There are days, when things seem so clearer.  Revelations from God.  And where you just come to a point, and you are not giving up.  

But you are giving into God, and totally trusting Him, obeying Him, walking in love, seeking to keep His commandments, and just  letting go, and letting God.  

You speak it, because thats where the commitment comes in.  You tell yourself, just trust God, just obey Him.  Do your part.  I search in my King James, bible for these truths.  Because its Holy word, not changed. And God speaks to me.  

You realize that this is the key, to life.  To make sense.  To come to grips with situations.  Because life is so unpredictable.  But to over and over struggle, is just not healthy.  

Sometimes you let go.  

Yet, there is a part of me, that is actually very stubborn, where I hold on.  Where I won’t give up hope.  But it is because I am holding onto God.  It is not over, till He says its over.  Then I will totally let go.  But if I see a glimmer of hope, I am holding onto that thought.  I trust God.  But I have to obey. 

I guess, because I am older now, and I have always loved God, but you know sometimes, I have struggled with things.  I have struggled, with people.  I have struggled, with my own self worth.  And I am actually tired of dealing with these things in my mind.

The scripture says, there is no peace to the wicked.  I don’t try to be wicked.  I don’t try to hurt anybody, I don’t try to disobey God. For many years, I have tried to be kind, forgiving, loving.  Yes obedient….

I have tried not to open spiritual doors, that brings curses.  But I suppose that sin nature can creep in, if I don’t totally submit to God.  And resist the devil.  So I try to watch myself in these spiritual matters.  

But I am blunt, and that can hurt.  But I know some truths, about who God is, and I know what His word says, in some ways, and I try to share it.  Some think or feel it’s judging.  I feel like its warning, and thats what I try to do, on occasion.  They cannot handle me.  Well thats o.k.  I don’t need to be handled.  But it would have been nice, if I had been accepted.  With love, and friendship.  In Christ.  

Anyway, I am facing something right now, where I am weary.  I don’t have the bounce I used to.  And it seems to be a distraction, where I have not been able to give full attention to this, and I keep thinking about the past, and the friends, I love.  It does seem like the enemy has been trying to attack me.  In matters of friendship. But I do rebuke that, and plead the blood of Jesus in that.  

And I just have come to a place where, I am saying Lord, I trust you.  


I cannot try to second guess, or trouble shoot something, or analyze it so much.  That would be inclining to my own understanding, and here in this scripture God is saying don’t do that.  Just trust me.  He says….

Now when push comes to shove.  I just have to trust God.  I have to coast.  Go with the flow.  Float, hang on. Ride it out.  

I realize, though, and I always have realized that I have my part in this.  On how it goes.  In the spiritual realm of things.  God is a spirit, and so I worship Him, in spirit and in truth.  Whether people agree.  Whether people want to have anything to do with me, is really not my concern.  In the sense, that people, cannot dictate to me, by their actions, by their love, or hate, whether or not I care.  

Because I care what God thinks.  I care, if I please God.  

I have had relationship problems with people for most of my life, where they just seem to go.  Even family.  And yes friends.  

The family that left, did not mean to leave me.  But some did.  They wanted nothing to do with me.  

Friends is where I had hope in.  I adopted people, as family.  Because I did not have a strong family foundation.  Growing up.  But I do now.  God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and son.  

But, Friends in Christ.  Well, those did not last.  And that has grieved me, greatly, I did not want to accept it.  But I do now, because I thought the foundation was in love, and God is love, and He never fails.  But people do.  

Its not all lost, don’t get me wrong. I think I have a couple of friends left, and I just need to say that.  But I don’t want to intrude on those frienships.  I want to cherish them, but I am a little afraid, that they will go too….  So I think I am keeping my distance.  I don’t want to, but I am afraid to get close to friends any more.  

Where I guess, I kind of expect some folks to leave, if they are friends.  Because most of them have left.  And when I think about it, it bothers me.  Like its a bad track record.  And I guess, I have blamed myself.  But I am tired.  And I say I forgive, but maybe I have not.  Maybe I resented.  And maybe, it has hurt me, spiritually.  Because it may be sin.  I don’t know.

But because I am in the position I am in now, and I am tired.  I am actually telling God, to bless those who have hurt me.  To comfort them.  To give them wisdom, love and understanding.  I am saying this, even though, I have felt abandoned by some folks.  I did not understand it.  

