MY THANKSGIVING THOUGHTS FOR 2017 ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

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My Thanksgiving Thoughts for 2017

by Christian Author Elena Ramirez

It’s a day before Thanksgiving, and I am grateful to God.  This year has been tough on me for a few reasons.  

Its been a struggle in many ways.  I have been challenged by life, by health, by friends, by enemies, by finances, by my own habits, and sometimes, you just have to grow.  But God has been with me, and guiding me through it.  I am grateful.  Thankful, stirring up my faith. 

I have grown.  And I truly believe I have in many ways.  I have had to go to the enemies camp and take back my respect.  Maybe someone does not understand that.  But when you trust people, and they immaturely reject you, or do not honor you, you stand up for yourself.  And you take back what someone has hurt, and abused.  Respect. 

You know when you are a child, you trust people to take care of you.  To be sensitive to those things and you need to learn.  And when they abuse that, and you don’t know the difference, you accept it.   But when you grow up, you see how perhaps, you were abused, and you want to break spiritual curses, or cycles, that hurt you.  I think I am in the process of breaking some of these cycles, or curses, because I see, I am the Kings Daughter.  I see, I am the head, and not the tail.  

But when you see, people, especially people, you esteemed highly, and they have no regard for honoring you in these ways, you gain strength, and walk away.  

So its sad, yet bitter sweet when you rise above it. But growing, is the goal for me any way.  I want to keep learning, and growing, for Christ.   

I have had to let go, and let God.  In a lot of ways…. For other reasons, as well…

These are things, that this year, I have seen, I need to be careful in.  With my walk with the Lord, and with others.   And its been hard.  Its been sorrowful, its been eye opening though.  

And I do trust God, I am so grateful for my family, and the true friends I do have.  I am thankful for my Salvation, for repentance, for God teaching me that I need to trust Him.  

But I have learned, in my own giving of Thanks, to be grateful for little, and big things.  To be careful not to get cold in my walk with the Lord.  To be careful, even if I vent, not to hate anybody.  To pray more.  I have learned a lot, that I cannot even put into words.  

To remember, though, not everybody takes these things to heart.  So my red flag is up….

To look, and see what God’s Holy King James word says.  And to try and obey.  As a disciple of Christ, I have learned to discipline myself.

But as I think on these things, that I am grateful for, I am reminded, no matter how hard life can be, or how blessed one may be, one must draw closer to God.   This has been my lesson it seems this year.

To seek Him more, to obey more, to be careful more, not to open spiritual doors, that are not of Him.  And through it all thanking Him, and praising Him.  And I make sure, I do.  I will not neglect this, by being passive, or not letting my light shine for Christ.  I try, and thats one thing, I pursue, to give Him glory.  

I am someone, who stays away from spiritual entities that offend God.  I honor God, and only God.  In fear of God. 

And I am careful what I speak…. I know more then ever, the power of life and death in my tongue.

But I know, I cannot be indifferent.  I cannot be cold, or lukewarm in my walk.  I cannot take God for granted, or people, or life for granted.  I must pursue His Kingdom, in His righteousness.

Repentance clears the slate, even if I don’t even understand.  But I must pursue God.  

Revelation 3, from my King James, tells us, that He knows whether we are cold or hot.  He knows if we are lukewarm, He will spit us out.  He tells us, to be careful with the blessings we do have, because some who are rich, think they do not need Him.  

They don’t know that they are miserable, poor and blind.  He counsels us to to seek Him.  Because He will rebuke us when we are wrong.  He stands at the door, and knocks, and if we hear Him, He will come and dine with us.  

Tomorrow we feast. As a tradition here in the United States.  Thanksgiving day, is a time to reflect.  And Christ is invited in my home, my humble home, but where love is, and where grateful hearts, reflect on His love, and goodness.  THANKFUL!

Some do not have these blessings, and its sad.  

But, I am just thankful to God.  I am thankful for everything He has provided for me, and I am even thankful for some things I don’t have.

Learning to be content, is peace.  And there is no peace with the wicked, as scripture says.  So, I pursue Him, in this world, that does not always seem to give love in return.  He is the vine, and I am merely a branch, but I can grow in Christ.  And produce fruit, worthy of His Kingdom.  But I make sure I stay on the vine with Christ. 

And I pursue Him, grateful, for who He is.  With God all things are possible, and I never let go of Him, in these thoughts of mine, because all things do work together for the good who love Him.  

So I am grateful this year, as I surmise on everything, and I praise Him.

Happy Thanksgiving…With much love, in Christ, 

Much love, Elena Ramirez 

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WHEN CHRISTIANS DO NOT APOLOGIZE ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

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if interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link. My latest book. BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST. This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse. But by Christ it can change into a blessing. A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc. And why we do some of the things we do….
“HOW TO HAVE FAITH” This book is a self-help book to bring insight to your faith, and to know what pleases God. Both are on SMASHWORDS…..
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One thing, I have seen, is people do not know how to apologize. Maybe they repent to God, I don’t know. But I have seen especially here on social media, FB, Twitter, and other networks, is that people, really hide behind their computers.

