IMG_0002.jpgDo you deal with trust issues?   I am just talking about in life.  But even as a Christian, one can have issues, and challenges in these matters of trust.

See, I am a Christian, and I had to learn how to trust God, from the beginning.  I grew up, with a very good mother, who loved me, but she had “major” trust issues.  

She had been damaged by many, and she trusted no one.  So she was suspicious  and very on guard.  So I grew up with that, yet, I knew it was unhealthy and very off balance, for lack of a better word, to be so untrusting.  

Because it can hinder relationships.  It can cause fear, and God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.  

So, I learned to trust God.  


Look at this scripture, its very instructional.  And thats what Gods holy King James word will do, it will instruct, it comforts, it guides, it leads us closer to God, to even understand.  But its holy word.  Other bible versions, are someone else’s understanding not God, by the changing of it, and the words they use.  They make it no longer holy. Or anointed, and you really want the full power, and affect of holy word, from God Himself.  

But as you look at this scripture, we cannot, lean into our own understanding.  Get that quick, when it comes to “trusting.” 

We have to trust God, we have to do so, completely, without reservations, without question to God, though He is gracious enough to answer us, but something about having our faith, to “trust” God, releases something in us, that I call strength, and courage.  

Life is hard, and when people let you down, especially when you trust them, you do learn lessons in life.

I had a friend, who I loved dearly.  I never thought this person, would react the way she did, or do the things that she did in matters of respect.  Including her daughter.  Because I thought, I was part of the family, because of our friendship, we had in Christ.

But she hurt me.  And I really don’t want to get into all the details, or go on about it.  I think I have here, and its really an old issue, and I do want to be healed.  So I want to be careful about opening up an old wound.  

But it affected my trust.  And I even see myself, looking at other people that way, and think, are you going to hurt me too?  I have, done so, already, since this happened, and its not good.  

And I don’t want to blame others, for my experiences, in matters of trust.  But, I find, myself, trusting God more.  Asking for wisdom, and guidance, because I felt burned.  

I don’t think I can trust anybody like I did her, the damage is done.  Sure I forgive, but something changed in my heart, and well, like I said, I was brought up with that, negative energy, so I know, only God, can help me.  So its more of a challenge, now then ever.  

Have you ever noticed, the enemy tries to attack you in things, you have experienced?  Like a cycle it tries to come back.  Well I plead the blood of Jesus, aware, and commit to trust Him more.  To submit to God, resist the devil so he can flee. 

I don’t know where you are or if this will help.  But I share it, I write it, because I know who God is, and only He can help us with our issues of trust.  

As a Christian, I know this.  If you are not a Christian, I recommend you do give your heart to Christ.  Repent, for your own lack of doubt, or trust in God.  Or if you have caused someone, to hurt, because they trusted you, and you burned them.  Again read a King James, the anointing is there, for your faith, in anything.  

I don’t know how people do it, without God, without Christ.  I don’t want to find out.  See thats my reassurance in a world, that leaves Him out.  I won’t, ignore Him, because I do trust God, and thats the greatest strength, I get in life.  

Blessings, and love, 

Elena Ramirez 


PRACTICE TRUTH SO YOU CAN BE FREE ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez


PRACTICE TRUTH SO YOU CAN BE FREE ~ By Christian author Elena Ramirez

I want to say this, and I want to say it in love. Because I see some struggling with truth. I see how it paralyzes you. You are afraid. You might even feel like a hypocrite.


You don’t think there will be grace or forgiveness. Especially in matters of loyalty, and friendship. You want to be loyal to God, but you cannot if you are not to others. Because you are not being honest. It shows. It seems to be a double standard. You think that there is no hope. You are in a prison, because you have not learned how to break out of the chains, you, yourself, have put on you.
I grieve for you, because I love you. I grieve for you, because I know more then anything Christ loves you. But you are struggling right now, and you do not have to. Let the truth, be the truth, and let it fall off of you. Break the chains, and if anything, relate yourself to being free. Even if you were denied. Be free, be courageous, and be love. This is what counts, and you have to see, how you become your own enemy when you hide the truth. You are hiding it. And hurting yourself.
Scripture tells us, the truth will set us free. And I will be honest with you. Gods KJV truth set me free. Because I use it, and live by it.
There were things in my life, that held me prisoner, I was so ashamed….but I know the difference. Even now, I still make mistakes, that I pray are not sin. But I look at them, I don’t make excuses, I apologize if I have to. I repent, and then I go on.
Even now, the enemy, tries to whisper cruel and mean things, to remind me, and I say, “Shut up devil, I took it to the cross, in repentance.” I plead the blood of Jesus in truth!
I know what Gods word can do to change someone. From sin. To His sweet righteousness.
Start with His KJV word, start sharing it, and see the difference. Grow. Your on the vine with Christ. Start sharing that truth, and see how the truth will set you free in other areas. It will, it will do something so great for you. But as you are breaking the chains, on you. You are breaking the chains off of someone else. Thats always the goal, for His glory.
But if you do not, there will be things in your life, that will keep you in bondage, because you don’t use it, and its right there.
You have to see yourself in bondage. And why you hide a lie. You have to see, how it holds you back.
See the scriptures right in front of you. Open the King James Bible, book, tell others, and be free.