But I cannot hold onto it any more.  I release it.  Like a balloon, and if it pops somewhere oh well.  Or like a gift, that just brings joy.  But I am not holding onto it.  I am trusting God, and just letting go, and letting God. Walking in love, forgiving.  

Trying to change my heart, because my mind is changing.  I change it willingly to remind myself to seek Gods heart.  So I can have Gods mind.  The mind of His son, our Lord, Christ. 

Hoping that the release, will release me, in the spirit.  So I can go on….To whatever the will of God is.  

Its the holy week.  A few days before Resurrection Sunday.  And I am just trying to reconnect more with my Lord.  I am trying to be strong, in love, and forgiveness, as Christ was, and is.  I am reminded of His sacrifice, and that there was no greater sacrifice.  Then what He did.  I am being quiet.  Avoiding social media.  The toxicity of that, politics. etc.  

There is a part of me, where I don’t understand, those who do not take His word, and love to heart.  But maybe thats not my place.  

Maybe I am just called to walk alone, without these people, but love them in my heart anyway.  Isn’t that what Christ did, in the sense, that He takes all these sins, thoughts, and just covers them with love?  

And I feel like emphasizing that thought in love.  Just love them.  Be grateful, they touched your life.  Even though they are not near me.  For whatever reasons.  Just remember the good times, just hold them close, in hope and thought, because God loves them too.  Pray for them, because you know their weak points.  Pray, God helps them.  Remember the laughs, remember the joy.  The times, we prayed, or had fellowship, and it was all so very good.  It really was…..But I cannot miss it, any longer, or long for it, because then it holds me back.  

And I think if I can do that, I can let go, I can release them all in sweet feelings.  I can have peace about it.  I am going to call that obeying God, and trusting God in the matter.  Because thats where I am at this point.  

But in there is a place of reconciling with Him, to love Him, and to just come to that point, where you totally release everything to Him, because He is God.  Because you see, you cannot control it, or take care of it always. But He can….


Hope that makes sense, but that’s “Just My Thoughts” today….I love the Lord.  



Elena Ramirez 



IMG_0002.jpgDo you deal with trust issues?   I am just talking about in life.  But even as a Christian, one can have issues, and challenges in these matters of trust.

See, I am a Christian, and I had to learn how to trust God, from the beginning.  I grew up, with a very good mother, who loved me, but she had “major” trust issues.  

She had been damaged by many, and she trusted no one.  So she was suspicious  and very on guard.  So I grew up with that, yet, I knew it was unhealthy and very off balance, for lack of a better word, to be so untrusting.  

Because it can hinder relationships.  It can cause fear, and God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.  

So, I learned to trust God.  


Look at this scripture, its very instructional.  And thats what Gods holy King James word will do, it will instruct, it comforts, it guides, it leads us closer to God, to even understand.  But its holy word.  Other bible versions, are someone else’s understanding not God, by the changing of it, and the words they use.  They make it no longer holy. Or anointed, and you really want the full power, and affect of holy word, from God Himself.  

But as you look at this scripture, we cannot, lean into our own understanding.  Get that quick, when it comes to “trusting.” 

We have to trust God, we have to do so, completely, without reservations, without question to God, though He is gracious enough to answer us, but something about having our faith, to “trust” God, releases something in us, that I call strength, and courage.  

Life is hard, and when people let you down, especially when you trust them, you do learn lessons in life.

I had a friend, who I loved dearly.  I never thought this person, would react the way she did, or do the things that she did in matters of respect.  Including her daughter.  Because I thought, I was part of the family, because of our friendship, we had in Christ.

But she hurt me.  And I really don’t want to get into all the details, or go on about it.  I think I have here, and its really an old issue, and I do want to be healed.  So I want to be careful about opening up an old wound.  

But it affected my trust.  And I even see myself, looking at other people that way, and think, are you going to hurt me too?  I have, done so, already, since this happened, and its not good.  

And I don’t want to blame others, for my experiences, in matters of trust.  But, I find, myself, trusting God more.  Asking for wisdom, and guidance, because I felt burned.  

I don’t think I can trust anybody like I did her, the damage is done.  Sure I forgive, but something changed in my heart, and well, like I said, I was brought up with that, negative energy, so I know, only God, can help me.  So its more of a challenge, now then ever.  

Have you ever noticed, the enemy tries to attack you in things, you have experienced?  Like a cycle it tries to come back.  Well I plead the blood of Jesus, aware, and commit to trust Him more.  To submit to God, resist the devil so he can flee. 

I don’t know where you are or if this will help.  But I share it, I write it, because I know who God is, and only He can help us with our issues of trust.  