They say spiteful, mean attacking words, that really do not bring light, or substance. And I don’t know, I have had a few battles myself. Where maybe I brought it on myself.

But when I am wrong. I apologize. I don’t let it pass, without humbling before God, and others. I have sometimes, just wished someone well, Gods blessings, and they took my words, and wanted to argue. This recently happened. And I could not understand it.

But I don’t have to take it either. And if someone cannot show me some respect. I don’t need to further communicate with that person. I forgive. But I don’t put up with that kind of nonsense.

I have enough self respect, dignity, and better sense, then to go in the gutter, with someone, who does not want to be reasonable. Especially when I know in my heart, I do not have an ulterior motive, to make someone look bad.

Its sad, Christians, in particular, who still have the ways of the world, in their actions, but have not seen that Christ called us to love one another, to be humble, and to forgive.  I would think that also includes apologizing.  I just don’t think we see, how this holds us back.  How we cannot grow.  How we can get roots of bitterness. How we open a door to the devil.  Folks, this is spiritual warfare.  We have to see, what are we doing!  

In this election process, I have seen filth come out of some people, that say they are Christians.

And I ask myself, where is the love, that Christ said we would be known by? Oh well. Repenting, asking God to show us who Christ is, and yes apologize.  If you call yourself a Christian, love should be there!  You cannot have it, if you cannot learn to apologize, that means being humble.  That means throwing away that pride.  It means asking God….

To forgive you.  It means, that we reap what we sow.  Do you want to reap rudeness, mean spirits coming your way, because you are unable to apologize?  Folks, there is a spiritual realm, and God sees.  Do we want to be corrected harshly by Him, because we think we are better then somebody else?  

Remember whom He loves He corrects.  He loves you, but He is a well mannered God, kind and does not resort to being rude. We have to try and do things the way of the Lord.  Being rude, hateful, unapologetic, is not fruit of the spirit, and you need to watch it.  We all do.  

My thoughts anyway…..



If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link.  My latest book.  BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST.  This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse.  But by Christ it can change into a blessing.  A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc.  And why we do some of the things we do....

If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link. My latest book. BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST. This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse. But by Christ it can change into a blessing. A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc. And why we do some of the things we do….
“HOW TO HAVE FAITH” This book is a self-help book to bring insight to your faith, and to know what pleases God. Both are on SMASHWORDS…..
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I know why I am writing this….  Because I am a little weary with people.  In the body of Christ, and with the heathen.  Those that do want to disobey God.  

Writing, has always been an outlet for me.  So I express it here.  But I do pursue truth.  So, when I see even brothers and sisters, being so discourteous, or responding in denial, yes I get a little sad.  

Is it pride?

My husband reminded me it is a preference, to use these corrupt bible versions.  But my thought is this.  It is spiritual food, but it is junk food.  Its like these bible versions are coated with sugar, to tickle the ears.  But they are not healthy for you.  Sooner or later, there will be consequences.  

A way for the enemy to deceive someone.  Sometimes, we have to tell each other what is good for us, even in warning them and what is not.  I know the difference.  

I have had so many people lately, actually attack my writings.  Or will be so rude, that even their silence, speaks volumes, as I try and communicate.  High profile ministries, won’t even give me the time of day.  And my thoughts are dismissed.  I could name names….but I won’t.  

I will still continue as long as God gives me time to do this, His work, concerning His word.  But, I wonder, when we all stand before God, what will He tell these people, who have been rude to me?  Will they be ashamed, when He tells them the truth?  

Humbled, I wonder what He will tell me as well.  But I pray, my actions do not reflect a rudeness, that I have been receiving.  Is this the cost for doing the Lords business?  Well, I gladly do it, knowing what Christ has done for me.  

I find myself, forgiving, and speaking it out loud, just so my spirit will know it.  Making sure, I am wearing the armor of God to quench the fiery darts of the enemy.  I do not want that poison in me.  But I do see the venom that is coming out of some.  

When pride rejects truth, what happens? I find myself contemplating this.  How does it hurt the body of Christ.  A person individually?  I see, how it can sadly, stop the plan of God.  Disobedience.

Because I know this truth about bible versions, being corrupt, and that the King James is holy. I know this is my calling.

Yet I see something blocking truth. To my brothers and sisters in Christ. Why? What is it that the enemy has done to believers, that they cannot see the discrepancies, and the truth in this matter? Why cannot they admit this truth I present?

Why? Is it because somewhere in their own hearts, they cannot admit, that they made a mistake, by using a corrupt bible, and cannot admit this?

Why cannot they go on shouting it out, to admit, there is truth in this which I bring to many?