DO YOU STEAL YOUR OWN BLESSINGS? By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

IMG_3150.jpgI prayed about this dream that I had.  I won’t give the details but. …. I felt like the Lord, was telling me, we can steal our own blessings.  By the things we do.  So it made me think, even to write this.  

Because if I can help you see, I know I am helping myself as well.  It reinforces us, as the body of Christ….But if there is something we are doing that is stealing our own blessings, we need to recognize it.  I want to.  To obey God.  So it made me think….

By the short cuts we take.  By cutting corners, in even not give God praise, or thanks.  Where we are silent, when we should be shouting to the rafters who we are in Christ. By maybe even taking advantage of a situation…. hmm. 

Today, we went and had a breakfast, after losing something.  And we found it.  But not after prayer.  This thing was lost.  Where it was found, it had been searched in that same place, five times.  Yet it was missed.  But I prayed, and I prayed hard.

When I prayed today, there was a break through.  It was as if, I knew, that I knew God heard me.  And it was as if God was telling me, for the big thing I want, I need to press in like that, for a little thing.  Pray with faith…. not just words. 

Well, we went to eat breakfast out.  We ordered.  Hubby, during our breakfast, wanted a cup of coffee.  We tried to get our waitresses, attention, but she did not see.  So I flagged down the bus boy.  He got the coffee.  When she came back, we told her, but she did not add it to our bill.  So when we went up to the register, we told the cashier, and she was so impressed, she said its good to be honest.  

I told her; “We don’t want to lose our own blessings.  And it dawned on me, we can lose our own blessings, we can “steal” from ourselves!  My dream was prophetic….

And so if we do, if we even give the enemy an inch, and call that a blessing, but if it is, by wrong doing….that is wrong in the sight of the Lord.

Yesterday, someone asked for prayer.  I felt the Holy spirit tell me, give this scripture, and make sure, they know its to be claimed from a KJV for the holiness, and anointing.

A couple of people responded, and one said, whats the difference, they are all the same.  I explained, that they are not.  I explained, that God has given many scriptures, not to change, add, or delete scripture.  

Then one other person, who wanted to argue, told me, that what we are doubting who God is, and His power, by merely a bible version.  He said, we are to trust the Holy spirit.  To lead us.  

I told him, he could use whatever version he wanted.  But, how could the Holy spirit, be in a lie?  How can that be Holy?  How can that be God leading us?…..When these versions, have been corrupted, when they disobeyed God, by changing them?

Well the lady who was a friend on that post, deleted my comment.  And it ticked me off.  Not because I wanted to argue or debate it, but these are the words from God not me.  I had given Deuteronomy 4:2, and Revelation 22:18-19.  She deleted Gods word.  That ticked me off.

And so, I found this scripture below, because I needed a word.  

I believe in truth, but I asked God to help me maintain my peace in this matter.  This person, was now arguing with the Holy spirit not me.  So I was released.  But I did unfriend her, without even arguing about it. 


Friends, I just feel like not only can we steal from ourselves.  But if we think God is silent, in a matter, and perhaps we do not see His correction, we can think we are getting away with something.  There will be a time, the wrath of God will be revealed.  Look at that scripture again…..

When in truth, as well, we are “stealing” from ourselves.  

Many of you know how I feel about this, when it comes to only using a King James bible.  And you mock me. You don’t believe me.  It goes in one ear and out the other.  You don’t even respond any more.  

These are His words, that you are despising, if you do not obey God, by only using a KJV.  

But I am not argue about it.  Like I did not argue with that lady. It felt good, to just say, Lord you take care of it.  But I don’t want to be unequally yoked with darkness.  

Look all I can say, and you can judge yourself.  Do you steal your own blessings?  Is there a reason, your answer is not coming through?  If you are believing half truths, and half lies from a corrupt Bible…..