As a Christian, I know this.  If you are not a Christian, I recommend you do give your heart to Christ.  Repent, for your own lack of doubt, or trust in God.  Or if you have caused someone, to hurt, because they trusted you, and you burned them.  Again read a King James, the anointing is there, for your faith, in anything.  

I don’t know how people do it, without God, without Christ.  I don’t want to find out.  See thats my reassurance in a world, that leaves Him out.  I won’t, ignore Him, because I do trust God, and thats the greatest strength, I get in life.  

Blessings, and love, 

Elena Ramirez 

PRACTICE TRUTH SO YOU CAN BE FREE ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez


PRACTICE TRUTH SO YOU CAN BE FREE ~ By Christian author Elena Ramirez

I want to say this, and I want to say it in love. Because I see some struggling with truth. I see how it paralyzes you. You are afraid. You might even feel like a hypocrite.


You don’t think there will be grace or forgiveness. Especially in matters of loyalty, and friendship. You want to be loyal to God, but you cannot if you are not to others. Because you are not being honest. It shows. It seems to be a double standard. You think that there is no hope. You are in a prison, because you have not learned how to break out of the chains, you, yourself, have put on you.
I grieve for you, because I love you. I grieve for you, because I know more then anything Christ loves you. But you are struggling right now, and you do not have to. Let the truth, be the truth, and let it fall off of you. Break the chains, and if anything, relate yourself to being free. Even if you were denied. Be free, be courageous, and be love. This is what counts, and you have to see, how you become your own enemy when you hide the truth. You are hiding it. And hurting yourself.
Scripture tells us, the truth will set us free. And I will be honest with you. Gods KJV truth set me free. Because I use it, and live by it.
There were things in my life, that held me prisoner, I was so ashamed….but I know the difference. Even now, I still make mistakes, that I pray are not sin. But I look at them, I don’t make excuses, I apologize if I have to. I repent, and then I go on.
Even now, the enemy, tries to whisper cruel and mean things, to remind me, and I say, “Shut up devil, I took it to the cross, in repentance.” I plead the blood of Jesus in truth!
I know what Gods word can do to change someone. From sin. To His sweet righteousness.
Start with His KJV word, start sharing it, and see the difference. Grow. Your on the vine with Christ. Start sharing that truth, and see how the truth will set you free in other areas. It will, it will do something so great for you. But as you are breaking the chains, on you. You are breaking the chains off of someone else. Thats always the goal, for His glory.
But if you do not, there will be things in your life, that will keep you in bondage, because you don’t use it, and its right there.
You have to see yourself in bondage. And why you hide a lie. You have to see, how it holds you back.
See the scriptures right in front of you. Open the King James Bible, book, tell others, and be free.


PB030096.jpgI want my Christian brothers, and sisters to see this.  I plead with them to know truth.  I speak to all people, but how can a Christian, who is not seeing this, actually able to minister effectively?  

I know God can use any bit of truth, even the smallest.  But when the “lump” is compromised.  When the truth, is distorted, into part truth, and part lies.  The enemy can come in, and deceive.  Let no man steal your crown, Christ warns.  Its in the first fruits in honoring God, in obedience, in seeing truth.  That can make this difference between God and a counterfeit. 



Here leaven is referring to the wrong doctrine, and I would say because of these false bible versions.  

But, this is what I am seeing with many Christians. Who are not choosing truth, but choosing the counterfeit.   

They are choosing the counterfeit.  They are choosing the lie.  They go to battle for the lie.  They go to battle for the false prophet.  They go to battle, thinking, they are doing right, but what they are doing is so wrong in the sight of God.  If only they had this much passion for the true Kingdom of God.  

I have seen this with friends, with people I love.  And as I try and even speak truth, I turn into the bad guy.  According to them, I turn into the mean one.  I turn into someone, who is coming against Gods anointed, for they remind me,  “touch not my anointed.”  (funny I taught this person this scripture and others) but anyway, I have seen it.  

They forget to love.  They forget not to return evil, for evil.  They want to make me the outcast.  Just because I uphold truth, and my King James bible…  For thus saith the Lord!

I have actually shopped, with some of my friends, and we go into Christian book stores, and they choose the book, or cd, that the fake prophet has written, and they are so inspired.  They love their ears tickled.  But I did not say anything…

But they hate me now, because I don’t tickle ears any more.  I never really did, tickle ears, but the fruit, has been compromised.  Even with other lies.  That came in, and it grieves me, because I could not stop it.  But I am speaking up, because I am alarmed, at how they grasp these false messages.  And embrace, and put up on a pedestal that false prophet.  Even on their posts.  

