done.  The love of Christ, brings, conviction, not condemnation.  Romans 8:1 Therefore, there is NOW no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit.

If you find yourself condemning yourself.  Lighten up….go to God, and repent.  Change your ways…by the word of God.

And. if you find others condemning you, they are not your friends.  So, be careful who you seek guidance and counsel from.  Love, forgives, and love also, is honest.  Be honest with yourself, and judge yourself, so others will not judge you…



Just my thoughts, with Love….

Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope…

Father, I bless you, and come before you with a humble heart.  Lord, daily, I need to look at myself, and seek you, and judge myself, so I will not be judged.  So, I can avoid the wrath of you my Lord.  Lord, change me, give me a discerning heart, of love, so that if I do see wrong myself, I will speak it in love.  We so need to be careful, that we do not wound other Christians, who may not even know, they are doing something wrong.  We all sin, we all come short, of your glory….Lord, I just pray, that this will encourage us, to look within.  To want to grow, to want to change, to be more like you, we do have to judge ourselves.  We rebuke the accuser, the enemy, but in love, we know, your voice….In Jesus name.  Amen​/Elena-RamirezJust-My-Thoughts​Christian-Author-Inspirational​-Speaker/114977635248622?ref=t​s

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