Pride, always has been the downfall of many. That little sense of “self-dignity” one wants to hold onto no matter, what the outcome, so one cannot easily say. I was wrong.

How can we grow, unless we admit our failings? How can we grow, if we do not throw ourselves at the mercy of a Holy God, and say, Lord, I see your ways. Not my ways. I understand, your way is not the way of mine right now.

It just takes one act of courage to admit it in the sight of God, and man. Yet, pride holds one back. Even to repent. Or to say I am sorry to someone else.  Or to say, I see this as truth.  

I am trying to be courageous, I am trying to stand for that which is right. I am trying…..

The release is not evident, until one can do that. Pride holds one back for so much. Even in receiving blessings. It is like poison as well, when one cannot forgive, or release something because it is too difficult to release to God.

I see it, oh I wish I did not see it, yet I do, in so many. It is not judging, it is seeing what God says, in judging His truth righteously. It is rejected.  

I try with all my being, and with prayer, to reach someone, anyone, to see this. Not that I judge them. But I see the famine, in Holy word.


I cry, because I see my brothers and sisters, reaching out for a word, and it is not a King James word, holy, sharing it, and they do not see the discrepancies. I cry, without pride, because I see the body of Christ is crippled, and the enemy, is rampant deceiving even in the word of God truth.

And there is either silence, or a contempt that is so rude, that it defies truth, that is presented.   Is that pride?

Its like I am trying to swim upstream to reach those coming down, that they do not have to go down, but they can reach a greater height, in Christ if they only took my words to heart. But then again, these are not my words, they are the words of the most high God.  They actually reject what He says.  I cannot even comprehend that.  There it is in the King James.  Do not add, or delete His word.  Do not change it….Revelation 22:18-19.  God hates it so much, that He warns salvation could be lost.  And yet people get mad at me for showing them the scripture.  It is truth! From the King James bible.  

I have just put them in an order, to explain, the heart of God in this. To explain it in my post. And other writings.


Is it because it is from me? A woman? Or even greater, a hispanic woman? One without a doctorate in religion, or bible studies? How could that be? Isn’t truth… truth? No matter where it comes from?

And no and thats why I remind you that Gods truth is not mans truth.  

I am not playing the race card.  But many do.  Stereotypes, of people, is obviously been taught.  All you have to do is watch the news. 

I am reminded, God is not a respecter of persons. So we have to see, that, because Christ gave His life for all of us. Of all races, of all backgrounds.


God will use the foolishness of the world, to confound them.

Maybe this explains why someone will not listen to me.


Oh I will be the first to admit, how foolish I have been in my lifetime. I had to, I had to release it, so I could go on, and grow. In the ways of my dear Lord Jesus. Who is by the way, the truth, and life. John 14:6.

I had to see the error of my ways. I had to admit, before God and the world, the many mistakes I made. I had too. I have lost so much even in a personal way, that has actually humbled me so much, because I am not confident in who I am, but who God is.

Thank you Lord, for that sense to write it like this. Why? Because people have not always been kind to me. In the world, and in the body of Christ. From those who have hurt me, coming from brothers and sisters in Christ.  These have been the worst wounds of sorrow, I have experienced.

But even now, today, I will learn to ignore negative comments.  I feel different.  Stronger, adamant, but not so weary. And my confidence is in God and not people.  Oh well…..

Oh there are a few who love me. But there are those who do not. But pride, no I don’t want that. Especially when it comes to knowing what God wants!

Let me rephrase that, what He commands us to do.

So, here I am writing this, somewhat frustrated today. Yet strangely at peace.  Because I have poured my heart out for others to see this truth. I have presented this to many in the body of Christ. Some with authority. Some who could make a difference. Yet careful. Because God has warned me not to give flattering titles.


Yet what about just walking in love? Or giving a courtesy to another brother and sister in Christ? So the body of Christ, can see among each other, this is what Christ has called us to do. To show we are His disciples.  Again, what will God say to those who have tried to hurt Gods people.  

For the glory of God, and to help someone. So they can grow. About what God says, but no, right now it is rejected. Silence. Well be it be what it is. I can only try and obey God.  

But I will say this as a warning.  People, need to see the way they treat the things of God, and Gods people.  Because God is not mocked.  Galatians 6:7 King James.  Food for thought, and a warning in love.  

If you are interested in reading this, maybe you can see it, and not have pride, and maybe tell someone else. Tell someone so they can grow. So they can obey God. So they can get answers, this post, is my most current post. I have written a few of them on this subject, but maybe this one will give you truth.

Please I ask, though, leave your pride at the door, so you can go in, to hear truth. You may view my thoughts on this at this link.

It could be a door to you growing.

But I do want to close on an optimistic note.  One that has hope, in my brothers and sisters.  And to just acknowledge the support and love I do receive from some.  

For you see, I love seeing the wisdom of so many.  Who adore our Lord.  Who take His Holy word to heart.  Who see the discrepancies in other bibles, and use a holy King James word.  Who walk in love.  And are sometimes humble not prideful.  It takes a lot for a person to admit they are wrong.  