Isn’t that stealing from yourself?

Just a thought,

Elena Ramirez 


DO YOU KNOW WHY LOYALTY IS SO IMPORTANT? ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez


By Elena Ramirez

Do you know why loyalty is so important? The right kind of loyalty? The kind, that is kind, and holy, and beautiful. And good? The kind that is love?

The kind of loyalty, that is true, and royal, that comes from God, is the kind we should all aspire to do for one another. But you cannot have that unless you are loyal to God first. And that is my goal.

Whether someone agrees with me or not. I work out my salvation, with fear, and trembling. Fear of God.

Just remember, and do not ever, ever forget….the Lord, knows about loyalty. God the father, had His Kingdom all in tact, till the enemy the devil disrupted heaven, with his jealousy, and was disloyal, causing war in heaven.

When Christ walked the earth, and He had his disciples. How true were they, when Judas, betrayed Christ, and yes even Peter denied knowing Him?

Folks, God knows and sees, disloyalty. He will not bless being disloyal. Just saying, so next time, someone trusts you. Don’t play with their heart. Because you may lose someone who is true, and was loyal to you. And worse you may lose the sense of what is true and loyal.

Be accountable to God and others, repent, when you see this in yourself. It can come to any of us so easily, but if you love God, you will be loyal to God first. Then to others.

You have to see this, if you truly want to serve God, or to have your salvation in tact. Its called love. Loving God first, then others, as we are commanded.

This is what I aspire to do, and if someone cannot see that and make fun of it. Mock it, try to undermine it, or call it being melodramatic. Or any kind of sarcastic name. I really have nothing else to say….. Nor will I waste my time. I will shake the dust off.

I will walk with Christ….. He understands loyal. He understands love. He taught me love, by saving me. By showing me what He did on the cross. I will be loyal to that.

I love the Lord, and thats who I am, take it or leave it. I love my friends. And I am loyal to them. But I know the difference. A friend, truly loves at all times. Not when its just convenient.

Its always a choice.

MARK 12:29-31. KJV.

In Christ, praying to always be loyal to the King of Kings…….

Elena Ramirez


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If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link. My latest book. BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST. This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse. But by Christ it can change into a blessing. A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc. And why we do some of the things we do….
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Think again!  Be warned, this is not going to be a feel good message, that tickles your ears, or sugar coats truth.  To just let you go on your way.  Nope this message, my post today, my thoughts, that I submit to God, will not do this, but I pray, that will open your eyes to truth, for a real spiritual revival and understanding.

Because none of us are entitled to feel the way we do.  How dare any of us, think we are entitled.  Because it then gives you permission, to do what is wrong.  But many do.  And many do, not having the fear of God.  Or a sense of guidance from God, and so everything they think or do, without God, turns into pride, and they think they are entitled.

Entitled, to be angry, entitled to hate.  Entitled, to do what they want, when they want it.  To just take it.  Entitled, to disobey Gods truth, and choose what they want. Entitled to hurt others, with no parameters.  And even entitled to deny God!  The worst….

And this is just scratching the service.

Because even though God gives us the choice in emotions, or thoughts, to choose from.  The truth is we do not know without Gods instruction, how to see that we are not entitled.  Lets use a couple of examples forgiving, and fear, to make the point.

You see, we are called to forgive.  We are called to walk in love.  We are called, to first and foremost, love the Lord with all our hearts, and souls, and minds, and obey.  That love should be there.  

But it is not there, when you don’t forgive.  When you choose, to be angry, because someone hurt you.  So you feel “entitled” to keep those bitter ugly feelings, because you were hurt.  Well hello….we all are hurt, at some point or another.

But it is what you do with that emotion, that feeling, that can come straight from hell, by either obeying God, or disobeying Him.  If you do love God, with that commandment, you give Him the hurt, because lets be honest, He was hurt the most, by going to the cross for all of our sins.  But you give Him this love, this pain, this sorrow, whatever it is, and you forgive, because this is what He did, for you, and for me.

Entitlement, owning what you feel, can sadly, be misrepresented, to deceive you.  How can any of us, truly understand, the spiritual implications though, unless we know Gods ways?  And He tells us, our ways, are not His ways.  But we are also told in scripture, we can have the mind of Christ.  Look it up, as well in a King James bible.

But we have to reject this sense of entitlement and to totally bring it to the obedience of the cross.  