I might not even say anything, most times, I don’t, but every once in a while when something comes across my desk, I might say; Like wow, did you hear what that person said?  And I present, what they said, not what I said, but the proof is in a video, or in their own words, yet they get mad.  And they get mad at me. 

Well truth be, I am called to speak truth.  I am not famous, I haven’t gotten a book deal, and reached success, according to the worlds standards.  So, if anybody listens to me, for truth, I pray they hear that.  But I will not compromise truth, to please people, or tickle ears.  

Because I don’t follow anybody, but Christ, and what my King James bible says.  I don’t even admire anybody right now, because I haven’t truly found any leaders, that uphold the King James, or speak a strong salvation message.  I just don’t. 

Nope, what I see are these prosperity messengers, or these lying prophets, who are wolves in sheeps clothing, who promote religion.  (Rules, regulations, traditions made by men, and groups.)  Or even with the women, they ride on their husbands coat tail.  And I won’t attend their church, nor will I embrace them by promoting them.  Let alone, following them.  

Really…. oh well.  

But it does grieve me, and if it grieves me, I know it has to grieve God, for the Christian, who does not see the truth in these false prophets.  In the lying prosperity message, etc.  It grieves God when the word, is twisted, and turned around by these fake bibles.  It grieves God, because it defies Him, with no fear of God, or the consequences.  

I fear God. 

God sees, when the pastor, who denies, what KJV scripture, says, who might even have an agenda, to promote, division.  Who does not tell everyone, or teach to bow, before Christ.  That somehow or another, a group of people, is not a part of that.  Yet the word says, there is no difference between the jew or gentile.  That all will bow, and confess Jesus is Lord.  These pastors who do these kind of things to sell books, or cds, well its obvious, they want to be front and center.  Not Gods King James word.  

And sadly, not God Himself.  They defy that, whats wrong with you folks, who do that, are blinded.  

I always look at each pastors, bible, reference.  Is it King James, and usually its a counterfeit, they use.  

I don’t have that agenda, to be front and center.  I don’t.  I want my Lord to be glorified, by truth, not by lies.  I don’t want to hear, I never knew you.  From Christ. Like I said, I fear God, and I know enough of my Bible, to see this.  I am not a know-it-all.  But what I do know, I will show for the glory of God, and only God.  

I feel for my brothers and sisters, in Christ, who embrace these false prophets.  Who cannot get true discernment, and become confused, because they even embrace fake word, with these false bible versions.  I feel for them.  Because they embrace the prosperity message.  

But, I will continue to walk in truth, I will write truth, I will walk in love.  And if I make enemies, oh well, God fights my battles, and I know it.  And I don’t even have to see it, I know they will reap what they sow, because this is scriptural.  Vengeance is HIS, and I can walk on, because I forgive.  I will not allow that poison in my heart, and soul.  We are temples of the living God, and it makes me wonder who is living in some of these temples?  Its not God, for God is love…..


But I know the difference, and I will not follow anybody but Christ, through my King James bible.  

My bible, speaks about truth, about who God is, what His commandments say.  It speaks, about the salvation, we can have through Christ.  It speaks, about warning, others, and maybe this is what I am trying to do, because even the “righteous” Christian, who thinks they are right.  According to Ezekiel 33.  Needs to be warned.  (read it yourself)  

I am warning here…. Because they think its judging someone, but its warning!  Don’t confuse judging with warning, if you are seeking truth.  Because you will get confused. 

It warns us Christ tells us to get right with Him, keep our garments clean.  (repent daily) Yet, some thinks bible is about the seed, and harvest, or about tithing, and they hold onto that, and let go of the truth.  They embrace the counterfeit.  

I will continue to see through false messages, who thinks its only grace that saves them and does not embrace the law, they will find out and be in for a rude awakening, when they stand before God, because God throughout His word, says, keep His commandments.  Yet they throw the law out.  

But the only way, I can continue to see through false messages is to be totally submitted to God.  To obey Him.  To give no place to the enemy.  And this is is my goal.  And I pray thats your goal, as well.  

But the counterfeit lies, that are out their in full force, have hurt the body of Christ, and nobody, wants to take the side of truth. Oh well, I will walk the narrow road, by myself.  