But I know God gives and blesses someone who does obey, and lets go of that pride. And just admits I was wrong…

I love seeing love in action.


Blessings, and love, Elena 

Elena Ramirez


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I know the principles to have faith. I can help you. Order the book today. Go to this link….


The way, for guidance, in truth, and life.  Do we seek to know what that way is?

This morning, I woke up with a new sense of hope, for the new year of 2014. This first day of the year.

And on so many mornings, I do hear the prompting from God.  As He speaks to me.  Sometimes very quietly, and sometimes, very loud, so I know it is Him.

Today, He spoke, firmly, to me, to know that He is the way, He is the truth, and He is life.  I took it to heart, to know, that I need to dedicate this scripture this year, as a motivational scripture, a scripture, to inspire me to have a sense, of guidance. To know He is truth, He is life, and most definitely, He is that way!

You see, I want changes in my life.  I want changes and progress to give Him glory.  Giving God glory is a mission to me, it is my personal agenda, as a goal.  For I seek to please Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  I just feel as we grow as Christians, more, and more this should be our goal.  To give God glory.  But how do you do that?

You trust in the fact, with this one scripture, that has so much value to it.  To know, how much a treasure these words are to know.  Christ is the way!  He is Truth!  He is life…..  Just to ponder on that for a moment, to let it sink in, gives me so much.  It inspires me, it tells me hold onto that scripture through everything….

It gives me hope, when I get lost, in the hustle and bustle of life, that He is the way.  We walk by faith, and not by sight.  And sometimes, we lose our way.  I know I have.  I am a Christian, but I am like that little lamb, that gets lost now and then, and I have to call out to my savior.  I cry out, and He comes to me, and soothes me, and pours oil on my head, and puts me about His neck, and keeps me close to His side.  Sometimes, we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, sometimes, we walk where the enemy is close by, and we have to be on guard.  We have to let the word, be a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our path….

 But if I go about wandering around, without knowing, I can get in trouble, if I leave His side, whose fault is that?  That is mine!  I have to include Him in ALL of my decisions, I need to go to Him in prayer, early in the day, and commit to Him, to help me.  Because I ask….I need to commit everything to Him.  For me and my family.

So I want to be careful to stay close to His side, because He is the way.  If I do not, I can lose my way.  I don’t want to lose my way any more…..I am not interested, in trying to find the way, the truth, and life, on my accord.  But by His way, His truth, His life.  A life, that He gave on that cross to pay my debts!  This is my goal….

So, I seek His truth!  I seek this truth, from my King James Bible.  No other Bible to me is truth.  They are part truth, and part lies, because men, have compromised God’s holy word, and changed it, here and there.  To enhance the meaning?  I don’t think so, I think it truly is an agenda of the devil to distort Gods word, to change it, so the potency will not be there.  There are so many warnings, that tell us, from God, do not change, do not add, do not delete Gods word.  Revelation 22:18-19. And I have seen so many discrepancies, when comparing scripture to scripture from the different versions, with Gods holy word, the King James, that causes me great alarm!  So I stick with the King James.

Life, you want to look with hope, in 2014 for the changes, in life, God can bring.  He promises life abundantly.  I claim, that on earth, as it is in heaven. I have great anticipation, more so, from other years.  Maybe it is maturity in Christ, maybe it is just wanting again, to see God glorified, but I am pressing into this life, that I have grateful, and wanting to be obedient, yes, in fear of God, who holds my life in His hands.

Fear of God, brings it all together oh so sweet.  Not in a burdensome way, but in way, that tells Him, as His daughter, I know He has established it by His way, and if I want life, I have to choose His way. I have to choose His truth.

Without wavering, without doubting, without, testing Him.  No I know the consequences of sin, and it is death, it is not life.  And I want peace, because there is no peace to the wicked.

 So I have to see it all together, to please him.  Because if I don’t, I could miss it.  I don’t want to miss it any more.  In fact, I want to be restored, totally healed, and renewed in this gift of life He has given me. But so much more, in this glory I want to give Him, I want to see miracles.  Great miracles, that bring Him glory.

If I want my life to change, if I want these miracles, if I want to see God glorified, in my life, and yes even you….I have to position myself, and take hold of Gods promises, in obedience, and let go, and let God.

I am believing, in 2014, according to John 14:6, that Christ is the way, the truth, and life, and I am taking all of His word, to bless without sorrow…..Don’t you think you have to do the same thing?  Position yourself, completely with God.  Thats the answer!  To have the way, to have the truth, to have the life!

Just my thoughts, for the new year.  May God bless your new year of 2014 as well.  Take to heart, this scripture, meditate on it, understand it, totally.  It may be your scripture for 2014 as well.

 Rededicating myself to Christ every day, is just a new beginning….