Obedience is the only true sense of entitlement, to trust God, to change us.  But, if we go on, with humanistic, thoughts, with no foundation in Christ, we are being deceived.  Because entitlement, can cause you or me, to walk in pride.  Pride that thinks its your accomplishment, or your right, so it puffs up your head so big, you forget to be humble.  You forget to extend mercy to someone else, to forgive.  To even be kind…

And lets just be honest.  God hates pride.  He will not bless pride.  So you think your entitled to be prideful?  Think again…

Now lets talk about fear, for a sense, because many times, we have fear.  And something has also caused us to be timid, or to be afraid.  And I don’t dispute that we can feel that.  Sometimes it is our gut instinct.  But what I am saying, is God in His word, for an example, has told us in II Timothy 1:7.  He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.  I am paraphrasing this, but look it up from a King James….

There is that thought of a sound mind, again, and that comes from Christ.  But you may think you are entitled to go around every day, afraid, of every little thing, and mess your head up daily, and speak fearful things, because you don’t know God, can take care of it.  So you torture yourself, in your sense of entitlement, and you torture others with this fear….

God have mercy, that you see this.  How can you have faith, unless you give God that fear, so you can have faith?

We have to learn, how to harness, anything we feel, and see, very carefully where we go wrong.  


We all sin, we all come short of the glory of God.  We all make mistakes.  But if we continually make mistakes over, and over again, we do not learn.  Not only will we come short, but we will totally miss the plan, God has for us.

What I am trying, by the grace of God for you to see, and for myself as well.  We really are not entitled to anything, without Gods mercy.  Without His permission.  Without His approval.  Without the life, He gives us.  He is so gracious.  He gives us a choice.  It has always been a choice, since the beginning of time, even with Adam and Eve.  But we reap what we sow.  These are principles He has established.  Laws of Gods Kingdom.  So we have to see it now.  And then sometimes, we run out of time.  There are no more chances.  There are no more extensions of this grace and mercy.  


I am trying with all my might, to just find my way myself.  But I know, that Christ is that way.  He is the truth, and life.  JOHN 14:6.

I can look back, and I can see, how I have made my own mistakes.  Even sins….By assuming, and thinking I am entitled to feel what I feel, and do what I wanted to do, and it led straight right to hell on earth.

Folks, even in the Bibles we choose.  We are not entitled to disobey God in this.  Not when the King James has been established, to be holy and anointed, how dare any of us, use something that would be corrupted, or changed.  When the warnings have been there, do not change, add, or delete His Holy word.  If Revelation 22:18-19 does not warn us enough, that salvation could be lost, or our names removed from the book of life, what is it going to take to lose that sense of entitlement that your salvation is secure?  Nothing is worth losing our souls over.  For hell is eternal.

And lets talk about entitlement concerning your soul.  Do you think it is secure?  So you sin, and do not repent?  Think again.  Don’t play with your salvation, because you accepted Christ, as Lord and savior, but returned to sin.  You are not entitled!  God is not mocked, and that fear of God should kick in, because you are in eternal danger.  

And to be blunt, you will be entitled for God to judge you and send you straight to hell, if you do not take Him at His Holy word! Thats just the way it is.  He is God!  

But heaven be yours by what He did, in making Him your Lord and savior, and that is an entitlement, He has promised.  But that is only gained by Christ.

And I think though, that if we become aware of this and lose that sense of entitlement, we have, that is not His ways, even in what we feel, and take it to the obedience of Christ, and take it to search for God, we can find our way, His way.  For Christ is that way.

I told you this was not going to be a feel good message.  But it can help you, I know it.  But you or me, we are not entitled, to anything.  Without God, we are lost.  And how dare any of us, think we are owed anything, but to love one another.  And love God with all our hearts, souls, and minds.

What a waste, if we think we are entitled.  And worse yet, to the one who demands to be served, because you feel entitled.  Open your eyes, your heart, your soul.  Quit stealing, what does not belong to you.  Even in words.  The only one truly entitled is Christ.  For He without sin, took our sins.

I hope this helps.  Entitlement…..