For the friends, I have lost, even recently, have taught me, and shown me, fruit, that was counterfeit.  Not of love.  Returning evil for evil.  Woe unto them that call good evil.  And evil good.  Giving me the silent treatment, when I gave grace.  Not truly forgiving… No all of these things, have shown me, more then ever.  Truth. 

But I will continue with Christ.  With His truth, and with His love.  That is not compromised.  I feel for my brothers and sisters in Christ, I truly do.  I see, how the world is lost, and those that could make a difference, do not, because they let the lump be compromised.  I see, how it weakens our faith, I see how it can open the door to the enemy.  But if I warn them I then become their enemy.  

Its their choice, to not choose God, and His truth, and to choose the counterfeit.  But He will judge.  Let alone knowing, they reap what they sow.   And if I could only get someone to see this, to repent, to choose wisely, then maybe my gift and calling, would bring glory to God.  If I could pull them from hells fire.  To keep their garment clean, and not with spot.  

Because I serve, God and only God, and I submit to God, I renounce, and denounce the enemy, and want nothing to do with lies that create counterfeits.  

As I close, please, remember this.  Don’t overthrow Gods truth, and choose the counterfeit.  Please don’t.  You will regret it, maybe for eternity, if you don’t repent, and change.  Please…..


Blessings, in Christ only,

Elena Ramirez



Sometimes, approaching someone in truth, is hard.  I understand.  But sometimes, you have to find the courage to speak it, say it, because as the scripture says, it sets us free.


I suppose, thats why I am writing this.  Because I am searching for truth.  But I am not the one withholding it.

I understand, some people have a hard time with truth.  I understand, I have the boldness, to speak it, and to reveal it.  Now I know there are some things, wisdom, has taught me, about that.  

Concerning silence, and I don’t want this to be confused, either.  Because there is silence, with grace.  And there is silence, with the intention to hurt someone with the “silent treatment.”

But recently, I read a GIF, that said; “Some friends, go for long periods of time, without communicating, but they never question the friendship, and remain friends.”    

And I thought…. that used to be me, a few months ago…..

And I won’t get into details.  But I have changed my stance.  After some time, after some reflection, after letting things settle a bit.  

I see how not telling truth, can destroy.  Not communicating…..Avoiding truth, making excuses, not being accountable.  I no longer trust silence.  From anyone.  In fact, truth be, I only trust God.  I am glad it happened.   Because I have learned how things can change.  How people can.  And only God keeps His word.  

But to apply it here….I no longer trust a lack of communication.  Because it is hiding a lie, of being offended.  Or other things…

You see, silence is not always golden.

Lies, when you trust people, and believe the best in them, yet their motives are different, you see, if only communication had been applied, at the time, then a “lie” would not have had power.

I saw this firsthand.  You see, When someone denies the truth, even after you asked them.  And you see the evidence of truth, because it was not only obvious, it was not a coincidence.  Something was spoken simultaneously.  Yet you asked, for the truth, and it was denied.  You see the truth, of a lie, because it was not communicated.  It tried to protect someone, it tried, to avoid truth.  It went into denial….

It tried to be a secret.  

But do they not see, it gave place to the enemy?  Because he is the father of lies?

And it snowballed.  It got bigger, and it tried to destroy.  Yet you extended grace.  

The wrong kind….even though the motive was heart felt, it was given in a lie. 

For, not all people, have the same intention in matters of truth, and friendship, and loyalty, and honesty.

I guess, I am, writing about this, because I am not trying to hurt anybody, or myself.  But I am trying, in my own little way, to speak truth and love.  Because I want a lie, to be exposed….

But I will not confront someone, and beg for truth.  I can be silent too…. I can and have walked away. 

I suppose respect has taught me this…..respect for God to do His job in such matters.

But I have my part.  He says forgive.  I do, yet I think about it….. 

But because I know that our Lord, hates liars.  He hates and sees, how lies, come from the enemy.  He knows, we cannot truly be free, until, we speak truth.  For it will set us free.  We cannot be silent, if we truly want to be free in Christ.  I want truth, for those who were involved, to be free.  Thats all.  In love, in forgiving, in mercy….

Yet, I want to be free from it, because no matter how much I say, I forgive.  I am reminded, of how the enemy destroyed something very precious to me, in friendship.  Trust.  They say trust is earned.  

Maybe it could be earned again, because I do have a gracious heart.  I don’t know, and this is not a guarantee, that I would.  Because too much silence has gone by.  

But I will not use, grace to be silent, to withhold love and communication. Truth!  To purposely hurt someone, as it was to me.