 Blessings, and love in Christ, Elena Ramirez

Lord, I put 2014 in your hands, and I pray, I do my part according to your truth, so you will be glorified in my life.  For the changes I long for.  You are the way, the truth, and life.  And I hold onto this promise of John 14:6.  With all my being this year.  Bless your word. The King James word. In all areas of my life for your glory. So I can say Look what the Lord has done for me. Thank you, Father, I bless you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In Jesus name.  Amen.  


Jesus is real to me.  He is as real, as the touch of this keyboard.  When I think of Jesus, I see Him, in His compassion, in His love, for others.  In His healing power.  In who He was and IS as the Son of God.

Bringing truth, bringing revelation, bringing understanding.  Bringing Himself to the cross, for my sins.  Setting me free.  For He has set me free.  Yes, I see Jesus, and He is real to me.

And thats what I am trying to do, be real, to God, and others.  But, I must discipline myself, as His disciple, as well.  I must in reality, be real, to His supernatural abilities.

That comes from the spirit.  Of the reality, of who He is.

No, we cannot see spirit, spirit is felt.  Spirit knows, either by good or evil.  I know good, by Jesus.  I know, evil, by who the devil is.  I choose to be real, with God, who is good, and depart from evil.  I worship God, in spirit, and truth.  John 4:24.  That is how, I show myself real to God.  Because He knows.  He is the way, the truth, and life.  He knows…..

And I know, that I know, He knows.  I know Jesus, I call Him friend, among many things.  But He is the King, of Kings, and Lord of Lords, and there is none like Him.  There is no one like Jesus….He is love.  I am so glad I know this.  With all my heart…

Sometimes, we as flesh, and blood, can know, our faults, and our strengths.

And if the wisdom, of God is there, one can see the difference.

Sometimes, people, hide their flaws, and try to embellish, more, out of a situation, to try and make themselves more appealing to others.

The thing with that, though, is it somehow or another, cannot be hidden, because God knows.  So because God knows me, inside and out.  I have to admit, why waste the time, lying, to myself, or to others, to give a false impression?  It is a waste of time.  And it reminds me of the devil.  Because He is a liar.  So, I don’t like that characteristic.  Nor do I want to play games, when the truth, is the truth.

Do, I go around, telling everyone, my faults, or even past sins?  Because it is truth.  No.  Some things, just cannot be said, but God knows.

But, in all honesty, sometimes, when a door is opened, or the timing is right, I have been known to confess, my faults.  To admit, my wrong doing, and yes, even “right doing” in a situation.  Because it becomes a testimony.  To bring light.  To bring understanding, to bring insight, and to bring compassion, for someone, if I have gone through this, or that.

But, I do not try to make myself, to be someone, I am not.  The truth of the matter is I have had some issues, in life, that I would never wish that on my own worst enemy.  Nor would I want to go through some of the things, I have, ever again.  It has humbled me.

Even though, I know the results of these things, has built character, integrity, perhaps strength, and even wisdom, to seek God.  And because of that, I have learned, to stay on the “straight and narrow” path.  I hate what sin, or even poor judgment, has done in my life.  So, I am cautious, to say the least.

Yet, I still have made mistakes.  And probably will, in my lifetime.  In judgment in things, where I have had to grow, to see the error of my ways.  Sometimes, one may grow from their mistakes.  And sometimes, some, will continue to do what they have, and will not grow.

I always, like to see progress in my life.  When I was younger, and I smoked for example, I saw, how smoking controlled me.  I did not like that.  So, I always like to  have goals, in my spiritual growth, but also in my personal life.  I want to be successful.

I am not content, just letting the grass grow and I am not trying to figure out how, to grow myself, or to be a solution, to a problem.  I suppose, thats why, I so, love writing, serving God in this capacity.

When I think of where I could be now, I don’t think it would be a very pretty picture, without God.  Because it was not pretty, when I was without him, in my past.

Being real, to God, myself, and others, sometimes, means I have to admit, I have made mistakes.  It also means, I cannot judge others, because we all have issues, in life.  Unless, someone has walked in someones, shoes, its hard, to understand, why a person, is the way, they are.

Yet, we have the example of Christ.  And He understood, and He loved us all anyway.  He is the example I want to aspire to be.  In love and truth.  I am not perfect as He is.  But He teaches me, and yes, I do try to imitate Him.  But, I am so far from it, but thats what life, is about.  Daily, trying to grow, daily seeking Him, for that wisdom.  Daily repenting, daily, trying to get to that place, in prayer, and by His word, that discernment, can be evident.

And if anything, the greatest gift, He has given me, is my Salvation, by what He did on the cross.  I know, I believe, and I have made Christ my Lord, and savior, so when I leave this earth, I know there is a place in heaven for me.  I don’t think many people know that, but they could, if they just called on the name of Jesus.

Wisdom.  My relationship with Christ, is for me.  It is the most precious, and blessed gift, I have.  His assurance.  His truth, His word.  But me, as a person, who is daily trying to survive….I can only pray to thrive.