Therefore is the kingdom of heaven likened unto a certain king, which would take account of his servants. And when he had begun to reckon, one was brought unto him, which owed him ten thousand talents. But forasmuch as he had not to pay, his lord commanded him to be sold, and his wife, and children, and all that he had, and payment to be made. The servant therefore fell down, and worshipped him, saying, Lord, have patience with me, and I will pay thee all. Then the lord of that servant was moved with compassion, and loosed him, and forgave him the debt. But the same servant went out, and found one of his fellowservants, which owed him an hundred pence: and he laid hands on him, and took him by the throat, saying, Pay me that thou owest. And his fellowservant fell down at his feet, and besought him, saying, Have patience with me, and I will pay thee all. And he would not: but went and cast him into prison, till he should pay the debt. So when his fellowservants saw what was done, they were very sorry, and came and told unto their lord all that was done. Then his lord, after that he had called him, said unto him, O thou wicked servant, I forgave thee all that debt, because thou desiredst me: Shouldest not thou also have had compassion on thy fellowservant, even as I had pity on thee? And his lord was wroth, and delivered him to the tormentors, till he should pay all that was due unto him. So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses. (‭Matthew‬ ‭18‬:‭23-35‬ KJV) 

Blessings, and love, Elena Ramirez


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If interested in reading my books via Smashwords, go to this link. My latest book. BEHAVIORAL CURSES THAT CHANGE INTO BLESSINGS WITH CHRIST. This book brings attention to the behaviors, one may have that can contribute to a curse. But by Christ it can change into a blessing. A must read for someone wondering about generational curses etc. And why we do some of the things we do….
“HOW TO HAVE FAITH” This book is a self-help book to bring insight to your faith, and to know what pleases God. Both are on SMASHWORDS…..
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Sometimes, you just have to stop in your tracks, and look, and see where you are, and see what got you to where you are.  This could be in the spirit, and yes even in retrospect, of decisions, and choices, things that motivated you, and see the result of where you are.  I think it is healthy to do that, now and then.  To judge yourself.

I think we can trust our instincts sometimes so well, that we can mislead ourselves.  We think we know what we are doing as right.  We think we can do this, and that with “confidence” and we can go down a wrong road.  Confidence is a wonderful thing, but to be honest, as I reflect and judge myself, I see my confidence was misguided, very much so, especially in my youth.

It depends on what you are confident in.  I am confident in God.  Not myself.  You see, and I guess, I am writing this, in reflection to where I am right now. But, I think I missed it. Because I was confident. I think, I missed, the boat, the plane, and the train, and had to walk out this journey, with God.  I did not get an open door, a vote of confidence, or guidance.  And I know I fell through the cracks.  I know it.

And because I found God and He NOW walks with me, I know He can change a life.   I made so many mistakes being confident.  That at one time, sadly, I denied God.  I believe I reaped that.

We do reap what we sow.  And I did.  Now I know God can change a life, He can change a disposition, a soul, and some things one can never change about them.   Because you are too far down the road now.  But you can start where you are, and walk with God and He might give you a different perspective.  But to trust yourself, that can be wrong.


Today, I don’t know, I feel like everything I have tried to do on my own has failed.  I have no confidence in that any longer.  Unless God builds the house, we labor in vain.  That is scriptural.  And sometimes, I get discouraged, when I share truth, and it is dismissed.

Today, somebody, in the body of Christ, who could be very influential in this truth I know, about the King James bible dismissed me.  They dismissed me, nicely but dismissed me nonetheless.  It has happened quite often, that I have seen it, more then I care to elaborate.

And just the reality of that, when you know truth, can make someone sad, and wound them.  Rejection has never been something I look forward to.  It has happened in my life a lot.  But, maybe because of that, I can shake the dust off.  I can go on, and try and obey God.  Even if someone does not believe what I tell them.  My armor has gotten thicker.  The armor of God can quench the fiery darts of the enemy, even rejection.

You see, when I speak truth, it is because I have judged myself.  I see the error of my ways.  I see that Christ is the way, the truth, and life.  I see, my life, would not mean anything, unless I stood on truth, His truth, my King James bible.   For I see the discrepancies that other bibles bring.  So when I tell someone truth, to not use another bible version, or to tell them they are corrupt, and I see them using these lies from the devil.

Its not that I am judging them.  But I have judged myself to see, even in a time frame, of when I did not search for God, I made mistakes.  And when I searched for Him, and used corrupted Bibles, I sensed a time of confusion.  I have judged myself.  I want to spare someone confusion.  I want them to hear Gods voice clearly.  I want them to avoid some or all of the sorrow I have reaped, because I was so confident in myself.

Some people think there is no God.  But they are confident in themselves, and they will reap what they sow.  When someone believes in God, but does not obey Him. when they use corrupted bibles, they reap the confusion.  But not only that the enemy is successful in deceiving them.