It would require sacrifice but not from me.  You see, if I had other motives, then I would not respect myself.  I would actually understand, even the silent treatment….and maybe that was me, before I truly saw what Christ did.  But not now.  I have come too far.  My sins, are covered, and in fact, I daily go to the throne, in repentance.

But I do respect who I am in Christ, because I will not try to find loop holes, or avoid, my own sins.  I go to the cross, and I go to those who have been offended.  

And I apologize, when I am wrong.  But it is sad, when you have done that, and it was still thrown in your face.  People, that do that, did not forgive, not truly.  There is the fruit in that.  And it does not come from the Holy Spirit.  So please, before you judge someones spirit in these matters.  Look at what you did first. 

Why I write this, is only because I will not let the enemy, think, he won.  Because something that is given by God, cannot be taken away, unless it wants to be taken away.  True friendships, last a lifetime, even if someone thinks its only a season.  

And a friend truly loves at all times.  One may say one thing, about friendship, and that it is “Godgiven” but if the fruit reveals a lie, and denial.  The gift was denied.  It truly, was not recognized as a gift, from God, to honor it.  I am talking symbolically.  But I am also talking about this, by actions.  For it affects the spirituality of a choice.  God will not bless a lie.  

Because actions, showed, they did not care, that it was God given….  Anything that God gives to us, is holy.  Marriage, etc.  Even friendship.  But if friendship is not treated as holy, and treated like the world would, in actions, and lies.  Obscenities…

Well the friendship will break, because God did give it in holiness.  But we have the responsibility to honor it, to protect it, to offer communication, and not close the case.  

If anything to go to God….and do it His way.  For He is the way, the truth, and life. 

Same thing with our salvation, you cannot treat what Christ did for you on the cross, shabbily.  Because you deny the holiness.  This is breaking a covenant.  Christ did not break it.  One did, by allowing sin.  

I suppose this is why God extends grace to us, to come to His throne.  Because He loves us, He wants to spare us, the legality of what sin, and lies do.  This is why He sent Christ, for only Christ is holy.  

But to go to others, as well, and admit a wrong doing.  But if you ask for forgiveness, ask for it, because you meant it, not because you got caught in a lie.  

Stop making excuses.  To clear the slate.  To clear your conscious.  Do not give the enemy any place in that which you thought was “Godgiven.”  Don’t give mixed signals.  Focus on what you did first.

Then go to the cross, and see, what our sins, did to Christ. 

If other offenses are there, communicate them, don’t hide them in your heart or the other person will never know.  

You see, truly as the scripture says.  The truth, will set you free.  Be free.  But you have to recognize the lie.  You have to admit the truth, you have to see your part in it.  Or you will never grow, to the potential, you could have, in Christ.

I am extending a chance right now.  I believe God is too, or I would not be writing this.  I love how He uses me. He uses my hurts, He uses, my experiences…..For He knows, I will always try to bring Him glory in these matters.  

Maybe to “whom it may concern,” will see this.  Will grow.  Will not let silence be lost.  As a chance.   But chances do not last forever.

Maybe thats why I would urge, implore anybody.  Get right with God, first, repent, admit the lie.  Then go to who you lied to, or who you offended.  Don’t think, because you may not see evidence, that you fooled someone.  

Because what you did, is you hurt yourself.  God did see you doing this.  Even if they don’t know.  Tell them.  Grow…..  

Such a fine line.  Is it worth it?  Thats between you and God.  Yes it may hurt, you may be denied.  This is not a guarantee that things can be restored.  But you freed yourself.  Isn’t that important?  You are responsible, for your own soul.  No matter what….We cannot control others, or manipulate them.  In truth or a lie. 

Because we never know.  Time is precious.  So are friendships, so are relationships, and family, but lies only destroy.  Don’t lose a chance….

Make it right, because you have and know the good of who God is.  

That truly is God given, but He won’t honor lies….

He won’t.