Yet, I know, I have a lot of odds against me.  I could even name them.  But, to be honest, I don’t think that is necessary right now.  Something, about being positive, about oneself, and with others, gives grace.  It gives, understanding, not in an arrogant way, but because of Christ I can be positive.  I can honestly say, I see, the difference.  For I see Gods power.  I do not always have to know how.  But I know God, who does know how.

All I know, is more then anything, and I say this, trusting, God, as a child.  But, if God is for me, I know, He can make a way.  He can help me, get to that point, where not only will I bring glory to God, in this, but, I can grow, to be the best, that I can be, because of Him.  Within me, and with me.  For me, and for others.

Being real, to God and others….Not playing games, not hiding the truth, to make myself, something more then what I am not.  But being honest in the sense, to say, I am not perfect.  Far from it.  No matter, how much, I try, or used to try, there are things, about myself, that may never change.

But, if God uses anything, or every thing, I have gone through, and it brings glory to Him.  If it helps others, if it inspires others, to seek God, then I pray, my life, will reflect honesty and truth.  Love, real Love.  To be real, to Him, and others.

Because the truth of the matter, is its not about me.  Its about Jesus, and what He did for ALL of us.  This is whats really, real…..

But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into Him in all things, which is the head, even Christ.  Ephesians 4:15

Just my thoughts, with love, Elena Ramirez

My Prayer of Hope,

Lord, thank you, for everything, use me, for your glory.  May I always be reminded to speak, and do things in love, and truth.  For your glory.  Thank you Lord, for showing me the difference, in my life.  To you, and others.  In Jesus name.  Amen




I find it ironic, that I have had this dream, where the Lord revealed to me, the computer thief, who has been going through my files for years, stealing my writings, and claiming them, as “her” own.

I find it ironic, and interesting, one because today is the anniversary of my mothers death.  10 years to the day.  And who else, would help you but your mother, with God?  And also, that today, is a day, where many are actually boycotting, the governments, bill, to censor, the internet.  So the timing of this, somehow or another, with my dream, brings clarity, it brings wisdom, it brings insight, to truth.

But, my mother knew, even then, before she died, how frustrated, I have been, as a writer.   And as a writer, I have dealt, with my frustrations, of even catching people, who have taken some of my writings, and copied and pasted them, and claimed them, as their own.

You know, the internet, and computers, are a fascinating “tell it like it is” tool.  But so is the word of God.  And the word of God says, that their are those who use “devices” for evil purposes, instead of good.  That they are being used by the devil.  II Corinthians 2:11 Lest satan should get an advantage of us, for we are not ignorant of his “devices.”

So, by all that the Lord, reveals to me, and that I know, even what I do in my writings, there are those, who would love to stop me, they would love to stop the gospel, from going out.   I know, I have been tested, over and over again, to see, if I would be worthy of sharing a word here.  And I do not know, how worthy I am, or what my writings are worth, concerning monetary value, because I have not been paid. I have not been able to be published, by a reputable or well-known publisher.

Yet, by a spiritual level, in my own life, I know the sacrifice, of Christ, was so great, I write,  and I have for over fifteen years, at least.  Without pay.  I write, because I was, once lost, but now found.  I write, because Christ has made a difference in my life.  I write, because I know people, need hope.  They need inspiration, more then anything, they need Gods truth.  So, I write HIS scriptures.  I write for the Lord.  I am a Prayer Writer.  I know the power, of prayer…..

And even as I dreamed this dream, this morning, where I caught the “woman” who has been stealing from me, my writings, for many years, which I knew not.  I realize something.  She is desperate.  I looked in her eyes, and I saw, she knew, I had caught her.   Jeremiah 2:26.  As the thief is ashamed when found.  And then, I woke up.  To be honest, with you, my first reaction, was anger.  I wanted to punch her out.  To reveal who she is.

For even though, I do not know who she is personally, or where she is, I know that God knows.  So automatically, I received peace.  Because vengeance is His.  So, I do not need to punch her out.  But, the thing is, as I think about her.  I think about all the curses, she has brought into her own life, by stealing from me.  And I do feel sorry for her.  But I do not condone, her actions, nor do I defend her.  For she has been exposed to me, by God.

For she even by stealing from me, and my writings, has had to know truth.  She has had to see her self, the truth, I have written, and from time to time.  For we reap, what we sow.  She has sown, destruction to herself, she has sown, evil by claiming, things that do not belong to her, my writings.  It just all made sense.  All the viruses, my computers have had, all the strange happenings.  Even when I publish, things, I have seen, strange discrepancies, and problems, with hackers, etc.  It just all makes sense.  She has targeted me.  She has known how to do things, with computers.  She understands viruses, she understands technology.  She has had this knowledge, and used it for evil purposes.  When I think about it, now that I know this truth.  From my dream.  Its mind boggling, to know someone, knows this kind of stuff, and is being used by the devil.