When I tell them and they are so confident the word that they use is of God.  But it is not.  Because God does not lie.  All I can do is shake my head, because those that have changed Gods word, have disobeyed God.  I warn them to compare themselves to the different versions.  And the King James as the lump. To pray, to take the King James word literally.  This is so very important, and I know I need to practice more myself, what I preach.  But prayer, consistent prayer, will bring a sense of Gods voice, to add to your confidence.  Pray till you hear from God.

I pray for people to know truth, but all I can do is try.  The rest is up to God.  So I will pray more….

Do you judge yourself now and then?  I hope so, but ask God by His spirit, and by His holy word, to reveal the truth.  That word is the King James Bible.


Blessings, in Christ,


Elena Ramirez



If your interested in learning love principles, that will help your faith.  My book, could help you.

If your interested in learning love principles, that will help your faith. My book, could help you.

Love….I sense in my spirit, that the Lord is longing to draw us closer to His throne.  To have a sweeter, and deeper relationship with Him.  To know Him, to see His power, and His glory revealed.   To have more of a personal relationship with Him.  To know true love.

There is a void, that we all have, if we are not close to Him.  If we deny Him, or if we do not work at this relationship of love.  For you see, it is a relationship.

It is not one-sided.  He has done His part, in so many ways, by revealing to us, a savior, and that is Jesus Christ.

God is a King, the King of Kings, and a King, does not have to do things according to what people expect, but we are to do things according to what He expects.

Merciful, and kind, loving, He reveals Himself to us in a sunrise, a sunset, a bird, a flower, a healing, an after thought, a miracle….

Yet, I believe He is ready to step out and do more, and reveal more.  If we only believe.  If we only obey.  If we only take what He has given to us, and we honor it.  We hold it as precious.  We do not abuse, this gift called grace.  For we know it came at such a great price of our Lord Jesus.

Hungry, and thirsty for our savior, will cause us to be fed, and to fill that void in our life.  Searching even “how” to love Him. Even through the good times.  Sometimes, the bad times, the times, where it seems He does not answer you, makes you realize, who He is.  It makes you realize, how important it is to get it right according to His standards.

You know the scripture says, we reap what we sow.  So you see, what you have done, in the past, to even get you to where you are now.

Nothing fills that void, like being near Him.  Nothing fills that void, if you have done something that will cause His holy spirit to be grieved.  But love, love will keep you.  Love will remind you, by the Holy spirit, not to grieve Him.

He says be Holy, for He is holy.  How can we, when we let other things get in the way of our relationship?  How can we, if we choose not to obey?  If we choose the ways of the world?

There is no way.   Only Christ is that way, the truth, and life.  If we would only see, with our spiritual eyes, and heart, how precious our Lords love is.

This is not about religion!  Please, no matter what you have been taught, please know, God is real.  But He does have His ways, His expectations.  His standard…..His love….

We are on the vine with Christ.  But, we cannot not bear fruit for Him.  We cannot withhold love, or withhold praise to Him.  We have to constantly be in a place, where we are loving Him, seeking Him, being obedient to Him, serving Him, serving others, walking in love.

Growing!  Not complacent, not passive, not quiet, not burying our talents in the ground, and not watering them so they can grow.

No we have to constantly be in a place, where we are yes hungry and for Him, for the King.  Being an expression of love.

Dear one, I just know, that we must seek God, we must let Him fill that void in our life.  Life is not life without Christ.

If you are not sure, how to find Christ, just call on Him, do some soul searching, some searching of King James scripture, and look for the holiness, and the authenticity of a real relationship, based on love.  I pray you find it.

I pray I do too.  I never want to lose this sense, of giving Him praise and glory.  I never want to lose this great love I have for Him.  But I have to do my part.  I have to nurture this love.  With Him, with others, and I cannot let other priorities, or success, or even failure, get in the way of that.

Finding my balance, finding my place, to always be near Him to fill that void, is my responsibility.  And I take it to heart.  I take it to understand, this thing of being fulfilled in life requires my part, and I know, nothing else can take the place of my Lord.

Nothing, so I guard my heart, with all that I can, to please Him.  I felt led to share this today,

I pray you are inspired as well.  May you see, how important it is to let Christ fill that void in your life.

Blessings, and love, Today is Valentines Day. (2014) Lots to do, but love has to be the priority.  Even as I write this.  I pray, you sense, and know how much God loves you, and you sense and know how much you love God.  Love never fails…

It may just begin, by repenting, and accepting Christ as your Lord and savior.  Even if you have done that before, but you sinned, clean the slate.  Love….

Just my Thoughts, Elena Ramirez

For in Jesus Christ neither circumicision availeth anything, nor uncircumcision but faith which worketh by love.  Galatians 5:6