Blessings, Elena Ramirez




I think all of us long for truth, theres that part of us, that just wants straight answers. No bull, no games, no compromises.
That really does come from a spirit, of truth, that can only come from God. You need to know there are two spirits, in this. Good, and evil. Remember the tree of good and evil? God did not want us eating from that tree. Eve, and Adam well they did eat of it. And it was sin, in Gods eyes.
Today, still holds true, good and evil. And He does not want us to eat from that. We need to search for the truth, His truth. We have to be careful, because we can be so easily deceived, by religion, false bibles, lies, wolves in sheep clothing.
The root of that comes from the enemy, the devil, and he wants to deceive you, and keep you from truth.
Friends, search for the truth. For God, to please Him, for yourself, for your family, for just a sense of knowing whats right and wrong.
Beware of the traps from the enemy. Beware of lies.
Get hungry for truth. To be fulfilled. I still want Gods plan, away from the sin. I don’t want the sin, because I know how it can steal from your very own blessings…..
Repentance, is the only way I know we can get it. Humbleness, love…..Don’t let anything steal truth from you. Don’t let the tickling of ears, become your distraction.
Go for truth. Get it, King James truth, and grow….in truth. To be fulfilled. To renew your spirit. To understand, to gain wisdom. Truth, will never let you down. Don’t deny truth, or you become your own enemy.


Whats missing from the conversation on illegal immigration, in the United States?

The answer: Love and the facts.  The facts, well…

I am addressing this for a few reasons.  And one, is because History, has not given a full account of who we are as a culture.  As Hispanics.  Or Latinos.  And that is a fact, that we will not let history repeat itself.  

Try searching for our contributions to this nation, in your political correct books.  Its not there.  Its not in our school books, or Social Studies, for students.  Or at least it was not taught when I was growing up, in the sixties.  And I think many of us as Hispanics, we want to set the record straight.  And clear the air.   We are a part of this nation.  And history, if you look deeper our contributions will clarify that.  

As a Christian and a servant of the most high God, I have to mention love first, because as I listen to these political candidates discussing immigration, one principle, and component, that is missing,  is the love, with compassion for people.

The King James Bible tells us, that we are to treat the stranger, the alien with love, as we would ourselves.


Do you see the words “love that stranger”? That is missing from the conversation of the candidates.  And if any candidate says he is a Christian or reads the bible is missing that. If he is talking about immigration.

Because we are called to love one another.  And we are called to be kind, and merciful.  We are called to be an expression of Christ in love, and Christ told us, this is how we will be known as the disciples of Christ.  With love.


I can write this, and say this, because I am an American, Hispanic, Christian writer.  I understand discrimination.  From my own life, even as a Christian, and a Hispanic, but from the history, my family shared with me that happened to them in the Eisenhower Era.  Horror stories of discrimination, and racial profiling.  Of mocking someone, and calling them names, by denying them services in restaurants, stores, and businesses.  And even jobs.  A means to support themselves and their families.  Discrimination.

And from my perspective as I listen to these candidates, I recognize the problem of illegal immigration, but one cannot treat people with rudeness, a dismissive attitude, that is actually instigating hate from these candidates. Violating civil rights.  And I do have to be careful here, and not mention all of the candidates in this group.  But one.  And I will not say his name, for more publicity.

I also see it, from the rhetoric, from behind computers, that screams racial discrimination, and racial profiling.  People are taking this, and feeding on it, and yes behind their computers, are rudely, telling people to go back to Mexico.

Now lets talk about that for a second.  Because the fact is.…Many Hispanics are Americans, and can relate to the problem of illegal immigration.  But we want our borders secured.  We want an administration, that will apply the laws, and rules and regulations, in an effective manner to protect our borders. This is a fact, though, I know not of one poll that was taken.  To clairify this.

I have not talked to one Hispanic American who wants illegal immigration.  So why does the conversation have to take this kind of tone?  This kind of rhetoric?

The problem will not be solved, by spending millions of dollars, to “round up” Hispanics, and boot them back to Mexico.  The government and yes all citizens of the United States, should have figured that a long time ago.  And now, with things so out of hand, you propose sending “Anchor” babies as you call them back to Mexico?  How can you take the Fourteenth Amendment, and now call it illegal?  These American babies have rights.  But to propose to round up all these people, who are part American as well is just wrong.  I hope a solution is found.

But lets talk for a moment about immigration.  For over 500 years, Hispanics, have integrated into American society.  We have fought wars, side by side, with other races for the United States, and we have contributed to this great land, and paid our dues, and our taxes.  Not as Hispanics.  But with the goal in mind to be united in the United States for one cause, to protect this great land, and the freedoms it offers.  And now with this kind of rhetoric we are denied, the grace we have strived for.  And earned.

And for people to use this kind of rhetoric, based on the way someone looks, is racial profiling, and discrimination.  Which is very insulting to our culture.  Especially if you talk to Hispanic Americans, they can tell you a little bit of history, and the “hardships” they have had, in just assimilating into the culture of America.  But one thing, about most American Hispanics, is we are hard workers.