Look, I may not be knowledgeable, about “how” one uses, knowledge, in an evil way.  But when someone, takes knowledge, insight, the know-how, and uses it to hurt others, or to obtain information, to use for their own benefit, without giving credit, where credit is due, well, in Gods eyes, that is stealing.  That is being a false witness, that is really someone who is being used by the devil.  For he comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  I hate liars, and thieves, and those things, that God hates.

I hate them.  Or rather, I need to say, I hate the sin, and not them.  I HATE THE DEVIL!  Because I see, when any one of us, sins, against God, we sin against ourselves.  We hurt ourselves.  I hate that.  So I write.  I write truth, and love, and I write, and plead with people, to turn from the false way, for they are only hurting themselves.

After I dreamed this, I prayed to God, and I just asked my Lord, and savior, that He deals with them.  Not me.  Thats not my job.  And that I would be restored, for all that I have lost, for so many years.  That favor, would finally be mine.  For you see, I have caught my thief.  I know who she is now.  And when I pray, I will pray for her soul, but I will not stop praying, until, I know she has found justice.  And justice, has found her. In whatever way, my Lord may choose.

If that means, she pays me back, and restores, that which she has stolen, thats fine.  If she does not, well, the Lord says, he will rebuke the devourer.  He will bless those who bless me, and He will curse, those who curse me.  Genesis 12:3.  And for the one who does things in secret, to hurt me, they are cursing them selves, according to Gods word.  Cursed be he that smitheth his neighbor secretly.  And all the people shall say, Amen.  Deuteronomy 27:24.

She has been devouring my gifts, my fruit, and my labor, and she will not be blessed, until she repents.

Maybe you are her, partner, in crime.  He or she.  Maybe you are seeing this, and reading this, and you can identify with her, or even with me.  Maybe you have been using the internet, to hurt others.  To take others copyrights.  To deceive, to plant viruses, tracking devices, whatever.

I plead with you, whoever you are.  If you are using the internet, to hurt others, to hurt and steal, and to falsify things, please stop.  For the sake of your soul.  Please stop, and restore, and go to God, and ask forgiveness.

You are hurting yourself, you are hurting, your loved ones, more then you know.  And perhaps my dream was a warning to you.  For you have been caught, and even caught by yourself.  By reading this.  It is not coincidence, God brought you here to read this.  Perhaps, your judgement, will not be so harsh, if you stop now, go to God, and repent.  If not, you have no idea, what you have done, and you will pay for it.  Restore, repent, and give no place to the devil.  Hell is real.

Now, that the Lord revealed this to me, she cannot get away.  She cannot continue, because believe me, I know how to pray.  And I just thank God, He showed me, and revealed who my computer thief is.  And even for those that would do the devils work.  He or she.

Let’s just say this, she messed with the wrong person.  For I am Gods child.  His ambassador, his Prayer writer.  And he is my protector.  And by the way, I say, this for my own soul.  I forgive her.  But its in Gods hands……

Just my thoughts, with love, Elena Ramirez

Father, I give you praise, glory and honor, and thank you for revealing this to me.  I know according to your word, that when the thief is caught, he or she must restore.  Even here, I know, who it is.  Not by name, not by destination, but you know.  Lord, my prayer in this matter is private, and you know, how much I have gone through, how patient I have been, how sorrowful, I have travailed in these matters where I write for you.  But I am so grateful even here, that I have peace.  For it is in your hands.  You are the way of justice.  And I just pray to continue to write, but I do pray, even here for your protection.  I plead the blood of Jesus, as my protection.  To cover me.  I pray, for restoration.  I bind the devil, his evil devices, that have been used in computers.  And I pray, truth would prevail, love, and yes, the American way in freedom.  But not freedom to do evil.  Lord, how ironic, your timing is, in this, how mysterious are your ways, that I totally submit to.  Lord, thank you for taking care of this matter for me, in Jesus name.  Amen 




Iron, sharpens iron.  So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.  Proverbs 27:17.  

Not everyone, has true friends.  But when you do, you count them as a gift from God.  I feel blessed, that I have a few good friends.  They are gifts from God.  Some, I see, and talk to here and there, and some, I don’t even know, all of them, by their faces, in person, but they are friends.  They bless me, and I pray, I bless them.  Like iron, sharpening iron.

Everyone, has a gift, within.  Some may see it, more then others.  The wonderful thing, is that friends, can draw it out of you.  They know how to “push” the right buttons, to inspire you, motivate you, and encourage you.

I like to do that, with my friends, and even some enemies to be honest.  Because I want to be the kind of person, that speaks truth, and sees the best in everyone.  I want to encourage people.  In the love of Christ.  Thats, one of the reasons,why I write…

Anyway, I know some people, who do not like to compliment others, because they feel, it will give someone a big head, or if anything, because they are jealous.