We take the jobs, nobody wants, and we take a work ethic seriously, and apply ourselves.  We are not asking for a handout, or to change the culture like some who come here and try to change traditions, rules, etc.  We want to work.  I want to work as a writer.  But even Christian organizations won’t give me the time of day.  Which is just my personal take and experience on it.  But I know we take pride in working hard.

But we are also educated.  We know, that in this culture an education is needed.  We contribute as law officers, firemen, teachers, real estate brokers, and so much more.  Education has given us these opportunities.

We are a whole country of immigrants, “illegal, and legal”, from the beginning of molding this country into where it is now.  This is why it has been ignored. The subject of immigration.  Where America turned the other eye.  Because if you look at many, some, they never did it legally.  They just came to America.  And assimilated.

But now we have financial problems, and we do need to control the borders, not only financially but secure it for reasons, that protects us all, from intruders, and those who want to harm people, just because they are Americans.  And the truth of the matter is, the system failed.  And now, because the system failed you want to penalize people, pull them up by their roots, divide families, and send them back somewhere, where they may not even belong?  

When did that happen last in History?  I implore you?  When?  History should not repeat itself in this way.  

I want to address this, because what I see if we do not change the conversation, the tone, their will be retaliation. There  will be a rift in this country so great, that it will taint this country and its history, with hate.  God forbid there would be another civil war.  American Hispanics, Hispanics, illegal, or legal, will not condone or accept being treated this way.

I know my roots.  I know my culture, I know my heritage of the people I identify with as Hispanics.  By growing up, in this country, that enough is enough.   We offer the best of ourselves, we offer love, and hope, and accept others.  To live and let live.  But we will not accept discrimination.  We just will not.  

Be warned, and I actually say this in love, we will not accept this kind of behavior.  And God forbid it goes any further, but I know if this kind of rhetoric is not challenged, and people do not see the hypocrisy, by being a part of this kind of hate conversations.  

There will be a fight.  And thats all I can say.  Careful with my own words.  Because I know first as a Christian I am called to love.  And forgive.  But not all my people see it that way.  For when people come to the point where push comes to shove it will be returned.  I just know my culture.  And my heritage as also a legal American.  I know the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.   

And I know we would rather be United, so we all can stand.  Because divided, we will fall as a nation.  But America needs to see the problem, with love and compassion.  And know the facts.

We have roots so deep in America, most of us, that you cannot lump everyone in this basket of hate.  And tell them to leave this country, when their roots are deeper than those whose agenda is based on hate.  With forefathers, who are a part of the land.  And its history.  With American Indian blood.  As also a part of their genetic heritage.  

We need to love one another.  We need God, more then ever.  America needs to repent, and find its way back to God.

Folks, and that just does not seem to be on anybodies agenda.  We need order.  We need our borders secure.  We need common courtesy and respect, and acceptance of who we are in America.  As we offer it to you as well, and your ethnic differences, that make your race great.  What ever that race or ethnicity may be.

But we need to see the problem.  Leaders have to have the mind of unity, and not division in this country.  For all races, and all people.  They need to speak it out in their speeches, to unite people instead of instigating a fight.  Or with silence.  With a solution, that does not require hate. Please see this, before this gets out of hand.  We all have to see this.  We all have to see our own behavior, and be accountable.

Truth of the matter is, whatever decision that is we are accountable to God.  I pray, it is with compassion and love.

Thank you, Elena Ramirez

Dear Gente, my beautiful people who are created in the image of God. Our culture like any other want to live and let live. All people are created in the image of God but not all people feel that way at this time. All babies are gifts from God, in the heritage of our culture. This is why I will vote Republican. But I will not vote for racists or haters. Be strong in who you are. Be courageous. Let us be educated and particapators of the voting process. Our American Hispanic votes count. God bless you… Let us seek God in these times.

Querida Gente, mi gente bella que es creados a la imagen de Dios. Nuestra cultura como cualquier otra quiero vivir y dejar vivir. Todas las personas son creadas a la imagen de Dios, pero no todas las personas sienten de esa manera en este momento. Todos los bebés son regalos de Dios, en el patrimonio de nuestra cultura. Por esta razón voy a votar republicano. Pero no votaré por racistas o enemigos. Ser fuerte en quien eres. Ser valientes. Ser educado y proceso de particapators de la votación. Nuestra América hispana votos cuenta. Que dios te bendiga…

Debemos buscar a Dios en estos tiempos.