They see, the potential, the ability, and instead, it makes them look at themselves, and think, they are not adequate, or they are not gifted.  Which is the furthest thing from the truth.  Because God blesses us all.  But one must see it.  I have learned, and I am not perfect at this, but I have quit trying to compare myself to anybody.  I see my potential in Christ.

For, you will find, less, and better people in this world, in all forms of life, gifts, and attributes.  I could get caught up on the thought, that there are better writers then me. Prettier, people, smarter people….and on and on, and on.

But, comparing yourself, to anyone, is just a waste of time, and really, a ploy from the devil, to get you off track, and get your mind on “me, me, me” so you will not be fulfilled by God.  We all know his track record, he had the mindset, that it was all about him.  Thats pride, thats ego, and that comes from the devil.  We want to be careful, not to fall into that trap.

Anyway, call it maturity, or old age, I refuse, to do that, with my self-esteem anymore.  I do not want to waste my time, on just thinking about me.  I want to keep my eyes on Jesus.  On his countenance.  On his glory.  If I don’t I will miss it.  So if I compare myself, I will lose my focus.  For,  I am a child of God, just as much as the other person is.  I do not want to be my own enemy.  So, I try to be positive.  But, I am human. I do make mistakes, but I do not want to be beating myself up.  Or others.

And sometimes, though, we do need to sharpen each other.  Especially, concerning who we are in Christ.  By example, by love, by Gods word.  Truth…We do need to draw out, the hidden gifts, and callings of one another.  We need to help each other.  Being patient with one another, compassionate, and appreciative, of others gifts, abilities, and attributes.

I have a friend, a very good friend, who I love dearly, but the one thing that appealed to me, about her immediately, was her generosity.  (To everyone, and including me.)  She always, gives from her heart.  And, to share, her blessings, totally blew me away. It was extravagant, and made one notice.  So I am totally, inspired by her, myself, to be a giver.  Well, thats how it works.

When we sharpen, the countenance of one another.  We come out being better, people, by doing things, that reflect Christ.  Christ was a giver, my friend is a giver.  That has sharpened, my sense, to be a giver.   I want to be the kind of person, that draws out the best, of someone.  Not the worst.

When I know something about someone, and they reveal their pet peeve to me, I consider it.  I don’t want to “push” that button, to make them angry, or hurt them. Or bring out the worst in them.  It would be evil, to have that kind of knowledge, and use something about them, to irk them.

Yet, there are people, who will take knowledge, or your history, and purposely, try to hurt you.  Or there are people, who may have knowledge, to help you, and instead, they withold it.  So you will not get the benefit.  I just want to say, that again is evil.  Do you know that,what you reap is what you sow?  In other words, “What goes around, comes around.”  You will get yours….whatever it is you give in life.  It is a principle, like what goes up, must come down.

Anyway, so when that happens, thats what they know, and thats what they have learned, and practiced.  Sadly, so, sometimes, it is hard to trust people.

But, I want to encourage you, to be someone, who sees the best in others.  To not hold back, a compliment, or an opportunity, to sharpen your friends, countenance, gifts and callings etc.  Encourage one another, in Christ, by the word, and be the kind of friend, that is loyal, true, and always a friend.  And so very, importantly, and I cannot let this pass.  PRAY FOR YOUR FRIENDS!

I have had friends, that just went away, the friendship was dissolved.  But in my heart, I will always love them, and pray for them, and pray, God bless them.  I just wont be able to encourage them, or sharpen their countenance, because they made the choice to leave.

I admit, myself, I have left friends, because they were not a good influence.  But I still love them, in my heart.  A friend loves at all times.  Proverbs 17:17.  Anyway, Be a friend, who is true, who will be there in any need.  And then see, the blessing, of that person in return, and see yourself changed.  See yourself, at the best of your ability.

If anything, be your own best friend, and sharpen yourself.  Never forget, God is your best friend.  Christ will, never leave you or forsake you.  Even if others do.  Christ won’t. Hold onto that, and let it make you the best, you can be.  The word of God, is sharper, then any two-edged sword.  Let it sharpen you to be the best.

I tell you this as a friend, and I do not even know you….

Just my thoughts, with Love, Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope…

Father, I thank you, that you sent Christ, to be the greatest of friends.  A friend, that will never leave or forsake me.  A friend, who will counsel me, and guide me.  A friend, who protects me, and guards my heart.  By your truth, Father.  Lord, I want to be a good friend, one, that will sharpen, the countenance of my friend, to help my friends, be the best that they can be.  Lord, I want to be a friend, to your friends.  And an enemy to your enemy.  I want to please you, in this called “friendship.”  Lord, may everything, I do be a reflection of Christ.  In His love, His compassion, and in His truth.  I want to speak truth, like He did.  But always in Love.  So, love would be magnified.  For you are Love Father.  Thank you, in Jesus name.  Amen



God bless you, as you share this post, and share LOVE……

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